Heisui’s Thoughts: The Dreaded Drama Slump (that I have to stop talking about)

Heisui's Thoughts

You may have noticed that lately I’ve been bemoaning the horrible fate of my dreaded drama slump.  Every single day in my updates bar, I say something along the lines of “I have these dramas I want to start watching……but I didn’t.” or “I HAVE NO TIME TO WATCH ANYTHING” [<yet ironically I have time to update my updates bar T_T”] or “I’m not really feeling anything this drama season”…the list goes on.  You get the idea.  It has gotten to the point that whenever I mention the drama slump in an update or comment, I cringe when I realize that I’ve just repeated the same thing over again.  I’m like a broken record or something AND I NEED TO STOP IT!!!

….so what better thing to do than to write about it to my heart’s content in a Heisui’s Thoughts post, right?  😛  Along with the drama slump comes the writing slump.  So instead of complaining to myself about how I have no dramas to review, I’d rather write more in my Heisui’s Thoughts sections to get some creativity flowing.  😉


There are a lot of different factors contributing to my drama slump.   I think the biggest two factors though, are time limitations (<<like, 80% of the problem) and the lack of drama selection this season.  The lists below are based on my own drama slump, but there are other drama bloggers out there who are also in a slump & probably have different reasons than I do!  (COME SYMPATHIZE WITH ME)

The Causes:

  • My computer broke down meaning I can no longer watch dramas in sparkly HD and can barely even watch them in medium quality.
    • (Update: Later on my computer was fixed.  Yay!)
  • School
  • Not a very appealing selection of dramas.
  • Procrastination.

The symptoms:

  • Feelings of ambivalence towards currently airing dramas
  • Not looking forward to watching a new episode every week
  • Having no motivation to try a new drama/start watching a completed drama

The reactions:

  • Major facepalming
  • Saying you might try out a drama for weeks and weeks but end up..not..
  • Decreased amount of time blogging
  • Going around on other drama blogs repeating over and over how you’re not watching what they’re watching but gee that looks good
  • Turning to anime & manga to refill the void
  • Thinking of watching completed dramas instead of currently airing ones
  • Just giving up and accepting it.  It will end eventually anyways.


Now, this may come as a surprise to you, but even though I’m making this sound really dramatic and overexaggerated, I’m actually NOT undergoing extreme suffering and pain in this drama slump.  I am not agonizing every day over this.  Instead, I guess I feel more…..passive yet frustrated about it?  I want to change it, I want to get into a drama this season, but as of now I’m just kinda letting the time pass me by. I think my computer problems kinda eased this transition because instead I was simply forced to prioritize & to not spend so much time blogging/watching dramas as I did before.  I thought it would be horrible to not have so much time for watching dramas but I’m actually doing fine.  I actually think it is good for me to take a bit of a break so that I can reprioritize.

Anyways, one problem is that I have not had as much time to relax and de-stress through dramas.  And of course, I haven’t been able to write as much as I want to.  >_<  Dramas are my main source of entertainment and at the end of the day, I just really want to relax and watch something!  But alas…instead I’m faced with the reminder that I don’t have the time and I don’t even have anything to watch..


^Always have to include Gyoten & Tada somewhere! 😛

Another dilemma that arises from this situation is…what do I write about when I’m not watching many dramas this season?  Do you even have to be watching dramas at the moment to be able to write?  Of course I’ve found that the answer is no.  I think that a drama slump is the opportunity to find more creative writing ideas.  i.e. instead of focusing so much on posting more drama reviews, I’d like to at least continue writing more Heisui’s Thoughts posts.  So…I think there is something almost liberating when you are not committed to tons of dramas.  Because it gives you space to write more about things you wouldn’t usually blog on..and it provides you with a different perspective.  Maybe I needed this to get me out of my usual habits, heh.

Well as you can see in my title, I’ve decided that I really need to stop talking about my drama slump.  The more I emphasize it the more I remind myself that I’m in it.  I think I’ll try to take my more advice & learn to see the good in the situation!


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
Ashita, Mama ga Inai: Ep 2
Anticipated upcoming c-drama: Cruel Romance starring Chen Qiao En & Huang Xiao Ming
  • Other than In A Good Way, I am actually in a drama slump. I find it quite difficult for me to continue watching Shitsuren Chocolatier week after week. I’ve even been dropping TVB dramas! Cruel City, which I started last year has just been on a halt. I just don’t know what it is this year. Time is one of the most obvious issue right now but there is also a number of factors coming in play. There is not enough time in a day!

  • We’re all in the same boat T^T..I’ve actually been reading a lot of manga lately, but I didn’t even think twice that it could be because I haven’t been watching many dramas…so thanks for calling that one out! Please do more of these posts though, it definitely comes in handy when you think you have nothing to write about. ^^ Good luck

      • Depends..what kind do you like? I mostly read shoujo which makes me really irritated with the same plots reused over and over and over again. After Kaichou wa Maid-sama I’ve been looking for something else to fill the void. Hirunaka no Ryuusei is one that I’m fired up about these days…but that’s about it. I really don’t know why I don’t branch out from shoujo. I do like Naruto and Bleach..but i guess i’ve gotten so comfortable with shoujo mangas since I know what’s going to happen that I rather not be in for a weird surprise by trying out other themes. And the only anime I watch is Detective Conan. I’m really plain lol

  • Good luck! I know the frustration of wanting to watch dramas/ write about it and not being able to do it because you’re too busy with school/other stuff so I deeply sympathize with you! Drama slump is never fun to experience but I suppose it is also part of the game…so yes, I think accepting it is the best thing you can do right now. And, as you said it yourself, drama slump isn’t totally negative since it also gives you the opportunity to write about something else than dramas (like everyone else, I look forward to reading more Heisui’s Thoughts 🙂 ) , which is pretty cool! ^_^

    • Thanks Kaa! I still admire your awesome skills of procrastination LOL. I mean, I do it too it’s just that lately I have not even been able to procrastinate to have enough time to watch dramas. X_X OR I do other things instead during my breaks. Aiya.

      I like your weekly episodes of the week updates!

      • Would it be weird if I say that, sometimes (i.e when I don’t feel guilty), I’m quite impressed with my own skills? xD Anyway I hope your slump won’t last!

        And thanks! The blog isn’t updated frequently these last few weeks because Mina and I are really busy (yeah, despite my awesome skills of procrastination 😉 ), but I do my best to post at least once a week, so I’m glad it is appreciated. =)

  • Hey, I’ve been a silent reader for months now. Have always enjoyed your posts. Reviews or not your thoughts are nice to read. Keep writing 🙂 I used to blog and when I was in a slump I’d blog shorter posts, until I found the inspiration or came across something that would make me want to write more.

    P.S. All the best with school!

  • If I don’t blog straight up dramas… I turn to music 😛 I’m music obsessive (as you can see, I posted a lot yesterday…but they were all (save one) music-related posts. And thanks to you…I’m trying to prepare my January music recs and it’s so hard to whittle through the 100+ songs on a playlist and really identify the ones I love and can’t do without. So everyday when I’m cleaning up the mess I’ve made of my blog by transferring hosts, I’m constantly listening to that playlist and making decisions 😛

    My biggest slump was in 2010 and that was when I first started blogging without a clue. Real life made certain that with 2 jobs and lots of hours, I just didn’t have the time or energy to blog. I didn’t feel so bad then…but years later I feel a bit bad for all the unfinished recaps.

    As for getting creative juices flowing, my friend and I, when I was in college still and she had graduated, undertook writing challenges for each other. We came up with a list and we took turns doing individual posts on our respective sites. It’s a thought. Find a blogging buddy to do some creative stuff with you 🙂 It’s fun!

    Of course I look forward to more of your thought corners as they are provocative in getting me to think about the same things, too. It’s been so long since I’ve done any creative writing…When I’m done making the transition (hopefully soon), I want to keep my promise to @misscupcakees and write her a story 🙂

    • I know what you mean about your music-blogging-spree, LOL. You post so much about music/new MV’s! Hehe I’m glad you’re still trying to be more selective in your monthly playlists. Not that you weren’t being selective before, just that 100 songs could be narrowed down to even less! 😛

      I guess we all have our reasons for being in a slump, huh. >__< Maybe I will try to do something more creative like you said! It is hard to think outside the box.


      • Yeah, I think I have January narrowed down. Now I just need to concentrate and organize and get that post written up.

        Sometimes, you can be creative by thinking inside the box, too…where did I hear that from? But yeah, you can even look up writing prompts. I know a lot of sites since its in my field of expertise. Got to love being an English major working in the publishing world…sort of.

        You might not want to. I have a problem keeping things short. The last time I tried to write a short story it was 30 handwritten pages front-to-back which translated into 80 typed pages. But, I promised her I’d write one, so I will…when the evil migration is officially over.

        • Well, the thing is that I think I’d like to make my own topics to write about rather than writing for prompts. Even though prompts would help, I’ve already had enough of that with school papers LOL.

          WOW that is really long!! O___O I cannot even imagine writing that much!!!

          And this is just a thought, I think it would be cool if you added some of your favorite screencaps from the MV’s to your monthly music posts.

          • Very true, I tend to stay away from them, too 😛 It can remind you of school entirely too much. The longest thing I’ve written is my book. It’s…300+ pages. I didn’t break 400 though!

            You know how hard it is to get good screencaps from dramas (of course you do)? MVs, especially with some cool dance moves are even worse, lol 😛 But I actually do like that idea. Will have to try it. Yep yep.

            • I also cannot comprehend writing hundreds of pages, LOL. Yeah I guess it is harder to get screencaps from the fast-paced MV’s. >__< If it's a slow MV though it might be a bit easier?

  • Me too. Feel exactly like you. Nothing much of interests. I don’t feel invested in any dramas at all currently. There’s an itch to get back to reading a proper book. Let’s see if Haruki Murakami is interesting. I’ve never read his books before but many are raving about it. Any recommendations?

    • …but I can! Sorry I’m unashamedly butting in haha, but I’m a huge fan of his and am slowly making my way through his list of translated novels. I would definitely suggest starting with Norwegian Wood because it’s his most straightforward one, also arguably most popular. If you like his style and tone etc, then you’ll enjoy and/or appreciate the others – and I mean this literally, because his other works are… rather… peculiar.

      Happy reading!

  • “Going around on other drama blogs repeating over and over how you’re not watching what they’re watching but gee that looks good”

    HAHAHA OMG I LOVE THIS ENTRY. I agree 100% about everything, but especially that above. So, so true and pretty much me, all of the time now. In fact, because I’m reading so much about dramas (as opposed to watching) it’s like I feel like I’ve even watched stuff, and don’t feel like watching anymore. It’s becoming a problem…

  • “I think there is something almost liberating when you are not committed to tons of dramas. ”
    Haha, dude! I feel ya. And having not really being in the drama-blogging loop (since last quarter), I didn’t even know you were having this drama slump!! LOLOL. I always had the impression that you always found time to write drama stuff but I wasn’t really aware that you were doing essays + other school stuff in the midst! How do you manage?? I definitely can’t haha or I’d have to kick my classes to a corner.
    Other than school, I think I just found drama blogging turning slowly from hobby to what feels like a job (esp get that feeling when i’m balancing multiple dramas) and I didn’t like that feeling. Maybe soon, I’ll pick it up again, but not before I learn time management!!! haha!

    • Don’t ask me how I manage my time, because the answer is most often procrastination. 😛 But actually lately I have been trying to not procrastinate for reals! One obvious but hard-to-do tip is to just not watch as many dramas. Or limit the amount of dramas you cover. Last season I only covered one currently airing drama. This season, 2. Yeah I think it is time to take a break when blogging feels like a chore. I used to get that feeling while recapping sometimes. You shouldn’t feel pressured to get up a post ASAP, just take your time! :3

      By the way I miss you! Hope you are doing well!

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