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Yup everyone, the wonderful OT4 from Saikou no Rikon is back with an upcoming winter special!  *W*   The SP will be airing on February 8th, 2014 and will be a continuation of the story of Yuka, Mitsuo, Ryo and Akari.  Yuka & Mitsuo plan to remarry but have not registered their marriage yet.  Obviously remarrying will be more complicated than I thought it’d be!  Ryo and Akari also have difficulties as they cope with being new parents.

I thoroughly enjoyed Saikou no Rikon and I have high hopes for the SP.  Oftentimes jdrama specials tend to be extraneous and unnecessary, but I have faith that the SNR SP will do the drama justice! 😀

Here’s the new character flowchart for the SP!  Looks like there’s gonna be some new characters. (of course, we gotta have some secondary leads to change things up right?)


So far we only have one short 30second preview (shown below) and another 15 second teaser.  Looks like there will be a lot of your usual hilarious moments, bromance, and love troubles….and of course, Hamasaki’s classic complaining/rambling.  😀

SP Preview

Season 1 Ending Scene

Sources: Jdrama Weblog <<there are more posts about the SP here! 😀


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