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For those of you who have not heard of SPEC, this movie is actually one of the final installments of the very awesome SPEC series which stars Toda Erika as the heroine Toma and Kase Ryo as Sebumi.  As for the other SPEC fans who are still going strong after watching ALL of the drama, the SP, and the movies..guess what there is one more movie to come!  The movie leaves off after the previous movie, SPEC ~ Heaven ~, this time revealing the mysterious new villain played by MUKAI OSAMU.  OMGAWD.



Just watch the trailer first, it is really intense:

Official Trailer

OK. NOW.  The trailer starts out with some typical Toma x Sebumi humor, Toma dramatically throwing up all her papers in the air,  etc…but then all of a sudden it gets REALLY SERIOUS AND INTENSE AND OMG OMG IS TOMA GONNA DIE!?!??! NOOOO!!!!!  I MEAN..IN THE ENDING SHE SAYS SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF “PLEASE KILL ME” and we see things blowing up at the same time she uses her SPEC power.  Maybe she will use her SPEC once again to defeat the final villain but it will go out of control so she will ask Sebumi to end it for her?  ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  Well obviously it seems like the final movie in the series will be much darker than the previous ones.  I think SPEC is really going all out, I mean just look at its tagline:

“This world, it’s ******* up to you.”

O___O There are also TONS of awesome promo posters and stills that have been released, all of which have a very gritty dark feel to them.  I mean LOOK AT THIS:


LOOK VERY CLOSELY.  I SERIOUSLY THINK SEBUMI HAS LOST HIS RIGHT EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!  I also love the poster below, love how it relates to the official poster for the drama except this time there are Toma and Sebumi ~TOGETHER~.  I just hope this isn’t symbolism sleep……..


Here is another video of some short teasers as well as a very brief recap of the SPEC drama/movies that lead up to this final movie!  The new teasers start around 2:05, with Toma and Sebumi being funny and eccentric as usual. 😛

Short teasers

For some reason there are two airdates for this movie; apparently there might be 2 parts or something?  I’m not sure.  The first airdate is November 1st, 2013 for SPEC Close~Progress Version (or: SPEC~Ketsu~Zen no hen) and the 2nd airdate is for November 29th, 2013 for SPEC Close~Crisscross Version (SPEC~Ketsu~Kou no hen).  HMM.  I’m not sure if there exactly what these 2 versions are.  o_O

Anyways I am totally looking forward to the epic finale of SPEC, I loved the SPEC ~Heaven~ movie so I have high expectations for SPEC ~Close~.  I am also a bit scared to see SPEC end because I don’t want to let go of one of my favorite pairs-Toma & Sebumi!  You can read more about the synopsis of the movie here.

Sources: Asianwiki, Jdrama Weblog


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  • Top screenshot – wow, very nice.

    I confess, I got distracted while watching the dorama and have to essentially go back, what pretty much all dorama episodes and the existing movies….

  • the prequel that came out a few weeks ago was pretty funny in that the fat “american” girl i assume wasnt even american with how bad her english accent was. plus funny to see that to show she was american they had to have hotdogs and hamburgers, the flag, plus her wearing that statue of liberty costume.
    still i find that the prequel answered too much questions and was slightly different in feel compared to all the series/sp/movies that came before with all their mystery. happy we got answers…but felt different, plus i didnt even care about sebumi’s backstory it was so boring.

      • Yeah, I watched it too, dgundam’s pretty spot on, the Engrish was soooooooooooo cringeworthy, it really distracted me. It really was a pretty pointless SP, but well, let’s hope the movies are better.

        Have you watched the original Keizoku? The drama is pretty awesome, the SP and movie following less so.

        • Mmk maybe I just won’t watch that SP then. T_T Sounds like the humor was too forced? I also hope the movie will be better especially since it is the final one!

          I haven’t watched the original Keizoku but isn’t the chief in Keizoku SPEC2 also in the original Keizoku?

          • Yes. I’m pretty certain he was. And thank you for this post!! SPEC is… for me, there are no words. I don’t want it to end but all amazing things must at some point (I suppose).
            This pairing was just out of this world and gosh it’s gonna be hard to say Goodbye.

  • I decided to be a good girl and start with Keizoku, not that it is necessary to watch the first series to understand this one at all. The chief in this was the chief in the original, too. I believe he was the only returning cast member. His penchant for younger, high school-aged women hasn’t really changed 😛
    Marathoned that series and it’s movies/SPs. Then moved on to SPEC. I haven’t watched any of the movies, tho, yet. Looks like I will have to marathon those now in anticipation of this movie. Love the leading pair, so I really don’t want a dark ending where one, or both, dies 🙁

    • So you have a true foundation in SPEC then, you know the original! 😛 I’m also scared of a dark ending..I mean Toma & Sebumi have survived A LOT of crazy stuff (i.e. Toma’s hand cut off, Sebumi basically invincible after everything imaginable) but what if their luck runs out on the end? Nuuu!!

      • Well…there really isn’t anything really connecting to the 2 Keizoku seasons together. All the mysterious cases of the first one ended up having rational explanations outside of ghosts, psychics, etc. while in the new one people really did have special abilities. Then you have the ending and the totally weird movies/SPs from the first season.

        Wouldn’t it be typical that the invincible team finally meets their match? I hope not, though, after all they’ve been through they deserve a nicer ending.

  • I wonder if Ninomae still alive here because he doesn’t appear in the trailer at all.
    I’m glad finally SPEC come to an end, I just can’t stand the absurdity of this series anymore, at the same time I dont want SPEC to end because I really like SebumixToma interaction, also SPEC is special for me because through SPEC, I discover Kase Ryo, he might be the type actor which only appear in non mainstream movie, so the ending of SPEC probably will be the last time Ryo Kase appear in mainstream drama/movie

    • I thought it was already confirmed that Ninomae is dead because only Toma’s SPEC could summon him back for a while? Same here, I discovered Kase Ryo through SPEC! I also became more of a Toda Erika fan..before I was just kinda neutral about her. I wish I could see Kase Ryo in more dramas >__<

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