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Ugh I don’t know why I decided to try to cover 12 whole episodes all in one post. But yes, even though Female Prime Minister is not a super addicting or above average drama, I managed to watch episodes 7-18 all in 2 days. O_O  At this point I’d say that the drama does have its flaws and potential problems that might get bigger in the later episodes.  Some commenters warned me that the drama gets worse in the later parts so I am proceeding with caution!  But right now I’m mainly watching to find out how Lu Zhen is gonna become prime minister, hehe.

12 episodes is a lot for one post so I figured I should include a quick overview of what happened:

  • 7-8: The ending of Lu Zhen’s training.  She & her fellow trainees compete on a special final project.  Leave it to Lu Zhen to come up with a miraculous final project.
  • 9-11: Lu Zhen gets sent off to the Cold Palace to wait on an unfavored concubine.  Of course her wonderful innocent and kind attitude wins over the concubine and Lu Zhen becomes her most trusted servant.  Later on Lu Zhen gets sick, gets kicked out to another part of the palace where all of the ill are sent and of course she miraculously cures everyone and wins the favor of one of the female ministers. Extremely slow pace here and some ridiculous stuff happens. Skip.
  • 12-14: Time for Lu Zhen’s test to apply to be a female minister.  I found Lu Zhen getting on my nerves here.  Of course she encounters all sorts of obstacles but lo and behold…..
  • 15-16: Lu Zhen wins and becomes female minister because she miraculously made some very rare white porcelain. Go figure. She becomes the head of the Treasure department, and of course, eventually wins the loyalty of her subordinates.  The pace picks up here & all of a sudden I got into the story again.
  • 17-18: Now Huan Yun targets Lu Zhen because she thinks she’s a rival!!!!!!  OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!

And of course in the midst of all this, Lu Zhen endures the schemes of Minister Wang, Huan Yun, Shen Bi, and other scheming maids.  And Lu Zhen has a relationship with Gao Zhan! (Prince Chang Guang)


A lot happens in these 12 episodes but the most painful parts for me are in eps 9-14.  They are painstakingly slow-paced and overly dramatic (i.e. a scheming maid tries to get Lu Zhen to give a piece of her flesh to make a miraculous healing soup……um…..), so much so that I found myself remembering all of my commenters’ warnings and thinking ‘OMGAWD……THIS IS IT….’.  But this isn’t even the main problem here……..my main issue is that I began to like Lu Zhen less and less.  In fact I started getting annoyed with her because here she acts way more like the typical Mary Sue .  All these episodes are basically about how Lu Zhen is SOOOOOOOOOO smart and SOOOOOOOO good and how everyone else is out to get her even though she is clearly the kindhearted wonderful benevolent and genius girl.  *facepalm*  Lu Zhen is supposed to be super smart but the only reason she seems smart is that she always gets really lucky & all her rivals are petty and clumsy.  I wish she could actually have a legit rival that is on par with her intelligence and is a big contender for the position of female minister.  But alas…I feel like most of her successes are based on luck and on her connections with a prince, the EMPEROR, AND 2 female ministers.

Another thing that kinda irks me about Lu Zhen is that she is very big on her morals and fairness, always harping on how unfair this whole situation is (with all her rivals throwing crap at her every step of the way) but at the same time she’s not really playing by the rules either.  One could say that she is doing these things because it’s her only option…but that doesn’t get rid of the fact that she faked her papers to get into the palace, is still lying about her manslaughter charges, and rides on the coattails of Minister Lou. (her main supporter)  She may not be trying to thwart her enemies but that’s not to say that she doesn’t manipulate her way up through the ranks either.  So I can actually see why some of the characters are so resentful towards Lu Zhen.  The thing is that the drama portrays these characters as 2D villains who are trying to destroy Lu Zhen out of the hatred of their hearts instead of showing that they have a reasonable motivation for their actions.


Anyways thank goodness I got past ep14 and moved on to watch ep15 because things get much better once Lu Zhen passes her exam & becomes a female minister! No, she’s not a prime minister yet but rather she’s entered the ranks as one of the lower-ranking ministers.  So she is more like a supervisor and not into politics.  This part was really refreshing for me because FINALLY Lu Zhen realizes that she has to lead by example rather than expecting all her subordinates to just respect & adore her right off the bat.  So she decides to work hard to earn her subordinates’ loyalty and approval!  Hehe these were my favorite episodes for sure!


But of course the schemes of Lu Zhen’s rivals don’t stop there!  Now that she’s made it to the minister ranks they are only more determined to defeat her.  Shen Bi (remember her from Legend of Zhen Huan? She was Qi Pin!) is like this annoying pest that will never be crushed….really such a waste of her character as she could’ve been so much better than that.  Minister Wang, I’d say is a pretty legit rival and I always laugh whenever she butts heads with Minister Lou.  😛  BUT the most fearsome antagonist of all is HUAN YUN.  I got her title wrong in my first post.  She is not empress yet, but rather the highest ranking concubine who is acting as the leader of the harem.  I was hoping for more Huan Yun scenes because I thought she was an interesting character..but the moment Huan Yun started getting more scenes I realized I made a mistake.  SHE IS SO SCARY!!!!!!!!  I love it when she’s on screen but she also makes me want to scream “LU ZHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”  Huan Yun is described as ‘a tempest’ and I’d say that the description is extremely accurate; she is scary awesome in that she could kill with that death glare of hers and she is like a mix between overly bold / calculating & sneaky, practical / obsessively crazy in love with Gao Zhan.  It’s like she knows she is always in control of things but she’s one step away from letting all hell break loose.  O______O

One thing I don’t get though, is why she is so shocked that Gao Zhan fell for Lu Zhen.  I mean..I know maybe her becoming the emperor’s most beloved concubine was not what she wanted, but still she is twisting the emperor around her finger & is technically his partner.  So wouldn’t it make sense for Gao Zhan to think she is taken & just move on with his love life? O_O Or maybe she assumes that Gao Zhan knows she is only staying by the emperor’s side to get revenge?

And one thing I just wanted to say is…….POOR EMPEROR!!!!!!!  He’s a good guy, really he is!!  He actually loves Huan Yun and Gao Zhan from the bottom of his heart….and yet he is torn by his loyalty to Gao Zhan & his mom, manipulated by Huan Yun all the time, and is powerless despite his status as the emperor.  I really hope that he and Gao Zhan will continue being good brothers.  Hopefully their bromance will not be spoiled over Lu Zhen/Huan Yun or the fight for the throne.  I’m pretty sure the emperor will remain true to Huan Yun but really I wish he would just move on and find someone else who’s not bent on backstabbing him. O_O”


Last but not least, of course the romance between Gao Zhan and Lu Zhen is a big part of these episodes as well.  I like how their relationship progressed naturally & that they did not waste time running around in circles trying to figure out whether they like each other not. Also their scenes are always pretty cute and full of giggly moments.  (Thanks to Chen Xiao, LOL)  But I’d say that their chemistry is still just ok…Gao Zhan/Chen Xiao is really the one pushing this ship along whereas Lu Zhen is just kinda meh.  (no offense to Chen Xiao x Zhao Li Ying fans!) I don’t like how the majority of their scenes are full of only flirting/bickering and arguing all dramatically over little misunderstandings. It feels like their relationship has reached a standstill because flirting or arguing is pretty much all they do.   O_O Also I’m sure there will be more fall out over Gao Zhan’s true identity & his past with Huan Yun……but we’ll save that for later. 😛


As for the costumes, Huan Yun is still dominating with the prettiest costumes and I’d say that surprisingly the empress dowager also has some of the best hairpieces.  But Lu Zhen………….THE YELLOW HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve been staring at that neon yellow for 18 episodes and Lu Zhen is STILL wearing it even after becoming a female minister. ARGHH.


Another thing I don’t understand is why Shen Bi (on the left, in the purple) clearly has the better looking outfit whereas Lu Zhen (shown on the left) is stuck with the blue/yellow color combination.  I would take the purple over the yellow any day.


It seems like things are gonna get even more intense from episode 19 and onward since Lu Zhen will discover Gao Zhan’s true identity & Huan Yun is now jealous of Lu Zhen!  Hopefully the drama won’t drag too much on the romance parts.  Also this is random but is it just me that didn’t see a striking resemblance between Huan Yun and Lu Zhen?  I only got it when I stared at them for a really long time to try to see a similarity (I think it’s the similar nose?) but from just a quick glance they look nothing alike. O_O”


Cherish by Li YuChun (Opening Theme Song)


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  • oh, I can’t wait for you to get into the later episodes. I was ready to strangle any female with the last name of Shen…(has General Shen come in yet? He’s wonderful; the arguing and drama between Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan got to such a point that I just wanted Lu Zhen to run off with General Shen.). Shen Bi gets more than she deserves in the end, though :S

    I lol’ed at the “HE LOVES HER BECAUSE SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE ME.” …No, she doesn’t.

    I hated their hair.
    …Sorry, long ramble ^^;

    • Would that include Shen Bi? I don’t remember what her last name was. O_O But oh no…I guess that means more annoying antagonists. T___T

      Oh I sneaked a peak at the forums and heard him mentioned but I haven’t gotten there yet. So I take it he’s sorta the 2nd lead? Oh no am I gonna end up with 2nd lead syndrome AGAIN?

      I KNOW RIGHT? They don’t like THAT similar. I had to actually look really hard to find a similarity between the two of them. O___O” At first I was really confused whenever someone said that Lu Zhen looked similar to the ‘imperial consort’ because I was all ‘wait..they can’t mean Huan Yun right? What other imperial consort is there?’

      • Especially Shen Bi. But another girl with the last name of Shen (General Shen’s little sister) was also insanely annoying):

        I was totally for Gao Zhan and Lu Zhen in the beginning, though! It was only after they began their endless cycle of fight/flirt that I got tired and wanted her to end up with the other guy…because even though he wasn’t as much of a pretty boy as Gao Zhan, he was a pretty decent person.

        • Shen Bi gets a heroic ending that she doesn’t deserve.

          shen Jia Min is the name of the sister. She is such a big brat. But her ending was kinda unjust. But a relief to be rid of one annoyance.

        • Ugh ok, I’m not looking forward to the upcoming rivals then. >__< I was also rooting for Gao Zhan & Lu Zhen..I mean they're cute and all..but I also don't really FEEL much for them. i.e. When they're arguing I don't feel torn apart, instead it's more like I'm waiting for them to just get the misunderstanding over with.

        • I thought that the emperor was the 2nd lead at first since there is sorta a love square going on with him/Huan Yun/Gao Zhan/Lu Zhen. Even though he’s not really a candidate for Lu Zhen since he’s actually more like the matchmaker, LOL. I guess General Shen will be the true 2nd lead then!

  • This drama introduced me to both Zhao Li Ying and Yang Rong so, initially, when I actually had a hard time differentiating them from one another. But that was probably because I had no prior knowledge about any of them before watching the drama. In real life, they are both very ‘innocent’ looking. However, it quickly became clear to me who was who once I started the drama. Their distinct character personalities and the way they carried each of their roles were very different. Zhao Li Ying’s interpretation of the sweet, good-natured yet strong Lu Zhen was very different from Yang Rong’s subtle portrayal as the stubborn and powerful Huan Yun. So I guess, based on their looks alone, it is not too much of a stretch to claim that they look alike. With that said, I guess writers just wanted to come up with something to create more drama between the main couple. At least they kept it consistent with every character apparently realizing this resemblance between the two.

    It’s good that you’re still enjoying the drama! Makes finishing it a lot easier! 🙂

  • Can’t wait for you to finish recapping cause then I would know that I’m not the only one really annoyed by Lu Zhen. It feels like she got where she is all due to luck. And yeap, so annoyed by Prince Chang Guang and her petty quarrels. It’s so lame and they keep repeating it. Totally got the second lead syndrome for our dear General Shen.

    • I dropped the drama. T_T I totally lost interest in Lu Zhen’s story. I didn’t get to the part with the 2nd lead..so I guess I’ve avoided the 2nd lead syndrome heh.

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