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I already sound like a broken record 6 episodes into The Pursuit of Happiness, so it should be no surprise to you that I will say the following: EPISODE 6 IS EVEN BETTER THAN EP5 and omg it is my favorite episode now!!!


I guess one could say that episode 6 is the episode of confessions and arguments. Ok, basically..confessions and the fall-out from the confessions.  First of all let’s talk about Yi Kang’s confessions since obviously they went much more smoothly than Lei Lei’s confession. >__<  Yi Kang has to confess twice–the first time I think is really the sweetest because he casually confesses to Hai Lun while they are riding the bus together.  I love his confession because it is so simple and sweet, he talks about how he first fell for her and why he came back to Taiwan; no long-winded spiel or anything and he only gives her a simple request at the end–to give him a fair chance.  So in the midst of his beautiful confession I was all “WAIT A MINUTE..IT’S NOT SHOWING HAI LUN’S REACTION…………..OMGAWD IS SHE SLEEPING?!?!”  *camera turns to Hai Lun……….sleeping.*  Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*facepalm* My expression when I saw that Hai Lun was asleep was quite like Lei Lei’s expression shown above.  THAT WAS SUCH A PERFECT CONFESSION AND HAI LUN WAS ASLEEP!  Why, of all times, did they choose to use this cliche here?  =_= I think it would’ve been better if Hai Lun had actually heard his confession but then pretended to be asleep because she didn’t know how to respond.  Well at least Yi Kang’s reaction is like 5x more adorable, I love the way he just smiles to himself when he sees that Hai Lun is asleep. But the best moment is when he is just inches away from her, omg that look on his face is just so sad yet loving. (middle left pic)  I feel like usually Yi Kang is just all adorable and innocent but in that one moment we can see his look of like a little boy but…a..MAN………  >__>

For the second confession Hai Lun is actually conscious, but this time Yi Kang puts himself back in the friend zone by saying that he still likes her now…………… a friend.  What!?!?  In Yi Kang’s first confession he asked Hai Lun for an equal chance!  What changed his mind between his first & second confessions?  Maybe it has something to do with how he doesn’t want to ‘swoop in’ and attempt to win Hai Lun’s heart while she is most vulnerable?  Or he doesn’t want to lose Hai Lun as a friend since he saw that Lei Lei sorta lost Wei Ting?  :/

I am beginning to enjoy Hai Lun and Yi Kang’s scenes together more.  They have this kind of synergy where there are these two incredibly nice people combined…but I don’t really feel any romantic vibes between them.  They work well as friends but I’m not so sure how they would do as lovers.  I hope that their relationship can be changed up soon though since I don’t want to see them being forever good friends-only.


Well Yi Kang’s confession scenes are cute and touching and all but IMO they cannot match up to Lei Lei’s confession scene at all.  Omg.  This scene is absolutely amazing.   Everyone, this is the culmination of 5 episodes of build-up of all of Lei Lei’s feelings for Wei Ting.  It is the outpouring of all that Lei Lei has kept in her heart for fifteen years!!  And of course, it is also the fall-out of Lei Lei & Wei Ting’s friendship.  There is so much packed into this one scene, so many emotions running strong that I was left speechless afterwards.  Omg.

So basically what happens is, Lei Lei knows that Hai Lun’s dad is going to announce to everyone that he has gotten Wei Ting a high-position job…but she doesn’t tell Wei Ting about it.  Perhaps she also influenced Hai Lun’s dad decision to do this but it’s not explicitly shown if she did or not.  Lei Lei decides to sit back and watch the conflict play out between Hai Lun’s dad & Wei Ting.  Of course Wei Ting connects the dots and then asks Lei Lei what is going on here.  I really love Lei Lei’s reaction, she starts tearing up and just cannot stop silently crying throughout the whole scene.  I probably would’ve done this too except I would’ve been loudly bawling, not silently crying & sniffling. 😛  Sonia TOTALLY NAILED THIS SCENE.  EVERY SINGLE TEAR is so perfect!!!


^PERFECT tear!!!!!

I have tons of favorite moments in this episode but to me the most amazing and memorable moment is when Lei Lei finally confesses her feelings to Wei Ting in a sudden outburst.  I like how her confession is not carefully planned, not calmly said like Yi Kang’s.  Instead it is full of frustration and anger and Lei Lei finally not being able to take it any more.  She can no longer put on the act of being Wei Ting’s best friend, cannot take his complaints of her not being a ‘good best friend’ since really…he’s not her best friend, he’s her unrequited love.

“Did you ever ask me if I was willing to be your best friend? I’m not willing! Because I have always loved you.”

HEHEHEH I am really happy Lei Lei confessed with this line above because Wei Ting is always harping on the “YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND” thing over and over.  Well I thought this might shut him up for once but instead it turns into an even worse whining fest. I understand why he is angry at Lei Lei for not telling him about the job, but he does not even stop to think “oh that is why she did it, she was jealous because she still loves me”.  NO.  Instead he’s all “OH WELL NOW WHAT AM I GONNA DO?  YOU COMPLICATED THINGS EVEN MORE, TELL ME WHAT TO DO NOW! WHERE’S MY BEST FRIEND, OH WAIT SHE’S GONE!”  The other thing that frustrates me about Wei Ting is that he does not even stop to consider that Hai Lun took the job at her dad’s company for the sake of their future!!!  So why can’t Wei Ting at least think about the job that her dad offered him?  :/

Totally random but I also love the songs that played during this scene, especially the song “Where Am I” that kicks in near the ending, the opening with the guitar is just SOO GOOD.


^top left pic: love Yi Kang’s expression

“Of course you can say that so easily. Because the person who waited for 15 years wasn’t you.”

I felt rather torn in the aftermath of Lei Lei’s confession because I could see both sides of the coin.  Lei Lei’s methods are wrong and I can see why some people would also say that her love is selfish and flawed.  But during this scene, I found myself questioning the same things Lei Lei asks and I ended up on her side because I can understand her mindset.  Is it so wrong that she wants to be happy?  Is it so bad that she confessed to Wei Ting and is scared of failing?  How can we say that her love is lesser than Yi Kang’s love just because it is selfish?  Lei Lei is not without a conscience, she is not evilly cackling in the corner going ‘huhuhuhu let me see how I can break up Wei Ting & Hai Lun so I can swoop in and snatch Wei Ting back!’.  It hurts Lei Lei too, whether she sees Wei Ting & Hai Lun happy together or whether she hurts Wei Ting & Hai Lun’s relationship.  What I see in this scene is someone who is being torn apart by her love and her own pessimism, someone who cannot get out of her jaded set ways of thinking.  Lei Lei is stuck and she is miserable but she just can’t move on yet.

Don’t get me wrong now, I LOVE Yi Kang.  But I can also see where Lei Lei is coming from when she compares her love to Yi Kang’s love and why she is so skeptical towards Yi Kang.  Yi Kang sorta attempts to console Lei Lei but instead when he goes “Is this what you wanted?”.  It can be read along the lines of “I TOLD YOU SO” and “you wanted Wei Ting & Hai Lun to break up so you could take advantage of the situation like this”.  Really, if I were in Lei Lei’s shoes, that would probably be the last thing I’d want to hear and also I would be all “DUDE GET OFF OF YOUR HIGH HORSE ALREADY”.  Again, I love Yi Kang.  But he is so darn perfect that I’m like, COME ON SHOW US YOUR DARK SIDE.  His love is so selfless that it feels like he’s this unrealistic representation of what the ideal pure love should be like.


I think the following quote sums up this point very beautifully:

“I’m not you, Huang Yi Kang. I’m not like you, backing out to fulfill the wishes of others.  I think that my love is worth selflessly fighting and giving all my best for.”

Yes, Yi Kang’s love is selfless and beautiful.  But Lei Lei isn’t him and she can’t see things the way he does.  Another part I thought was really compelling is when she talks about how she is constantly reminded about her lost happiness and her lost love.  It’s here when I realized that Lei Lei is not just unhappy because of her unrequited love, but also because of her own way of perceiving the things that have  happened in her life.  Her lost job promotions and her unrequited love have influenced her unhappiness but she perceives them as the very sources of her unhappiness which only causes her to be even more discontent.  All in all, I really enjoyed seeing Lei Lei’s most vulnerable side especially as a reminder that the people who seem to be very strong all have their own weaknesses and may not even be happy with their lives.


Of course I have to mention the last part of the episode when Yi Kang goes around searching for Lei Lei, who is aimlessly wandering the city to lick her wounds.  He sends her lots of super sweet text-messages (including an apology) as he is searching for her.  AWWWWW.  He may have said some very hurtful words to Lei Lei but in the end he still cares about her a lot!

“Ji An Lei, I hope that in a time when you are crying and sad, you can accept my company.”

Ok, so at the ending Lei Lei gets a HUG from Wei Ting (while Yi Kang is watching!) and also in the preview it shows Wei Ting being all concerned over drunk-Lei Lei.  Someone commented that maybe the drama plot will follow a previous drama (forgot the name) where the unrequited love/best-friend guy eventually falls for the heroine but the heroine is already falling for the other guy.  Not sure if that will happen but from the looks of it maybe Wei Ting will begin to care more about Lei Lei?  If he does, I wonder if that would change how Yi Kang approaches Hai Lun?  I mean if he sees that Lei Lei has a renewed chance with Wei Ting then maybe he might think he could also have a chance with Hai Lun.


Wow I just realized that I wrote in caps a lot in this review. >_< I am just so enthusiastic about this episode, hehehe!  It took me a long time to write about ep7 because so much happened and there was just so much to think about.  Even after a few days I’m still thinking about all that happened. O__O  I think this may be the turning point for Lei Lei, although she is very set in her ways, perhaps after confessing she will finally be able to let go of Wei Ting.  Just look at the preview for episode 7, she says something like ‘seems like our best time really has passed’ to Wei Ting.  AND!!!!!!!!!!! AND!!!!!!!  She rides home with Yi Kang and YI KANG TAKES HER HAND AND PUTS IT ON HIS WAIST OMG OMG OMG OMG.  *watches again*

And by the way I have a lot of lurkers on my Pursuit of Happiness posts..and it is really making me want to say PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT POH……………I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT………… is seriously agonizing seeing how many people are reading about POH but not talking to me about it.  =__=

Episode 7 preview

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  • Hahaha! I’m here to talk Heisui! I’m going to stop lurking on the PoH posts because ep 6 was brilliant! I zoned out during the scene where Wei Ting and Hai Lun’s dad had that altercation, actually I zoned out a little while before that too, because I could see where they were headed, but then Lei Lei and Wei Ting’s scene started and I just watched. I was practically glued, it was that good. I love love love the way Lei Lei is written, she’s so much more straightforward, I can empathise with her so much, that tight feeling in her chest while not being able to tell Wei Ting, her so called best friend that she still has feelings while he throws a fit over how she didn’t tell him what was coming. Watching her bawl her eyes in front of the guy she liked, willing to let everything go and just express what she felt in that moment was plain old cathartic. Also Sonia is just bloody awesome! There’s not enough good words you can come up with for her acting, she’s gotten even better than her Fierce Wife days, and I bawled with her during that drama lol.

    The contrast between Lei Lei and Yi Kang is so much fun to watch, while she expresses her feelings outright and is still left with not much, Yi Kang holds everything in. Even if he does feel like a Mary Sue, you can tell he’s tempted by Lei Lei, the way he listens to her and willingly tells her how he feels. I like the fact that the gender roles are no longer really gender dependent, they’re just people who feel the way they do and there’s nothing else, but people doing what people do, does that make sense lol?

    • YAAAAY AEHYU THANK YOU~~ Hm during Wei Ting & Hai Lun’s dad’s argument I was just kinda thinking..I understand why Wei Ting doesn’t want the job but geez Hai Lun’s dad does have a point. Wei Ting is still only thinking about his pride and not about the future of his & Hai Lun’s relationship.

      Oh yes, totally got that tight-feeling-in-the-chest vibe from Lei Lei before she had her outburst. I could see her trying to hold it in but eventually it just all spilled out. I like how her confession was not some idyllic perfect confession but instead just the pouring out of all her emotions.

      Wow I didn’t think about applying the “Mary Sue” to Yi Kang but that is so right. O___O HEHEH. Ok during Lei Lei & Yi Kang’s ‘argument’ after WT/LL’s fight..I felt like something Lei Lei said struck a chord in Yi Kang. That is why he said something so hurtful to LL.

      • Lol there’s no need to thank me, it’s hard to resist commenting when I agree with post whole heartedly. I think the writer’s written both Wei Ting and Hai Lun’s dad quite logically, realistically what father would give his daughter to a guy he doesn’t know personally and doesn’t have a fixed job to boot? He’s not the one in love so he has every right to think realistically and make sure his daughter isn’t going to suffer in the long run because of (to him) some guys pride. Likewise if Wei Ting gives in to Hai Lun’s dad, that’s pretty much the end of him for the rest of his life. If he gives her father the opportunity to make decisions for them now, he’s practically handing himself over to him, so I guess it’s not just about Wei Ting’s pride but also his freedom, the same freedom he fought to have, even whilst in a relationship with Lei Lei, part of the reason why they broke up as well.

        Yes! My thoughts exactly XD I love the way Sonia delivered those dialogues when she was gushing everything out. It felt like those were the words she’d been holding in, and when they came pouring out, some of it made sense and some came out in such a tumble with the tears, I don’t know, I guess it just brought her back down again from the high of being able to just let everything spill. I liked the way there’s just enough of the high and low for a scene like that, it just seems like they put thought and care into how something crucial would come about on screen and in the story as a whole.

        Haha I didn’t realise he would react defensively when Lei Lei struck a cord in him, I think in the previous episodes he’s been quite saintly, and the one to be giving out the advice. He seems so Zen like most of the time, you don’t realise he might have actual passion in him. I think it’d be interesting to see what actually lures out his defensive side, because it sure as hell isn’t Hai Lun and I hope he notices that sooner.

        • Yes although Hai Lun’s dad is kinda portrayed as very harsh towards WT I think he has reasonable concerns. Not so much about the differences in their status but more like, will WT be able to support Hai Lun? But of course I also get why WT does not want to give into Hai Lun’s dad..I just wish that he would’ve maybe discussed it with HL first before rushing straight in to argue with her dad. O_O

          Well maybe it is just my interpretation of it, but from the look on his face it seemed like something LL said really got to him.

          • True, I guess Wei Ting and Hai Lun really give off that new and freshly in love vibe, it’s kind of nice to see the cracks in their relationships start to show, makes them feel a little more tangible too.

            I’m sure there was something she said, but I can’t remember what it was. But hey it’s Sunday tomorrow and we won’t have to wait to find out anyway haha :p

  • Just starting to watch ep. 6 now…

    I want a guy like Yi Kang – as nice, reasonable, easy to live with and totally gorgeous to randomly move into my house too… Instead, I’ve got housemates (female) that leave passive-aggressive notes about a single bread crumb. X_X

    • Okay, now that I’ve watched it… my main sentiment is that LL is a 35-year old that is behaving like a 15-year old (maybe not surprising, given that WT is supposedly the only relationship she ever had). I’m still not a fan of WT but I’m not surprised he reacted the way he reacted – he’s already got a lot of crap to deal with and suddenly the person he thought was his friend confesses to him. Of course, it’s his fault for not noticing her liking him before but it is still completely selfish, manipulative and quite nasty on LL’s part. I mean, really, what did she want and expect? That he’d instantly say, ‘Oh, forget Hai Lun, you’re my true destiny?’ and then gallop off into the sunset with her? I wouldn’t even recommend LL date WT if she would have first met him just right after he broke up with HL, because post-breakup relationships are bound to be rebounds in any case, but with all the baggage that LL/WT already have, it can only be an emotional mess that is very, very unlikely to end in a happy and healthy relationship.

      I think my conclusion is that WT and LL are both crappy friends to each other and should just let go of each other until they are truly over the other person and then, maybe, tentatively try for a friendship again (which may not be possible – you can’t always be exes with friends).

      I’m totally with Yi Kang – his words ‘Your time has passed’ ring very true. Yep, Lei Lei, you’d dated the guy three times, broken up three times, and not realised that you are NOT meant to be. You merely are unwilling to accept that the reason he’s doing things you can’t understand because he never did them for you is because WT loves HL in a way he never loved you.
      Not sure I can currently cheer for YK to eventually get together with LL, because that’s a very nasty side she’s shown of herself, which I wouldn’t want in my partner… Some redemption and serious maturing is going to be needed before I can say that LL deserves YK.

      As for WT and HL: it’s so plain to see that they are very much in love and even if I don’t care for WT, no one’s got the right to interfere with their relationship and manipulate a breakup, especially for purely selfish reasons (it doesn’t matter how often LL insists what’s she’s doing is “selflessly fighting for her love and happiness”, it’s the opposite of that).

      • Um I do hope that you are still enjoying the drama despite LL/WT? >__>

        Hmm I wonder if WT really is the only guy LL has ever been with. O_O I don’t think LL was expecting WT to change his mind at that point (towards the end of the scene I mean) since WT emphasized over and over that he can’t & won’t change. I think LL actually needed this to happen to show her once and for all that WT will not accept her feelings and like you said he loves HL in a way he didn’t love LL.

        • Well, as much as I fail to relate to Lei Lei’s character, I do have to say that Sonia acts well – her crying was certainly well done (with most Taiwanese actresses I probably would have run away screaming).

          I am not sure what Lei Lei expected. She must have thought that she has a chance, I mean, she seemed convinced in some strange way that she’s the one for him, and that Hai Lun isn’t the right match. Though I don’t understand how she can think that. Curiously enough she’s actually playing the role of the ‘evil ex’ at the moment that we get in so many dramas as the secondary lead, except that she isn’t portrayed as evil.

          But, yes, I very much agree she needed this to happen to her. I really really hope she starts moving on now… but I’m not certain she will. WT hugging her at the end of the episode doesn’t helping – they seriously need to break from each other. The preview with her questioning YK why he hasn’t confessed to HL again also makes me think she’ll still be stuck in that chasing-the-ex mode for a while longer. X_X

          I’m holding out for when LL realises how awesome YK is and starts falling for him… Hopefully it won’t take much longer till we get to that!

          • I think that at first she did think she might be able to persuade WT to question his relationship with HL, after all she did give him a long spiel about how they are not suited for each other and how his true self is restrained b/c of it. But at the end WT obviously WT proves her wrong so maybe she will understand that she doesn’t have a chance with him.

          • I’m not sure LL really knows what WT’s ‘true self’ is – she knows a past WT, not the current one. Although I don’t care for WT, I did feel in this episode that he and HL are quite suited. (Side note: the whole dad/WT confrontation… glad that WT refused to accept a job through connections, but given that that is exactly how Hai Lun got her position made for a curious juxtaposition. I wonder if Hai Lun is going to ponder about that… and how she and WT are going to see eye-to-eye on the issue.)

            I hope Lei Lei got the message… if her pursuing WT continues, it will start feeling like we’re going in circles.

            Thinking about it, the preview line of her asking YK if he’s confessed to HL doesn’t really make sense, since he did tell HL the truth now (unless LL’s question comes not knowing about that).

            Fingers crossed we’ll now move on to having LL trying to get over WT for the next few episodes, and then falling for YK (while trying to hide that she’s falling for him).

  • Aw man I had a whole response typed out for this post but then my internet went down right as I clicked to comment and it got lost in the void.

    But I agree with all of the above comments regarding Lei Lei having some of the “evil ex” role stereotype. She can’t stand to see him with another woman, even though the new woman is nice and can see past his flaws, works to manipulate situations to try to break them up, etc. I don’t really think any of the characters are that stereotypical (at least as far as dramas go), except for maybe YK. His biggest flaw though is while WT can be selfish in how he disregards others in favor of pursuing his own happiness, YK is willing to completely put aside his own pursuits for a girl who doesn’t see him romantically. Having said that, I am rooting for YK…I just do think he is the most drama-stereotypical character out of the bunch.

    I do think it’s a bit odd WT thinks LL should have 100% pure best friend feelings for him when they have dated three times before. I don’t think you can act like a relationship is just a friendship after dating multiple times. Not saying LL is right in wanting to break him and HL up over some vague promise he made in college, but he seems naive.

    Acting in this was great, really enjoying it so far.

    • Ok I’m not trying to say that I think LL was right to manipulate a conflict or that I want her to play the role of the ‘evil ex’…but I feel like it is kinda refreshing to have a drama where the heroine is not some Mary Sue? I mean, I’m glad that it shows her major flaws and her jealousy..and even her resorting to this manipulation vs. the usual Mary Sue heroine who is always ‘good’. I like that LL is not always ‘good,’ instead we can see both the best and the worst in her. I guess that’s why LL feels so real to me vs. Yi Kang who is just SO GOOD that I’m all ‘are you even real?’ 😛

      Anyways great point about how WT & LL cannot have a totally friendship-only relationship. Sure their romantic ties ended a long time ago but I think their relationship must still be deeper than just friends. o_o

      • WT is definitely super-naive. You definitely don’t hug the girl that’s just confessed to you but that you have zero romantic interest in. Gotta have some barriers. (Unless you’re a two-timer of course 😉 .)

        I agree with Heisui too that it’s in some way nice that LL isn’t all good – although she’s clearly the one in the wrong here and while I still think she’s at 35 too old to cling to a guy who dumped her three times already, we get a real sense that this is how she feels, that is her reality. I do hope that this confrontation is what will propel her to get over the relationship and start moving on now (and eventually fall in love in YK, while pretending that she doesn’t like him that way so we get some good comedic moments).

        Yi Kang… he is a bit too perfect. I think after his conversation with LL he should have just let her mope by herself, rather than look for her all over town. Sure, it was sweet, but I just can’t see any guy do that (unless he was too-clingy boyfriend).

        • Agreed with you both regarding LL. It’s nice to see a heroine too who has some agency as well rather the ones who are always backing out of the relationship because they feel guilty or want someone else to be happy. I also like that she didn’t become comically evil and try to sabotage HL at work too, and I like that she sees herself in HL. It’s difficult to dislike any of the characters because they all have strengths and weaknesses.

          Whenever I watch these shows I always think Taiwan must be really small — everyone seems to know each other and YK was able to successfully predict all of the places she would go to haha.

          • Yup I guess it is interesting to see things from the ‘other side’, in a sense. 😉 I’m also glad she didn’t bring this into her work with HL, like she said before in an earlier episode at least she was trying to be professional there. Here she has crossed the line though and I wonder if she will apologize to HL? AND I wonder how HL is gonna react to LL’s feelings for WT. O_O

  • I very much agree with what alua said about LL above, I don’t see how LL (and all of her friends) can view this “three times break up, then getting back together” thing as if it’s something ‘special’ to celebrate about. LL talks about it like it’s a ‘special connection’ between her and WT. What?

    Before I was prepared to give WT the benefit of the doubt – since he only thought of himself when he was with LL, and dumped her three times, it’s reasonable for him to think who in the right mind would still be in love with him. So maybe he tries to make it up to her by being friends and in some scenes the seems quite grateful about that. But then he was also the one who said the ‘marry me if you’re still single at 35’ -> which made things less clear. Was he serious when he made the ‘promise’? If he truly thought LL had no feelings for him why would he think she will make the same mistake, AGAIN?

    As for YK, he really is too much of a nice guy. I would like to see him truly fight for something he wants for once. (or even be more assertive at times)

    • I’m so confused now about why LL/WT view their relationship/friendship in the way they do. T___T” Um maybe they thought the whole 3 times-together thing meant that no matter how many times they broke up they always ended up back together so 4th’s time the charm? LOLOLOL NO IDEA..

      YEAHHHHHHH I WANNA SEE YK GET ANGRY~~~ 😛 (Wow I probably sound so weird for complaining about how nice YK is<ok I'm not really complaining because I love YK as he is but still..I just want to see his not-nice side too!)

      • Seems like that’s the way LL thinks about it while WT sees it the opposite way, basing on the way he reacted in ep7!!!

        I agree about YK! He’s so nice / like a giant teddy bear right now sometimes I wonder does he treat everyone this well? How will a girl know he actually likes her if he’s so good to all the people he meets?

        • The ‘giant teddy bear’ description is totally apt for YK. I just want to hug him! (AND NEVER LET GO BWAHAHAHA) 😛 Ok I get your point, it could also go the other way–I could also see a girl accidentally misinterpreting his super sweet actions as him having a thing for her when in fact he is just being nice. O_O

          • Yeah exactly!!! As a GF you want your BF to be nice to you exclusively you know? LOLOLOL. I was thinking back that scene where Tiffany was trying to ‘seduce’ him. He was just letting her! (and afterwards he still agreed to go to her spa etc) If Tiffany was more aggressive, she would’ve eaten him alive HAHAHA.

  • Yeeesh you weren’t kidding about Wei Ting’s crybaby scene. I get that he feels like everything in his life just sucks right now, but man he feels so childish when he then turns around (completely disregarding her confession) and gets mad because “poo pooo even my best friend is mean”.

    However– that scene I love. Like others and you have mentioned ^ Lei Lei feels so real! Even if it’s unrealistic she could after 15 years still be nursing her love like it’s the last chance, isn’t that what real people do sometimes? You get this tunnel vision and never think of looking around desperation sinks in. Poor Lei Lei. ButI thought she was beautiful in that scene. Out in the daylight, it made her look her age and she seemed vulnerable. Ahhh, such a good and well-filmed/well-acted angsty scene for a change.

    • LOL at your “poo pooo even my best friend is mean”–it describes WT’s crybaby scene SO WELL. Even though we get why he is upset it’s like I can’t really feel much for him when he just starts whining the whole time. T_T” Agree about the tunnel vision, for LL this is her reality even though to others it seems unrealistic and impractical to dwell on a guy for 15 years. >__<

  • I am happy to find this blog and I am so eager to share my thoughts about it. My apologies if my post may look disorganized, coz i don’t know where to start.
    But before anything else .. lemme just say I LOVE YI KANG!!!!! lol
    I know he might seem to be so perfect coz he is accommodating, understanding, selfless etc etc but what can you do if he is just soooo lovable and very well mannered. Though his reaction looks kind weird at times and he is conveniently around when a crucial moment is about to happen (fight of HL & WT, confession of LL to WT etc).

    We know LL is starting to feel comfortable with him around, though she is desperately holding on to WT, i know with just a little push and few more “moments” with YK she will fall head over heels for him ( i can sense she is starting to actually). If she stubbornly follow WT I will take YKwith me … hehehehe

    WT is a guy who is full of himself, he is the type who deosn’t want to be controlled and in all honesty i don’t even think he will even settle down with anyone at all. After what he did to LL, i don’t know why LL is still holding on to the guy. He is the type who doesn’t compromise and can’t sacrifice to the person he loves. I understand the time when they were still young coz he wants to explore more but now being in his mid 30’s, he has to get a grip and think of others and not just himself. But as they say, a stubborn person will always meet his/her match to make you lie low and settle down. With the presence of HL and her dad, WT is definitely having a hard time to make adjustments. I bet for him he is already sacrifing a lot (settling in Taiwan for good, getting a house, car etc). Maybe HL will change him. But of course after LL’s confession, i bet his ego has increased exponentially. (*apologies if might be harsh)

    I agree HL & YK has too much good characteristics that if ever they will be hitched together, it will be one of the most boring relationship you have (i guess both are raised well with happy family backgrounds and no emotional baggages, thus they are channeling that good vibes to others). Thus, YK needs LL who will balance his kindness and HL has WT to make their lives more colorful not dull.

    One thing I like about this drama is the narration of the main leads . I am liking it so much that I am taking notes of it. Like this one from my fave Yi Kang ( i think from ep 4)

    “To me actually the feeling of solitude is actually more comfortable
    Being solitary doesn’t equal loneliness
    even though sometimes it feels like
    it’s be even better if there is someone with me
    but if the person who accompanies you isn’t the person in your heart
    I’d rather enjoy the quiet comfort.
    The peacefulness is good.”

    • Oh trust me I am always taking little notes on my favorite quotes from POH!!! 😀 There are tons of them!!!

      Yes from WT’s point of view he has indeed already sacrificed a lot just by taking steps towards permanently settling in Taiwan with HL. I don’t wish that he will be forced to change his ways just to please HL’s dad..but at the same time I do wish he can learn to find middle ground with HL’s dad. >__> I also hope that this conflict between HL’s family & WT will not always be the main issue in HL/WT’s relationship.

      I think it will be better if YK does have some darker past or something, like you cannot judge a book by its cover kind of thing.

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