Bu Bu Jing Qing: New Official MV (Part II) – Second Lead Syndrome?

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I may be skeptical about Bu Bu Jing Qing, but I admit that it has some verrry pretty OST songs!  Obviously the main attraction of Bu Bu Jing Qing is the main OTP between Zhang Xiao/Ruo Xi & Yin Zheng/4th prince, especially considering the fact that Nicky & Liu Shi Shi are all that’s left of the main BBJX cast!  And of course, the BBJQ hype has only increased even more after the news that Liu Shi Shi & Nicky are officially dating!  Anyways my point here is that the second male lead has gone virtually forgotten.



So instead of 8th prince or even our dear 14th prince (<I’m totally biased), we have a new second male lead, Sun Yi Zhou as Si Han.  I’m still really confused by the synopsis & all the trailers so I can’t really tell how Si Han’s character is supposed to be.  If he’s going to be a replacement for 8th then chances are he’d be the opposite of Yin Zheng.  But then in the MV he’s all controlling and douchey? O_O””  Erm..

Well the latest theme song is sung by Jia Jia, whom you may recognize from another popular theme song from the c-drama Lan Ling Wang.  The lyrics are really romantic–translations can be found here.  But I think I liked the previous official MV for Nicky x LSS better than this one.  I paid attention to the first half of this MV but the 2nd half was just full of Si Han being a jerk, throwing things off tables, dramatic rain scenes, etc.  T_T” I was wondering if Si Han could be potential for 2nd lead syndrome (which you all know, I fell victim to in BBJX..LOL..) but considering his behavior in the MV, I highly doubt it. >__>”

Fine Dust by Jia Jia


*Update* You can read my review for Bu Bu Jing Qing Episodes 1-3 here. 😉


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  • they look really good together xD but if they twin turned face surgery thing for Annie’s character is true… what if all the Liu Shishi’s here are actaully Annie’s character? ^^;

    • I know, that’s what confuses me!! I mean, he’s the second lead (in place of 8th) so wouldn’t that mean that LSS’ character would fall for him at first? So I think that is Zhang Xiao and not the twin? But then again if Annie really does become the twin…erm…I’ll just be confused. Why are there going to be twins in the first place. T_T”

  • [random] I saw the one minute version of this song’s MV on TV and was blown away by how good it was! So I searched on YT and then realised it was the ending song for BBJQ lol.

  • Hm… Heisui, you know that I always one of the biggest fans of BBJX, even the upcoming BBJQ.. But, I gotta say, this MV dialed my hype down a little bit. I am getting more confuse. Not only the twin thing, but how come 8th Prince fell in love with 3 women? Zhang Xiao, Meng.. something (Zhang Xiao’s best friend) and then Annie..
    Back in BBJX, we know that all the Princes will have more than one concubine.. But, this is the 21st century..
    Anyway, I have to admit that Sun Yan is nicer to look at compare to 8th Prince.. He gets crazy in the second part due to “buried alive” I think… So… still can’t wait to watch this.. But, now I know that I have to lower my expectations 🙁

  • Love Jia Jia! I discovered her thanks to Lan Ling Wang OST, too and have been checking out her other stuff. Gorsh, this drama. It shall be hella confusing I think. Do they have an airdate yet?

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