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I was quite excited for these 2 episodes after the drama’s strong comeback in ep9, but unfortunately eps 10-11 only left going “HUH?”.  Why are they choosing to drag out the story NOW of all times!?!? Really, these episodes should’ve been combined into one episode because we DO NOT need to listen to Lei Lei & Yi Kang overanalyzing their love lives for 2 WHOLE EPISODES.  T__T”  To make things worse, apparently POH has only 13 episodes (unconfirmed news) meaning that the wasted screentime in eps 10-11 will only come back to haunt us in the ending.   COME ON, we only have 2 episodes left, now is not the time to be meandering around here!!!!!


Poor Yi Kang, the guy was angsty in ep9 but he only gets more downtrodden and heartbreaking in these eps. :'(  He finally owns up to his feelings for Lei Lei, and even confesses to her…but of course Lei Lei does not immediately reciprocate his feelings.  Whenever Lei Lei brushes him off I could feel Yi Kang’s frustration and the pangs in his heart…it is as though he wants so much to expect something more out of their friendship (they even kissed and all..) but is trying to keep his hopes at bay because he knows Lei Lei may not accept him.  He can’t help but get his hopes up and whenever Lei Lei inadvertently hurts him, he has the SADDEST look on his face, OMG.  :'(  And it is even sadder when Yi Kang is clearly hurt and disappointed but he attempts to act like he’s ok.  i.e. There’s this one scene when Lei Lei is all happy that they are no longer fake-dating.  Yi Kang clearly looks disappointed and sad but attempts to cover it up.  Poor Yi Kang! :'(  On the other hand though, Yi Kang is not ALWAYS heartbroken in these episodes, as there are also plenty of swoony moments (of course!)..particularly when Yi Kang COOKS, when he sweetly confesses to Lei Lei, and whenever he has a kissing scene.  😛  I just feel that his angsty moments tend to impact me more than his usual cute ones though.  😉


I’m REALLY glad that Yi Kang took the initiative to confess early because it is taking Lei Lei FOREVER to give him a response.  Both Lei Lei & Yi Kang are scared of possibly ruining their friendship, but the difference between them is that Yi Kang is more willing to plunge forward and take the first step whereas Lei Lei is stuck in the same place.  Here more than ever, I realized that Lei Lei is the kind of person who overanalyzes everything and meticulously plans out every step of her future.  She wants to be in control and will only make a move after she has thought about the issue from every single angle possible.  I get that, but at this rate it is taking her forever to make a decision! We don’t have time for that!  Also I don’t understand why she is so set on figuring out whether or not she loves Yi Kang.  Even though she is more focused on dating seriously, I don’t think she should jump so quickly to wondering whether or not she loves him when she hasn’t even clarified whether she likes him romantically.  O_O”  I think Lei Lei is to focused on whether she loves Yi Kang NOW versus whether she might develop feelings of love towards Yi Kang in the future.  As Lei Lei’s girlfriends said, love can be accumulated over time rather than being a spontaneous love-at-first-sight occurrence.

Well thankfully Lei Lei finally makes a decision!!  I love the scene when she honestly tells Yi Kang why she is taking so long to respond to his confession & why she is so scared of giving him a chance.  Here she makes it quite clear that she treasures Yi Kang as a good friend but is scared that taking the next step might hurt their relationship in the future.  She doesn’t want their good friendship to possibly be spoiled, which is why she attempted to maintain the status quo.  My favorite part though, is when she says that she is willing to give it at try~!!!!!!!!  YESS!!!!!  Unfortunately this is also where I started getting confused though…….because after this scene all of a sudden they revert back to claiming that they are not an official couple!?!? Then Lei Lei gets all hurt when Yi Kang claims she’s just a friend and they have a cold war!?!? What!?!? Are they together or not? O_O Did I miss a scene in between!?  I have no idea what just happened here…


So I’m pretty sure that all of you are well aware of the very steamy scene in ep10, when they make out in the car and one thing leads to another and yeah…THEY SLEEP TOGETHER..IN THE CAR.  O____________O  I had already seen a spoiler about this so I was prepared (LOL) but even while I was watching it, I almost couldn’t believe it was happening.  I definitely did not see this coming so soon!! O_O  Oh, and I’ve always complained about the fake dream-kisses, but I think this scene made up for it. 😛  Lei Lei & Yi Kang, I thought that they’d get together but after that very confusing part in ep11, I have no idea what their relationship status is. *sigh* I just really wish that they could get over this hurdle of “I love him I love him not” and “we’re not dating but we kinda are” issues.  I just want to see them together already!


The last confusing thing is that POH randomly introduces new 2nd lead characters to compete for Yi Kang & Hai Lun’s love!! Where in the world did this come from?  I guess I could buy the childhood sweetheart, Peter, coming back and crushing on Hai Lun. After all it kinda makes sense that Hai Lun & Peter would hit it off because they are around the same age and knew each other for a long time.  But if they had wanted to have Peter join in the story, it should’ve happened..oh..I don’t know..5 episodes ago? O_O”  Also I’m not so sure about Lulu, the new competitor for Yi Kang.  All she did was meet him at the gym ONCE and all of a sudden she’s a possible love candidate!?!?  UH UH LULU, there are lots of other people who are already in line for Yi Kang!! 😛  On a more serious note though, I feel like Peter & Lulu are only there to make Wei Ting & Lei Lei jealous through misunderstandings. T__T””


Don’t get me wrong, I still love POH and it is a pleasure to watch each and every episode.  However I also feel that the first half of POH was rock solid whereas the second half does not have quite the same OOMPH.  It feels like these episodes are still meandering around without any real definite direction for the story.  I think it would’ve been much better if some of the more redundant scenes (i.e. SUPER LONG love counseling sessions, basically EVERYONE around Yi Kang & Lei Lei telling them that THIS! IS! LOVE!, Lei Lei’s work scenes, etc.) had been cut out to make room for more substantial story development.  Fingers crossed for the final episodes!!! POH I have faith in youuuu!!!


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  • LOL, what happened during that scene that you found confusing was that it turned out to be a dream (again). You can read my recap on ep 11 for clarification (:

    Yeahh, it is getting draggy now isn’t it? It isn’t Yi Kang’s fault for this. He took the initiative to confess and is willing to wait for her decision. Rather, this lies within An Lei who is still unsure of how she feels. I understand her need to work out her feelings for Yi Kang but she is really taking her time and over-analysing things!

  • Final episode this week!! Really! (I had to check on their Facebook page but seriously!) <

    Funny that for a show that has excelled in a lot of talking… whether it's between YK & LL, LL and her girlfriends, LL's inner thoughts… once they did their 'thing' in the car (LOL), I no longer really understand what LL is thinking. YK has been consistent throughout, but LL I'm a bit confused about.

    • NUUUUUUUUU. Do you know if it was already set to be 13 episodes or if it was cut short? Because right now I feel like the drama is taking its dear time with making OTP progress.

      • Hrm… not sure, but then they finished shooting this before it aired so I guess that was the original plan? Although I never understand why they don’t announce the confirmed no. of eps right at the start. >< So annoying, it's only when the next drama has a confirmed air date then we know for sure.

        • I actually have suspected about this.. It’s totally the same with ITWY…
          It’s draggy + slow moving + the happy2 scene only happens at the end.. I guess that’s the taste of the Director..
          Anyway, the draggy + slow moving is also cute in a weird way (I don’t know how to explain this) but it’s kind a build up a proper momentum..
          I guess the only thing I hate the most is about LULU and PETER.. They should not appear.. 🙂
          But I guess, it helps Lei Lei to feel jealous when she was Yi Kang kissed her..
          Overall, I think it’s entertaining… :)))

  • Arggghhhh what happened to this show. I’ve been dragging up til now, and now I’m fast forwarding. It’s almost impossible to watch. It was only 13 episodes.. whyyyy do they need it to drag out so long. This is the kind of first-class dragging that 20+ ep dramas run into.
    I’m super grumpy right now.

    • I didn’t get to the point where I felt like I couldn’t watch it (I think ep12 is when it really got on my nerves though). But these episodes definitely made me wonder why they were dragging out the story so long. T_T” It’s not surprising for a tw-drama to drag, but I wasn’t expecting POH to drag..especially with its short length..

  • Writing about this, what can be an old story. Epi 11 and 12 were frustrating when 1 was following it week by week (there always were dreams and dreams and more dreams) as 1 was then a bit more anxious about how the romance would play out (even though it was a certainty that they are fated to be paired in this drama). However, on a re-watch for a 2nd, 3rd or nth time, when the end result is certain (that both HYK and JAL were together, and there has been a reasonably good ending), it is not so frustrating to watch these same episodes (as the show drags through YK’s angsty and AL’s indecision) as one now has more patience to slowly savour their angsty, indecision and love. In fact, it is during the rewatch of these angsty moments, 1 can better feel the love each (in particular, YK, as he has more of these scenes) had for the other than during the good times. For example, when YK was drunk at the gym girl’s bar, he was hallucinating about “JAl always appearing before him whenever he went, whenever he runs to”, and this scenes somehow shows how into JAL than, say, a scene that shows them happy together after they were reconciled. So, having finished the show and watching for the nth time, I am happy about the drags.

  • I was confused about the dream sequence too!! Actually had to stop and rewatch to get a sense of what was happening (almost thought a section had been edited out from the version I was watching– lol!).

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