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A Good Wife is considerably much slower-paced than other dramas.  I admit I fast-forwarded through some scenes (particularly the scenes about Shao Wen/Xiang Qi’s work) because I feel like some of them are not really relevant to the main story.  But then again, I am still watching A Good Wife because the acting is great and I am really curious to see what’s going to happen next.  The pacing is slow but it always feels like a ticking time bomb or a pot that is about to boil over.  Everything looks all calm on the surface in the love square’s relationships and then BAM all of a sudden one more thing will break down.  These moments are the ones that stick with me the most from A Good Wife especially since they are also the moments with some of the best acting by Tian Xin!


Episodes 4-6 are different from the beginning episodes in that the focus is less on Yi Zhen’s monster in-laws and more on the major trust issues in her marriage.   In the beginning of the drama, I was rather impressed by how Shao Wen and Yi Zhen were so mature when it came to finally talking things out with each other and reaching middle ground over their issues with their in-laws.  But these latest episodes show that they actually are not this good at communicating with each other and I began to realize more and more through that their marriage is basically full of lies and distrust.  O_O  I’m not saying that  their love for each other is a lie, but more that they cannot be totally truthful with each other.  So instead of confronting each other about their discontentment, they try to act normal and eventually everything just boils over.

“…every pair of lovers will have two versions regarding feelings.  One type is the complete version that only you yourself knows.  The other type is the abridged version that you can tell other people.”

Yi Zhen begins to suspect that maybe Shao Wen had an affair in the past with one of their old classmates.  She goes around investigating and even asks Shao Wen directly if he has ever liked any other woman besides her during their marriage or if he has ever gotten tired of her.  Of course Shao Wen says no and only confesses LONG AFTER when he finally finds out that Yi Zhen actually has found proof of his affair.  T_T”  I have 2 favorite parts in this story arc–first when Yi Zhen discovers the proof of the affair, she rushes outside and stands tearing up as it shows the traffic moving past her.   Second when Shao Wen finally confesses to Yi Zhen, she turns around and asks him why he didn’t confess when she gave him the chance to.  Totally perfect acting by Tian Xin, she has such a look of distrust and hurt in her eyes and she doesn’t even have to start bawling or anything to get her point across.

Anyways what I don’t understand is why Shao Wen kept mum about this whole issue until he found out that Yi Zhen knew about the affair.  I mean, it looks way worse for him to lie to her face about it vs. he could’ve just come clean the first time and at least Yi Zhen would know he is no longer hiding the truth.  As for Yi Zhen, I also don’t understand why she has yet to ask Shao Wen the details, what else was there to his affair? Why did he do it?  So far Yi Zhen is more passive, she just explodes one moment and then tries to hold it in while giving Shao Wen the cold shoulder next.  In her reasoning she is trying to keep their marriage together by not holding any grudges against Shao Wen and just letting go.  But this is also the very source of Yi Zhen’s unhappiness, she is increasingly unhappy and lonely being in Shao Wen’s household because she feels she can no longer trust him and she also has to deal with the monster-in-laws.


I said before that I didn’t want Shao Wen and Yi Zhen to break up.  But now I’m not even sure anymore.  The main issue right now isn’t whether they’re happy but more that they have no sense of trust between each other now!  This gets even worse when Yi Zhen continually lies to Shao Wen (i.e. she goes to Sheng En’s bookstore but lies that she didn’t, etc.) and Shao Wen begins to suspect that Yi Zhen is cheating on HIM.  ARGHH.  I don’t think they will break up anytime soon because they have barely even started to really discuss their issues together as a couple..but at the same time I wonder if they can resolve their trust issues.

“Learning to lie, learning to pretend I’ve forgotten, forgotten your affair with another woman…Dearest, I suddenly really wanted to tell you, I want a divorce.”

Another thing is that I wonder if Yi Zhen would be willing to act on her desire for independence & freedom if the cost of it is her marriage.  There is this one great “OMG” moment when Shao Wen reads her diary entry for the day she discovered his affair. (Quoted above) In it she wrote that after finding out about the affair, she actually had the urge to tell him she wanted to get divorce..but decided against it and pretended not to know about the affair.  That part I was just thinking, OMG Shao Wen did not know that things had gotten to this point where Yi Zhen was so unhappy she would even consider breaking up with him!!!!! O______O


I didn’t talk much about Sheng En in my previous post. >__<   Well now it is more clear that Sheng En and Yi Zhen are now besties because they can both give each other life advice & encouragment whenever they feel down on their luck.  I think the drama is trying to push the “THEY WILL FALL IN LOVE AND CHEAT” thing way too much because whenever they are together or basically anything that has to do with their friendship is brought up, there is always that one dramatic song that plays.  T__T”  Come on, I know they are probably going to get together eventually but at this point everyone is reading WAY too much into their friendship.  Sheng En & Yi Zhen are pretty much a two-person hurting hearts club (literally) and although there have been hints of physical attraction they are not even thinking about romantic involvement with each other.

The thing I really like about their friendship is that Yi Zhen can finally be herself around Sheng En.  When she is with Shao Wen or her family she is always playing the role of the good wife, which in turn stifles her true feelings and personality.  These episodes hinted that in the past Yi Zhen used to be much more assertive and opinionated but she changed for Shao Wen.  I am just wondering now how much of the real Yi Zhen have we really seen?  How much has Yi Zhen forced herself to change and how much of her prior personality is still there?


I am also really happy to report that Darren Qiu & Shara Lin as Sheng En and Xiang Qi (respectively) are actually doing really well in the acting department.  A lot of tw-dramas cast idols/singers as the second leads but usually that results in some not so great acting.  In this case I feel like Darren and Shara are doing a great job so far in fleshing out their characters.

One reason I’m enjoying Sheng En’s character more is now I’m always thinking back to this comment that Kat @ Dramapot made–that Sheng En & Xiang Qi basically have role reversals in the traditional boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.  Xiang Qi is the career woman and she’s the one who doesn’t want to settle down.  She’s the one working late hours and she cannot always be together with Sheng En.  On the other hand Sheng En is kinda penniless, hankering for marriage, and always wanting to spend more time with Xiang Qi.  Xiang Qi is very practical while Sheng En is the romanticist.  Love the role reversals and now that Kat pointed it out, I ALWAYS see it whenever they are together HAHA.

Well I’m undecided on Shao Wen & Yi Zhen’s relationship but I’ve decided that I would like for Xiang Qi and Sheng En to stay together.  I’m not sure why, I just think they are a good fit for each other despite their differing life goals and personalities.  I actually want to see them work out their differences and reach the middle ground with each other.  I’m also enjoying Xiang Qi’s dilemma over whether she can balance work and a relationship and whether she even wants marriage.



Oh yeah, I just had to include this gorgeous still because OMG all of the stills for A Good Wife are gorgeous.  The photographer really got it right this time! 😀

Hmm I’m kinda scared for when Yi Zhen & Sheng En take the next step (if they do which they probably will..since that’s what the drama is about O_O) because then it’ll be all intense and ‘omg what if someone finds out what’s gonna happen omg’ feeling.  Usually I don’t like dramas about cheating because I cannot handle that feeling of the third party/cheater constantly keeping secrets and going behind people’s backs and always almost about to be discovered.  O_O  Not sure how the drama will handle this…

Anyways A Good Wife is the one drama that I am trying really hard to avoid spoilers for because I don’t want to know what will happen until I get there.  BUT I have snuck a few peeks at a couple scenes (OOPS) and it seems like there will be more OMG scenes coming up.

*Update: WOW with perfect timing for this post, I just found out that Tian Xin is starring in another new fall tw-drama (2013) called Marry or Not!  She is starring along with Xiu Jie Kai, and OMG the trailers look good!  Read more here (about the synopsis in more detail) and I also wrote up a very quick post about here (in which I basically spazzed and went omgawd how lucky am I to have another Tian Xin drama).   I think Tian Xin can pull this off; she can do serious heavy stuff like in A Good Wife or more light-hearted dramas like Who’s the One.  😀  WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sources: Still credit: A Good Wife FB page  / Quote translation credit: A Good Wife Viki channel


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The Pursuit of Happiness: Ep 4
Anticipated autumn tw-drama: Marry or Not starring Tian Xin and Xiu Jie Kai!!
    • Yes this drama is really good so far BUT if you want a happy and uplifting drama then this is not it. It is more serious and doesn’t have that many lighthearted moments. >__<" Although I guess when Yi Zhen (heroine) and Sheng En (2nd lead) are together, their scenes are more happy. It all depends on what kind of genre you like or what you are in the mood for!

      • Noted.
        I love the Fierce Wife starring by Sonia Sui..
        Is it similar to that Heisui?? 🙂

        Btw, have you watched the drama called.. (I forgot the name) but the story is about one princess who’s sleeping together with Kang Xi Emperor. They have a twin…
        One of the male lead is the 8th prince from BBJX…
        I am watching up until ep 3 now..
        Let me know if you have watched this as I always value your opinion 🙂

        • I didn’t watch all of The Fierce Wife so I’m not sure I can accurately compare. Apparently it is supposed to be kinda like the reverse, where the wife will end up cheating on the husband. From what I can tell, there are some main differences from The Fierce Wife:

          -Heroine in FW had support from her bestfriend (or relative I don’t remember but it was one of the important side characters), heroine in GW has no support from anyone which is why she is even more lonely and unhappy.

          -It’s hard to know how to root for since we see things from all perspectives, whereas in FW of course I was on the heroine’s side.

          -No kids in AGW, I think in FW the heroine already had kids?

          I haven’t heard of that drama at all. O__O At least I don’t think so, let me know if you remember the name so I can look it up!

  • You have to be in a certain mood to watch A Good Wife right? It should be pre-requisite viewing for anyone getting married because their seemingly fairytale marriage is just full of cracks underneath.

    You’re right Sheng En and Xiang Qi are such a loving couple you want them to be together. Just like in the beginning before we find out about the cheating we’d want Yi Zhen and Shao Wen to stay together. ><

    • Exactly, I have to be in the right mood to enjoy A Good Wife. Hmm I think it would be kinda nerve-wrecking to watch this before getting married though. O_O I’m kinda surprised I began to like Xiang Qi & Sheng En more and more as the drama progressed. I’m glad they are taking time to sort things out, I think Yi Zhen & Shao Wen need to do that too!

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