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I guess the Liebster Award has become a yearly thing, eh?  Actually when I first started seeing lots of Liebster Award blog posts popping up, I thought to myself “what the heck, didn’t we just have the Liebster Award a short while ago?”  Well I looked back at my old Liebster Award 2013 post and…..that was in the springtime last year. THE SPRINGTIME.  It’s been so long since the last Liebster Award and yet it feels like it was just yesterday!  O_O

Well now that I think about it, a lot has changed since spring 2013.  Some of the bloggers I nominated back then went MIA, I hope they are doing ok!  Others are still around & kicking and it’s been a great year of dramas with them!  And of course, since then, I’ve also met many more drama bloggers who have become my buddies!  😀


So basically the way the Liebster Award works is, someone who already won the award will tag you.  If you’re tagged, you have to answer some questions from the person who nominated you.  Then you tag other bloggers as well & give them random questions to answer!  Thanks to all of you who ‘nominated’ me or unofficially gave me an honorable mention.  Ironically most of them claimed that ‘rules are meant to be broken’ and did the Liebster Award their own way:  😛

Well now is my turn to break the rules. 😛 Instead of answering all the questions that my nominators gave me, I will just answer some of them.  (aka this is just an excuse for my laziness)


The Questions


Questions from Misscupcakees (A Fairytale World)

How did you get into blogging about drama?

I just kinda fell into it, haha!  I was considering trying out drama blogging since I liked dramas & I thought it’d be fun to blog.  But I wasn’t sure I could do it.  Well I ended up telling myself that I might as well give it a shot–if I liked it I could continue with it, if I hated it I could just abandon my blog.  Turns out I loved it & stuck with it ever since.  😉

What is your all-time favourite drama troupe that you can watch over and over again?

Anything to do with the 2nd lead!! HAHAHA!  What comes to mind first is the guy friend who is always friend-zoned but he is clearly PERFECT and loves the heroine!!!!!!!!  *cough* RINTARO FROM LAST CINDERELLA!!! *cough* I always end up rooting for the second lead who never has the chance with the heroine.  :'(  What a bitter fate..

Who is your favourite OTP and why? (I asked this during my previous Liebster Award post but it doesn’t hurt to ask it again).

Do you mean an OTP that was actually the main one, or a secondary OTP that never came true? 😛   Really most of my favorite OTP’s just so happen to be the ones that were never meant to be.  Anyways I guess that for now, I’d have to go with Yuka x Hamasaki from Saikou no Rikon.  Those two were just so enduring and hilarious together & unlike any other OTP.  Why do I like them you may ask?  Well you’ll just have to watch the drama to find out.  😛

Another favorite OFFICIAL OTP would be Ruo Xi x 4th Prince from Bu Bu Jing Xin.  At least, I loved them together in the beginning of the drama.  By the later half, I unabashedly jumped 4th’s ship for 14th.  AHAHAHAA.  Soooo another favorite secondary OTP would be Ruo Xi x 14th.  I know they are purely platonic but I can’t help but ship them together!

Who do you have the most severe SLS (second lead syndrome) towards?

…….everyone.   Well most recently, my most severe second lead syndrome was for Yu Wen Yong from Lan Ling Wang.  Even when I wanted to drop Lan Ling Wang, I persevered through it just to watch Yu Wen Yong’s scenes.  Everything about YWY is amazing & epic and I could not believe how Xue Wu passed him up.  He starts out as a very possessive and manipulative ruler who wanted to use Xue Wu for his kingdom.  But he ends up being the most sweet and caring guy EVER.  Even when Xue Wu rejects him multiple times, he accepts it all and only wants to be by her side to protect her & to make her happy.  :'(


Questions from NeeNee (AsianAddictsAnonymous)

What keeps you blogging?

I think it’s partly out of habit.  I’ve grown so accustomed to blogging that it seems like the natural thing to do now.  O_O Like, whenever I finish watching an episode I’m always thinking about how I’d really like to write about it.  The other reason is that it’s really fun especially since I have a lot of other fellow bloggers that I can talk about dramas with.  And lastly I’d like to continue writing to give more exposure to the dramas that are not commonly written about in the international community.  It’s part of my blog mission, if you will.  😛

Gateway addiction into the drama realm?

I’m not quite sure actually.  I think my first drama was a HK drama, but at the time I didn’t really get addicted to them.

Favorite quote? [NeeNee loves quotes from movies, dramas, literature that really resonate and hit you, you know?]

There are so many quotes I love that it is hard to choose only one to share. >_<

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”

Coffee? Tea? Neither?

I don’t drink either one regularly…but I like both of them, so I guess I’d choose both!  :3  I like the flavor of coffee but I don’t think I could drink it daily or constantly.  Tea, on the other hand, is really addicting and whenever tea is available (for FREE of course 😛 ) at the restaurants I’m always drinking it nonstop!  But if I absolutely had to choose one or the other, I’d have to choose tea of course.  I can’t betray my blog name.  😛

Favorite OST?

I have a lot of OST’s that I listen to, but in terms of drama soundtracks..I’d have to go with the Legend of Zhen Huan OST!  It’s really epic and beautiful, and I’d recommend it even if you haven’t seen the drama.  The theme songs are really unique & are unlike the usual c-drama ballads.  You can read more about it here.



Questions from yupkigirl (Orange Jasmine Purple Yam)

Tell us a bit on the name of your blog.

I randomly chose this blog name on a whim. My catchphrase is that tea is just like dramas–Asian and addicting!

If blogging is going to be outlawed (not that it will happen) and it’s going to be your last post, what will you write about?

I would probably write a really long overdramatic farewell post, heh.  I would bid everyone goodbye and ramble on and on about how much I’d miss blogging.  😛

Which character in a film or drama is closest to your personality?

Well, in general a lot of main characters in slice-of-life manga/animes are very close to me. O_O  It’s because I relate a lot to the theme of soul-searching.  >_<  I always say that Takemoto from the anime/live action Honey and Clover is most similar to me…he is like the epitome of the slice-of-life soul-searching character!

Name your most favorite place.

MY ROOM!  Ok..well as for a place outside of my home..I’d say my favorite place is the beach.  I don’t like frolicking around in the water or doing beach-y stuff…instead I just like taking walks along the beach as I listen to the waves & watch the sunset.  Totally cliched saying this makes me feel like I’m at the edge of the world, haha.



Questions from Dramamochi

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I knew this question would come up!  I would like the power to heal other people (and myself) because I could use it to help others.

Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, or Thailand Drama? If not included here, feel free to add em!

All of them.  Except I’ve never watched a Thai drama.  Of course I mainly focus on j-dramas, c-dramas, and tw-dramas..but that’s not to say I don’t also watch an occasional k-drama.

If you could become the main lead of a drama, which drama and who would it be?

Ummmm well…I realized that I would never want to time travel to the time of Bu Bu Jing Xin.  No matter how handsome and swoony them princes are, I definitely would not want to be in Ruo Xi’s shoes.  T_T”  Kneeling for hours and hours on the concrete?  Wearing layers and layers of clothing? (although I’d want to wear the pretty clothing, I wouldn’t want to wear it for long you know what I mean?)  Constantly worrying about the effects of my actions on the future?  NO THANK YOU!!  If I did time travel though, I’d probably just marry 14th AHAHAHA.

I also thought about being in Legend of Zhen Huan.  But NO I wouldn’t want to be Zhen Huan because her life was so tumultuous and I would never ever survive in the harem.  I would probably end up being like….one of the concubines who ends up dying in the first few episodes.  T_T”  The only reason to be in LZH would be to get to wear all of the gorgeous clothes & hairpieces! (<I have actually thought about it before.  Don’t say I’m the only one.)

Anyways I’ve decided I would like to be a main character in Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi, LOLOLOL.  Obviously I wouldn’t be one of the already-existing characters..just add me in as a new main character.  That way I can work at the benri-ya with GYOTEN (Matsuda Ryuhei) and TADA, (Eita) AHAHAHAHA!!!!   OR! PUT ME INTO TOKYO DOGS AS YOSHITAKA YURIKO’S CHARACTER!  Then I could be with Sou (Oguri Shun) & Maruo (Mizushima Hiro) all the time!

What is the first drama you reviewed on your blog?

I actually can’t quite remember what my very first review was about. O_O  So I’ll just mention a few of the earliest dramas I remember covering…I think it’d be Asuko March and Material Queen.  I should delete those because looking back at them, I cringe at my own writing. T_T”   I really had no clue what I was doing.  Don’t read them.



Questions from Kat (Drama Pot)

Your least favourite aspect of blogging?

If I were still writing recaps, I’d say that recapping is my least favorite part, LOL.  The recapping process is so long and tedious that it ended up not being very fun.  So I stopped and never looked back!!!!  😛  Currently, the other parts that suck about blogging is 1) The time it takes.  I used to have time to cover many dramas at once but last season I only had time to cover ONE currently airing drama!! X__X  The other part that sucks is related to this.  2) Even if you put tons of time into writing a post, many times it will not receive any feedback AKA COMMENTS.  A lot of people will say..”well, you’re not writing to please other people, you’re writing for YOURSELF!  PAGEVIEWS & COMMENTS DON’T MATTER!”  Sure, I am writing for myself.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t value comments either.  I’m not writing to just throw out my reviews into empty space; I don’t want to just hear an empty echo after I post something.  I want to be able to talk with other people about dramas!

Favourite Character forever and why?

I have so many favorite characters that I’m not sure I can choose one single favorite. O_O  So instead I will choose one favorite from one of my top c-dramas, Legend of Zhen Huan.  In all my reviews, I ALWAYS raved about how much I loved the character Mei Zhuang.   You have to see her to understand her effortless grace & refinement.  She is really refreshing and intelligent, but all in a very restrained and practical manner.  I also admired her for her unwavering loyalty to Zhen Huan (the main character), even to the point of being willing to shield Zhen Huan from the blows of a whip!

Other favorite characters would be from SPEC–Toma & Sebumi FOREVER!!!!!!!!!……..ok I really want to keep on going with more favorite characters but I will STOP HERE!

Your five drama recommendations? (can be from any country!)

C-dramas: Legend of Zhen Huan, Bu Bu Jing Xin  –  These are the two ‘big’ c-dramas I’ve recapped/reviewed in all entirety, and no regrets for either one of them.   I think some people (particularly the hardcore BBJX fans) may be taken aback when I go around pimping Legend of Zhen Huan as the better one out of the two.  So let me just be clear that Bu Bu Jing Xin still has a very special place in my heart, and that BBJX and LZH are two very different c-dramas with different approaches.

Tw-dramas: A Good Wife – (Shown in the still above) This is a more recent 2013 tw-drama which went under the radar for the international drama community.  But it is so worth it.  I know I raved about Pursuit of Happiness and all, but in the end I think POH does not match up to A Good Wife.  Then again, I feel that A Good Wife was not as popular because it is really dense & has a heavy subject matter.

J-dramas: Basically anything written by Sakamoto Yuji, LOL.  This includes Woman, Soredemo Ikite Yuku, Mother, Saikou no Rikon & many more.  But the ones I just listed are the ones I’ve actually seen hehe!  Anyways, aside from the Sakamoto Yuji jdramas I’ll try to mention a couple less-known jdramas that I’d recommend.  For dark police jdrama, go Gaiji Keisatsu or Double Face! You won’t be disappointed!



Questions from ladida (Idle Revelry)

What came first, writing, or dramas?

Definitely writing!  I have always enjoyed writing even before I started my blog.  :3  Usually writing is a good way to relax & get things off my chest.

Do you have a raison d’etre behind your blog, or are you just doing it for fun?

Could it be both?  O_O  I think the fun of blogging could be part of the reason for my blog in the first place, hehe.  Aside from that, if you are thinking of some deep philosophical reason, I would say that my blog ‘mission’ is to write about dramas that are not commonly written about.  I would like to give more exposure to less popular dramas, particularly j-dramas and c-dramas.

Favorite blog post that you’ve written? That one of your fav blogs has posted?

Hmm I’m not so sure I have a favorite.  I think the post that turned out to be the most interesting was one of my Heisui’s Thoughts posts, “Where do you come from?”.  It was not interesting because of what I wrote, but rather because of all the cool comments it got!

I also don’t really keep track of my favorite blog posts from other blogs. O_O  But actually one of my favorite weekly series of posts is the Photoshoot Friday from Cfensi!  😉

Do you ever feel like you have the exact same thing to say about different dramas? What do you do to keep your writing fresh and engaging, if anything?

HMM.  I think I do have similar things to say about the dramas that I don’t like.  i.e. why I stopped watching a drama..I will often cite the same reasons such as stereotypical 2D characters, cliched plot, etc.  I guess it is out of habit since I will often use the same terms to describe things.  >__<”

It is hard to make my reviews ‘fresh’ because I typically use the same format for all of them.  That is just the way it goes, I have a certain process for writing reviews.  So the main way I keep my writing more ‘engaging’ is by occasionally writing other posts that are not reviews.  There are tons of drama-related topics that you could write about that will get you thinking outside the box.  They are fun because they have more room for creativity!



Questions from breathlesssurvival

A book (Asian, Western) that you would like to see being made into a drama.

Ooo good question!  Hmm well hopefully this counts–I’d like to have a lot of manga and Korean webtoons adapted into dramas! 😀  If I had to choose only one, I’d choose the Korean webtoon Annarasumanara because the story was just amazing.  I think it would be beautiful as a drama.

The worst drama you ever watched from start to finish? [And why?]

This question amuses me.  I’m not sure what the worst drama I’ve ever watched is, really. O_O  I think tw-dramas tend to take the prize though, LOL.  Tw-dramas tend to have really addicting OTP’s along with really sucky draggy storylines.  So I will often end up stuck watching a tw-drama all for the amazing OTP, at the price of suffering through stupid plot twists like amnesia, etc. (yeah Love Forward, I’m looking at YOU!  But I wouldn’t say LF is the worst drama I’ve ever watched.  It’s just an example of addicting OTP + bad story)

A drama that got you re-thinking your perception of romance/love.

Two dramas: Mother & Legend of Zhen Huan.  Of course, Mother was about motherly love and not romance.  It made me rethink things because it shows things from the perspective of an abusive mother and a surrogate mother.  Both mothers made me realize that people do not just automatically become super-moms, and perhaps they do not just automatically love their children either.  Both of them nurtured their love with their child in their own ways.  The thing that struck me about the portrayal of the abusive mother is that despite her actions, she still loved her child..and the child somehow also still loved her.  I’ll leave it that..

As for Legend of Zhen Huan, it got me thinking more about romance & how marriage is not always done out of love.  Most dramas, even period c-dramas will often harp on and on about finding the ‘one true love,’ marrying out of love, finding your fated soul mate, etc. etc.  Legend of Zhen Huan went, ‘look, these concubines did not become the emperor’s out of love, but out of necessity & political power.’  Some of the concubines grew to genuinely love the emperor, but most of them did not romantically love him.  Instead their partnership with him was purely  give and take.  They needed him for their own power in the harem & for their family’s political power in the court.  And the emperor knew that as well.  It was interesting to see the dynamics between the emperor & the concubines in light of this different take on ‘love’.

I know I love a drama when…[please complete the sentence]

I get this amazing feeling of catharsis in my chest.  There’s no other way to describe it, it’s like this uplifting liberating feeling after I watch a REALLY REALLY good drama.  This will usually only happen for a drama that has a lot of depth and raw power.  i.e. Woman, Soredemo Ikite Yuku.  Of course, there are other dramas I love that do not give me this feeling.  But I think this is the ultimate test of whether a drama really is THE ONE.


Questions from drunkensword

Favorite Weapon:

Probably San Niang’s weapon in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei!   I’m not sure exactly what it is called, but it is like..a double sided sword? O_O  She puts the two sides together and it has double blades?

Most funny drama series moment you can remember:

This one scene stands out in my memory, from My Boss My Hero:

Most complicated drama you ever saw:

HMM I’m not quite sure about this one.  I think the historical dramas tend to be the most complicated though, usually since they are much longer and have tons of characters.  I think the kdrama Soldier is a good example because it has a lot of political schemes, etc.

Two actors that would have to collaborate in a drama:

I don’t know if this counts since they’ve already been together in a couple dramas, but I’d like to see Liu Shi Shi, Yuan Hong & Lin Geng Xin together again!!!!!!!  I would also like to see Ni Ni in a cdrama, although I’m not sure who I would like to see her collaborate with.

Reincarnation or vanishing in thin air?

According to ancient c-dramas, reincarnation occurs as a plot device to let two star-crossed lovers reunite. *cough* BBJX! *cough*



The Nominations

I’ve decided to try to nominate drama bloggers that I didn’t nominate before.  Also I will try to keep with the rules; not with the less than 200 followers part..but I will keep it to 10 nominations only.  If you didn’t get chosen, it doesn’t mean I didn’t think of you it’s just that I’m trying to keep it limited & have some left for next year’s nominations, HEHEH.  >__>

The Rules

  • Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.
  • Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

The Questions

  • What was your favorite drama of 2013 and why?
  • What are your top two bromances?
  • Are there any actors or actresses that have become one of your new biases/favorites lately?
  • Favorite screencap, still, poster, etc. lately?
  • Why don’t you watch the Legend of Zhen Huan?  JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING.
  • What character(s) are you similar to, or what character(s) do you relate to the most?
  • List one new year’s resolution for 2014.
  • What country are you from or what country are you living in currently?
  • Himono-onna or suteki-joshi?
    • (to clarify: suteki-joshi basically means “beautiful/lovely girl”.  It is the opposite of himono-onna in the sense that, a suteki joshi is always refreshing and sparkling. hehe.)
  • What is another one of your guilty pleasures? (besides dramas 😛 )
  • How would you like to be remembered in the blogosphere?
  • What is your favorite theme song?



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