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So have you ever had that experience, when you wholeheartedly believe that this one drama is super amazing and then you come across someone else’s negative comment/review/recap about it and you realize that other people think the drama sucks?  Chances are you probably have; I’ve had this experience too.  I remember this one specific time back when I was not a blogger yet..I was so excited about this one drama and then I looked up this review for it.  Well guess what the review basically said that the drama sucked.  Me: “…….Oh.”  AND I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED, MY DREAMS WERE SHATTERED IN THAT INSTANT.   (Just kidding.) *overly dramatic*  No, it wasn’t that life-shattering or anything, it didn’t make me suddenly turn my back on the drama..but there was a little something about it that affected me.  There was that niggling feeling that made me feel a bit more down afterwards. O_O”

Of course, we all read reviews/recaps/comments about dramas to hear other people’s opinions and different interpretations.  But there is also that desire to read things that affirm our own views on the drama/episode.  For me, I enjoy hearing other people’s takes on the same drama because it helps me see things I didn’t notice before.  But sometimes when I read very negative opinions about certain dramas, it kinda dampens my mood if you know what I mean.  It’s hard to draw the  line, but there is some difference between fairly criticizing a drama vs. being so overly negative that no one even wants to read the review anymore because it leaves a bad taste in their mouths.


^Last Cinderella.  Oh dear. Does this bring back memories for you? 😛

Well of course, it’s more complicated than just ‘don’t be negative about a drama’.  I thought back about my own reviews & comments and yeah, I too have been very negative about certain dramas, even to the point where I am still watching, but instead of wholeheartedly enjoying it I am complaining to all of my sympathizers (aka people who are stuck watching the same sucky drama) about each episode. T________T  That, everyone, is where I think to myself, is there a time when I went too far?  Is it even worth writing about a sucky drama only to spend the majority of the review complaining about the drama’s faults?

It is quite the dilemma.  Being negative about dramas stems from a number of different motivations.   First things first, maybe the drama actually sucked.  Or maybe it started out good but then got worse and worse as it progressed.  Either way, both make me just want to either 1) not write about it at all or 2) rant about it for a long time and share my pain and suffering with everyone.  #1 is often the most obvious route (why write about it if you don’t like it) but actually #2 is a very attractive option!  Good dramas have a lot to write about, but sometimes bad dramas do too!  O_O”  I usually choose #2 (stick with the drama and rant about its faults) if I’m determined to finish watching it ’til the end or if I ended up dropping the drama.

Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes it is actually fun to be following a not-so-good drama if a lot of other people are watching it along with you.  It’s like we are all suffering through the drama together (UM……) so then we just band together and poke fun at it. O_O” Ok that sounds worse than it really is but it’s like this feeling where we’re all in this together.  Classic example of all these 3 reasons?  Well I will always always bring up this jdrama from spring 2013……..LAST CINDERELLA.  OMG.  This drama had a very large following because of the cast and I FELL FOR IT. *shakes fist at drama* Once I started watching I thought it was amazing and I was totally into it, writing about it every week..until slowly episode by episode I watched the drama head towards its demise.  Every week, me and the other readers who were following Last Cinderella would have long conversations about how frustrated we were with the drama & how the OTP that was never going to happen SHOULD happen.  T___T  It was quite the memorable experience, not because the drama was good..but more that it was actually fun to discuss the drama with other people.  O_O


^Nam Gyu Ri as Soo Min in Cruel City

Of course, there are also other instances of being negative about elements of the drama and not the entire itself. For instance, it’s pretty common for people to dislike a certain character or actor, particularly if that character is a meddlesome 2nd lead or the evil villain.  I too have these times when I will just have to complain about one character in particular.  T__T”  The most recent example that comes to mind is Soo Min in the k-drama Cruel City. Ah yes, I complained my fair share about Soo Min mainly because she was a very inconsistent character and I also felt that she was not portrayed/written very well.  But my point here is..that a lot of people made this into a bigger issue than it really was, taking things beyond the character/actress’ abilities and making things personal.  Perhaps the line between being fairly critical vs. being too negative overall is more blurred..but with characters or actors I think it is pretty clear.  The moment it becomes bashing, that’s when it’s gone way too far.


^I poked fun at Lan Ling Wang so much.

Well back to my main question of this post..”how much negativity is too much?”  I DON’T KNOW!!!  😛   I think for me, the main key is to try to have a balanced view of both the pros & cons of the drama.  Even if you can only count the good things about the drama on one hand, hey, at least it counts for something.  No one wants to read a scathing (<I’m being overly dramatic here) review or comment only to leave feeling downtrodden and even more negative about the drama than before.  I know it’s not possible to go around accommodating EVERYONE..and I won’t..but I do think it is possible to find some middle ground…to assert your own views without offending others/making them feel worse about the drama.

Also, I know I mainly focused on drama reviews here but I always wanted it to include comments as well.  If you are not a reader of drama blogs & not a drama blogger, perhaps you may think this does not apply to you.  But I think it does, because comments are just the same!  So have you ever had this experience where you read a review with negative opinions & felt surprised or less positive about the drama afterwards?  Do you think there is a limit to how critical you should be about a drama?

An afterthought

*Update: Ok you should probably just read all the comments because many people have answered this question wonderfully.  I was kinda unsure about how to approach this issue but it is great hearing others’ views about it!A few things I have taken from the comments:

  • If you don’t like it, don’t read it.  (Alua)
  • Haters gonna hate, ignore them. (ME. LOL.)
  • The tone of the post matters A LOT, particularly if you are poking fun at something or being sarcastic.  If someone doesn’t know you’re being sarcastic or just poking fun, then they might take it in a wrong way. (ddee)
  • If you don’t have anything good to say OR if you don’t have any explanation for your criticisms, then don’t say it. (Neenee /Kat)
  • Once comments get personal they can significantly affect whoever is caught up in that comment-war.  So remember what you say does matter, yes we should not feel the need to ‘censor’ our opinions or anything like that, but that doesn’t mean we should go “SCREW IT ALL, WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT MY COMMENT!!!!!!”  (Jedmed)

And I will close with this nice quote from Neenee, HEHEHE.

“Opinions differ. Take it with a grain of salt. One opinion is not the be all end all and at the day’s end lets agree to disagree and move on instead of spending time attacking others for their own opinions.”


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  • Nice post! I agree there is some middle ground, as you say. I do think there’s a way to be critical about a drama without being negative. It’s about being balanced yes, but it’s also a matter of tone, I think, more than anything. It’s not easy to do if by nature you veer towards snarky like me, but I hate it when someone craps all over my squee, so I try not to do it to anyone else. So I try to keep my snark in check! I don’t always succeed though, and I must admit, I was one of those for whom Nam Gyu Ri did not rub the right way in Heartless City and probably wrote an unflattering thing or two about her. Sigh.

    And let’s face it, some dramas just make it all too easy to snark all over them. Like Heirs for instance. Although I think the negativity surrounding that drama was way OTT, right out of the gate, for some unfathomable reason. I did like alot it at the beginning. But now that it’s just not doing much for me anymore, I struggle to keep my rant in check since I so did not want to be yet another person who has nothing good to say about the drama.

    It’s important to be honest if you don’t like something, and one should be able to express that however you want, but I think it just goes down better with your readers if you’re nice about it. As with everything in life in general ;).

    • Wow I didn’t even think about the tone of the post but you are totally right. The tone definitely influences whether I feel like the post is crossing the line or not. I think if people know you are snarky then they will know to read your post in a snarky way. I guess the same also goes for sarcasm, some people could take it the wrong way if they don’t know you’re being sarcastic.

      • Yeah, and I think if you’re gonna go that way, being substantive and backing up your claims goes a long way if you want to be read, not to mention to be taken seriously.
        But at the end of the day no one is obligated to read, just as no blogger is obligated to please anyone other than themselves. To each his/her own!

  • What a timing for posting this!!
    I’m actually undergoing the similar feelings as I’m enjoying Heirs but my favorite place of reading recaps aka Dramabeans has some of the most hateful comments I’ve ever encountered…!!! But the bloggers like it in parts and do not complain much but the commenters….OMG….it has come to the point that I no longer have the desire to even visit that site anymore…I love the writers but the crowd of readers….haha
    But that led me to discover some other great places where I met a huge number of readers who love Heirs a lot more than I do…and then I knew that I’m not the only one who is loving it….LOL 🙂

    About the negativity….I tend to write less negative things about a show…simply because I drop a drama if it doesn’t interest me or makes me go mad….

    I’ve concluded that different folks have different strokes….and that especially applies to dramas….

    • LOL it’s funny you mention Heirs since the commenter above (Ddee) also mentioned the same drama. Sounds like it is receiving a lot of mixed feedback, eh. I think it is more common to find haters in the comment sections of the more popular drama blogs. Haters gonna hate. One thing I like about smaller blogs is that they don’t have lots of haters comments. 😉

    • Funny that you mentioned Dramabeans. Another fan told me that Dramabeans staff is even more harsh than Ockoala. I didn’t really notice it since I don’t really follow those two blogs.

  • My biggest pet peeve with negative review/comments is, as you say, when people blur the lines between a bad character (in writing, or in plot) and the actor portraying him/her, whether or not that actor did a good job. I’ve caught myself occasionally loathing a person for some such role (“she ruined it! ruined the whole show for me!”) and then seen them later on in something totally different and though.. “ohhhh..nvm. this person IS good.” It’s especially evil to fall into the trap when the drama character is A) a super baddy, or B) super cartoony character. And in these cases, it’s not the person’s fault at all – it’s the fault of the writers and/or the genre. I try to account for such things.

    As for the overly negative reviews – I count quite a few terrible dramas that I’ve written about; fully aware that other people may love them. But I admit, when I finish something I thought was atrocious, I immediately go on the hunt for other like-minded people to see if I was the only one, particularly if it’s a well-acclaimed drama. I try not to bash things too much (stopping at actor portrayal at least). Honestly I’m too afraid to be critical of peoples’ favorite actors, partly bc it’s subjective, and I know there are people I adore that others absolutely do not; and the same for dramas. It’s easier to poke fun of a drama’s script/plot though. If I made myself suffer through something that I think was technically a waste of time, I don’t mind warning others about it. And usually the ones I write about never affected me in a “OMG I HATE IT” way. It’s just a mostly indifferent critique. The ones I really hate, I tend not to write about – if I know I’m going to have a hard time acting unbiased and impartial, best to shut up.

    Oh but I had fun watching Last Cinderella and reading all about it… Lol.

    • Unfortunately many people will make it personal and start hating the actor/actress rather than limiting their hatred to only the character. For me there are certain actors whose acting style just irks me for some reason. Their acting skills don’t say anything about what kind of person they are though! Also if you REALLY hate an actor then why would you even watch the drama in the first place, right?

      It is so tempting (AND FUN..I ADMIT IT) to poke fun at those dramas that are just SOOOO cheesy or going wrong or whatever. *cough* LAST CINDERELLA *cough*

      • Well, sometimes there are dramas/films where one of your favourite actors is paired with someone whose dramas/films you generally would avoid.

        For Love’s Sake had Tsumabuki Satoshi, and I always watch everythign with him. But his female lead was Takei Emi, whose acting I find very flat and whose current “it” girl statusI don’t quite understand. She’s in Rurouni Kenshin too, which I badly want to see. But then again, I don’t hate her, and I don’t hate any actors/actress because I think that’s just a too extreme position to take.

        • Yeah Takei Emi is an example of an actress that kinda irks me. I don’t hate her but I’m likely not to watch her dramas. (Although I enjoyed her in Asuko March) Wait wait you didn’t see Rurouni Kenshin yet? It was SOOO GOOD OMG……..

          • They even showed Rurouni Kenshin in cinemas in London, but I missed it while I was in Thailand. And it’s really a film that I think one would want to see on the big screen.

            I’m being good and waiting for the DVD release now… and still vaguely hoping we’ll get another one-off screening in the cinema.

              • It’s definitely getting a UK release (with subs), and I’m fairly sure it will get a release in the US. The trailers were subtitled in multiple languages (English, French, Chinese, Spanish) from the start and Warner Brothers has the rights I think? My impression was that they releasing the film with the international fanbase (of the manga) already in mind.

                • Yeah when they released the trailer with the English & French subs I though they were going on an international scale. (which made me super happy hehe)

  • Interesting topic.

    Generally I feel that bloggers should blog the way they want: it’s their blog and should write what they want. If people don’t like it, they shouldn’t read it. Ms Koala gets a lot of criticism sometimes and she is indeed snarkier than many other bloggers, but a) it’s her blog b) she doesn’t just rant, but she will explain what the issue is and c) I find it quite entertaining/funny, even if I don’t always disagree.

    I think I have problems with negativity only when it’s just a direct attack that doesn’t even try to make a case about what the exact issue is. I also don’t like personal, one-sided attacks on individuals (ad hominem). We all like some actors better than others, and that’s fine. The leads in Heirs leave me cold and always have, but I understand that for some LMH is the ultimate and PSH the best, even if they do nothing for me. My general rule is if I start disliking a drama too much, I stay away from the recaps/commenting and let the people who enjoy it, enjoy it.

    Some people perceive me as quite negative/opinionated though (and in a sense I am, because if I don’t like something, I’ll say it and defend it), but I hope they also realise even if I might hate something, I don’t have a problem with them loving something (or the other way around). What gets to me is people criticising people for their opinion/personal preferences etc. I also generally try to stay away from commenting on appearances (esp. negative, but anything that just reduces actors to their look, including shower scenes).

    Incidentally, I have a negative review of So Young coming up….

    • “If people don’t like it, they shouldn’t read it.”

      Good call. I’ve done that before and really, it made me feel so much better not reading something I shouldn’t have been reading in the first place. I think your reviews are very opinionated but you almost sound like..a film critic…(in a good way)..so I’m not really surprised and I don’t feel bad when you include your criticisms in a review. o_o If that makes sense..

  • I had a recent experience where a viewer started to argue with me and really made a big issue about a certain article I posted in my blog. I tried my best to be civil and nice and I did. The only problem is that she started to dictate and impose on me. I agree with Alua when she said your blog is your own property and you have all the right to express your views no matter how controversial or different it might be. If others argue with you, it’s still fine as long as the argument is not personal and insults are not thrown at each other.

    I’m a nice person, sometimes too nice for my own comfort because I want to accommodate people and let them know that they are welcome in my blog (which is like my house and you’re my visitor, of course I have to entertain you and me nice to you). So when my patience run out I can be nasty. BUT I never swear and I try my best not to use insulting words, that’s an important note I would think for all bloggers. Never loose yourself to that, or you also loose respect for yourself.

    Having a long argument can also give you some negative effects. I am not as active as I used to be because I find the argument exhausting and I lost some of my inspiration in blogging. Having read this, I am still not inspired enough to gain lost grounds, but I find this article to be a great way to reflect….

    I guess the J dramas currently being shown lack the kind of quality I am looking for. So it goes without saying, my lack of posts. Luckily, there are a lot of awesome movies to talk about… but still…. 🙁

    • Aw Jed. 🙁 Sorry about that. Yeah although I mainly wrote about hating on dramas, I think the thing that takes the most wind out of you is when things get personal. Well remember you are in charge of your blog & moderator of your comments! If someone is still giving you a hard time after you tried to work things out, then you don’t have to put up with them anymore.

    • I haven’t had any arguments on my blog (somewhat surprisingly, I thought JGS fan’s would get mad after I posted a scathing review of the You’re My Pet movie, but most comments on that post are along the lines of ‘Thanks for saving me from wasting my time’ or ‘I thought it was just me who thought this was crap’). I think if someone did start to argue viciously, I would just ignore them. I wouldn’t take their comments off (unless they were racist or homophobic), because I appreciate all the blogs that don’t censor negative comments (like Koala and Dramabeans).

      Are you watching Hard Nut and Ando Lloyd? Those are two good J-dramas airing at the moment.

      • Not watching Hard Nut or Ando; I tried Ando but didn’t really get into the sci-fi-y vibes it had. Oh wait I think I remember you talking about Hard Nut; still haven’t gotten around to checking it out yet. I’m so bleghh about the jdramas this season, don’t know why. T_T

        • Ando Lloyd isn’t my fave, but once I watched a couple of episodes, I just had to watch all. Not Kimutaku’s best, but it is good.

          Hard Nut I just love. It’s simple, but I adore Hashimoto’s character and Kora Kengo is lovely too. I want romance, but I know we’re not going to get much, but more of a tease-of-romance, esp. since it’s only 8 episodes.

          • Admittedly I’m not a huge Kimutaku fan (*HIDES*) and I felt that the main attraction of Ando is..Kimutaku. I didn’t really feel the need to watch. Kora Kengo looks gooood in the promo poster (HAHA) and I will have to get around to watching it someday! And oh that’s good it’s a short drama, eh!

  • It’s hard. This is something that I used to have to consider as a review editor. How negative is too negative, etc. The consensus was while the review didn’t have to be 100% favorable, if you honestly had nothing good to say or anything to recommend, then don’t say anything at all, which meant if you had a review attacking the writer and how atrocious a book was, it wouldn’t get posted. The thing with writing is, yes, you can pinpoint good writing vs. bad writing, but then there is also the lines of different schools of writing. You develop tastes in styles and dislikes of others, so it is hard to be fair when trying to take on something that really doesn’t jive with your own tastes whether or not it was poorly written or well written. The same can be said of drama aesthetics and writing and acting.

    I don’t think about it too much in my own posts, though. I’ve ready other people’s opinions on shows that I have liked and they were quite vocal about expressing their dislike. That’s fine. We all don’t have to agree. I have tried to stop dropping dramas mid-way through if I am recapping them which makes recapping painful (especially this year with Crazy Love, Last Cinderella (although not horribly so), and Spring Love). Sometimes that turns into rants and whining and I admit it. Thankfully on two of the worst dramas I went through recently, people were commiserating. Although, I did have one commenter on May Queen tell me that my recaps went beyond what they should and were disturbing attacks on the actors/characters. That really hit me and I tried to be more cautious in voicing my own thoughts…which, thanks to that shipwreck, I couldn’t stick 100% to.

    Opinions differ. Take it with a grain of salt. One opinion is not the be all end all and at the day’s end lets agree to disagree and move on instead of spending time attacking others for their own opinions. I don’t get a whole lot of commentary on my own site, but I have seen some very vicious exchanges on others to the point I stop reading comments and other’s opinions. I think it’s good to try to be fair to a drama and to those who might have liked it, but at the same time, express your own opinion with confidence and no apologies. Sometimes you have evidence to back up why you don’t like it and other times…something just grates you the wrong way. There is no particular reason why you might not like something that everyone else is raving about…it’s just not your cup of tea and you shouldn’t feel badly if you don’t agree.

    • Yay Neenee we got your ~professional opinion~. 😛 That gives some very good insight into how a review should be balanced. Ooo yes the word ‘commiserate’ is SO GOOD that is exactly how I feel when I’m talking about a bad drama with other people, hehe!

  • heisui…. was that second picture supposed to be Nam Gyu Ri?… Isn’t that a screenshot of Tammy Chen (as her cameo in Innocent Love i think….)??

    • No no that’s not supposed to be Nam Gyu Ri, it is Tammy Chen in Dragon Gate. I included the pic of Dragon Gate because I was gonna talk about how I would poke fun at that drama. (as an example) but then I didn’t. Sorry if it’s confusing. Maybe I should switch it to Nam Gyu Ri to go along with that paragraph.

  • It’s a strange phenomenon in the blogging world that negative reviews / comments are like ‘taboo’ – even though we’re just expressing our own opinion, we feel like we have to thread more carefully and have more evidence to justify this view. I guess I’m used to being in a fandom where there’re a lot of haters, so seeing others crapping on an actor I like is quite normal. Maybe the issue is people think if you have a different opinion, they take it personally. If you hate something they like, you’re saying they’re wrong (which isn’t the case!) Gees it’s just one person’s opinion! It’s impossible for the whole world to like the same thing?

    For a lot of other things in life I like to read reviews before I try it (eg. go to tripadvior for hotel reviews, food blogs for restaurants etc etc) so I just view drama reviews as a similar thing, yes it’s a ‘guide’ only, as long as the reviewer justifies why they hate something, then it’s okay.

    • I don’t think they are taboo really because they are everywhere! But yes I think some of us do feel the need to carefully choose our words & justify our views..which I think is a good thing. No one wants to hear someone hating on a drama/actor/character without any explanation at all. In that case they have nothing constructive to say.

      • I don’t think they are totally taboo either but it does sometimes happen that with certain actors especially you get the feeling if you say anything negative their fans will come swarm the website and attack you because they don’t accept ANY negative word about their idol (I’ve seen this on dramabeans… but frankly, when I see people like that, I just ignore them).

        • Oh ok, in that case, yeah it does become taboo. But it feels almost like a vicious cycle of the haters vs. the defenders and the 2 sides just get caught up in an ugly battle. T_T

          • I was also thinking about the opposite, like if you write a positive review, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of this? Somehow, it’s not okay to be negative all the time (maybe you’re just unlucky to have caught all the not so good dramas, or watching tvb LOL), but if it’s a blog full of positive reviews, then there isn’t a stigma attached to it eg. Ooohh she writes positive reviews only!! BOOO! How dare she!!!

            At the end of the day balance is the most important I suppose…

    • I agree with you Dramapot. it irks me when there are fans who praise every drama or only focus on the positive. Pardon me, but I feel it is kinda hypocrite if a fan enjoy every drama that he or she watches. There’s gotta be something you dislike about it.

  • Omg I remember my LAST CINDERELLA phase lol I watched the drama to the very end hoping like a fool that my OTP would happen. But never did. Until now, the very mention of LC would inspire a full rant from me so… I’ll stop here.

    But wait, on your topic… I usually watch the first episode and afterwards that’s the only time I look up reviews. Most of the time though, I don’t let negative reviews stop me if I really like the drama or watching it for the eye candy lol but if I don’t like the drama and find a post that shares the same sentiment, oh how fun it is to read lol I mean, we can always choose not to read if we don’t agree with the post right?

  • Another interesting post Heisui… 🙂 You sure know how to make your website looks alive..
    For me, I am totally addicted to visit your blog for EVERY single day.. 🙂

    As for me, I have come across few of “harsh” commenters, but I try to avoid them and also visit the commenters which are similar to my taste. For example, if Ancient Chinese, I am going to your website. If Taiwanese Drama, then I am going to miss cupcakes and so on…

    For me as readers, the border line is not to offend or degrading the “Work” or being totally “rude” to the actors / actresses.
    I saw one review who said M… Chen looked like a pig.. I think that’s too harsh… 🙁
    But, I totally agree her point of view which stated that she might not fit to play the beautiful Goddess character..

    Anyway, keep posting or reviewing Heisui.. I think your comments have not been too harsh. But, in my opinion, your standard sometimes is a bit too high for Taiwanese Drama.. 🙂 hahahaha..
    I still haven’t forgiven you for stopping to watch Lady Maid Maid.. hehehe 🙂 J/K

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • When I saw the title, I thought “is this a reaction to the Heirs commentary?”, lol, and then I saw the first couple of commenters and thought “ha, we all thought the same thing”. This is a really good question though. I always wonder when I’m writing something if I’m being too negative about it. What is acceptable criticism, and what is unnecessary negativity? But then, is there even a difference? I generally just write whatever I think, and if I happen to dislike something in a drama, I’ll write that. I mean, you can’t go around just writing about the good things; it would be a boring world if we did! But if I find that all I’m doing is complaining about a drama or episode and not writing anything positive at all, I do think “should I even post this? Why am I bothering watching or writing if I’m not enjoying the show?” In that case, I’ll either find something good to talk about within the episode, or I just won’t write anything at all. That’s really just because I think it would be boring to read though, rather than thinking people won’t like what I say.

    • Actually I didn’t write this post with Heirs in mind as I am not following Heirs or its reviews. But I suppose it fits the occasion haha! There could be ‘unnecessary negativity’, as I mentioned in the comments above, if someone is just being negative to be a hater/not explaining their justification then to me it would be unnecessary. I guess that kind of negativity does not really add any constructive criticism to the discussion of the drama. >__<

  • Can I please just admit again HOW MUCH I LOVE HEISUI’S THOUGHTS??!!!! Love itttttt.

    (I’m totally procrastinating from studying btw, popping in here but ughhh this pH and alkalinity, end already)

    I agree about lots of your points above and generally for me, I dislike negative reviews – even if I hate the drama, I can’t stand reading them. The irony though… is that I’ve written some myself (ahem,That Winter for one and White Christmas for another). I think it just depends on what I feel at that time, or towards the drama. If it’s rant-swear-whatever else worthy (Fashion King, still looking at you) I’m more inclined to read other people’s angry jabs but in general, I like the objective ones better.

    Okay, off to read one more of your thoughts entry and back to work 😀

    • Awww thank you hehe! These posts are fun to write! :3

      That is interesting that you are more inclined to not read negative reviews but you can still write some of them yourself. Hmm! I like your system of reviews though, where you classified them by best–>average–>etc. Of course our reviews are subjective….but I guess we can also make them a bit more objective by trying to look at the drama from different points of view.

    • I agree that reviews should have the balance between the two. For the only-positive reviews though, I do think there are some people who truly have mainly good views of the majority of the dramas they watch. Either that or they are choosing to focus on the good parts while not really mentioning the negatives.

  • Well, maybe here is not the right place, however I feel the character of Trash from Answer 1994 is receiving too much negative reviews when he isn’t a bad guy at all! It is just for fans the second guy is better and they keep wanting to put down Trash character in anyway. So I already knew people over DB was CB biased, however to my surprise, JB and GF that are pretty neutral, showed hints of bias to CB character, I was ok with it, until they surprised some fans by saying the only and primaly contender was the second lead. They stated it as a fact and I wanted to defend the character I like. But fans there just don’t let you. If you try to defend a character they put you down as if what the blogger said is 100% truth and I should shut up. I’m very upset and won’t be going there anymore – JB and GF have good reviews, but when they don’t like a drama, I feel like they end up showing their feelings throw review and leading their fans on…

    At least at Koala, she is more honest at showing her bias and doesn’t try to say she is neutral when she is not. She is honest what she likes and dislikes and what she wants from the drama, this is when you know you might agree or not and decide to read or not. But at dramabeans, sometimes they write their opinion as facts and it makes me defend some dramas there.

    • I think that’s more like the fan’s fault instead of DB or GF, because they’re perceiving their opinion as a “holy decree” and that’s not what DB and GF intended to be on their “personal” blog. If the fans agree with them, they’ll be even more ecstatic and fully disagreeing with other opinions.

      Opinions differ and while I was pretty neutral about 1994 ship in the beginning, I started leaning towards CB in the middle and then now I’m back at Trash oppa’s ship. Opinions are like pendulum, they tend to go back and forth depending on the story progression. Nowadays, I seldom read the comments over at DB, it’s certainly have grown too much since I followed them years ago. Just take those opinions with a grain of salt.^^

  • OMG heisui! You were under Last Cinderella’s spell too? HAHAHA that show is such a hoot! (even now, thinking about Miura-san makes me laugh). It was cheesy-licious!

    I use to take such criticisms to heart (ie. I’d feel incredibly depressed and foolish for liking the show that I love), but now that I’m older (and wiser??), I just don’t give a damn anymore LOL. I’ll read all comments, good or bad, but ultimately, the feelings I have on said drama are MY OWN, sometimes they change, sometimes they don’t.

    What gets my blood boiling are comments that does not relate to the drama at all, ie. personal attacks on the actor/actresses’ private life, and their looks, to an extent. I also try to stay clear of gossip rags (though it’s hard sometimes LOL). Such “juicy news” is really tempting, but ultimately, I find that it totally ruins my drama experience when their real life persona bleeds into the character.

    • MORE LIKE I WAS UNDER ITS CURSE! Just kidding, just kidding!

      Yeah, comments that get really personal and tabloid-y are the ones I try to stay away from. I feel like they just dampen the mood for everyone.

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