This Year in Drama Soundtracks – 2013 (Part 1: Melancholy Edition)

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The year of 2013 has given us some wonderful dramas along with some wonderful soundtracks!  There are so many memorable songs that I can’t wait ’til the year is over to start writing up some soundtracks posts.  😛  Anyways when I make playlist titles, I usually think of the word that describes the vibe/feeling I get from the songs.  So, part 1 is the “Melancholy” edition.  A lot of these songs are either ballads, instrumentals, or piano songs.  In other words, they are the kind of songs I would listen to when I’m feeling more blue.

In this Melancholy Edition:

  1. Everyday – Jo Jung Hee – Cruel City OST
  2. Heart of Palms (Piano Version) – V.K. – Lan Ling Wang OST
  3. Want to Say to You – Aska ( 楊宗緯 ) A Good Wife OST
  4. By Your Side – William Wei ( 在你身邊 ) – The Pursuit of Happiness OST
  5. Divorce Rhapsody – Saikou no Rikon OST
  6. Don’t Know What’s Normal (Acoustic Version/ Matomo ga Wakaranai) – Sakamoto Shintaro (坂本慎太郎) – Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi OST
  7. Last Cinderella (Piano Version) – Takeshi Hanzawa –  Last Cinderella OST
  8. To You (Anata E) – Kazunori Miyake – Woman OST


The Songs:


Everyday – Jo Jung Hee – Cruel City OST

Drama: K-drama / Cruel City
Genre: I have no idea what this genre is. O_O”
Feeling: Wistful and alone

“It makes people anxious and confused,
why not forget about it?
This night, this me,
you should understand right?
I wander around, should I just disappear?”

This is perhaps my favorite song on this entire list, so of course I had to put it as the #1 song.  It’s really mellow and wistful and definitely brings back some flashbacks from Cruel City.  Overall Cruel City had a great soundtrack but I think this is the one song that I can actually sing along with the most.  Also the lyrics are great so I highly recommend you watch the version with the lyrics translation, linked below.


Heart of Palms (Piano Version) – V.K. – Lan Ling Wang OST

Drama: C-drama / Lan Ling Wang / Summer 2013
Genre: Piano, instrumental
Feeling: Heartbreak, first love

This is for sure the most beautiful song on this list.  I can replay this song over and over again and never get tired of it.  It is beautifully played by V.K. and, IMO, is better than the original version that has the vocals.


Want to Say to You – A Good Wife OST

Drama: Tw-drama / A Good Wife OST / Spring-Summer 2013
Genre: Ballad
Feeling: Emotional release?

I’m not really sure how to describe the feeling I get when I listen to this song.  There are a lot of feelings I attached to the song because of the drama it’s associated with.  Just to clarify, I could only find the official MV version..and the MV has NOTHING to do with the actual drama itself.


By Your Side – William Wei ( 在你身邊 ) – The Pursuit of Happiness OST

Drama: Tw-drama / The Pursuit of Happiness / Fall 2013
Genre: Ballad
Feeling: Soothing and sweet

This is a new fall tw-drama and I already loveeee its theme song.  It’s sung by the same artist who sang the theme song for In Time With You!  I suggest you watch the subbed version for the lyrics translation. (Subbed version linked here.)


Divorce Rhapsody – Saikou no Rikon OST

Drama: J-drama / Saikou no Rikon / Winter 2013Genre: Instrumental, piano
Feeling: Despair and eventual hope

“I don’t know what I’m trying to do, I have no goal, it never ends.  It just feels like I’m stringing together the days, or stacking them on one another.  It just continues on.”

This is a song that I remember distinctly from Saikou no Rikon.  It starts out making me feel like I’ve reached the depths of despair (ok, I’m being a bit dramatic here.) especially since I associate it with a really great scene from the drama.


Don’t Know What’s Normal (Acoustic Version) – Sakamoto Shintaro (坂本慎太郎) – Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi OST

Drama: J-drama / Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi / Winter 2013
Genre: Acoustic, instrumental
Feeling: Lethargic, summery, slow

I love the drama Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi.  Most of its songs are reflective of the entire atmosphere of the drama–that is, half-baked, summery, and slow.  It’s kinda hard to describe it if you haven’t seen the drama.  But when I listen to it I also get the feeling of..wandering and lack of direction.  This is probably because the main characters have little sense of purpose in life and instead live day by day.  Overall it’s a great summer song that just makes me want to take a cat-nap! 😛


Last Cinderella (Piano Version) – Takeshi Hanzawa –  Last Cinderella OST

Drama: J-drama / Last Cinderella / Spring 2013
Genre: Piano, instrumental
Feeling: Remembering this mess of a drama..but in a good way…

Most of the songs for Last Cinderella are really upbeat and almost jazzy in a way.  I like this piano version of the theme song much better though!  It reminds me of the main character Sakura’s feelings of insecurity, love, and heartbreak.


To You (Anata E) – Kazunori Miyake – Woman OST

Drama: J-drama / Woman / Summer 2013
Genre: Instrumental, symphonic
Feeling: Uplifting

There are tons of songs from Woman I could include on this list (I would include all of them if I could) but I figure I might as well end it with a more hopeful and encouraging song.


So, are there any songs on this list that you recognize and remember if you’ve seen any of these dramas?  What other songs from this year’s drama soundtracks do you remember the most fondly?


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
Lan Ling Wang: Eps 26-27 (Strategic Yu Wen Yong/Daniel Chan Watching)
Mother: Eps 1-3
  • hi, heisui I’m just discover your blog after clicking some link in Jed’s blog. I think I’m going to visit your blog often in the future. I’m looking forward to your review, especially Japanese drama.
    Divorce Rhapsody, sounds familiar to my ears, like, its not the first time i heard this composition. but thanks for discover the title. this is remind me to the scene where Akari and Mitsuo visited their fav restaurant in the past and have a heart-to-heart talk. this song really fit with Akari’s tough character, and if i recall again this song always played whenever Akari at home and feels an uncertainty about her husband out there .
    Mahoro ost, didnt watch the drama, but I love what I’m hearing. feels like I’m in a journey to my hometown in once summer night.
    early year, I watch Tonbi, and really love the ending theme song by Fukuyama Masaharu, it somehow feels warm, country-ish and nostalgic, make me want to back to my hometown

    • Hi Tey thanks for stopping by. I think I’ve seen you on Jed’s blog too! 😀

      Yeah I never knew the name of the song Divorce Rhapsody until just recently…but I definitely recognized the melody. I’m glad you enjoy the song from Mahoro! And thanks for sharing the Tonbi Ending Theme Song, it’s great!

  • Oh, I’m going to have to listen to these later on.

    Sometimes I feel my taste in music has been totally corrupted since I started watching Asian dramas. There was even a Big Bang song I enjoyed recently! *OMG*


    • Really I think some of the best songs off of drama OST’s tend to be the instrumental ones. I mean, there are some good theme songs (with vocals) but I wouldn’t want to listen to the theme song more when I’ve already heard it many times in each episode!

      And lol about Big Bang, I liked their older songs but not so much their newer ones. T_T

      • Well, I can listen to the Dream High and the Shut Up Flower Boy Band theme songs a gazillion times… (to name two examples).

        What are the older songs from Big Bang (I haven’t actually properly checked them out)?

        • Hmm well my favorites are the first songs of theirs that I listened to–“Lies” and “Last Farewell”. They are both pretty catchy..although the lyrics are just ok.

  • Oddly enough, I think there is only one drama on here that I’ve watched and I honestly don’t remember that instrumental from Last Cinderella 😛 My memory is getting bad, I don’t even remember the dramas I’ve watched this year so far. But, I can say that while the Korean drama Crazy Love was a complete nightmare, the instrumentals and vocal tracks were phenomenal (the same with last year’s shipwreck May Queen), especially V.One’s song. The entire soundtrack for I Can Hear Your Voice or whatever you want to call that drama was great as well, not to mention all the songs and instrumentals in The Master’s Sun.

    • Lol actually I can’t quite remember when the instrumental was used in LC either. O_O But I like it so oh well. I guess my other favorite would be the piano version of the theme song but I couldn’t find it. >_< I will have to check out the soundtracks for those kdramas!

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