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I’ve been waiting for news of Zhou Xun’s upcoming c-drama, Red Sorghum for a long time now so guess how surprised I was when the 12-minute trailer was suddenly released!!! Woot woot!  The drama is a remake of the 1987 Chinese movie, Red Sorghum which was directed by Zhang Yi Mou (you may recognize this name from the recent movie The Flowers of War).  The film was based off of the novel Red Sorghum Clan which was written by Mo Yan.  Actually I have not seen the movie nor have I read the original novel so I cannot compare this new remake with the originals, but it seems that the drama remake will be more based off of the movie plotline?


As far as I know very few stills/pictures have been released for Red Sorghum but wow I already like the poster above a lot. O__O  Zhou Xun is a wonderful actress and WOW in the trailer she totally nails it!!!!!!!!!!!!  She plays the role of the heroine (duh) who lives in a rural village and is forced into an arranged marriage.  Later on she is in charge of the family’s wine distillery and also has a complicated relationship with another man who saved her life.  The trailer is super intense, and is also very gritty and I was basically left speechless at the ending.  Yes, it does tell a lot of the basic story but omg how can so much happen in 12 minutes and omg when that sad melody kicks in, AHHHH.  It’s hard to describe but after watching it at first I felt kinda depressed but then later on I was all ‘OMG I JUST WATCHED SOMETHING REALLY GOOD’.


Anyways aside from the casting of Zhou Xun, why else am I so excited about this c-drama?  Well guess what, the producer is Zhang Xiaolong, the same producer for The Legend of Zhen Huan which just so happens to be my favorite c-drama!! 😀  So of course I have high expectations for it, hehe!  I think it will also be interesting since it is about women in rural villages in the 1900’s.

12-minute trailer

**WARNING: If you don’t want the ending spoiler you should probably stop watching at around 7:50.  The trailer also has some mature content.

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  • I really wanted to ask what you thought of the trailer, when I saw it yesterday. It left me a little speechless, I guess intense is the right word, but is scary and morbid appropriate too? I don’t know what to make of it, it left me with a lot of thoughts, I didn’t dare re-watch the trailer, I don’t how to put it in to words, but it was scary good. I liked the fact that it pretty much frightened the crap out of me with the amount of violence, sexuality, even the way the characters react, I’m way~ too used to the shoujo stuff in period dramaland, what can I say, as much as I do enjoy that, it’s kind of nice watching things that are completely different in tone and style. Even having watched half way through Legend of the Concubine Zhen Huan (btw which is soooooooooo freaking epic, I finally have a crush on Jiang Xin after finished watching ep 31), the trailer for Red Sorghum seems like LCZH x2 on the intensity level. Oh and the cinematography is gorgeous! *_*

    • I’m not so sure I would call it morbid, the best word I could come up with was gritty and probably almost shocking. I mean, like you said, we are so used to having this stuff glossed over so much that seeing something this raw can be shocking. I think they did really well with this trailer, I mean there are spoilers but it doesn’t feel like I just saw the entire drama or anything.

      • I agree probably not morbid then, but it definitely has a sort of jarring experience with the raw exposure of stuff that’s usually sitting under the layers of fluff in the majority of period dramas. Lol that’s true, for once I don’t feel like I got the mini version of some 30+ plus episodes, despite spoilers. The trailer gave up some pretty crucial points in the plot, but I think it’s the process and how it comes about that’s probably the meatier stuff, overall I think I might be actually looking forward to it, just because it’s not my usual cup of tea.

        • Ooo ‘jarring’ is also a good word! Yeah I don’t know how the trailer somehow feels unspoilery even though it does reveal the ending. o_O I guess it feels like there is way more to the story than is what is shown in the trailer, it just makes me want to watch more to find out what happens in between!

  • And another point scored for maturity!! 🙂

    Actually, I’m kinda glad the production didn’t make the costuming and everything uber-glamorous. The glamour in recent palace and other productions have started to hurt my eyes and become almost overdone and overrated to me. At first, I was all like “ooooh elaborate” but now it’s all kinda meh…

    This elegant simplicity just runs so easy with me now. It makes sense that everything won’t be shiny and sparkly and elegant given the setting and it’s nice.

  • I absolutely adore Zhou Xun she is a goddess and I am beyond excited to see her back in dramaland. The drama looks good (wow at the directing definitely a class above most), though I think this calls for a movie watch cos Zhang Yi Mou is a genius keke. Maybe if I have time I’ll check out the book.
    I actually think this is the “normal” cdrama tone and content? Most of the shoujou period/modern rom-com fare that’s been getting more online/international attention is a pretty niche part of cdramaland. Majority of cdramas are still like this, very serious stuff. So YAY that excellent cdrama finally getting some recognition! :S

    • Also, I loveeee 秦海路 she’s in like every big cdrama and she rocks every role. and my first time seeing 朱亚文 he looks great!

        • Haha yeah I think 秦海路 is a very mainland Chinese kind of actress, not so refined, skewing a little towards the ajhumma side, but in the Chinese kind of way XD also she’s not really “pretty” so that’s why she’s not as famous I guess. She’s in shitloads of dramas, though often as supporting characters, but her acting chops are up there. Her more famous works are 鸽子哨 and 非常公民 I believe.

    • Apparently the movie was his debut! And YES YES YES I am so excited to see Zhou Xun in a c-drama!!!!! Yaaay!

      To me I think this is actually rare for a c-drama with its content & tone but maybe it is just because the fluffy dramas are getting most of the exposure? Are the fluffy c-dramas being over-represented? Also I am kinda limited since it is hard for me to find out about more unknown good c-dramas. If you know of any other dark c-dramas let me know~~

      • Hmm yeah I think maybe the fluffy c-dramas are the ones getting more attention online cos of the younger audience? Majority of cdramas are watched on TV by middle aged peeps 😛 ajhummas and ajhussis ha! Mmm today I suddenly recalled this old cdrama called 橘子红了(The Oranges are Ripe? something like that haha)from way back in 2002, also starring Zhou Xun. I watched it when I was pretty young LOL so I dont really remember clearly but I do remember it being amazing and moved me deeply. It was also a gorgeous show. It’s also a story of women in the old family structure. The first wife, hurt by her husband’s philandering ways, decides to take revenge by asking Zhou Xun’s girl to marry into the family as a concubine. On the wedding day, her husband’s younger cousin had to stand in for the ceremony as her husband wasn’t happy(?) to go through with it. The cousin fell in love with Zhou Xun, marking the start of trouble within the family.
        I just started watching this other drama from 2007 called 奋斗. It’s about a group of fresh college grads struggling to adapt to reality, with unemployment, housing, relationship problems. It takes a very realist approach, with complicated characters who act like people I know (like they just feel like my neighbors and not acting at all it’s crazy). This is said to be one of those historic dramas (one of the first true “trendy” types about youths). Dong Da Wei is just soooo freaking hot!!
        I could go on and on haha but the dramas I love are all pretty old, there hasnt really been anything decent these few years… Or maybe I was just younger 😛

        • Sounds like these two dramas are really good! It is regrettable though, I doubt I will be able to find English subs for these >_<" *edit* ok I just watched the opening MV for the ZX drama and wow the opening theme song is so haunting and beautiful. o_o

          • O.O It’s on Youtube! But yeah no subs >< damn it sucks that cdramas dont get subbed much, maybe that's why they're so unknown :((( but it's gorgeous isn't it? I feel a rewatch is warranted!
            Haha maybe you should start learning Chinese? XDDD

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