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Update (March 2015): Cruel Romance is currently airing 2 episodes per day.  There is a Viki channel for it, but subbing has not started yet.

So in case you haven’t heard, there is a lot of buzz (mainly among all the Chen Qiao En & Huang Xiao Ming fans, of course!) for the upcoming c-drama Cruel Romance.  It is a drama that combines action, romance, and melodrama intrigue all into one.  Of course the romance will be the main part of the story though..I mean..look at the title. 😛

Really, I think 99% of the reason why people are so interested in this drama is for the cast.  Just mention the name Huang Xiao Ming and already everyone is drooling at the screen.  Add Chen Qiao En and Kimi Qiao (second lead) into the picture and clearly we have a solid cast full of eye candy and hopefully really good chemistry!


I love this still, OMG!  I also love Chen Qiao En’s presence in this still, she may be the only woman there but she claiming her spot right next to the boss, BWAHAHAHA.

Anyways I won’t give the synopsis in full detail since you can read that over on Cfensi.  The basic plot is that a handsome super strong mafia boss falls for an innocent small-town girl.  Small town girl ends up getting involved with the boss & his companions.  Love triangles and lots of dramatic action scenes ensue!

Chen Qiao En plays the role of the heroine, Jin Xiu.  I love the stills of her so far, but I also feel like she has more of a modern look than she should have?  Sure, she’s dressed the period clothes and all but I still feel like she is coming straight out of our era and is not quite looking the part for the period c-drama.  That’s just a minor gripe of mine. >_<

Anyways I don’t know much about Jin Xiu’s character, just that she is protected by Zou Zhen (Huang Xiao Ming) many times.  She is often portrayed as the more vulnerable character who has been swept off into Zou Zhen’s world.  I really hope she will not be the damsel in distress too often since I don’t want her to always have to depend on Zou Zhen to save her.  I also hope that she will be more than just the usual Mary Sue, kindhearted heroine who loves everyone in the world & goes around melting everyone’s hearts.  She does have a very commanding presence in the still where she’s surrounded by the leading men so…maybe she will end up being super powerful, bwahaha. (Or so I hope 😛 )


Huang Xiao Ming plays the role of Zou Zhen, the big bad mafia boss who falls for Jin Xiu.  It seems like he may be the ‘protector’ in his relationship with Jin Xiu and of course he also has some alpha male vibes going on.  Not much to say about him yet except, LOOK AT THEM STILLS..



I’m also excited to see the supporting cast for Cruel Romance.  I was surprised to see that Kimi Qiao, who played the role of the Emperor in Female Prime Minister, is in this drama!!  You might also recognize him as Chong Guang from the Tiny Times movies.  I liked him in Female Prime Minister so I’m curious to see how he’ll do in CR!

And just to clarify, I hope I am not getting your hopes up.  I tend to get really excited over upcoming c-dramas, but the trailers & gorgeous stills do not necessarily mean that the drama will be really good.  T_T  I have often gotten hyped up over upcoming c-drama’s awesome stills/trailers only to get disappointed in the end.  *cough* BEST TIME, AGENT X *cough* So I will try to keep my expectations at a minimum.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Source: Cfensi


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    Okay, I should calm down before I injure myself. xP I’m also trying to keep my expectations for this low, especially since HXM has yet to film a *really good* drama that I wouldn’t mind watching on repeat forever… but I can’t help it — everything released so far looks amazing. Can’t wait for them to release a longer trailer.

  • Ah sou it’s a period drama!

    I think Qiao En doesn’t look vintage enough too lol maybe it’s the make-up? But Huang Xiaoming is so hot!

    Speaking of TINY TIMES, do you know where I can watch it?

  • I try not to get too excited, but sometimes it’s hard. I love good action sequences and these look pretty stellar and explosive. Chen Qiao En doesn’t usually play a girl that needs constant protection all that often and can hold her own, so hopefully she won’t be the damsel in eternal distress.

    • Thats why I love Dong Fang Bu Bai! A dominant powerful woman! Rule the world!! Gah I didn’t like Swordsman i just like Qiao En’s performance 😀
      I do hope Kaptain description that Jin Xiu will turn hard core is true!

  • The color tones on these stills are just stunning, love how soft and natural the lightings are. CQE looks soooo pretty and I agree with you, on some stills she look very modern but she looks great with HXM. I’ll probably catch it when it’s done airing, haha!

  • Forcibly telling myself not to get my hopes up (I always end up disappointed) , but it’s soooo hard! The stills look gorgeous, and the title… THE TITLE! Yah, such a sexy name. Turns on the masochistic viewer in me, LOL. Plus Joe Chen has such a great track record (her shows make me so shippy happy! )

    • I know, I think we all are having a hard time NOT getting our hopes up! Everything just looks so good! And I have high expectations for CQE too. 😀

  • this drama looks sooooooo good! super excited to watch it. Chen Qiao En can do no wrong (and her hunky co-star too)!!!

  • Omg, I thought this was out already seeing that you posted this in February. I have to wait until September? D: I mean its not as long as you all had to wait but it feels like forever away :(( The trailers look great!

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