Anticipated autumn tw-drama: Marry or Not starring Tian Xin and Xiu Jie Kai!!

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WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  Thanks to my trusty friend Kat @ Drama Pot, I just found out that Tian Xin (Who’s the One, A Good Wife) is starring in an upcoming fall drama along with Xiu Jie Kai!!!!!!!  I am so happy!!  Two Tian Xin dramas in one year! How lucky is that right?  Ok well obviously I have a girl crush on Tian Xin ever since Who’s the One, I like her acting because she is versatile and she has good taste for her roles.


Of course probably most of you are not really interested in Tian Xin but instead in the casting of Xiu Jie Kai.  At first I was unsure about this pairing but actually they look about the same age in the previews and omg, there chemistry in the previews is really good. O__O  JUST WATCH THIS:

Marry or Not 20s preview:

OMGGGGGGGGG.  I was already gonna watch this drama for Tian Xin but Xiu Jie Kai will be EXTRA INCENTIVE to watch it. 😛  The drama will begin airing November 19th meaning we won’t have to wait for it too long!  Read more about the synopsis here.  I’m really not that interested in the story so far but the casting looks good.  So I will watch for the cast, let’s just hope that the writing will be good!

Source: Drama Pot


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