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As you all know from my previous review, episode 6 was utter perfection.  And usually I’m not surprised when each episode of POH outdoes the previous one.  Well unfortunately I feel like POH has faltered with episode 7, and this is not just because I found episode 6 to be the best episode ever or that ep6 was hard to outdo.  Instead there is this really disjointed feeling in episode 7, something just feels off with the writing & editing and I’m not sure how we went from the amazing execution of ep6 to………..this.  =_=


“It was my choice for you to continue staying in my life, deeply unwilling to let go of you.”

The opening scene is by far my favorite part of episode 7.  We finally come to the close of Lei Lei’s unrequited love for Wei Ting!!   AND IT IS SO GOOD!  Again Sonia totally nails this scene; Lei Lei has tears streaming down her face the entire time and you can tell that this conversation is really painful for her..but there is something different about it from the confession scene.  Instead it’s more like Lei Lei’s tears are out of relief and acceptance and not out of bitterness/the sudden outpouring of emotions.  I think this is both a sad and uplifting moment for Lei Lei because she is finally letting go of a 15-year burden, but of course that separation is also bound to be very painful.  I really love how Lei Lei talks about why she kept on loving Wei Ting for so long; to her he was like her dream and her reassurance that she wasn’t alone.  A lot of commenters mentioned that 15 years is a long time to dwell on someone, and that realistically no one would do that but…I think here it shows that for Lei Lei this was her reality that she created herself, this was the dream that sustained her and helped her get by for 15 years.  As Wei Ting points out, because of this Lei Lei probably missed out on a lot of opportunities in those 15 years but to her, her love for Wei Ting was worth it.  I actually like Lei Lei’s point of view on this because I wouldn’t want her to go ‘YEAH SCREW YOU I WASTED 15 YEARS OF MY LIFE ON YOOOO’…Even though that is actually what I’ve been thinking all along. 😛

“He Wei Ting, the love I have for you comes to an end here.  You’ll always be my good friend.”

For all of you who were flipping out over Wei Ting giving Lei Lei a hug and ranting about how Lei Lei’s child-like ways, all I can say is BOOYAH!!!!!! (<<I seriously tried to think of a different word other than this but I cannot.) LL apologizes and acknowledges that she was being childish. PLUS Wei Ting sets things straight with LL by reiterating that she is a special person to him but he loves Hai Lun.   (There is an odd editing choice here though because in the ending of ep6 we see the hug but here we do not. O_O”  It made me a bit confused, heh.)  Ah, I’m so glad that Wei Ting and Lei Lei don’t have any misunderstandings over this–thankfully they got things clear once and for all so that we won’t have to drag over this issue any longer.  Oh, and of course I love how this scene ends with Lei Lei riding off with Yi Kang, just sobbing into Yi Kang’s back as Wei Ting looks on.


^Um at least the view was nice?

But here is where the episode starts feeling a bit off; the camera turns to show that HAI LUN HAS BEEN THERE ALL ALONG! (or she just came along, who knows)  And oh, BLESS HER HEART, she is so moved by Lei Lei’s love and feels so much for Wei Ting that she just EMBRACES HIM WHILE CRYING. (I’m being sarcastic here if you can’t tell 😉 )   Later on Hai Lun talks to Lei Lei, blah blah blah, AND WITH TEARS WELLING IN HER EYES, EMBRACES LEI LEI while talking about how she still wants to be friends! *cue angelic music* What the heck, is this Hai Lun’s only purpose in this drama? A hugging machine? Really, if I were Lei Lei receiving Hai Lun’s hug I’d be kinda freaked out.  o_O”  I feel like all of Hai Lun’s angelic hugging scenes add nothing to the drama at this point, I mean come on we already know she is a hugging machine no need to overdo it. T_T”

Obviously I have many other gripes about this episode but probably the biggest one is the random robbery story.  What in the world is the point of it!?!?!?  It’s like the writer suddenly decided to throw in this really cheesy story that totally does not fit with the rest of the drama’s more down-to-earth feeling.  Were we supposed to laugh at Jia Yi & Tiffany’s hysterical crying and Lei Lei’s calm demeanor? Were we supposed to facepalm at the overacting and the cheesiness of the whole situation? Were we supposed to go “D’AWWW” at how Jia Yi & Tiffany have found their fated ones who they can hug after a traumatic experience while going “awww” at Lei Lei’s loneliness?  Not only that it extends even further into karaoke when Lei Lei sings all along with her two besties with their hubbies sitting behind her.  WE GET IT..SHE’S ALONE AND HER FRIENDS HAVE GUYS..WE GET IT..

I know I’m being very cynical about this, but I just can’t help it. T_T  I find this whole robbery story to be like a detour or some extraneous story, it was unnecessary & redundant and I feel like POH could’ve used the screentime much more wisely.  I get where the writer was going with Lei Lei being so unhappy yet happy at the same time for her friends’ good fortune.  But it just felt half-baked like the writer couldn’t think of some other way to highlight Lei Lei’s loneliness and we’ve already gone through this theme before.


I guess you could say that the storm has passed for Lei Lei after having survived a confession/rejection/letting go of WT all in one day.  I love the beach scene because I think what Yi Kang says is true–that Lei Lei really does somehow look even more beautiful even though she just cried her eyes out.  It is really refreshing seeing that Lei Lei is no longer desperately clinging onto Wei Ting for dear life…now she seems to have laid this burden to rest and has a little bit of inner peace despite her inevitable sadness.

“I don’t even know what I want anymore. I don’t know. “

But then again Lei Lei’s heart is still as tumultuous as before and that inner peace is very short-lived. >__< I thought Lei Lei would be nursing her broken heart but actually she seems more concerned about being forever alone. O_O  Wait, could it be that Lei Lei’s fixation on Wei Ting was due to her fear of loneliness and not out of her love for him?  I mean, Wei Ting was kinda like Lei Lei’s safety net so that she would always have a back-up option?  And now that Wei Ting is out of the picture (I WISH) Lei Lei can no longer avoid her biggest fear and she is now finding herself face-to-face with it.  Lei Lei is unable to cope with it and just drinks away her sorrows.  :'(  As much as I poked fun at the robbery scene/obligatory karaoke scene..I do understand Lei Lei’s feelings there, those feelings of being happy for your friend’s happiness but also sad and feeling a bit more lonely even when you are right there next to them.  And of course I can relate to that quote above…how scary it must be for Lei Lei, the one who likes the feeling of being in control, to suddenly go from what she wanted (Wei Ting breaking up with Hai Lun & reciprocating her feelings) to not even knowing what she wants at all.


I’m glad there are more Yi Kang + Lei Lei scenes in this episode!!!!!!!!  They are mainly about Yi Kang being adorbs and sweet and taking care of Lei Lei while Lei Lei is down in the dumps.  There is also this random part where Lei Lei lies to her sister that Yi Kang is a ‘potential guy she might like’ but that actually felt kinda forced to me, like it was an obligatory attempt to be humorous and ‘ohoho they’re housemates but not going out…….YET‘.  T_T”  I like how Lei Lei & Yi Kang’s friendship developed naturally but now all of a sudden the writer is throwing in random lines where Yi Kang talks about how Lei Lei is cute or pretty and I’m all ‘umm I don’t know how to interpret this, is it just Yi Kang being nice and trying to cheer up Lei Lei or IS THERE SOMETHING MORE?’  As Kat@ Dramapot commented, how can you even tell if Yi Kang likes a girl when he’s nice to EVERY GIRL!?!?!?  I’m not sure how Yi Kang & Lei Lei are gonna develop feelings for each other since they both seem to regard each other as only-good-friends.  HMMMMM.

The sweetest moment with LL/YK is when YK is driving home drunk-LL and he ends up having to tie his jacket around her waist so that she won’t fall over.  OMGGGGGGGGGG HOW SWEET IS THAT!?!?!?  Then LL starts woefully singing a sad song all beautifully while she starts to break down crying.  :'(   And what is with Tony and romancing girls on his motorcycle? (*cough* Love Forward *cough*)  It seems to always work in his dramas. 😛


THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS EPISODE THOUGH? THERE ARE TONS AND TONS OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR YI KANG SCREENSHOTS!! I GOT EVERY EXPRESSION POSSIBLE BWAHAHAHA.  Umm I don’t really have much to say here except go ahead, you can gaze at the gloriousness of Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yi Kang smiling! Yi Kang happy! Yi Kang curious! Yi Kang worried!  Yi Kang amused!


^middle right pic: love love love!

Yi Kang sleeping! Yi Kang shocked! Yi Kang flabbergasted! Yi Kang grinning!  See I told you I got every expression!  😛

And my favorite Yi Kang moment is actually when he is trying on Lei Lei’s hair thingys, that is just TOO CUTE especially when he looks up at them and then cracks this ADORABLE GRIN.  BEST EXPRESSION YET, AHH.  Who was it that said Yi Kang is like a big teddy bear? Because right now I think that is the best way to describe him. 😀


So as you can tell I do have my many complaints about this episode.  It was harder to follow since the flow felt disjointed & the editing was choppier than usual.  A lot of times I found myself confused and having to rewatch parts to make sure I didn’t miss anything. (and I didn’t miss anything which goes to show how I was confused despite watching it in full O_O)  Not sure what happened here when we already had six previous episodes that were all very solid.  It just feels like the writer was unsure about what direction to take with ep7 and we ended up with a mishmash of random parts of HL/WT, LL/HL, LL/YK’s hijinks, and LL’s besties.  There are lots of great moments in the beach scene, motorcycle scenes, etc. but somehow it feels like the episode as a whole just wasn’t as unified and solid as it could’ve been.

On the other hand as you can tell I went crazy with screencapping every single YK moment possible which made up for the episode’s shortcomings a bit. 😛  Here’s hoping for a recovery in ep8!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have faith!!!!!  I leave you now with the song that has been playing all throughout this episode, “Medley of Loneliness” by Wu Wen Fang.  It’s also the song that Lei Lei sings towards the ending. 😀  I’m definitely a fan of Wu Wen Fang now, she has a lovely voice!

(And for the record, it took me 2 hours to write this post, not including the time spent for screencaps/collages/watching the episode.)

Medley of Loneliness (孤獨的總和) by Wu Wen Fang (吳汶芳)

Source: Quote Translation Credit: Viki Channel


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  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels ep 7 was a bit weird?! The beginning was great but then now the ‘break up scheme’ has ended, the writers has to think of another drama cliche to fill the second half. I hope Wei Ting is true to his words, I liked that at least he was clear to Lei Lei they’re just friends, no ambiguity. But seems like when he found out Yi Kang might be LL’s bf he’s getting a little jealous? Gees WT, can you have at least one redeeming feature?

    YES what is with Hai Lun? Where did she come from? Either she doesn’t understand what loving someone for 15 years mean, or maybe she’s like WT, being a tad selfish here. I know we don’t get to see much in Hai Lun’s point of view but before she went to hug Lei Lei has she ever thought whether LL wanted to be friends with her? Sure, she means well but her appearance might make LL feel worse. Sometimes you just can’t win it all.

    Oh that crazy robbery is hilarious for the wrong reasons. Guess it was supposed to make Jia Yi realise she should treasure what she has just so that we can have the karaoke scene later. Thing is they threw in that relationship between Tiffany and her guy without much explanation anyway, so that’s supposed to be happily ever after for Tiffany as well?

    The LL x YK scenes are definitely the best! Thanks for all the Tony screencaps LOL. YK is a giant adorkable teddy bear <- that's drama for you, rather unrealistic in real life?!? I want to know what those black things you stick to your hair is supposed to do!

    • It feels like the drama has lost its footing after the ending of the awesome break-up-attempt/confession. I feel like we already reached one of the big climaxes of the story (the confession) so now it’s just like…’what next?’. Hopefully the transition to YK/LL’s relationship will be smoother than this!

      Really, HL is totally saint-like status here. O____O I thought maybe the drama was going to reveal a darker side to her but so far, NADA. Totally agree about the robbery scene..I couldn’t figure out if it was intentionally trying to be funny or if it was trying to be serious but just coming off as cheesy. Urgh.

      YOUR WELCOME, there are more Tony screencaps to come BWAHAHAHA. And yes, I think we all need to get those black thingys to stick on our hair so that when we meet YK, YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. 😛

  • Sonia does nail the opening scene.

    Crazy robbery…. so random. And why would you go to karaoke after that??? Okay, okay, I’m not sure why you’d go to karaoke in any situation, but personally after an ordeal like that I would want to go home and curl up in my bed! And probably call my parents. (Which is why, despite being single, close to LL age’s, and with most of my friends in other parts of the world, I just couldn’t relate to LL – I get her wish to share something with someone special, but not the ‘If I’d died no one would miss me’… her parents? her sister?).

    People randomly being the place where other characters are is happening too much in this drama – YK following LL to all the places she goes to that one night that she roams around, WT crossing paths with the drunken LL, HL showing up in random places….

    The other thing that really struck about this episode is that they are so very much pushing the ‘only a woman with a man can be a happy woman’. LL’s drunken flower song (what was it, ‘blooming for you’?) really annoyed me (you don’t need to bloom for ANYONE but yourself girl!), I really really really wish LL would have gotten over her ex and become happy with herself BEFORE meeting any other guy. But YK has been rescuing her from the very start, and she’s just going fall for him and marry him, because that’s the only scenario dramas, sadly, can imagine.

    Anyone else think that Wei Ting was already giving off super-strong vibes of jealousy in this ep?
    YK sure was sweet, but his wiping-the-vomit-off-the-ground was pushing it.

    • OMG I don’t remember if I talked about this but YEAHH what is up with everyone bumping into everyone ALL THE TIME? They totally overdid that in this when WT bumped into LL’s sister I was just all ‘REALLY? REALLY?’ and when WT comes across drunk-LL & co. Argh.

      Good point, what about LL’s family? It seemed like she and her family had a pretty good relationship in the beginning eps so…hmm. It would’ve made a bit more sense if she didn’t have a good relationship with her family so that would be why she considers herself all alone. But it seems that is not the case. I think LL is the kind of person who would not tell her family members all her troubles though..

      I thought LL’s singing that song was very bittersweet but you are right, I wish she could find happiness without a man first. Is this about pursuing happiness or pursuing love? I wish they could show that the two words are not synonyms, love does not equal happiness. But then again the original title is ‘The Survival of Love’ so. >__> Oh! Oh! and I think LL will only get together with YK to try to forget WT. 🙁

      YEAH WHO WIPES UP VOMIT!?!?!? When I saw that I was all ‘UMMM…….’

      • I know, I stopped for a moment and thought, maybe she has a crappy relationship with her family or her parents are dead or something… and then I remembered LL’s nosy sister and LL’s family ganging up on her to make go on dates., in other words that she’s got people that care for her and love her! That she wouldn’t tell them everything, doesn’t necessarily change that – I probably wouldn’t tell mine about a robbery either (if no one was hurt) because my Mom would just stress too much about it… I’d still call them up though (and talk about something else).

        LL was feeling low, and I sympathise with her feelings (because Sonia conveys it all so well)… but they could have had a different song, with different lyrics, something to express unhappiness that doesn’t promote the whole idea of existing for the purpose of someone else.

        Vomit… in a public place… at most you’d pour a bottle of water over it, but wipe it up?

  • Please allow me to give you a very BIG HUG 😉 for making all the Yi Kang screencaps. I haven’t watched the episode yet (still waiting for the uploads with eng subs) but since I love the screencaps, i cannot resist to read the spoilers. Whatever “off scenes” in here, i think i can forgive the writer for now since seeing all the expressions of YK makes up for the “bad” things in this episode (based on the review/spoiler made).

    From the very start of this drama, i know there is something about YK that makes me want to watch this. KYAAAAAA!!!!!!!! You are so lucky LL (or should I say Sonia Sui) for having romantic scenes with Tony Yang. WAAAAHHHHH!!!! (apologies … i think i am fangirling over TY officially now).

    • Hug accepted! 😛 HUHUHU how could I NOT have tons of Yi Kang screencaps? However I don’t think that the Yi Kang moments outweighed the bad in this episode. The whole episode just feels so off that it is hard to ignore it even when I can distract myself by looking at Yi Kang, LOL.

  • I was nodding knowingly throughout reading this review. The robbery thing didn’t feel like it served a purpose to the plot that couldn’t have been better served by…anything else happening. Even though their stuff was stolen they decided to go out and spend more money going to karaoke and drinking? I would be on the phone canceling all my credit cards and then hiding in my apartment but I guess that’s why people don’t make dramas about my life.

    I was talking to my tutor from Taiwan about this show and mentioned Taipei must be really small since people always run into each other in the dramas. She said it’s kind of like that in real life actually. I guess in the US we have “7 degrees to Kevin Bacon” whereas they have “2 degrees to Wei Ting” haha.

    • The randomly running into people within the same social circle thing happens a lot here in Singapore — and Google tells me Singapore is thrice the size of Taipei, so I can def imagine it happening in Taipei! 🙂 I thought the robbery scene was totally whack, out of place and totally annoying… But re: the scene following that, karaoke (and drinking is pretty much part of the package with KTV :D) is a default de-stressing activity over here (again drawing from my own experience). I can imagine my friends and I doing the same for an inane reason like “celebrating our safety”. But that’s just us, hahaha.

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