Anticipated Autumn C-drama: Most Beautiful Time Starring Janine Chang (Air date released!)

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(Note: Also known as “Best Time” or “Secrets Hidden By Time”)

It seems like fall is the season for lots of c-drama news particularly about c-dramas that we’ve known about forever but never got an official air date for. *cough* Da Mo Yao *cough*  Well similar to the upcoming c-drama Da Mo Yao we’ve also heard about Best Time forever.  According to the latest short teasers that have been released, the drama will start airing on November 20th, 2013.


If you’re late, Best Time is based off of a novel written by the popular author Tong Hua, who also wrote Bu Bu Jing Xin.  Best Time is set in modern times and stars Janine Chang as the heroine, Wallace Chung & Jia Nai Lang. Basic synopsis, well it’s about a woman who chases her prince charming to his workplace and gets a job there.  Apparently she does this on false pretenses with a fake resume.  Guess who knows her SECRET, her boss and voila, LOVE TRIANGLE!


I think most people are anticipating this drama because Janine really shot up to stardom after Sunny Happiness.  Also it seems like modern office c-dramas are becoming more popular. (i.e. SOP Queen)  Really I am not that into the synopsis, even though the novel is by Tong Hua the story doesn’t really sound like the thing for me.  On the other hand though, I do like Janine Chang and LOOK AT ALL OF THE PRETTY STILLS.  I am totally being shallow here, these pretty stills are just LURING ME OVER and making me curious.  😛   I am wary because……

-The dubbing really gets on my nerves in the trailers.  Why couldn’t they have chosen more natural sounding voices, bleh.
-Possibility of it turning out to be another SOP Queen–just glossy and full of eye candy.
-It’s yet another c-drama about the rich boss guy and the woman who’s working her way up in the company.

But I think I will be checking out Best Time to see how it is, who knows maybe it’ll end up being good or at least watchable.  I am curious to see how Janine’s acting has improved and also what the love triangle will be like!


You might’ve been a bit confused as I titled this post “Most Beautiful Time” but mainly referred to the drama as “Best Time”.  Actually the official English title is “Best Time,” but it just does not sound that great to me.  There are a couple other alternate English titles; I think “Most Beautiful Time” sounds waaay better.  The other title is “Secrets Hidden In/By Time,” don’t know how accurate this is but I heard from someone that they scrapped that title because the acronym spells out a..foul word…..  😛

5 minute trailer

*Update: You can read my review for episodes 1-4 here.  🙂


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • Wow.. nice post and you really have a good eye for selecting the screen picture. I have been waiting to watch another drama of Janine but it’s not this one.. It’s her with Ming Dao. She’s a mother who has raised a child or something…
    Forgot about the series name…
    Anyway, I will definitely put this on my waiting list… 🙂 Thanks Heisui..

  • lol @ Secrets Hidden in Time, I kinda like this name the most out of the ones you mentioned though!!!! Janine looks so pretty here! The colours they used in the main pic and the one with the yellow scarf (?) are my favs. 🙂

    • Yes they are definitely doing the stills right at least! Actually I like her dress the best in the last still. *edit* Hmm for the titles, I think “Secrets Hidden in Time” does sound good but it can also sound a bit too much? Whereas “Best Time” sounds too short and abrupt. To me “Most Beautiful Time” (I wonder why they didn’t put ‘the’ in the title..) is concise & simple but also sounds good.

  • I love how Tong Hua books are like dramas waiting to be made ha. Secrets hidden in time is the title of the book, I was really excited when Janine was cast cos she’d be perfect! I hope this is good~

      • Yeah the book’s ok, not her best, cos the main girl sounds a lil whiny and immature at times, and she’s mostly pining for her high school first love from years ago. But Tong Hua’s strong for her plot and I think that works well for drama adaptations.
        *spoilers* I heard the drama changes the ending from the book so she ends up with the new guy (wallace) not first love, some people are happy some are not. I’m neutral cos I wasn’t hot for any of the guys hah.

    • OMGAWD I KNOW. Just the trailer alone I was already suffering through the bad dubbing. I also checked out the very beginning of ep1 and UGHHH why did they choose that voice for Janine?!?!? I am used to the dubbing in c-dramas but this……. =_=

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