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I am basically always over the moon whenever I watch The Pursuit of Happiness.  O___O  I guess the combination of Tony/Yi Kang and Sonia/Lei Lei just instantly makes me super happy.  I smiled and laughed WAY too much throughout this whole episode.  I’m pretty sure there was a smile pasted on my face long after I finished watching it too, I could just not wipe the grin off my face!  >__<


First of all I wasn’t sure why Yi Kang would decide to partner up with Lei Lei since it seems like both of them got off the wrong foot multiple times and their principles differ.  Turns out it takes Hai Lun’s tears to make Yi Kang realize that he doesn’t just want to stand by and watch Hai Lun cry for Wei Ting.  Yi Kang agrees to partner up with Lei Lei because he wants to fight for his happiness and he thinks Hai Lun deserves someone better. (AKA HIM.)

As for Hai Lun, I felt pretty bad for her throughout this episode because I could feel her frustration with Wei Ting.  In that one scene on the rooftop when Wei Ting explodes at Hai Lun, making the issue all about himself, I decided then and there that Hai Lun should just forget Wei Ting too.  Lei Lei AND Hai Lun, LEAVE WEI TING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t understand why there is not already a love square between Hai Lun/Yi Kang/Lei Lei going on instead! 😛   (JK JK..ok not really)  Anyways I like that we saw a more somber and pensive Hai Lun in this episode and not her usual chipper glowy angelic self.  At first I thought that Wei Ting and Hai Lun were just in the honeymoon phase but there are hints in this episode that actually they are not; Hai Lun is well aware of Wei Ting’s pride and his flaws.  I am rooting for Hai Lun’s happiness too, I think she quite deserves it and I like how she can see the best in everyone around her.

Wei Ting’s character still annoys me and at the moment I don’t really care about any of his scenes. T__T”  I kinda get where the drama is trying to go with his character but for some reason it is just kinda missing the mark so that instead of feeling bad for him I just feel annoyed with him.  He is this guy who embraces his “irresponsibility” and unrestrained ways.  Because everyone else believes he’s this kind of guy, he ends up in this neverending circle where he fulfills other people’s low expectations of him.  That’s all I got on his character for now, actually I’m looking forward to ep6 (shown in preview) where Lei Lei will tell him the truth.  BWAHAHAHAA.


^left middle pic: Yi Kang’s face when he tells Lei Lei that he’s been friend-zoned as the ‘good guy’ by Hai Lun

Onto my favorite pairing, Yi Kang & Lei Lei!!!!!!  OMG Yi Kang and Lei Lei as partners/almost-friends/housemates is just the cutest thing ever.  They go grocery shopping, eat together, work together, share a motorcycle together, secretly meet on the rooftop (AHAHA) and plan out their love strategies together.  Maybe the funniest thing though, is just how much Lei Lei is into this.  O_O  After Yi Kang agrees to become her partner, she just stands around watching him while laughing gleefully to herself.  AHAHAHA.  (I would do that too. 😛 )  I also love the scene on the rooftop when she attempts to coach Yi Kang on how to make his first move on Hai Lun.  I feel like we got to see a different side of Lei Lei there.  I think she has finally recovered from her love/work slump and is now going full force forward!

And..I know I shouldn’t be rooting for Lei Lei & Yi Kang to secretly break up Wei Ting & Hai Lun in this round-about way but..I admit it, I enjoyed it.  At this point it seems like they are using the divide-and-conquer strategy by comforting Wei Ting/Hai Lun during their time of heartbreak, not by using break-up schemes.  Also Lei Lei is overly zealous so Yi Kang draws the line and tells her that he will do things his way, she can do things her way.  PLUS…………………YI KANG CONFESSES TO HAI LUN AT THE END OF THE EPISODE.  OMGAWD.  But there is one thing–from the preview it looks like Lei Lei might make a bad choice and try to break apart Wei Ting/Hai Lun even more. O_O


^bottom two pics: BEST PART

THIS SCENE.  HEHEHEHEHEH.  I was laughing the entire time!!!!!  Lei Lei’s loyal minions follow her to her house and ambush her & Yi Kang.  I knew that their housemate situation would be misunderstood eventually!! 😛  There is this one part when Lei Lei gives one of her subordinates a really funny sarcastic reply and then everyone tries to hold in their laughter, Yi Kang included.  I don’t know why I like that moment, I JUST DO.   Oh, and at the end of the scene Yi Kang very innocently says that he’s gonna go take a shower and everyone instantly takes it in the wrong way (AHAHAHA) and then Yi Kang is just all, OOPS……


^bottom right pic: for some reason I loved that moment when Yi Kang was washing the dishes and Lei Lei was just standing there smiling to herself.

Yi Kang has pretty much naturally and gradually become Lei Lei’s companion.  O__O  I think the slow build-up of Yi Kang’s character has worked really well in this respect, he started out this random person in Lei Lei’s life but has now become one of her good friends.   First he was just kinda there and was always ignored by Lei Lei..but now he is accompanying her to her doctor’s appointment, chauffeuring her around town, and COOKING FOR HER.  YES, YI KANG CAN COOK!  MORE POINTS FOR YI KANG!   I think Lei Lei has come to accept his presence in her life, especially when there is this one scene when she thinks to herself that no person should have to be lonely and that now she has a comrade on her side.  AWWWWWWWWWW.


As for Lei Lei & Wei Ting’s side of the love square…meh.  At least with Yi Kang & Hai Lun, I actually do care about the 2nd lead whereas with Lei Lei & Wei Ting, I don’t care about Wei Ting so………>___>” The best parts of the Wei Ting & Lei Lei scenes are usually the expressions on Lei Lei’s face when Wei Ting isn’t looking.  For instance, the moment when Wei Ting embraces Lei Lei, the look on her face is just so sad but it also looks like she is kinda holding herself back.  Then when Wei Ting leaves I love how she casts one long look towards him before turning to walk away.  I guess the reason I like those parts is because they are all the sides of Lei Lei that Wei Ting is blind to.

There is only one scene with Tiffany & Lei Lei, and really I would’ve preferred it if they had just left that scene out.  I love these two but the scene feels really random and forced into the episode like an afterthought.  Seems like Tiffany’s potential serious boyfriend will be another side character in the drama, maybe he’ll become friends with Yi Kang later on?


As  you can tell I enjoyed this episode a lot, dare I say I like it even better than the previous episode?  I like how each episode has its own distinct feel to it (i.e. episode 4 being about loneliness/companionship, episode 5 about the love square & friendship) while still maintaining the overall atmosphere of the drama.  I am really curious about what is shown in the preview for ep6 when Lei Lei will get angry and confess to Wei Ting. O__O  It looks like it’s gonna be intense!!!!

Oh and will Lei Lei EVER wear pants? O_O She is always wearing shorts, I wonder if the seasons will be changing in the drama soon so that she transitions to fall or winter clothes?


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  • You already know I also LOVED all the Yi Kang/Lei Lei scenes even though at the back of my mind I still don’t understand one of the key things that is driving this drama – why Lei Lei is so hung up over Wei Ting. Especially the way she’s going about in the ‘break them up’ game. I guess sometimes the best way to deal with your work/relationship problems is to divert your energy onto something else. For Yi Kang however, why did he agree? LOL.

    (But then if every character is so rational and just confess their true feelings instead of all these underhanded stuff every drama would end at episode 5.)

    Very excited about the episode 6 preview though! 😀

    • Ok I think we are all wondering why in the world Lei Lei is dwelling on Wei Ting so much when he’s like…this. T__T” I think the point here is that love isn’t a rational thing, she can’t choose not to love him even when she knows his flaws. I guess she could choose to try to move on from him but again she cannot just logically decide where her heart will be.

      I’m happy that Yi Kang confesses to Hai Lun, enough of the round about stuff!!! 😀

      • I must have had my blinders on then! *goes off to watch ep. 5*

        p.s. Have you watched Hard Nut yet? It’s with Kora Kengo and Hashimoto Ai (and she is totally the star in it). Sadly, only one subbed ep so far, although it’s been airing for several weeks in Japan already.

        • I haven’t seen Hard Nut, how is it? Is the mystery (or mysteries) actually good? Had to look up Hashimoto Ai, now I remember I saw her in Hatsukoi. Omg alua I am so jdrama-less this season, WAAAAAH. :'(

      • Okay…. I just don’t get Wei Ting. He’s either wallowing in self-pity or hung up over his super-big ego. I just don’t see his appeal. He behaved totally unprofessionally and then blamed others! He lashed out at Hai Lun and then he essentially told Lei Lei it was her fault for asking him to join the project. She should have walked out of him right then and there… frankly I don’t see why she is pursuing him. Or why Hai Lun likes him so much. I mean, if’ve got a love triangle/quadrangle they should at least make it compelling, but this really isn’t it.

        I still really like Lei Lei and Yi Kang together, but the storyline that’s pushing them together unfortunately isn’t convincing with this uncompelling Love quadrangle.

        Can’t say I loved the co-workers confronting LL/YK at home either. They have them investigated, follow them home and then demand explanations while in Lei Lei’s own home? I would have kicked them out. It was none of their business – her friends’ maybe, but the co-workers’? Not in a mile!

        • I admit it I thought it was hilarious when Lei Lei’s coworkers followed them home. I think it’s because I view them not just as coworkers that Lei Lei has a strictly professional relationship with..they are also like her juniors and she is their big sis. But then again if I were Lei Lei I wouldn’t have been ok with that either!

          FORGET WEI TING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok, I’m totally Forget-Wei-Ting camp now – he’s such a pain. I agree with you about Lei Lei liking him being an exemple of why loving someone isn’t rational most of the time, but I expect the drama to come up with something to make him look worth fighting for. Quite the contrary. I wish both Lei Lei and Hai Lun would focus their energy and intelligence over the other male aka Tony… no sorry, Yi Kang.

    He’s a talented designer (isn’t it?), sweet, caring and all-good-things, so why are we (*we* as for *drama*) not concrentating on him?

    Oh, do you know about the OST release? I like every single song of POH, which is always a good sign of a good drama – for me at least, since s*itty soundtrack tends to spoils things pretty fast (Korean dramas have mastered this concept, hee)

    • I’m not sure when the official OST will be released, I can’t wait for it though! Yup POH has done a great job with its OST I already love all the songs. *W*

      I guess Hai Lun & Lei Lei still love Wei Ting despite all of his annoying tendencies. T_T Even with his flaws he must have SOME good quality; I guess his main attractive point for LL/HL is that he has a ‘free spirit’.

  • Wei Ting? Who’s that? I plan on ignoring him from here and on. Strikes me as a cry baby. I suppose the show will try to make us care about him and watch as he attempts to grow “for love” ? But, meh.. I’d rather he not even be kept as Lei Lei’s friend, since he’s obviously not even a good enough ‘friend’ to notice or care about Lei Lei’s feelings all this time. BLIND. At least I hope he’s just blind, because if he’s not.. shame on him.

    • Yeah he is totally oblivious. T_T” I am also trying my best to just ignore Wei Ting; if you think he is a crybaby here then just watch ep6 when he whines for an entire scene.

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