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Update 12/25/13: Shitsuren Chocolatier CM & promo poster

Update 12/29/13: Ashita, Mama ga Inai, S ~ Saigo no Keikan, Yoru no Sensei previews

Update 2/1/14: Saikou no Rikon SP, Ashio Kara Kita Onna

The fall 2013 season of jdramas was bland for me and amazingly there was no fall jdrama that I completed. O_O”  So I am looking forward to a fresh start with the winter season of 2014!!!!!


For the story…


Ashita, Mama ga Inai

Title translation: Tomorrow, Mama Isn’t There

Notable Cast:

Ashida Mana, Suzuki Rio

Short Summary:

A young girl (Suzuki Rio) is sent to an orphanage where she meets 3 other girls.  Some of her new friends have a cynical view of the world and tell her to give up on her mom.  However she believes that she can eventually return to her mother’s side.


Of course, the cast already sounds AMAZING.  Ashida Mana & Suzuki Rio have already proven their acting chops in the acclaimed jdramas of Mother and Woman (respectively), so I am really looking forward to seeing them in a drama together!   But aside from the awesome cast, I’m also interested in the potential of Ashita Mama ga Inai to be both a very serious yet uplifting story.  I love the human genre & I think this drama could be my next favorite.




Boku no Ita Jikan

Notable Cast:

Miura Haruma, Tabe Mikako

Short summary:

Miura Haruma’s character is diagnosed with a terminal illness. He is faced with death at a young age and begins to search for the meaning of life.


For most people, I think just the mention of Miura Haruma as the lead would probably be enough for people to watch, heh.  But for me, at first glance I wouldn’t touch this drama because it sounds like another tear-jerker about a terminal illness.  But at a second glance, I noticed that the scriptwriter is actually the same writer for the awesome slice-of-life jdrama Osozaki no Himawari.  So I think I will give this drama a chance because I loved Osozaki and I have faith that the writer can pull this off.  Hopefully it will not be a tear-jerker, but rather more of a slice-of-life or human genre.  Also Boku no Ita Jikan definitely has the best teasers so far!



Saikou no Rikon SP

Notable Cast:

Eita, Ono Machiko, Maki Yoko, Ayano Go

Short summary:

This will be a one-episode special of Saikou no Rikon, focusing on the continued marriage problems between the OT4!


The SP may not be really necessary but I would love to see the OT4 together again.  Saikou no Rikon is priceless and I hope that the SP does it justice!


For the cast…


Ashio Kara Kita Onna (Updated)

Notable Cast:


Short Summary:

Ono Machiko in a period jdrama.  What else do I have to say!?!?


LOOK AT THE EPIC POSTER! OMG!  Looks like Ono Machiko’s character is gonna kick some butt.  Anyways I would love to watch this but I highly doubt it will get subbed. >_<



S ~ Saigo no Keikan

Title translation: S ~ The Last Policeman

Notable Cast:

Mukai Osamu, Ayano Go

Short Summary:

Mukai Osamu & Ayano Go’s characters are part of a new elite team called the NPS.  Mukai’s character is good at close-ranged combat while Ayano’s character is a sniper.  ENOUGH SAID……….



Previews: (Updated)



Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu

Title translation: Emergency Interrogation Room

Notable Cast:


Short summary:

Amami Yuki plays the role of a high-ranking detective who gets reassigned to a unit that is responsible for interrogating suspects & criminals.


BOSS ANYONE?!?!  I’m so happy Amami Yuki is back!!!  I fear that the drama might be the typical police jdrama with the cackling villains, overdramatic confession scenes, etc.  The preview has a more serious feel to it, so hopefully it will go beyond the police jdrama cliches.




Yoru no Sensei

Title translation: The Night Teacher

Notable cast:

Mizuki Alisa

Short summary:

Sakura (Mizuki Alisa) used to be the owner of a bar.  Now she has become a new high-school teacher & learns to connect with her students.


According to this article, people are already comparing this drama to Misaki Number One (a hostess becomes a high school teacher) even though it hasn’t even aired yet. O___O  I don’t see what the big deal is when there are plenty of jdramas that have rehashed the same kinds of stories before. Anyways I am not that interested in the synopsis but I think it is worth noting for Mizuki Alisa!  She always has great stage presence and, admittedly, is one of my favorite Japanese actresses.  She tends to play strong characters like Amami Yuki.




Shitsuren Chocolatier (updated)

Notable cast:

Matsumoto Jun, Ishihara Satomi, Mizukawa Asami

Short summary:

Based on a manga.  Matsujun’s character has been dumped by his girlfriend. He decides to become a professional chocolatier to win back her heart. Things get complicated when he returns only to find that she has gotten married.


I’m not all that interested in the synopsis but I’m sure all the Matsujun fans can rejoice at the idea of watching Matsujun + chocolate.  I will probably check this out just for kicks, but I doubt I will follow the drama. (the love square sounds to complicated for me o_o)  Unless Matsujun + chocolate is just THAT alluring.. 😛  Alongside Matsujun we also have the popular actress Ishihara Satomi (Rich Man Poor Woman) & Mizukawa Asami (Iryu series, Sharehouse no Koibito, etc.).  I bet this will be the hit rom-com of the winter season.




Yamikin Ushijima-kun Season 2

Notable cast:

Yamada Takayuki, Ayano Go

Short summary:

About the boss of a loan shark business.


I haven’t even seen season 1 but I decided to randomly include this drama in my anticipated jdramas post too.  Obviously I’m excited for Ayano Go, but I am not a big enough fan of his to watch ALL of his dramas.  However the previews are amusing and I think it could be an entertaining drama.

Note: the first preview is actually for the 2nd movie but I still thought it was amusing.  The second preview is for the actual second season of the drama.  Turns out the Ushijima-kun series has 2 movies and 2 drama seasons.

Previews (updated):


I’m really hoping for a great upcoming winter season to kick off the new year!  The last winter season of 2013 was fantastic so hopefully 2014 will follow suit. Overall, I’m most anticipating Ashita Mama ga Inai for the story, hopeful for Boku no Ita Jikan for the writing, and determined to watch S ~ Saigo no Keikan no matter what.  (LOL)

Sources: Jdrama Weblog, Shitsuren Chocolatier Official Site, Yoru no Sensei Official Site


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  • Oh man, I don’t really care if it’s an over-the-top police procedural. Amami Yuki=I’m in. Needless to say, BOSS is still one of my favorites.

    Although, even for her, there are some I haven’t watched. I just really, really liked her in BOSS.

  • It’s been so long since I’ve watched a j-drama but I really want to check a couple of these out! Shitsuren Chocolatier is particularly high on my list of must sees. I just can’t pass up a Matsujun drama! Thanks for the info!

  • This season I managed to finish Legal High 2, Doctors X 2, Dokushin Kizoku and (just barely) Ando Lloyd.
    Next season I’m can’t wait for Iryuu Team Medical Dragon 4 the most – premiering 9 Jan 2014!


    I will soooo tune in to that police show, because hot damn him and Mukai Osamu? They do weird things to my internals o.o

    (Okay just completed Saikou no Rikon and omg the feels – though not sure if I can write a review on this one; it feels hard)

  • I’m anticipating Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu too because of the casts and scriptwriter’s track record.
    The casts are quite strong and the writer produced scripts for some interesting shows in the past.
    But I’ll still keep my expectation low.

    • Out of the rest of the cast (aside from Amami Yuki) I mainly noticed Kohinata Fumiyo from Ashita no Kita Yoshio. The other actors are familiar but they didn’t leave a lasting impression on me so.. >_<

      • They mostly take supporting roles in dramas, I’ve seen them in some projects and at least they are ok, so I can expect they play their roles well . I’m expecting excelent dialogues and conflicts more in the drama though.
        Of course the casts and the writer have their good and bad projects.
        That’s why I’ll keep my expectation low.

        For the rest I’m going to watch some episodes then decide to drop or keep watching them, like usual.

  • None of the drama plots interest me but some of the casts do so it’s a tough one, lol. I’m definitely watching the Chocolate drama, that’s most in line with my tastes, and it has Matsujun. I haven’t seen a Matsujun drama in forever!

  • You just reminded me that I need to go back to watching Woman!

    From the autumn season, I did (am) enjoy(ing) Hard Nut, and Ando Lloyd too, once I got into it (though it’s not Kimutaku’s best dorama). Dropped Clinic on the Sea and I don’t even think I tried watching anything else. Mind you, the Korean autumn drama season wasn’t any better either…

    From the winter ones: Ashita, Mama ga Inai, yes! Don’t care for the synopsis of Shitsuren Chocolatier but Matsujun is always a joy to watch, so I’ll definitely be giving this one a try. Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu – another one I definitely want to watch for the lead actress.

    Not sure about Boku no Ita Jikan, Miura is going to die at the end, isn’t he? Don’t like watching those kind of stories where the main character dies at the end…

    Will probably also watch at least an episode or two of Giga Tokyo Toy Box (could be interesting), Nazo no Tenkosei (maybe), Rosuto Deizu (that one sounds like it could be intense!) and Watashi no Kirai na Tantei (not the greatest synopsis, but it’s got Tamaki Hiroshi!) to see if they are my cup of tea or not.

  • This season has been a bit lackluster for me, I’m only liking a few dramas which are legal high 2, doctor x-2 and Hakuba no Oujisama Junai Tekireiki (this drama is a bit frustrating at times). Notice it’s all the season 2 dramas? I think this season lack a good fresh plot that interests me.

    But the new season offerings got me excited, Ayano Go and Mukai Osamu in the same dorama? Yes! Yes! Yes! This pairing actually reminds me of Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun together in Tokyo dogs, I think it’s because both leading men are hotties, hahaha.

    Amami Yuki and Ashida Mana are both charismatic actresses that I really like. “Ashita, Mama ga Inai” sounds like an interesting drama. It might be a chance for Ashida Mana to stretch her acting ability and try out a role that’s not in her usual cutesy forte and how awesome is that the kids are leading the entire drama.

    I’m allergic to both Tabe Mikako and Miura Haruma so… i’ll be keeping a watch on that drama, maybe i’ll consider it if the reviews are positive but I doubt.

    As much as I love Ishihara Satomi, I’m not that looking forward to Shitsuren Chocolatier as I think her character will be very minor and unlikable. However, I like Matsumoto Jun enough to watch an entire drama for him so if it’s anything like Hungry… I might like it.

    • oh yeah, I totally loved the bromance in Tokyo Dogs. *W* Hopefully there will be romance in S too!

      Yes, I hope this will be the chance for both Ashida Mina & Suzuki Rio to improve in their acting. I’m not sure, I thought Ishihara Satomi’s character would be one of the major ones? I will have to recheck..hmm

  • Winter season’s lineup looks more promising than Fall. (I watched only Hard Nut, but … yeah …) I’m definitely excited for Ushijima and Ashita, Mama ga Inai. I finished both the series and the movie recently, and I like Ushijima as a character so — watching that for sure. Suzuki Rio and Mana Ashida need no explanation. 😛

    btw. This is the link to the teaser for the second season of Ushijima. I think the one you embed was for the movie … ?

    • Oh ok, I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Ushijima because I wasn’t sure if it was a good series. Oops I didn’t realize that it was for the movie sequel and not for the drama. T_T Thanks for the correction!

  • “Ashita, Mama ga Inai” is already amazing but it’s been a week and still no subtitles… The first episode is pretty easy to follow if you’ve watched enough dramas before to unconsciously pickup key sentences & words and put 2 & 2 together. Mana does an amazing job in the role as Post. It’s a character she’s never played before and one that puts to use her ability to cry on cue. It’s interesting to see her play ‘mother bird’ and be relied on. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it!

    • Yup, I’m planning to watch Ashita raw. Not having subtitles will never stop me, BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m encouraged by your good experience with ep1! Looking forward to it!

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