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So I totally powered through these two episodes, skipping through as fast as I could to find all the Yu Wen Yong scenes.  I was just all, COME ON I JUST WANT TO BE DONE WITH THIS DRAMA ALREADY!!!!!!  The only reason I watched these final episodes was to find out more about YWY’s ending..and ironically I already knew he would die since I saw a very spoilery MV.  (DARN IT!)  So I am not too sad about YWY’s death since I had already prepared myself for it.  So basically what happens in YWY’s ending: YWY conquers the Zhou Kingdom (<did I get the kingdoms mixed up, can’t remember O_O), finds out Xue Wu died, cries, and then dies 2 years later of his illness.  THE END.


Is it just me or does it feel like the ending was hastily put together and very rushed?  We had 46 episodes to develop the story and build up the momentum for at least an average and well-paced ending but… was rushed and they just had to do the most half-baked flash-forward ever.  Literally, we went forward 2 years and saw YWY alive for oh…I don’t know….20 SECONDS!?!?!?!?  COME ON!!!!!!!  I think YWY could’ve at least had a more conclusive ending; we got to see the outcome of his political life but not his personal life.  His death was sudden but at least they could’ve given us some scenes before his death to show if he found fulfillment in his life or whether he ever got over XW’s death.

Probably the only scene that gives us some hint about YWY’s state of mind is when he wins over the Zhou Kingdom but finds out that XW died.  It is so sad when he is standing in front of his new throne, the symbol of his new reign and yet he is thinking about all of his good memories with XW.  He stands there tearing up WHILE SMILING and then breaks down crying in front of his throne.  :'(  That moment we see that YWY has gained what he has worked so hard for, but also lost the one person he wanted in his life.


As for the rest of the main characters, their endings are just full of ‘what the heck is happening’ moments.  T_T”  First of all XW attempts to threaten Zheng Er by holding a sword to her neck.  Ummm yeah Xue Wu I’m pretty sure Zheng Er and all of us know that you would not hurt a fly, what in the world are you doing holding a sword?!?!  *facepalm* Also I think it says a lot that Zheng Er is the one who totally steals the scene here–YES, the one who is the crazily-jealous-antagonist actually outdoes XW & LLW put together with her stage presence.  What the heck?  AND THEN it gets even worse–the drama attempts an overly dramatic tragic ending with Zheng Er & Gao Wei dying together, XW dying in LLW’s arms, LLW crying NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, etc. etc.

Frankly I’m not surprised about the ‘tragic’ ending since usually c-dramas tend to have these kinds of endings.  But it also feels like there is no purpose to this ending at all and that the drama was just trying to milk as many tears out of the audience as possible.  For instance Xue Wu’s death feels like it was just thrown in as an attempt to make the ending even sadder.  There were a lot of people who felt that the ending was super tragic and sad, commenting about how many buckets of tears they shed over XW’s death, etc. etc.  but really, I felt like Xue Wu’s death was unnecessary and also lacked the emotional impact that it should’ve had.  Then again I have no attachment to XW’s character which may be why I didn’t find her ending to be very moving.


Obviously by now you should know that I am a total YWY & Daniel Chan fan.  Really without his character I probably would’ve dropped this drama like a hot potato in maybe..the first 10 episodes.  I really like how Daniel Chan gave this character his all, every nuance of YWY’s character is so wonderfully portrayed and Daniel has such great stage presence! I think YWY will go down in history as one of the best second leads AND also one of my worst cases of second lead syndrome, HAHA.  I’m really happy that I discovered Daniel Chan through this drama because he is now one of my new favorite HK actors. 😛  HERE HAVE A YWY MV..and get this–this song is sung by Daniel Chan himself!! 😀

Sudden Heart by Daniel Chan


But unfortunately not even a great character like YWY cannot save an entire drama.  I’m not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, if you think LLW was a great drama then I am happy that you had a very different experience of the drama than I did.  But there are still glaring problems with the writing, the costumes, the acting and the overall flow of the drama.   LLW started out great and I was totally optimistic about it in the first few episodes but then it just quickly deflated into a long-winded story with little substance.  My expectations continually lowered throughout the drama until I just threw my hands up in the air and decided to only watch the YWY episodes.  LLW tried so hard to be a dramatic sweeping tale of the star-crossed lovers and the two empires…but something fell flat for me.   I just could not get invested in the main OTP of Xue Wu and Lan Ling Wang; FSF basically had one expression on his face throughout the whole drama while Xue Wu was the typical Mary Sue character.  Together they just were not that compelling and it was not worth dragging their love issues ON AND ON AND ON with the meddlesome Zheng Er, XW wondering whether they are fated or not, etc. etc.  Don’t get me wrong, Ariel as Xue Wu does shine in some scenes but I still feel like her role did not challenge her enough nor did it show her full potential.

I’d say that the drama as a whole is very overrated but it is not surprising that it is a hit due to its star-studded cast of Feng Shao Feng, the favorite Ariel Lin, Daniel Chan (although I don’t think he was the main draw for most fans; most people were here for Ariel) and of course additional eyecandy like George Hu. (I still do not understand why in the world they gave him a perm.)  The thing that leaves me scratching my head though, is why so many people thought this drama was like the best thing ever when really it was only an average c-drama.

So what do I take away from Lan Ling Wang?  I loved the soundtrack, loved the beginning episodes, and became a big fan of Yu Wen Yong & Daniel Chan.  I leave you now with a couple great songs from the OST!  😉

“Fate” by Jia Jia ( 家家 )

“Xue Wu” (Symphonic Live Version) by V.K.


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  • I was dissatisfied that LLW was still alive at the end of it all. To be cruel and frank and by the way things rolled around, I thought I would have been happier with all the characters dead at the end and I almost got it… except he had to get away… and I was all like… WTF!! He’s the one who actually ends up dead in history. Shouldn’t he at least… you know… kick the bucket here at the end as well?!? Oh wells. Time to print out his picture at attach it to my dartboard. >.<

    • I was also surprised that LLW survived in the ending because I thought that he would die. O__O” Seriously, I thought he would have a 2nd death after his fake death. At first I had to go back and recheck that he didn’t die after XW died because I was all ‘……wait what happened to LLW then?’

  • I think lots of people thought it was the best thing since sliced bread because…

    1. fan service
    2. the cast
    3. fan service
    4. fan clubs of all the actors and actresses
    5. fan service
    6. hopeless suckers for idol/shoujo stories
    8. fan service
    9. It all makes sense now!! LLW and XW procreated to spread their idiocy across mankind!!
    10. fan service

    To be frank, I like “good” protagonists but not to the point where their “goodness” becomes an endangerment to their own well-being. If even I could survive better than you can and to that extent, I really fail to see a point in watching… -_-;;

    • AHAHA yes, lots of fan service..but mainly for the LLW x XW fans. T_T” Sure there was fan service for YWY but…….THAT WAS ACTUALLY GOOD FAN SERVICE, OK? 😛 Like you said I think a lot of the popularity for the drama comes from the big fan base for the cast (especially Ariel, not sure how popular FSF is?) and also the idol/shoujo storyline. I think more people approached it almost as a romance shoujo story with the handsome-prince-fated-to-be-with-heavenly-maiden.

      I get that XW has a heart of gold and that she’s the heavenly maiden and all..but I think she was too good to be true.

      • FSF has a fan-base mostly from starring in Yu Zheng’s Gong I. Did not like that… but at least the prettiness wasn’t to the point of hurting your eyes yet at that point… almost but not yet…

        When she got shot by the arrow… I know it was supposed to be climactic but I was not feeling it in the slightest. She got shot and I was like “… huh… they’re pulling the ‘heroine almost dies Oh Noes” at the last minute?” And then she dies and LLW goes NOOOOOOOO!!! and I was all like… “Not believing that you feel that bad. If you REALLY feel that bad, buster, I’m pretty sure you have a sword. FOLLOW HER TO THE GRAVE!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” But then that would have made him look like a dick father… -_-;;

        XW was supposed to be good but I think her “goodness” actually caused her to harm more people than necessary sometimes… Also, Zheng Er was so stupid. Like when she came for the peasants that were helping XW, why didn’t she have some of her men stay behind to keep an eye on them?!? AND WHAT KIND OF A DICK GENIUS IS XW FOR MAKING THEM PLAY THIS RUSE IN WHICH THEY PROBABLY WOULD HAVE DIED BUT DIDN’T SINCE ZHENG ER WAS STUPID?!?

        I think ZHZ’s methodical, evil tactics have eternally spoiled dramas for me. Dumb tactics look a billion times stupider now that I’ve seen what can be.

        • Actually at first I didn’t recognize FSF from Gong until I looked up his past dramas one day. I think I liked him better in Gong.

          I know right? When XW was shot by the arrow I was just all “……huh?” and not very shocked. It was more like I was wondering why this was happening. I guess LLW survived so the child wouldn’t be an orphan? O_O” HEHEH I think LZH has also ruined me when I watch other dramas with the scheming antagonists or the crazy villains. The scheming antagonists in LZH had CLASS!

          • For me, I don’t think it was really that the scheming in ZHZ had class… well… it looked classy due to the etiquette and court setting and all but to me, it was that the scheming in ZHZ was done in a way so there was virtually no way to prevent it beforehand or see it coming if you were the other character unless you were really on your toes about everything. The scheming was very purpose driven and done in a very flawless fashion that had almost all bases covered, preventing you from seeing what was coming before it hit you.

            I’m sure this kind of scheming can be accomplished in a less “classy” setting and it may even be scarier then since you don’t have to put up the veiled niceties of court life but nobody has done it yet. 🙁

            Now, when I see other dramas, I could tolerate it and let it fly by and ignore it in the past but now it’s like “WHY YOU DO THAT?!? WHAT DOES THAT ACCOMPLISH?!? WHY YOU MAKE STUPID MISTAKE HERE?!? YOU FAIL!! FAIL!! FAIL!!”

            Like Zheng Er when she decided to “reveal herself” to Xue Wu, I was all like… you could have totally taken advantage of her ignorance of the new change of situation and gotten her back WAY more seriously than coming out and saying “Oh hey. I’m in charge now. Remember me? Be prepared.” She could have made XW’s life SO much more miserable by taking advantage of the situation but didn’t. 🙁

  • The symphonic live version sounds soooooooooooo pretty!! Also have you heard about the sequel? Ahhh someone needs to stop me, it’s so pretty I’m getting lured by it, and I know it will suck monkey balls in one way or another >.<

    • I KNOWWWWW. All of the soundtrack songs by V.K. (a pianist/composer) are awesome. There is another song he did a piano version for and it was way better than even the original song itself!!!!

      Are you talking about the new version of LLW? (read about it on Cfensi) Or is there an actual sequel to this drama?

  • i think lan ling wang is a great drama, but my lan lin wang the great series ended at episode 20.
    episode 20 onwards just waste of time. not to mentioned waste of talents and waste of good soundtracks.
    The sequel dont think it will be a direct sequel, since none of the actors from the original series in it.

  • I’m currently watching this drama after seeing it featured on MDL, and I agree with everything you’ve said. LLW was such an addicting drama to watch in the beginning because every was paced quickly, and there were no misunderstandings. Characters were mature, and refreshing. I’ll confess to dismissing YWY at first when he was Ah Guai, largely because 1. I didn’t know he was the second lead, and 2. he never spoke until he spoke out to defend XW.

    I’m currently on ep 24, and itching to skip parts with Zhong’er/ any marital disputes she makes between LLW and XW. Sigh. The drama should have stuck to the original 35 intended episodes, and not the 45. I feel like it really shows, since the writing is obviously stretched out now.

    • Oh yeah the pacing went at a snail pace in comparison to the first part. T__T” I also think the drama was too long and it tried to fit in too much stuff/side characters. Urgh.

    • I agree,
      I was really tempted to skip all the parts when Zheng er was in the scene . She is so annoying and can’t she just find another person and besides, Gao wei likes her already so can’t she just love him ( I know that you can’t make someone love you but seriously, it isn’t nice to butt into people’s relationship, especially seeing that lan ling wang and xue wu are so cute together ! )
      Also , I really don’t get why everyone is so into Daniel chan.
      Personally, I like lan ling wang better because he has a better nature and xue wu and him make a better couple.
      But even though he likes xue wu, I admire how he handles the situation when xue wu chooses lan ling wang over him, especially near the end ( unlike Zheng er who is so stubborn and will not let go of lan ling wang ).
      In my opinion after watching lan ling wang, I liked him quite a lot better than in Gong.

  • Totally agree with you that LLW started going downhill after the first half bc I too skipped the whole arc where Zheng Er starts scheming and whatnot and zoomed in on YYW fully (OH GLORIOUS DANIEL CHAN). I think the scene that got me the worst was when he returned to his own kingdom and was heartless to his queen on purpose so he had a reason to distance himself and allow her to get used to his coldness+absence so she wouldn’t be too affected when he died since he knew he was gonna die from the poison he was fed- somehow the nuance in that scene and the way DC portrayed his love for his queen, romantic or not made me feel so bad for him ):

        • For me I think the main reason I like Daniel Chan in this drama so much, is that he has really great charisma & stage presence. I didn’t feel the same charisma coming from FSF. There are several other reasons but I think the best way to describe it would be from this one comment that a Daniel Chan/YWY fan wrote; I quoted it in the last part of my review for eps 26-27.

        • I honestly agree with you. I felt that the character Lin Lang Wang play his spot very well. A prince in his country with no power t stop the suffering of his people. No Wonder He’s Always serious. I love how Lin Lang Wang, deprived the hardship that he have to face, he still find the time to smile and be happy for his wife. He didn’t let the cruelty of his life affects the love he had for her. I understand that the king of Zhou might appear better because he love Xua Wu and her rejection to him. However, the King of Zhou don’t need her. He have a wife that love him already. The prince of lin lang does. She was his hope, his escape from the coldness of wars and political fight. Remember the time, he was humiliated by his cousin and lost all his armies, his brothers? He needed her, way more than the king of Zhou. Overall, I thought that all the actors play their characters very well. I don’t ship in any dramas, nor I watch dramas for the actors. It help keep me in an open mind that sometimes, I have to be open minded and see what the director is telling me. The prince of lin lang have a love story so well. It’s hard to stop watching.

  • Heisui! It’s been a while! Haven’t really been reading blogs since school began so I have a lot to catch up with LOL. I’ve missed this. I ended up laughing through your post, especially the Nuuuuuuuuuu part.
    The ending was super sad but kinda expected it by the time we got there, since so was the horrifyingly makjangesque (okay i don’t even know how to describe it, but the tragedy after tragedy) episodes that led up to the ending. Like you, I skipped lots of scenes towards the end, but I love that the actress for Zheng Er could make me hate her to the bone but still feel sympathy for her at the same time.

    • Long time no talk bumbleberri!! I hope school is going well for you. >__< I think the ending was trying to be sad but I wasn't affected by it so it wasn't all that sad to me. Agreed, I feel like the actress for Zheng Er put in a lot of effort into her character even though a lot of people hated ZE's guts.

      • Yeah… I hate to admit but because I hate Zheng er so much ( in the movie thank you very much ) it means that she is a good actress. Though I heartily disagree about the end- this is the most emotional movie I have ever watched and even though I was expecting a sad ending, I wasn’t really expecting xue wu to die, that was just so sad, she helped lan ling wang so much and she was so innocent, so why did she have to die ??!!!! ( Ariel lin rocks !!!!! )

        • For me I think the ending was not very emotional because I didn’t feel it was very realistic. Instead there was so much tragedy that it felt overdone. I also wasn’t expecting XW to die, because the entire time I seriously thought LLW was going to die ‘again’!!! O___O

  • Well I finished it :/ I didn’t know who Daniel Chan was before and now I’m in love with him! I hope he plays a super complicated imperial ruler in a period drama again. OMG the contrast between his terrifying crazy eyes and adorable smile! I agree that the ending was a rushed mess. I was just like… WHYYYYYYYY? It seems like the characters die for no reason but that it’s a period C-drama so they have to kill almost everyone off somehow. YWY says he gave his life for XW, but it was more coincidental than actually sacrificial, same thing with XW’s death, she just showed up and got herself killed, she didn’t even accomplish anything.

    What would have been good is if the seer guy had caught XW on that “capture the masked warrior” trip and then YWY shows up and taunts wouldn’t they rather get the Zhou Emperor, so they grab him instead and LLW gets XW out of there, then YWY gets poisoned BECAUSE HE EXCHANGED HIMSELF for XW not just because he simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Same thing with XW’s death, what would have actually been tragic is if she went to the palace to kill ZE and CP for LLW, but it’s YWY that finds her with ZE. CP shoots ZE with the arrow, then aims for YWY saying he might lose everything but he’s not going to let YWY take it, and then XW jumps in front of the arrow. That would have been so tragic – his love dying for him when he’s already going to die in like a year anyway because he exchanged himself for her. I also have it in my mind that after XW gets attacked at the temple, she asks YWY to teach her self-defense like LLW had started and they have a bunch of hot scenes of them training together and cute ones when the niece tags along. AND that YWY ends up staying with XW at night because she has nightmares and calls out for LLW (like Peeta with Katniss in the Hunger Games)… I’ll just remember it that way…

    I’d love to see someone else take a shot at this story, though I thought the cast was great so it’s too bad they couldn’t have gotten it right with this cast.

    • Wow Kit you finished LLW so quickly!! O_O BWAHAHAHA I am happy you have come over to Daniel’s side. 😛 Me too I hope he gets some more roles in a good c-drama or HK drama! 😀 I don’t think YWY really gave up his life for XW..I mean..she was dead for a while before he died. O_O Yeah XW’s death just felt really random. x_x UHUHUHU good idea, they totally should’ve had a training session!!! That would’ve been so much fun!! But alas…

      Oh did you know there is going to be another drama about LLW? Totally different cast, but it’s about the historical figure. It’s a different take I guess. It’s called The Princess of Lanling.

  • Hi Heisui! I’ve been delaying writing a comment to this post because, quite frankly, I am scared of myself and my long posts. They a bit draining to write because I go through it to check if I am missing anything so that I don’t need to double post. Andddd I am so into this drama (well, admittedly only one character in the drama) so I feel strongly about it! I am going to try to keep this as short possible.

    Zheng’er’s + Prince’s death and Xuewu + Lanling Wang’s ending:

    Firstly about the logic behind the arrow shootings of XW and Zheng’er, hmm… is it odd that I didn’t find it surprising? It worked for me, I could even say it made sense? Gao Wei and Zheng’er are both kinda crazy so crazy people doing crazy things make sense, right? To me, it was Gao Wei’s psychotic reasoning to end things that way. Even though he shot to kill, I believed he still loved her at that point. I don’t know how to properly explain what I am trying to say, but to me, I see the sense in it. There was a sense of insane sanity within his insanity… errr… I am currently working on an overbearing amount of creative fiction, a major one focuses on fantasy that focuses slightly on psychological themes, and another is Gothic with psychological and grotesque themes, so I can totally see the reasoning, but, gah! I really wish I could explain it though because it’s quite a fascinating topic! I wish I bothered with my psych course!

    I must stress that it was mostly due to that fact that the actor who played Gao Wei was really good, that dude’s conviction got stronger as the ending drew near. Zheng’er was badass from the start lol! Though I do believe that the writers didn’t even know wth they were going for in that arrow shooting action.

    Secondly about the actual deaths?:

    “Get stuffed” is my only comment regarding the appreciation I have for XW and LLW’s ending. I already thought that Xuewu was gonna die in an attempt to tear-jerk people. Heck, I was more touched by Zheng’er and the Gao Wei’s death! Regardless of whether the pretense was logical or not, or if you simply scratch out whatever was the reasoning behind his shooting the arrow at her and replace it with a made-up substitute reasoning of your own, it was definitely way more tear-jerking than blah blah and blah blah’s death.

    Yuwen Yong:

    Meh… I already looked up what happens to him and LLW in history, so I expected Yuwen Yong to die. In the beginning I did have hopes that he wouldn’t, but after being so captivated by him I knew that the writers would definitely kill him off–the standard rule of a character’s mortality usually depends on how deep is his mesmerising factor (please refer to Lanling Wang’s survival for further study into this argument).

    The death was a little bit speedy, as in that the last minute poison scene near the end episode, but whatever, at this point in the series I had given all hope that they would justify Yuwen Yong’s character. The thing is, according to history *ahem-wiki-ahem-quick-eye-scan-through-other Chinese-sites-ahem* Yuwen Yong simply ‘dies from over-exertion’. He was about 35 years of age, and although people’s lifespan wasn’t as long as they are now, 35 is still a little bit young to die from over-exertion isn’t it? I also couldn’t find any information on if he was sick prior or during his death either. It seems rather abrupt and suspicious, yet there was nothing (from those sources) to stipulate that it was even considered suspicious. Basically, the writers could totally roll with this point to make his death more justified to Daniel’s work in his role, but, “noOoOoOOoOo, let’s all waste our efforts on a crappy ending for the other main leads and have the antagonists’ deaths outshine them while we’re at it.”

    OK I’M DONE.

    Gosh, writing about this so much, I’m just sooooo over it!! Hehehehe

    • Wow I think you’re one of the only people that predicted XW’s death, I didn’t see it coming at all! This whole time I thought LLW was gonna die..but no…it was XW…As for Gao Wei & Zheng Er, I get that they were supposed to have the whole crazy love & revenge thing but it just felt too overdone.

      I thought YWY didn’t die from poison here though. I thought he died from his illness. O_O Unless I missed a part when he drank poison? Huh? I don’t really think we can read that much into his young death….35 is young but in those days perhaps not as young as we’d think…also with the overexertion I don’t think it would just be ‘he worked too hard’ but more that his immune system is weakened because of it. Idk, just my guess.

  • OMG! I just finished the whole drama in like 5 days. I have to agree that it was a slightly disappointing. I think I have watched too much kdrama with evil 2nd female leads, so I was able to stomach the Zheng’er scenes. My only problem is that if you see the poster, you’d think there would be more about the triangle between YWY / XW / LLW – but no, we get frustrating Zheng’er

    For me, I think the ideal ending was at episode 35/56 – where LLW dies and XW is in Zhou with YWY. I think it would have made a relatively reasonable ending. Afterall, LLW was meant to die for his people and that was his belief and insistence all along. While XW always wanted a simple life with her loved ones (which YWY was willing / able to give her after she gave birth to Ping An). YWY, too, was happy to just know that XW was safe and he could keep an eye on her. Not to mention the epic sadness and greatness of those episodes – i.e. when XW begged YWY to save her baby because it was the last thing that LLW gave her. It was so compelling and just touching! I couldn’t stop crying during that scene.

    Personally, I’m conflicted about these characters. I think XW and LLW are so “good” they are almost too foolish. Like the old guy says before he dies, their downfall was their foolish loyalty towards the evil king. Personally I love YWY, he has all the aspects of a great ruler – cruel in pursuit of what he wants, yet kind in all counts possible. He is reasonable and definitely acts as a royal family member should in his shoes. However, I have to say that I do think XW and LLW are a better match. They are both so foolishly ‘good’ and sacrificing their lives for the rest of the world that their foolishness makes them a good match. While I think YWY is a great man, he is not the type of man that XW would be able to accept. Although I think grandma’s description of YWY when she was a child already biased her towards LLW.

    I believe in the end (and if you read the song lyrics), they wanted / had XW die because XW exchanged her peaceful life and fate for LLW’s survival. It kind of hints at that all along. Like at first, it was said that LLW would die soon after the great battle unless he has a mentor (aka. XW). and then i think XW really wasn’t supposed to be his wife – but b/c she was at his side, she would help him break his sad fate – which in the end became hers. I believe that her grandma knew all along what would happen if XW decided to be with LLW or what would happen if XW didn’t stay with LLW – which is why she tried to stop XW.

    Regardless, to me it was a great drama with a great beginning, but ended up being bogus at the end. It’s quite comparable to BBJX – where they give you all the happiness at the beginning and throw you into misery for the 2nd half…. or is all cdrama like that? I haven’t watched that many. Anyone got any suggestions for great cdramas like these two? I’d really like to watch more and improve on my mandarin. 😛

    • I totally thought LLW would die in the ending but I think you’re right..perhaps XW changed his fate by exchanging her life for his. :'(

      Many period c-dramas will have a tragic ending where everyone dies. That’s just the way it is. T_T” My favorite c-drama of all time is The Legend of Zhen Huan (Zhen Huan Zhuan). It doesn’t have shippy scenes like LLW or BBJX though..not sure if you prefer the shippy period c-dramas more?

      • Hmm, yeah, i was hoping LLW would die – not because I didn’t like him – but because it would make more ‘rational sense’ and I feel like it would be more romantic than how XW died . (I didn’t understand the last 2 episodes at all)

        O NO!! really?! But I have never cried watching dramas except for BBJX and LLW… Does that mean if I continue to watch cdramas, I should buy more tissues? I do love shippy dramas. I can only watch dramas with romance in them, but I have 2nd lead syndrome (ALWAYS!), so perhaps your suggestion will be a good one. Thanks. 🙂

        • Yeah a lot of romance period c-dramas have sad endings. There tend to be a lot of storylines where there are 2 fated lovers, but in the end the lovers can never be together.

          Ok then I wouldn’t recommend Legend of Zhen Huan for you since it is not shippy at all. >_>

  • Hi! so i am also doing strategic YWY watching and I just wanted to ask: out of 45 and 46 which of these episodes was YWY in or was it both of them?

    An i just wanted 2 say there is a short scene with YWY that you missed. 🙂 It was a episode, i think, before she and YWY met again (bought her off the slave market)
    Basically he was hunting and then shen ju (that guy with the braid and interesting eyes) comes up to him and tells him abt how the spy reported back that xue wu and LLW were married. he said that right when YWY was about to shoot an arrow and he ends up grazing himself on the face and breaking his bow after hearing that the love of his life and that ugly, moronic “prince” were married. He forces shen ju to give him a bow and shoots a rabbit dead while saying “I get what I want” (Zen yao de, zen de)
    *Swoon* !!!

    • I kinda forgot, I think he was in both of them but I’m not sure. >__< He's definitely in ep46 though. Yeah I think I missed that scene too, I'm not sure which episode it was in. But OMG that line sounds so epic coming from YWY!!!

  • I just got to almost half of it and i enjoyed the eyecandies very much but i have a bad feeling about it so im looking up the reviews to see if it’s worth the watch. I guess I’ll continue with it for a bit more since im crushing on LLW hard but not so hot with XW. I adore Ariel but this role is just so ridiculously idiotic. I dont blame her or any actor since the only reason i started watching this was because i loved most of the major cast and where else can i see them together except for this? However, i resent the witers with all my heart. Really? You people wasted so many talented actors for this piece of crap? The plot and lines are so immature and illogical i dont even know where to begin but i stick to it because at least it’s fastpaced and not so tragic until it starts to drag and im like “hmmm? It can actually gets worse?” Now im watching just to see the cuties and enjoy the fantasies i have watching them

    • Agreed. Xue Wu was sweet in the beginning but as the drama went on, I began to like her character less and less. I also think LLW wasted the awesome cast…it could’ve been so much better if only they had a better script…

  • lol
    looking back at the drama:
    1. I liked LLW BEFORE a certain someone came into the drama 😉
    2. LLW is an idiot. PERIOD
    3. This isn’t the first time I 2cnd lead shipped. The first time was The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (which you should watch and when I say watch I mean stratigically) I fell in love with both YWY from here and Liu Lian Chen from TGIC.
    4. I didn’t cry when Xue Wu died.
    5. I cried when YWY died.
    6. YWY and D.Chan was what saved this drama from being the worst dramas ever.
    and 7. Could you recommend some good historical chinese dramas like this for me? And when I say ‘like’ i mean any that is the same time period as this, similar clothing, hot guys. Thanks!

    • LOL about The Glamorous Imperial Concubine. I tried the very beginning of ep1 a long time ago, but I just could not believe that Ruby was a princess at her age. T_T

      Hmm ok period c-drama with eye candy? Maybe if you liked Wallace Huo in Imperial Concubine, you might also like him in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei. It’s more of an action wu xia c-drama though, so the clothing is different heh.

  • I was so disappointed in the ending and agreed they rushed it. I loved the whole drama until it neared the end. It may sound cruel but Zheng Er was such an awful person and her ending could have been more cruel. She didn’t deserve to just be shot by an arrow. Maybe it would have done me justice if Gao Wei gave her those medicines and then he could have killed himself. They could have made this scene much more epic and entertaining but they chose to kill off Xue wu with an arrow of Gao Weis? no sense at all. ALSO Prince of Lan ling finally lives a secluded life AFTER Xue wu’s death. ALSO, Yuwen Yung didn’t deserve that kind of ending. He was kind and awesome throughout the whole series. Ariel lin did a great job acting in this drama, she definitely matured a lot.

  • Thanks for sticking with it, even if only for the Yu Wen Yong scenes! I just finished this drama, partially as a result of your blogging (along with many others). It’s the first drama I’ve watched since It Started With a Kiss back in 2006 so its quite something for a drama to send me back into dramaland. I just moved to a new city for graduate school and have been watching LLW to help through a lot of difficult transitions and just wanted to say thanks for the honest blogging (I really liked the drama as a whole, and even though we disagree on points, I still loved your posts). Starting Shao Nian Shen Tan Di Ren Jie/Young Sherlock today.

    I do agree the ending episode as a whole was suboptimal. I wanted to know what happened to An De Wang/Xiao Cui. Oh well. At least all the Yu Wen Wong scenes were really moving.

    • Wow so this is the first drama you’ve seen in a really long time! I’m glad that LLW helped you with your transition. Heh I admit that I had a lot of gripes about LLW overall. But it was still fun to blog about. Thanks for your comment!

  • Haha your reviews are never biased. I prefer a dude in distress over a damsel in distress anyday and I dropped the series after about 5 episodes. If you can suggest a drama with a rich girl and a pauper I would gladly visit your site hourly and give you the most unique visitors every day. God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas

  • great post!! just finished watching the drama like a marathon! They were showing the drama in HK and my flight back to London was due so I marathoned the remaining episodes….jeez so many!!! Im a weak canto person so it was tricky to understand bits and bobs in mandarin but got there in the end. Thanks for your review and I agree the ending was soooo rushed. guiltily, I want to see what it would be like if YWY and XW were an item. Dah well, thanks!

    • Heh I’m glad you got to finish the drama during your time in HK! I also wanted to imagine what a YWY x XW couple would be like. Unfortunately it never happened :'(

  • omg i am so in love with ywy this character. defo one of the best second male lead i’ve seen. (and one of the worst second male lead syndrome i had..). not rly a fan of ariel lin but gotta give her credits for this drama.

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