Lan Ling Wang: Eps 37-40 (Strategic Yu Wen Yong/Daniel Chan Watching)

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So, continuing onward with my strategic Yu Wen Yong/Daniel Chan watching, I watched episodes 37-40 all in one day.  There are lots of great YWY scenes but also a lot of intense scenes.  Brace yourselves! 😛


Look at this happy family!  Xue Wu comes to her senses and finally realizes that Yu Wen Yong is the one for her.  She leaves Lan Ling Wang, kicks Zheng Er’s butt, and moves to the Zhou Empire to live happily ever after with Yu Wen Yong & his adopted daughter.  Together, he and Xue Wu bring peace and happiness to the whole empire!

………..just kidding.  This will never ever happen. Seriously though, I stumbled upon the glorious LLW forum over at spcnet which is FULL of loyal YWY fans (WOOT WOOT) and I even saw someone write up a fan fiction for YWY, complete with screencaps and all.   Hey, I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO’S THOUGHT OF THE OTHER POSSIBLE ENDINGS FOR YWY..


First I have to talk about the outfits because they always amuse me.  Zheng Er is now sporting a new hairstyle and pretty earrings but omg, what have they done to her outfit.  It’s like the designer tried to put as much gold, metallics, lace, and patterns on it as possible.  And I seriously think there are SHOULDER PADS in her dress.   T__T”  Another costume fail–YWY usually has decent outfits…but this time, he wore this really ugly bedazzled metallic robe. (pic above)  You can’t see it in this screencap, but the full length view of the robe was not good looking at all.  As for Xue Wu, she has a few outfit changes.  All I can say is, at least they are better than some of her previous outfits.  T___T”  I always get the feeling that the designer was trying to make the period outfits with a modern flair but these neon colors, metallic patterns, and the giant bulky jewelery are just not working.


^bottom left pic: Oh crap, I bet YWY’s empress will turn into Zheng Er #2 and get all jealous of XW.  NOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!

So, I skipped episodes 28-36.  When I started out with ep37, I was all what the heck, LLW is dead already?  It’s only ep37, he can’t die this early!  Well turns out Zheng Er has effectively screwed over everyone’s minds by faking LLW’s death and holding him captive in an underground dungeon while nursing him back to health.  ERM……..the sad part is that I can’t really say I’m surprised.  T___T”  Seriously, it feels like the writer has been trying to pack in every freaking plot twist available with all of these misunderstandings, faked deaths, and near-deaths.

Yes, these episodes are quite cruel…not because of all the angst and sorrow and heartbreak (although there are a lot of sad scenes)…but because it’s all for nothing!!!!! LLW isn’t even dead!!  XW is mourning his death and believes she has been left on her own to raise their child!! OMG!!  Also, YWY finally believes that he can be happy with XW and protect her…….but we all know how that goes……


There is this one part in the beginning ep37 when I totally LOL’d……Zheng Er says that ‘Xue Wu isn’t stupid..she just loves LLW’.  Me: AHAHAHA, ARE YOU SURE???  I don’t know if XW is half-smart and half-dumb or what.  She has so many moments when she is suddenly super smart and wise and then other times I’m left wondering ‘what in the world is she doing?’.  Anyways I’ve become utterly convinced that XW doesn’t deserve YWY. (so instead YWY can be with US. 😉 )  Yeah yeah, she makes YWY happy, she acknowledges he is her life-saver, and she values him as a good friend but……..we all know that 1) She is half-obliviously-half-knowingly leading him on and 2) Once she finds out LLW is alive, she will leave behind YWY in the dust AGAIN.


So, YWY saves XW for the nth time, orders his doctors to save her and her baby’s lives, and takes her in as his concubine to protect her from Zheng Er’s assassins.  Yeah.  I felt like this was almost a replay of what happened with 14th & Ruo Xi in BBJX–in both cases, 14th & YWY have unrequited love for the heroine and get married in name only to protect them.  Of course, we all know XW will never ever develop any romantic feelings whatsoever for YWY so this is quite the bittersweet and cruel story arc.  :'(  I love seeing YWY and XW together but I know it won’t last.

What I love about YWY in these episodes is that he is not trying to be some opportunist who swoops in when XW is at her worst.  He’s not trying to replace LLW, in fact he is doing what is necessary to protect XW’s life.  YWY tries to maintain a respectful distance from XW by honoring their ‘marriage in name only’ but at the same time, you can just see that he is still harboring some small hope that maybe one day, XW will be willing to be his true wife.  They’re not quite friends, not quite lovers…YWY knows they are in limbo and he finds himself stuck in the middle.  Could he ever hope for something more from XW, or is this all just a fleeing time of happiness?  It all just feels so bittersweet.


So YWY and XW are STRANDED IN THE RAIN, XW is tending YWY’s wound, and YWY clasps her hand and asks if he really has no chance with her.  He says he’d rather not be emperor if being emperor would prevent him from being able to protect XW.  Of course, XW’s answer is NADA which she conveys by silently removing her hand from his grasp.  ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.  I’m not saying I wish XW would fall for YWY (especially when she is still mourning LLW’s death) but does she really have zero feelings towards him whatsoever?  What is the point of there being a 2nd lead that never has a chance at all with the heroine?


^Such a magical scene!

The other major event in these episodes would be Xiao Dong’s death.  It was really sad when Xiao Dong was shielding XW from the arrows and it’s in that moment that I realized that XW was not just taking Xiao Dong’s loyalty for granted.  Sometimes it feels like XW does not appreciate just how much others are sacrificing for her, but here we clearly see that she loves Xiao Dong very dearly.  The main thing that ruins the scene when Xiao Dong is still physically able to carry a giant log after he has just been shot multiple times in the back.  Pretty sure that wasn’t possible.


I’m not looking forward to the episode when XW finds out LLW is still alive because we will just go through a whole new story arc where everything gets reversed once again.  But I am curious to see what LLW will do when he finds out XW is YWY’s concubine in name.  Also I’m scared to see what YWY’s empress will do now that she is getting jealous of XW.  T__T

So, the upcoming episodes on my to-watch list are:

  • 41-42
  • 44-46

Here’s a BTS clip featuring Daniel Chan as YWY.  It is fun hearing his accent and also seeing some short glimpses of the BTS.  I definitely recommend you watch the moment at 3:30 in which Daniel Chan WINKS.  Oh, my heart!


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  • If Xuewu met Yuwen Yong before Lanling Wang… actually scratch that, what makes me annoyed about the basis for the romantic plot is that the writers chose Lanling Wang for the grandmother to brag about when Yuwen Yong was actually a much more able ruler. So the one Xuewu naturally (automatically) would have helped and sided and fall for would have been Yuwen Yong. It would also be more justified if Lanling Wang was the one she constantly rejected because in the series there was way more chemistry between her and Yuwen Yong, not to mention they experience a broader range of events throughout the story. In history they both die (obviously), and Lanling Wang does in fact die by the poison sent from the emperor. If Xuewu were paired with Yuwen Yong and not Lanling Wang I think it would actually make the romantic plot BETTER, at least the ending would be better as well. No just because we all want Yuwen Yong and Xuewu are together, but because it can actually be better overall. Ooh, I wanna say more, but I’ll wait to you finish series!

    • Oh, when I say in history they both die, I didn’t mean Xuewu, she is totally fiction, I meant Lanling Wang and Yuwen Yong (since, well, it would be impossible for them to be alive now!)

    • Oh yeah I kinda forgot about how XW was already preconditioned by her grandma when she heard that LLW was all righteous and stuff. So I guess she was already biased towards LLW and on his side since she was a young age. LOL there is a reason the drama is called Lan Ling Wang though…..if XW ended up with YWY I guess we would have to call it Yu Wen Yong instead. O_____O

      I agree though..XW and YWY have great chemistry on screen…even when they are not gonna be together! >_<

      • LLW and YWY also have a weird chemistry going… if you notice… if we were the script writers, since this is so far torn from history, might as well go all the way…. -_-;;

      • It would be called Zhou Wu Di! But the “Wang” in Lanling Wang makes LLW sound cooler…

        Honestly speeking, why the author chose Lanling Wang and country of Qi as the main focus is beyond me. The story happened within approx 2 years or less and during this time frame the events of Zhou outside and within the royal court, and characters of the household of Zhou had way more potentional to be interesting. In particular his niece; in history he did in fact adore her and had high regard of her. When he chose to distance himself from his empress, Ashina, it was his niece who reminded him the benefits her entire clan would bring to the country of Zhou. His niece was only 6 or 7 years old at the time! Andddd she ends up marrying Li Yuan and becomes the mother of Li Shimin!!

        Speeking of helpful clans, here is a useless one: LLW took the poison one year after he first met Xuewu. According to granny he was suppose to DIE, but I guess the “powers” of the Tian Nuu of Wu clan were overreated *eye rolling* and couldn’t detect the difference between real death and fake death. Xuewu’s background is so over rated. Why give her a background like this if she has zero supernatural abilities and is only helpful with chemistry and physics? Just make her an alchemist or something! sheeh… I’m rambling again, I guess it just bothers me when a series that have totally good potentional is stuffed around…

        • I seriously think that the writer chose LLW because of the whole “OMG Lan Ling Wang is so beautiful that he wears a MASK into battle!” hype. 😛 It would’ve been interesting to see what they could’ve done with the story if they had focused more on the Zhou empire.

          AHAHAHAHA, I never thought about that but omg, it is so true!! Grandma’s powers of divination didn’t see that one coming, eh? OR..did XW somehow change LLW’s destiny? Did she make him take a detour? And yeah, all XW has done is filter water and that is more because she is smart when it comes to natural medicine and such. I wish they could’ve at least let her predict the future once or something to show her heavenly girl status.

          • Well… I guess she did dream of dead people, I’ll give her that, pretty useless ability, and hindered on Yuwen Yong’s chance of ever being with her (thanks to grannys 180 take on LLW) but whatevsr lol

            Ugh, at least get somebody who DOES look fancy enough to fit the handsome role. Did you know Feng Shaofeng chose to NOT work out his body because he reasoned that LLW was suppose to be elegantly or femininely beautiful so having muscles was not the way to go? Dude, pretty boys have muscles too, especially those who are fit enough to be a general in a war!!

            • HUH? Was that FSF’s attempt at interpreting his character? He doesn’t look like a feminine pretty boy in the first place especially with his tall build! Not having muscles is not gonna magically make him look more like an elegant pretty boy!! *facepalm*

              Oh, and I’m still bitter over how we didn’t get to see YWY up close in his shirtless scene. 😛

  • lol… I knew it was coming but I was disappointed to find out he was still alive. I think keeping him dead may have made the story more interesting and less cliche.

      • But I wanted him dead… I’m so tired of seeing his face… well… the faces of just about everybody in this drama by the end of it but that still didn’t make the ending satisfying…

        • I mean… imagine if he actually died. People would actually have to cope with what actually went down… instead of half-coping and then rewinding… XW might actually wake up and stop being such a ninny and end up with YWY… after enough time has passed to make it socially acceptable for her to do so since this is a drama… or she can remain stubborn with YWY pining for her in the background… but to me that’s still a better deal than what actually goes down in the rest of this car wreck!! Zheng Er would probably give up on life in general and everything would just go downhill from there, while dragging LLW’s brother down with her along for the ride, and the story would make so much more sense and be SOOO much more original!!!! 🙂

          • I guess it is kinda anticlimatic with LLW coming back from the dead after everyone thought he was dead…..and then dying anyways in the final ending. T_T” I wonder if this means that the later episodes will show less of the aftermath of LLW’s death since we already saw the aftermath of his fake death….

            I wish LLW would come back after a longer time had passed. I mean, long enough so that there are major changes in XW’s feelings towards him.

  • Team YWY all the way! I think YWY’s character is very interesting ..he’s smart ,kind but cunning at the same time….The reason why I’m not in to LLW because in the history LLW was supposed to be a very beautiful man with very beautiful face..kind of feminine look but the problem is FSF has a very manly face…he should definitely not get this role from the first place.When I think of LLW…I think of Huo Jian Hua instead…I admit that FSF is good looking(with that Fake plastic Chin.. nose and fake double eyelids) but he’s just not LLW’s character (sorry for FSF’s fan but it’s the truth).Back to Daniel..I think his acting skill improves a lots..I love the way his eyes show his emotion to the audiences …and I think he ages well..the more older he gets, the more hotter he is..don’t you agree guys?

    • I agree FSF looks more manly than beautiful. T_T Kinda a miscast for LLW. However the reason I’m not really into LLW’s character isn’t just because of the’s also the way the character is written, he kinda irks me. >_< Yup I think Daniel's acting has improved!

  • I was kind of bummed out when I learned that LLW was still alive. That sounds terrible and I initially did start this drama out of my admiration for the historical LLW, but when there is someone like YWY in the picture, you can’t really blame me, right? I was seriously thinking that maybe over time XW would learn to love YWY if LLW was gone. But yeah, wishful thinking.

    I guess it’s true what they say about LLW being loved by XW most while YWY was made to be loved by the audience. Lol.

    • I can’t say you’re the only one that felt that way, LOL. Yeah I felt really bad too but come on, do we really have to suffer through TWO deaths of LLW? T__T”” Just imagine how much more traumatic it will be for XW when it really DOES happen! And ooo I like that saying, totally true..I feel like YWY has lots of fan service scenes HEHEHEHE!

  • So I watched up through these episodes now. I skipped over a lot of parts in Eps 29 – 37. I got so sick of Zheng Er! I really think this drama could have been excellent if it had developed LLW’s character more and focused more on the LLW-XW-YWY love triangle. I wasn’t really all that tearful about LLW’s death because it just seemed SO STUPID. What so called “God of War” would be like, “Oh sure, Crown Prince, I’m happy to kill myself so that you won’t feel insecure.” WTF?! The writers turned LLW into such a dope. I know the historical figure did die by poison wine, but I think what would have made this drama really great is if they had had LLW work with YWY to fake his death and usurp the throne after realizing that the Crown Prince wouldn’t change. He could have had to make everyone including XW BELIEVE it was real so he’d be sacrificing his life with her and also his nationalism in order to depose the CP and save the people. That would have been noble. What he did was just dumb. He also could have planned to give XW into YWY’s care forever because he could have thought something along the lines of “She needs to believe I’m dead and then I might lose my life taking out the Crown Prince, so I don’t want her to go through my death twice.” Imagine how interesting it would have been to watch YWY team up in secret with LLW while YWY is growing closer to XW knowing that he gets to keep her forever but knowing that LLW is watching and that he’s working with him, and meanwhile LLW has more depth dealing with his conflicts about if overthrowing his own emperor and teaming up with the invader is truly best for “the people”… They could have had most of the episodes focused on LLW and YWY’s interaction leading up to the “death” and after and just a few background scenes letting us know Crown Prince is ruining the country instead of almost 10 episodes of nonstop Zheng Er/Crown Prince/Zhu Ti torture and murder. UGH. Oh well, at least the drama redeemed itself for me with all the YWY-XW scenes after LLW’s death and I like LLW’s robin hood routine.

    • Just wait until the ending, it will surprise you. T____T”” LLW’s faked death was pushing it and ZE’s antics during his fake death were just BLEGHH. And just like you’ve pointed out, there are definitely lots of ways this whole thing could’ve been improved. I loved watching YWY taking care of XW though, HUHUHU.

  • Hi! So i am a huge YWY fan and I just wanna ask what is that fanfic you talked abt in the begining. I just wanna see it.
    In fact I kinda feel like I am wasting my time watching LLW scenes so I am also gonna skip to YWY.
    Anyways plz tell me! Thank u!!!!! btw I love ur blog.

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