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Obviously I was really excited for S ~ Saigo no Keikan because of its eye candy main cast of Ayano Go & Mukai Osamu.  I even said this in my thoughts about the upcoming drama:


Looking back at my spazzy comment, I understand my logic (LOL…WHO WOULDN’T WATCH FOR THESE TWO..) but I also cringe at what I wrote because I ended up dropping it right after episode 2.  *facepalm*


So I thought that S would be something like the HK drama Tiger Cubs since it’s about 2 elite police squads (think SWAT).  It focuses on two main characters– Ichigo (Mukai Osamu) and Iori (Ayano Go) who are part of these elite teams.  The drama is called “S” because it stands for the ‘S’ which is in the two teams’ names: “NPS” and “SAT”.  If you’ve seen Tiger Cubs then you’d know that this plot line has potential for lots of eye candy and action scenes.  It could’ve been glorious!  But unfortunately S falls short of Tiger Cubs because its cases are totally implausible.  T_T”  i.e. in episode 1 the culprits (who are the typical yakuza that wave around guns while evilly cackling) hold people hostage in an office building.  They then fire OUT THE WINDOW at the police who are down on the street.  (note that this entire time they are evilly cackling) *FACEPALM*  I see no plausibility in this situation whatsoever.   I’m not saying that all the situations in Tiger Cubs were logical, it’s just that S’s cases go way overboard to the point of being cheesy.  It’s hard to take S seriously when I can’t even take its missions seriously.  >_>”  I feel like S lacks the suspense factor that it was aiming for all because of its overexaggerated villains & situations.  The drama could’ve been really intense and exciting but instead it just feels like I’m waiting and waiting for something eventful to happen.


‘Well,’ you might say, ‘AT LEAST THERE’S EYE CANDY! RIGHT?’  AFFIRMATIVE.  The problem is that I also found Mukai Osamu’s character, Ichigo, to be really unrealistic as well.  It feels like Ichigo came straight out of a shounen manga because he’s really idealistic, wants to save every villain, and is kinda quirky.  (Actually later on I looked up Saigo no Keikan and realized that this is actually a live action of a manga, so that’s why Ichigo feels like a shounen character–he IS  one! 😛 ) Well he’s supposed to be this hero who views the enemies as human beings whose lives matter.  But the problem isn’t so much that he’s idealistic, but more like..he defeats the culprits who are ARMED WITH LOADED WEAPONS by charging towards them and LITERALLY punching them in the face.  Anyways, even with the fact that this is a live action in mind, it’s just hard for me to see how in the world Ichigo would be let on the NPS when he goes around jeopardizing the missions by punching the enemy.  T_T””


So Ichigo joins the NPS and immediately butts heads with another guy–Iori, who is part of the SAT team.  He’s a skilled sniper who shoots to kill & always follows orders. I have a bias towards Ayano Go, so I tried to pay more attention to his character HEHEH.  😉  There’s not much that stands out about Iori except that he seems to be carrying a very heavy burden all on his own.  It’s almost like he is so straight-laced and uptight as some sort of penance for a mistake that he made in the past.  I think he also feels rather 2D (granted we’ve only had 2 episodes for character development but..) but not as shounen-like as Ichigo’s character.

The other thing I was going to watch S for was the bromance.  Even if the missions are cheesy and unrealistic, at least we could have some awesome bromance to save the drama, right?  Well at this point I don’t feel any sparks of awesome chemistry between Ayano Go & Mukai Osamu.  For now they just have the typical bromance of a rivalry between a guy who is really impulsive & fiery (Ichigo) and a guy who is cool, calm & icy (Iori).   I can’t say that S is worth watching for the bromance, although hopefully it will improve later on in the drama. >_<


I feel like I approached S with the wrong expectations.  Since I didn’t know the drama was a live action adaptation, I wasn’t expecting it to have cheesy/ridiculous scenes and I ended up getting my hopes up for nothing.  T_T  IMO S could’ve been much better if it had toned down the over-exaggerated scenes and tried to make the events in the manga seem more realistic in the drama.  Then again, maybe S is actually being very faithful to the original manga?  I’m curious to hear whether or not S is doing the manga justice..hm..

Anyways it is rather quick to drop S after only 2 episodes, but at this point I feel like I can’t really connect to the story or to any of the characters.  I’d really like to watch for the cast but I just can’t get into S.  T_T  If anyone continues watching let me know how it goes! 😉


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  • I couldn’t blame you for wanting to watch this for the eye candy!!! I mean Osamu Mukai and Ayano Go, c’mon! but… thanks for the warning

    did you watch TOKYO DOGS with Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro? I wonder if they were trying to do something like that. but my standard of bromance will always be Matsujun and Eita in LUCKY SEVEN lol

    • Yes, I totally love TOKYO DOGS!! But I don’t think S was even aiming for the kind of bromance from Tokyo Dogs. T_T” I think Tokyo Dogs had more of a humorous bickering bromance whereas in S it’s just like…..Iori randomly popping up in random places and going, “I WON’T ACKNOWLEDGE YOUU!” (because he thinks Ichigo doesn’t deserve to be in the NPS) and Ichigo going “HAHA WHATEVER” Uh yeah, it just falls flat. Also I guess Sou would kinda be the ‘icy’ type, but he’s also kinda dorky. (LOL) Iori is icy but not dorky. 😉

    • OMG guys between Ayano Go & Osamu Mukai vs Shun & Hiro vs MatsuJun and Eita which are worth tuning in for? I tried both Lucky Seven and Tokyo Dogs but couldn’t even make it past the first episode for each O_O

      And Heisui now your verdict is this isn’t worth watching even with the eye candy? But! But! Ayano! Go! Okay okay haha, I’m sad to hear/read this but I trust your first impression!

      • I preferred the bromance in Tokyo Dogs. Actually I didn’t really like Mizushima Hiro’s character much (his humor is rather exaggerated) but I loved Oguri Shun’s character, omg. Well anyways I think the reason I enjoyed Tokyo Dogs is that I sometimes really like dorky police jdramas HAHA.

        I KNOW I’m surprised myself that I couldn’t even watch S for the eye candy. WHAT KIND OF FAN AM I!?!?!

  • It was pretty ridiculous at first but there’s kind of a reason why those people are so crazy and stupid. It got dark pretty quick (currently on episode 5) but there are still some aspects that are a little questionable.

  • This is a good drama. It’s a pity you stopped watching after 2 eps. But I stopped reading your post after 1 paragraph coz it’s too darn boring *yawn*

  • As the fan of the original manga, honestly I was kinda disappointed to see how it turned out. The manga is unexpectedly good. When I first read it, I didn’t have much expectation because I thought it was just another cop series with lots of action but I was wrong. It has deep plot and real life situation involved.

    But I could understand why they make things haste by crammed things in on episode 1. It’s an ongoing manga and the live action production team adapted two books in just one episode. They even threw in some aspects in book 3-4 to episode 1. That is kinda crazy but yeah, real life sucks, so I just had to deal with it.

    Indeed, episode 1-2 are unbelievably cheesy but things are getting better after Keigo Masaki, the heinous villain stepped in. And at least they didn’t forget to explain the NPS’ members’ character background. If there’s something that bothers me it’d be the roller coaster tension. Some episodes are flat, some episodes have high tension. I’d like it better if they make the tension higher on each episode.

    The main reason I took interest in this series was because I want to know how the production team adapted S manga into live action. Osamu and Go are the bonus XD

    • Hey it is interesting to hear your opinion since you read the manga first. I have not read the manga but I think if I had read it, I probably would’ve had different expectations for the drama. So maybe I wouldn’t have been as disappointed. >_< But I'm glad to hear that the live action sorta did the manga justice. And YES for Mukai Osamu & Ayano Go!!! 😉

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