Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu: Eps 1-2 & Why I Stopped Watching (Updated)

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[Note: Also known as “Emergency Interrogation Room”]


Amami Yuki’s character, Yukiko, is a negotiator on the S.I.T. team.  She’s good at what she does, but the problem is that she is too overconfident in her own skills which is dangerous to her team.  She ends up botching an operation (in the opening scene) because of her overconfidence & is transferred to a different department–the interrogation unit, otherwise known as the “Kintori”.   The Kintori is a small unit with 4 other members..all of which are..well…old guys. O_O”  Some of them I suppose you could call an “ojisan” and funny enough, one of them even refers to Yukiko as an “obasan”.  HAHAHAHA.  Anyways maybe some of you would prefer a jdrama with lots of eye candy/younger actors, but I find it really refreshing that Kinkyu is not overpopulated with tons of eye candy.  (Don’t worry though, there’s still Hayami Mokomichi (Zettai Kareshi, Hammer Session) to fulfill the eye candy requirement 😛 Also I’m totally contradicting one of my first thoughts about the drama..’I wish Nodate were here..’ 😛 )  All of Yukiko’s coworkers are actually around her age or older than her.  I like it is that it feels like they are all equals, whereas whenever Amami Yuki is with a younger group of characters she just magically turns into the BOSS.


Anyways about the rest of the Kintori. It’s still hard for me to remember all of their names at this point, so I’ll just make it easy for you here.  All of them also have this sort of ‘signature move’ that they do in each episode.

  • Full head of hair guy (bottom right pic) — Katsutoshi, the leader of the Kintori.  He always informs the team about their new case and the episode kicks into action after he says all intensely “DEBAN DESU!” (It’s our turn! <<don’t trust my translation but I think that’s what it means)  It’s hinted that he was the one who actually chose Yukiko to join the Kintori.  He also has a history with her, hopefully it’ll be revealed soon!
  • Balding guy (upper left pic) — Susumu, interrogator.  Ok I feel bad for calling him the balding guy but that’s the easiest way to remember him. T_T””  He always punches his fists together after he hears he has a case.  Not much character development for him yet.
  • Yoshio (middle right pic) — Haruo, interrogator.  Yup this is Kohinata Fumiyo from Ashita no Kita Yoshio, that’s how I always remember his character. 😉  I hope his character gets more screentime because I like Haruo a lot!
  • Glasses guy (bottom left pic) — Zenjiro, interrogator.  He adjusts his glasses when he hears about a new case.  Zenjiro is the only character that has actually gotten a bit more character development in episode 2.  I think he actually has a really soft heart and he is shown to care a lot about children.  He also thinks about the bigger picture / the implications of the interrogations whereas Yukiko is a firm believer in executing the law no matter what.

So maybe you’ll look at these screenshots and not see one ounce of charm or coolness in these guys at all…or maybe it’s just me but…….THEY’RE ACTUALLY REALLY COOL!?!?  O__O  It’s really hard to describe but it’s like they’re just all mellow and it makes them look so effortlessly cool.  There is this one part in episode 1 when they get their first case and then they walk out of their unit in SLO-MO (it was during the sponsor announcement, darn it! the view was blocked!) which was epic IMO!  I think part of my view of the four guys of Kintori may be influenced the presence of Kohinata Fumiyo (Ashita no Kita Yoshio, Double Face).  He was EPIC in Double Face so maybe some of his epic-ness transferred over into Kinkyu. O_O  Also the rest of the supporting cast is really solid–you’ll probably recognize most of the actors shown above because they have been in tons of jdramas!  They are doing a great job so far & I’m enjoying their chemistry with Amami Yuki.


^bottom left pic: Totally love their group ‘cheer’ AHAHAHA

Episode 1 is really fun to watch because the case is actually good AND the villain is played by Takashima Masanobu, the same actor who played Moriyama in DOCTORS.  Takashima Masanobu is SO GOOD as the villain!   I even liked his evil cackling! O_O   Ep 1’s ending does get a bit preachy but overall I really enjoyed this episode.  As for episode 2, the case is not as good as the first episode’s.  It has some emotional punch to it but it also lacked the suspense that episode 1 had.  It seems like there will be an episodic pattern to Kinkyu–one case per episode, always with Yukiko doing an epic interrogation at the ending which will make the suspect confess the truth.  There are some hints at a greater underlying conspiracy/mystery that will be interweaved throughout the entire drama.


*Updated* Why I Stopped Watching

In the beginning, I was bracing myself for the worst because I feared that maybe Kinkyu would turn out to be another generic police jdrama.  It also doesn’t help that the opening scene is like something straight out of Koshonin…in other words, it’s overdramatic and super intense.   The rest of the pilot episode was way better than expected and it definitely boosted my expectations for the rest of the drama.  But although my initial impressions of the first couple episodes of Kinkyu were actually very favorable, I ended up dropping the drama.  Once I got to around episodes 4-5, I started losing interest because it felt like Kinkyu was losing any originality it had in the first couple episodes.  The cases just got tedious to watch because they weren’t very interesting & each episode felt like the same formula over and over again.  I think the cast was pretty good with Amami Yuki & all the great supporting cast members such as Kohinata Fumiyo.  But unfortunately a good cast will not really help when the story is just mediocre.


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • I watched the first episode and thought it’s a bit dry and the case is not that interesting as it’s quite cliche, they used the emotional card a little bit too much.

    Maybe I had too much expectations, Amami Yuki is still awesome and I think Mokomichi Hayami is underutilized… Will probably watch a few more episodes before deciding to continue or to drop. On the other hand, Ashida Mana’s new dorama is quite watchable.

    • Yeah most of the resolutions depend on emotional appeal. I still think the drama is fun though! 😀 Haven’t started Ashita yet but I am planning to watch it!

  • I’ve been wanting to watch this, but alas, so far not a lot of Japanese dramas have been picked up this seasons. Why? WHY? I suppose, if I get desperate enough, I’ll watch it raw and then come here to understand better as you make things pretty clear 🙂 My friend has been trying to teach me Japanese, but that’s not going very well.

    I’ve liked Amami Yuki since Boss and am really excited about this drama.

    • Kinkyu doesn’t have the same spazzy feeling of BOSS. It’s more toned down. >_< For the most part it was really easy to watch raw. Don't trust 100% in my interpretation though because I probably missed some details/misinterpreted some parts. 😉

  • I actually liked how the drama is going and the start did seem a little too like Koshonin.
    I’m glad that I am not the only watching this because of Amami-san and the plotline.

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