Bu Bu Jing Qing: New Official MV’s (Part I)

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So I’m really skeptical about the upcoming sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin so much so that I was actually surprised to discover that its first official MV actually isn’t that bad!!  It features the OTP of Ruo Xi/4th or Zhang Xiao/(Uh what is 4th’s modern name supposed to be? O_O).  I kinda wish it featured Annie’s character & the 2nd male lead too but come on, we all know people will watch it for Ruo Xi & 4th’s ship so I guess that’s why they only showed the main OTP.  Anyways if you compare it to the theme song MV, it’s no wonder that  the official MV is miles better.  Any MV would be better than that theme song MV that was so hastily thrown together. O_O

Official MV

I don’t know if it’s just me or did anyone else laugh during 4th/Zhang Xiao’s dramatic rain scene when 4th dramatically sheds a tear and then turns around to see that Zhang Xiao fainted?  O_O I don’t know why I thought it was funny but I did.  Anyways that scene is nicely filmed and obviously they specifically chose the super contrasting red/blue umbrellas for it but if you see one of the new stills for it..the still just looks awkward…Anywhoo, other developments shown in the MV?  4th & Zhang Xiao will have a bed scene, 4th will save Zhang Xiao from suicide and of course, they will fall in love.  Liu Shi Shi still looks super tired and lifeless here, I don’t know if it’s just because that’s how her character is supposed to be or what.

Opening Theme Song MV

^Thought you might like to see the opening theme song MV, for comparison.  😛


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  • I agree the quality of the official MV is better than Opening Theme Song MV, but I really like the opening theme song!
    Did Zhang Xiao really tried to commit suicide? I though it looked more like she was trying to enjoy the view and 4th thought she was trying to kill herself or think it was dangerous and stopped her (since she was kinda smiling?).
    For one thing though, I’m not a fan of Zhang Xiao’s hairstyle, it looks floppy and old-fashioned. :/

    • Oh I thought it was implied that she was going to commit suicide but maybe I actually misinterpreted it? :/

      Yeah LSS would look way better with side bangs!!!

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