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Episode 41 tried so hard to be dramatic that I wasn’t sure if it was cheesy or actually suspenseful.  It’s hard to explain but some parts were so dramatic that I felt like laughing. O_______O

First of all, what the heck, the empress really does turn into Zheng Er #2!! And I totally called it in my last post!!  I’m really disappointed that the empress has turned into a jealous vengeful woman who just wants to wipe out her competition so she can have the emperor’s love all to herself.  T_T She used to be chill, but now I just shake my head at her.  Why are period c-dramas so fond of these female villains who end up crazily scheming and killing for love?  Anyways, I get that the empress is jealous and all, but up until now she has never been stupid.  All of a sudden she decides to kill Xue Wu with no logic whatsoever.  *facepalm*

Obviously YWY finds out because he is super smart and is a step ahead of the empress.  This is one of the scenes that was borderline cheesy/actually dramatic–YWY gives the empress several chances to confess that she sent assassins to kill XW…but the empress doesn’t fess up. She offers him tea and then YWY very DRAMATICALLY goes ‘NYIHHHHHHH’ and pushes her hand away, thus making the tea cup crash onto the floor.  Omg, at that moment I started laughing because of how he was all, “NYIIIIIIIIIIIIH” *tea cup crashes* Empress goes “GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” AHAHA.

But then it turns really serious and intense, no longer cheesy and instead I’m just sitting there gawking at how scary YWY is.  He loses his temper and starts yelling at the empress.  The saddest part is the way he says “Empress, you’ve changed”.  Anyways let’s just say I would not want to be around when YWY loses his temper. O_____O  That part of the scene really startled me because I was NOT expecting YWY to be that intense while angry.


^Top left pic: THAT SMILE!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.   Bottom right pic: YES, that is of YWY just gazing at XW with a look full of love and adoration.  The expression on his face really says it all.

Ah, YWY is great as usual in these episodes.  I think he has reached some sort of compromise with his feelings for XW…he knows he can’t have her heart and he is at peace with that.  He really looks happiest whenever he sees that XW is happy, and at this point I guess that is enough for him.  I love all of the sweet gestures he does for XW in ep42–letting her leave the palace and live in the countryside, giving her LLW’s favorite horse, and even finding a nanny companion for her and her kid.  So sweet. :'(

I also love the way he always reminds XW that there is a purpose to her life even though LLW is “dead”.  YWY respects XW’s wishes to have a peaceful life but he also gives her the option of helping the people and doing her duty as the heavenly maiden.  Maybe without YWY’s encouragement, XW wouldn’t have had the drive to continue doing her good work as the heavenly girl amongst the commoners. In other words, he helps her reach her full potential.


And on the topic of Xue Wu, ironically she looks prettier than ever in ep42 than she has ever looked in this entire drama.  Just my opinion, but seriously, I felt like suddenly they started doing something right with the lighting/hairstyle/makeup in ep42.  O___O

In ep41, I got annoyed with XW when she started avoiding YWY all because she was attempting not to become Zheng Er #3 and she thought this was the solution.  No, XW, that didn’t fool the empress one bit.   But in ep 42, XW gets less on my nerves because she is no longer playing hide-and-seek games with YWY and instead has reached peace with her life.  This girl has stayed strong even after LLW’s death and has even reached the point where she can smile freely and joke happily with YWY.  I guess the only way to describe it is that XW looks revived in ep42!


One commenter fleetingpaper mentioned that the character of LLW was made for Xue Wu to love, while the character of YWY was made for the audience to love.  I totally agree!!!! 😀  Every scene with YWY is a highlight and I still love his chemistry with XW even though I know they will never be together.  Now I’m just wondering how they will react to LLW’s fake death!

In other news, I searched for a Happy Camp feature of Lan Ling Wang and guess what, there is one!!! I don’t think Ariel or FSF are in it, but Daniel Chan & some of the other cast members are all on the show.  The main thing I wanted to point out though, is that the whole beginning portion is dedicated to Daniel Chan only!!!!!! O_____O YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!  They know who the fans wanna see! 😛  Anyways, thanks to kat at Drama Pot, I found this awesome part where Daniel shows his acting chops–he can cry in a matter of seconds!  It starts at around 42:30 in the video! 😀  The funny part is that after a PERFECT TEAR drops, the whole audience & the show hosts go “WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”.  *fangirls start screaming* <<me included.

Happy Camp–Lan Ling Wang


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  • Ariel Lin must have been super happy to have Daniel Chan (her childhood idol crush that I read somewhere) look at her so lovingly. I’ve never seen him in anything before and am looking forward to checking out his other shows.

      • I know! Especially when she seems so smitten around him during some interviews! Ariel hasn’t been in series recently and she made a point saying that she accepted the role only when she saw Daniel was cast in it! She said she collected all his albums and had posters of him on her wall during her school years.

  • Did I say that? I’ve said so much I can’t remember lol! I actually liked Daniel’s angry scene with the empress, I don’t think it’s the story about it that I liked rather than the fact that I just like him when he’s mad with those crazy eyes filled with fury… is that weird? Anyway, I’m sad to say that there is not much left going for the series after this point, at least that’s my opinion. Daniel is still great, but if you thought the storyline was bleh before, now it’s even more bleh.

    Lanling Wang’s reunion was… I dunno, just cant take him seriously with or without his funky hairdo meh. And it’s like he only has one expression ever throughout the series? The furrowing brow look. You can’t see me right now, but I’m mocking him by doing that look because his ‘diverse’ acting expressions just annoys me that much!

    • I think it was you. I know someone said it on my last post, haha! Ok, I thought Daniel’s scene was funny the moment he smashed the teacup onto the ground. Everything after that though, was great. Yeah it’s the eyes that really startled me, I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen him so enraged and intense!

      Good thing I have no expectations for the rest of the storyline, that way I will not be too disappointed when I watch the ending. T_T” LOL I know the look you’re talking about, that’s how I remember LLW.

  • About all those female supporting characters suddenly going evil in Asian dramas, I think they are purely for the benefits of the female leads and viewers. The very Mary-Sue thing about female leads in dramas is that all the (good looking) guys are madly in love with her! If that guy, however, had a wife/fiancee/cousin/ex-girlfriend before meeting the girl, they will be viewed as an obstacle/stain in this “pure love”. It simply will not do for the audience to sympathize with the wife and view the female lead as a third party! So what do they do? They turn that support girl into an evil and scheming bitch so the guy will have a good reason to get rid of her. Finally the audience and the female lead will be satisfy with knowing they are enjoying the sole attention of the guy. 😛

    • That’s a really good explanation!!! I never thought of it that way but yeah, it does make the third party heroine seem like the one who is all innocent and blameless while the wife/fiancee/ex-gf is suddenly the one in the wrong. So then it makes it easier to rationalize why we’re rooting for the heroine who is actually the third party. O__________O””

    • To tell you the truth, it’s very immature and it keeps characters from becoming more complex. I really wish they did less of that but I guess the younger generation soaks it up like a sponge. Maybe the aging of the world is a good thing. This may push writers to come up with something… well… different and better. I can do with a bit of over-done Mary-Sue every now and again but there’s a point where it becomes overdone and VERY crossing the line.

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