Lan Ling Wang: Eps 26-27 (Strategic Yu Wen Yong/Daniel Chan Watching)

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All Yu Wen Yong/Daniel Chan fans, UNITE.

Ok, so in case you missed my previous LLW post about eps 15-21, I decided right then and there that I would not watch ALL episodes through ep46.  Instead I am very STRATEGICALLY watching particular episodes that have a lot of Yu Wen Yong / Daniel Chan scenes.  And just to clarify, I know a lot of people have watched all of Lan Lin Wang all the way through and have loved it to bits.  I’m not trying to deflate your love of Lan Lin Wang here.  But for me, I am only emotionally invested in one character, and that is Yu Wen Yong.  I am rather exasperated with the rest of the characters, so I’m not gonna watch 20+ more episodes of them.  Instead I’m going to focus on my favorite character since I still want to watch his major scenes. 😀


Yes, before we get to Yu Wen Yong, I have to talk about the dreaded villain Zheng Er first.   Thank goodness for the flashbacks in ep26 so that I sorta got the gist of what went down and why LLW gets so upset at Zheng Er.  Anyways at first ep26 starts out a bit amusing–LLW rejecting Zheng Er, finally realizing how crazily obsessed she is, and then continuing on to just ABANDON HER IN THE FOREST.  Seriously LLW, what makes you think she’s not gonna come after you for revenge?  *facepalm*

But then things take a VERY stark turn as Zheng Er is captured by some passersby and gets raped.  Afterwards she attempts to commit suicide.  Omg.  I was not expecting that to happen at all.  Usually there are not many rape scenes in c-dramas so it was a big surprise when it so explicitly happened in LLW.  I also hate that this happened to Zheng Er because there are bound to be those very bitter viewers who abhor Zheng Er with a passion and go “well….she deserved it.”  No.  Just no.  Zheng Er is one crazy villain but she does not deserve this.

Anyways, Zheng Er miraculously survives and is now determined to get revenge on both LLW and XW.  I knew LLW’s abandoning Zheng Er in the forest would come back to haunt him.


Ok, now for YWY! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.  DANIEL CHAN REALLY OUTDID HIMSELF THIS TIME!!!!!  Every single look that YWY has just oozes with his love for Xue Wu, his happiness at being by her side, and his heartache.  There is something about eps26-27 that make me especially sad about YWY’s unrequited love…because he is so close to Xue Wu, always by her side, and yet he is also so far away from her heart.  Poor YWY is the perfect 2nd lead and yet he doesn’t stand a chance against LLW. :((((((((  I don’t even need YWY and XW to get together (seriously, XW and LLW are meant to be together.  They suit each other T_T ) but please, just let YWY be happy.

Some of my favorite moments in ep26?  Well I absolutely love the moment when YWY dashes to XW’s rescue (although he doesn’t know if it’s really her) and then checks to confirm her identity.  The moment when he lifts the veil and sees her face, I don’t even need to see her face, I already know that he’s found her.


Another favorite moment in ep26 is when YWY watches over XW as she is resting and recovering from her illness.  The sun rises and he notices that XW is right in the path of the sunlight so he stands up to block the sun and give her shade.  OMG, you have to see that smile of contentment that he cracks as though he is so happy to do this small gesture of love kindness for XW. (bottom left pic)

Well, as I said before, I just want YWY to be happy.  In ep27, he literally confesses to XW.  He tells her that she is the first woman who has ever made him happy and that she’s the only one he wants to make happy.  He will do anything to make her happy.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS MOMENT!!!!  The thing that gets me about his confession is that I don’t think he is expecting her to love him back.  He just wants her to come with him and be by his side; he already knows that she still has feelings for LLW.   YWY looks so hopeful here. :'(


Well LLW comes charging in, screams “LET GO OF MAH WIFE!!!!!!!!” but I couldn’t take him seriously because he is wearing the most oddly fitting royal purple jacket.  Let’s just say it did not look very becoming on him.  I just burst out laughing when he made his grand entrance.  AHAHA.  Anyways, YWY proves yet again that he is willing to do anything for XW’s safety and happiness, CUTTING HIS ARM and remaining behind even though the baddie offered to spare his life.  And yet, afterwards XW is all over LLW, concerned about his injuries…totally ignoring YWY.  OMG.  I have to say, BURNNNNNNNNN.  UTTER REJECTION!!!!!  My heart really hurt for YWY in this moment because he gives the saddest look ever.  Daniel Chan really nailed this scene.

Well conveniently for XW, she doesn’t even have to reject him straight out because he already gets the message.  At this point I felt quite frustrated with XW.  I know she loves LLW and all, and I know she’s kinda oblivious and doesn’t intend to hurt YWY’s pride/heart…..but that doesn’t mean she always have to be mumbling his name in her sleep and clearly ignoring YWY when she has to ‘choose’ between attending to YWY or LLW’s wounds.   Again, I don’t ship XW and YWY together anymore but come on, XW is only hurting YWY even more by dragging things out and leading him on.


I’m glad I watched eps 26-27 for YWY.  Although I have skipped about 5 episodes in between, it doesn’t really feel like I missed all that much.  Also even though it’s been a while since I last watched LLW, I still feel just as much for YWY as I did before. As you may have noticed, this post is quite biased because I’m a total fangirl of YWY.  Come on YWY fans, UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Next on my list for strategic YWY watching are:

  • Eps 37-40
  • Eps 41-42

Let me know if there are any other good YWY episodes I should watch!  And I would also like to quote one of my commenters, fleetingpaper, because her comment was just so genius:

“Daniel Chan… Yuwen Yong… ugh… so many feelings, so so, just, I dunno. Just, dunno what words to use to describe Daniel Chan’s dedication and portrayal as Yuwen Yong. I watched some brief interviews and he really put thought into how a warlord/strong ruler should behave, the tone of speech, facial expression and even the postures.

One thing I wanna put out there is Daniel was consistent with his portrayal! What I mean is: In the beginning the series presented his personality as tough, strict, ruthless, calculating, rar rar, his appearance was death glares, stands upright and sits upright, sly grins etc rar rar, and throughout the series even until the end he stuck to it EVEN during/after the lovey-dovey romantic stuff. This is unlike many many many other characters in other series where the stone-cold/cruel characters start out strong then ends up folding into stereotypical “I’m in love, so now I must act soft like mush” – yick! They all end up losing their strong/violent/unrelenting/shit-me-off-and-I’ll-have-you-dead-in-a-millisecond factor. Even when Yuwen Yong showed his nice side, or his gentle side, it was very Yuwen Yong, if that makes sense? It’s as if, ok, so this is Yuwen Yong when he is serious and cruel etc, and this is simply how he is when he is nice, but he remains that strong/violent/unrelenting/shit-me-off-and-I’ll-have-you-dead-in-a-millisecond warrior. Although I don’t think Yuwen Yong is suppose to be as badass as that, I just took the longer version to say that he remained in character throughout lol… *deep breath* *dreamy sigh*

I also only watched it for Yuwen Yong. Daniel Chan was perfect for this role! I know you like Bubu Jingxin, and up until now it was my favourite ancient romance drama, but dah-yam! Daniel’s Yuweng Yong, dah-YAM! AND YUMMY! Seriously, he had much less screen time than the main lovebirds (Ariel and Feng Shao Feng), but DAH YAM! His presence was well worth all the fast-forwarding! I would watch it again, but Ariel’s constant rejection just makes me too sad to see him so sad lol, even when he puts on a “I’m sad, but this is the best I can do looking sad because I was born strong” – and that look wasn’t over emphasised so it was natural, again, unlike other actors who put on the tough sad look.”


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  • Finally! So happy about the recap! I’m not over the Daniel Chan Yuwen Yong fever so I’m glad I can finally comment without spoiling it for you!

    ” I don’t even need YWY and XW to get together (seriously, XW and LLW are meant to be together. They suit each other T_T ) but please, just let YWY be happy” – Aw! I must say, if you watched (and more importantly, ENDURED) how stupid Lanling Wang was during the previous episodes leading up to him losing her I think you would definitely think differently! Believe me, before those episodes I was fine with her being with Lanling Wang, but he totally shattered the sweetness/goodness in that relationship! I mean, to begin with Lanling Wang was already ‘meh’ or ‘bleh’ in contrast to Daniel Chan’s ‘woot woooooo’ ‘more, baby, more!’ effect, how he was with Zheng’er just blew it. For me anyway, I mentally rolled my eyes so much I think if I had ‘qi gong’ I would go nuts lol

    And yeah, I must agree, on not wanting Xuewu to be with Yuwen Yong. At first I hoped she would end up with him after seeing how he took care of her, but afterwards I did not think she deserved to be with him at all! Let me explain: before these episodes I wanted Xuewu to at least have SOME, even the slightest, littlest bit, of romantic feelings/love for Yuwen Yong, because Yuwen Yong was so brilliantly protrayed. Seriously, Daniel Chan’s every minuscule movement and expression in the acting here. But, at the end of these episodes, I was all ‘omg, these writers are ridiculous! Xuewu, went back and forgave Lanling Wang for a stupid dream, omg Yuwen Yong would NEVER be the man who will distrust her under any circumstances! And yet the writers gave her to that sissy Lan Ling Wang!’ and then, to Yuwen Yong ‘that stupid girl doesn’t deserve you. Come here, babe, leap through the screen, I’ll be with you.’ LOL!!!

    • Well part of the reason I think XW and LLW should just be together is that they are both really oblivious and not that smart. >__>”” Both of them are just kinda..bumbling around..Agree about LLW being totally meh. I do not see what XW and Zheng Er saw in him. Really.

      AND, YEAHHHHH XUE WU DOESN’T DESERVE YWY!!!!!!!! It’s like she’s totally blind to how AMAZING he is!!

  • Um… I gotta ask, did you watch the bit when Zheng’er forced Xiao Dong out of the manor? Did you also watch the bit when he returned and was at Xuewu’s bedside when she was sick, but by then Lanling Wang just ignored poor Xuewu? You must watch Xiao Dong’s scenes… Is all I’m gonna say for now…

      • Mid-way episode 21 is when Xiao Dong confronts Zheng’er asking her WTH would take her to stop the madness, and so he agreed to leave. Towards the end of this episode Xiao Cui (Lanling Wang’s maid) asks him if he loves their Mistress. Xiao Dong makes a speech here… this is a regular occurence in the history of unrequited love in TV series, but something about the way Xiao Dong says his speech… and it’s his real voice, too! Or maybe it’s just me being a little Xiao Dong fan, too.

        I just watched these scenes again and it seems that the series didn’t make Lanling Wang ignoring Xuewu that obvious. I think it was only obvious to me coz I actually watched it. Anyway, in episode 23 the royal grandmother came and concocted a plan to help Xuewu get Lanling Wang’s attention. She got Xuewu to pretend to be sick, but to not allow her grandson to see Xuewu so that he would be anxious and worry. This worked, and the grandmother left. After she left Zheng’er busted the hoax to Lanling Wang (of course) and he ended up yelling at Xuewu instead, but it turned out Xuewu was getting sick for real afterall. Of course, Lanling Wang didn’t believe her. This is why she was quite out of it when Yuwen Yong rescued her because the illness started here and she never got better, and all that traveling in additional to the emotional stress, etc.

        In the next episode (ep 24) we realise that he had been ignoring Xuewu because he is oblivious to how sick she is . In the middle of this episode Xiao Dong finds evidence of Zheng’er evilness and FINALLY returns to Xuewu’s side! He comforts her and says nice things to her which makes ME feel all warm and fuzzy inside lol. Unfortunately after rewatching this scene I realised it didn’t actually last very long, it probably felt longer to me at first because there are very few Xiao Dong scenes.

        In episode 25, stuff happens thanks to Zheng’er’s schemes, Lanling Wang chooses to believe Zheng’er side of the story and not Xuewu. He is mad at Xuewu and yells at Xuewu more, Xiaodong sticks up for her, again. But, the whole thing ended up in Lanling Wang declaring that he will take Zheng’er as his wife. This is predicted, but still a total *face palm*! Even his own lacky was bright enough to suspected Zheng’er from this one encounter with Zheng’er. I only like this scene because Xiaodong is by her side being her voice. I know it seems not much, but it all adds up in the end.

        I wish there were more about the friendship between Xuewu and Xiaodong. I’m still all for Yuwen Yong, but Xiaodong is so ‘real’. Xiaodong’s scenes where he cares for Xuewu is warm and his tone is realistic, a Xiaodong in this modern life is achievable. Lanling Wang’s care and love for Xuewu is romanticised and unrealistic. As for Yuwen Yong, well, lemme just say if a dude like that exists please lemme know, I would love to even get a glance at such extinct species that is not considered mad.

        • Ok, I think I have lost any faith in LLW now. Not that I had much faith in him in the first place, HAHA.

          Hmm I think I view Xiao Dong as the nice guy. He is always loyal to XW. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t make him into more of a possible love interest, heh. I will have to watch Xiao Dong’s speech scene. 😀

  • Wow, I must really love these fictional portrayal of these characters, check these long essays I’ve written about them! lol! I only urge you to watch Xiaodong scenes because in a way he is like the 14th in Bubu Jingxin. They are alike in a sense that at first they seem to not add any emotional factor to the story and be in the background, but then their roles grow a little in emotional depth. Not alot, just a little to keep you wanting more, and then in the end you just wish they weren’t in so much pain!

    • Actually I feel like period c-dramas tend to have a lot to talk about so there are often very long comments. The same thing happened for BBJX & LZH!

      Anyways OOOOOO you have definitely piqued my interested because, in case you didn’t know………..I LOVE 14TH. *SWOONS* He was my ~favorite~ prince in BBJX!!

      • Ah yes, I remember reading a bit on the BBJX recaps… you wrote massive amounts! I didn’t have an account back then and replied as ‘Eschen’. I love, love, love the 14th as well. Such a shame he won’t be in the sequel, and a pity how Ling GengXin has been shamed in the media for being “cocky over his success”. I was looking forward to see how the ENTIRE cast would interact in the reassigned life… Anyway, Yuwen Yong over the 14th any day ;)…!

        Unfortunately, Xiao Dong’s role doesn’t get as prominent as the 14th, which leads me wanting more! I hear the story is originally from a novel? I would like to read BBJX and LLW (LLW just for Yuwen Yong and Xiao Dong), but not sure which versions??? I would like to read the “best” versions and I want them in traditional font as well. In the western world with not so good Chinese it makes it very hard for me to go to Chinese websites to find the “best” version of these novels to buy 🙁

        What’s this drama you say you can watch the scene over and over again? The screen cap is on the right of the page, in case the layout changes here is the link to your screen capture:

        • Yes I did! 😀 I too am rather bitter over 14th not being in the sequel. Not that I’m expecting much from the sequel in first place. Everyone is just jealous of LGX’s success. 😛 I agree though…I would take YWY over 14th. HEHEHEHE. I think 14th is more cute whereas YWY is….smoldering..

          Ah, I was rewatching scenes from a kdrama called Chuno. I love the character Seol Hwa (the girl in that pic). 😀

          • Ah, yes. I read a bit about the plot of BBJQing and saw some previews and just… I will definitely watch it, but with the control in my hand and finger rested on the fast-forward button…

            Oh! SMOLDERING! That’s the perfect word that describes Yuwen Yong!!!! SO DREAMY

            Thanks, I’ll remember to watch Chuno once I’m ready to commit to drama again, it can be so draining sometimes unless it’s comedy!

            • Hmm I haven’t decided if I’m gonna attempt to watch it or just watch a few scenes from it. I will not watch it all the way through though, that’s for sure.

              Chuno is also an angsty drama, I wouldn’t recommend it for laughs. T_T It gets very political in later I didn’t really watch the parts about politics..

              • oh, I just googled it, Oh Ji Ho is in it!! Haven’t really seen him in a lot of anything, but I’ll watch this (eventually) because I like staring at his face… um… hahaha. The angst theme is a turn-off though, every time I watch the angsty dramas I just get too frustrated and avoid them. I was depressed for 2 weeks because of the gut-wrenching BBJX!

  • Definitely episode 44-46! There’s this YYW scene in episode 44 and another in 46 that had me crying buckets-I literally weeped my way through the last 3 episodes for YYW.

  • Don’t expect me to comment much on this drama… I usually only like talking about dramas I really like and leave a strong impression like bbjx or zhz or ones that I feel have potential… otherwise, I feel like my comments tend to turn into bitch fits about everything wrong that I see… (sometimes I feel my standards are too high… like in bbjx for the scene where 14th was leaving the palace with the army, he took the center stairs instead of the right most or left most stairs. The story was strong in bbjx so I didn’t spaz too much but I was still thinking “that’s historically inaccurate… the center stairs are reserved for the emperor alone…”)

    but yeah, didn’t read any of your previous posts about llw so I’m just jumping in here… but yeah… didn’t go into this with high hopes and left feeling like I should have toned my hopes down lower at the end. Some of the costuming… just looks cheap… or poorly done… >..<

    The Lan Ling Wang dance is still preserved to this day, is case you are curious… in Japan… since they didn't lose crap loads of stuff and get invaded by mongols… so lots of the culture of Japan we see today is actually a pretty accurate copy, with some Japanese-ified tweaking, of culture in China before the Yuan dynasty. Link to Lan Ling Wang dance below.

    In case you are wondering, apparently, the music in the background is also kinda what Chinese court music sounded back in that era… It's a Japanese-ified offshoot of Chinese court music from that era… so it's understandable why it started to die out because there's record that states that even officials started falling asleep while it was being played… since it just sounded kinda… boring…. LOL

    In case you are interested, some groups in Taiwan have been piecing together Chinese culture pre-Yuan dynasty and putting efforts into preservation through what we have left that has been saved through Chinese oral and operatic arts. This was done in some cooperation with the Taiwan branch of the Palace Museum so there's the standard there. I know there are some efforts in China but I think it's a bit harder since well…social development and other factors are still big issues there and… well… some things were lost or discontinued for a time during the Cultural Revolution while Taiwan was able to keep them. In fact, while China has always claimed Taiwan as part of them, Taiwan has actually been helpful to Taiwan in efforts like re-introducing and revitalizing Confucian teachings in the education system and stuff like that. It's nice to see that, despite political posturing, the China's out there are still able to get along and help each other in this way.

    Anyways, this is the result. They do demonstrations for the Han, Tang, and Song dynasties. I think this was when they were on tour in China. As you notice, everything looks kinda "Japanese"… with the careful and precise movement down to the clothing and make up… Apparently, this group has won major praise and some awards for their efforts at restoration based on what we have and historical record. The Han dynasty stick instrument thing at the end is awesome!!

    Anyhoo… I went in watching LLW feeling really detached to everything that was going on and really kinda apathetic (again, too much working against you to get my hopes up) but when the Zheng Er abandonment and subsequent aftermath happened… I kinda raised an eyebrow and was like… "gee…. didn't see that coming… don't you think that's kinda harsh…? Don't really see a drama dole out such harsh punishment to an 'evil' character before they blatantly and obviously deserve it these days and even sometimes when it's past the point" But then I figured she would quickly become evil enough to put that feeling to rest.. which sadly kinda proved true later on.

    I think one of the lingering images I have about this drama is this scene… that and how the "evil" characters aren't flawless like commonly depicted in dramas nowadays… Just as we go in expecting protagonists to be half-wits and make stupid decisions until it's just about too late and then a miracle happens. But yeah… Zheng Er… She's not much brighter than the protagonists… a bit… but not by much. There were some scenes later on where I was like "If you wanna be full mutha-bitch-mode…. WHY YOU DO THAT?!? You could have killed SOOO many more people and been SOOO much more evilly efficient!!!"

    • I think we can safely change that from some of the costumes look cheap to..most of the costumes look cheap. Omg, I don’t know what they were thinking for some of those costumes! *facepalm* Hmm I think I went in with high expectations for LLW but ended up steadily lowering them more and more until I decided not to watch it all. I am glad I have spared myself from all of the Zheng Er scenes, bwahahaha!

      Thanks for the cool background about LLW/preservation efforts. It is interesting to see the Japanese influence on their portrayal of the dances. And this is a really random question but…how did you learn so much about Chinese history? Was it through school? *curious*

      • Note: Not to be mean or anything. Just want you to get the right interpretation. This group is called Han Tang Yue Fu (wikipedia link below). They specialize in Nanguan arts which, based on my understanding, has links to the Li Yuan arts. Li Yuan arts were developed by an Emperor of the Tang dynasty. Also, the Japanese were heavily influenced by the Tang dynasty and sent numerous emissaries to learn from them. Even the city landscape of Kyoto is modeled after the Tang Dynasty capital of Chang’an. This has been preserved in Taiwan and since this art and Japanese arts come from the same source, it would make sense that they look and sound the same, especially when we use scholarly historical knowledge to re-frame what they are doing. I don’t think this group referred to Japan to do this because, well… that would be kinda defeatist and stuff and Chinese people are sensitive to stuff like that so yeah… In fact, you know my blurb about China not having Tang Dynasty buildings to film against but you have to understand that building Tang dynasty buildings in China, though there have been some for temples in recent years, is actually kinda socially disruptive. You know about Japan and China and Korea during WWII. Well, Tang dynasty buildings pretty much equals Japanese traditional architecture. Japan copied the whole thing and kept it while we changed and developed. Same here. That’s why, if you’ve seen geisha dancing clips, you might even think the movements in here look the same. That’s because they come from the same source. But back to Tang-era buildings, you can imagine how some uneducated and ill-informed Chinese people might get riled up and pissed. I mean, there’s a Han fu movement in China and Asia now to revive Han Chinese clothing but some people in China mis-interpret these people as being pro-Japan and get pissed (since the Qing dynasty effectively changed our dress habits).

        No… I’m American like you. LOL!! I’m not sure about your family situation or if you are what we call a “lao qiao” or that your parents simply didn’t teach you Chinese.

        Note: “Lao Qiao” is a term for Chinese people who have come to the United States or overseas for many many generations. Most speak Cantonese if they can even speak Chinese at all at this point.

        But yeah. I’m second gen. My parents came from Taiwan though my maternal grandparents both came from China. Basically, my mother tongue was Mandarin and I always had a fascination with Chinese history and mythology… and then I went to school and had to learn English and lost all my arguments with other kids because of lack of English proficiency and, due to the time period, I felt hammered for being Chinese that and some lingering anti-China and anti-communist influences here and there. The one thing I learned was to be true to yourself during this period. I tried to win people over by changing myself but quickly learned it wasn’t me. They just wanted somebody to pick on. They treated me the same regardless of whether I said I was Chinese or Taiwanese. Therefore, I might as well be true to my upbringing which told me to respect your roots. I quickly went back to saying I was Chinese.

        But yeah, back to the argument thing, when I got better at English and almost started winning my arguments, some @#$#$ of a kid decided it would be cool to use my ethnicity to bash me right there and then. I was ecstatic since I had put up with so much misunderstanding (teachers listening to English-speaking children and punishing only me when the other child was even more in the wrong but he could talk) and was finally winning but he decided to go all “Chinese people cooperated with the Nazi’s during WWI.” Pretty much bringing up the whole “evil communist” argument and saying that Chinese people were no good and inherently inferior.

        But yeah. After all that, I lost a bit of my self-confidence in my heritage until the internet started to pick up. Thank God for Wikipedia!! I can speak Mandarin, and pretty fluently since my mom forced me to speak it in the house, but I stopped Chinese school so my writing is crap. However, it’s amazing what I found I could do with just that. Pretty much spent lots of time during this period searching crap on Wikipedia, dispelling baseless lies that had been fed to me during my childhood, or just clarifying the situation. This was good and bad. I got over some inferiority complexes (like learning that Chinese people invented half the awesome stuff in the ancient world) but… it was hard to look at how historically and even today, Chinese people are treated differently than other people that are supported for political reasons by the West. Namely, Japan. They had Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes to commemorate WWII while the victims of Japan’s attempts at genocide go unheard. Nothing. My AP World History book only had 1 sentence saying pretty much “some Chinese people died. The end.”

        So pretty much, I learned it all from searching online. It’s amazing what we can learn with the internet. We just have to have the time and guts to do the searching and ask for it. That and history is VERY VERY highly regarded in Chinese society, since we have one of the longest, consistently recorded histories on earth. Some people say that Chinese people have no unifying religion but we have history to make up for it which everybody adores and learns by heart. I think this influence helped me too.

        But yeah, another thing that urged me to learn more about history and background was seeing a professor in college. He was a “Lao Qiao” but he had pretty much lost everything about his heritage. No language, societal influence, zip. All that remained was some interest in his background and a tradition or two that his family had preserved. AND he was an Asian Pacific American Studies teacher. This made me really sad. I took his Chinese American course and it quickly became apparent how much he had lost. Sometimes, he would even re-wrap and copy some of what I said in the homework and present it to the class in the next lesson since he was that ignorant about his background. It reminded me that I don’t have it the worst out there and also how important it is that we know something about our background. If we don’t know, it’s so easy for us to be taken by the nose and led by whoever comes up and puts on the act of seeming truthful. They can make you lose so much self-respect and everything, even to the point of seeing your background as “nothing to be proud of and a bunch of shameless and ignorant fools.” This is terrible because some people develop this and then start being disrespectful to their own parents as a result. I see this a lot sometimes and its sad.

        So yeah. I spend time Wikipedia-ing and, when I can’t, googling things I want to learn about kinda as a way of coping and as a hobby. Actually, there is an amazing amount of information on Wikipedia about Chinese history and everything about it if you are willing and have the time to look. Enough to the point where I sometimes know more than my mom, who took Chinese history in Taiwan! For instance, if I see a historical drama that interests me, I’ll look up the Emperor and then start webbing out from his page to his consorts and if it’s still interesting, major events during his reign, etc. If I’m interested in a custom, I’ll try searching for it and web out from there. There’s actually lots of helpful people who have taken the time to draw up how Chinese clothes look during each dynasty and you can find them sometimes through Google image search.

        • Sorry to talk so much but another example of favoritism would be if you look up the origins of origami, bonsai, and go. We use the Japanese words for them in English but they all were actually developed in China. I mean, Chinese people invented paper. Do you honestly expect us to believe they didn’t find out you can fold it?!? However, its really easy for people who don’t look it up or do some searching to assume they originate from Japan and become defensive and aggressive when we try to prove them otherwise. And our society is okay with this, whether unintentionally or intentionally. And when we come to this point in argument with other people and are just about to prove them wrong, they will go all “It’s just a shared culture. My god, does it matter that much?” The point is, it does. There’s a difference in how you treat people and the very fact that you are reacting like this kinda proves that it does matter. You are just too comfortable just letting things be and actually learning and thinking about it. Just because you aren’t on the short end of the stick that often doesn’t mean that people don’t get hurt, especially since lots of people out there will maintain that they treat everybody fairly but if you actually observe what they do, different story. It’s all about image and face.

        • Ok, you’ve definitely inspired me to try to learn more about Chinese history/culture. I already have a book on Chinese history but haven’t started reading it yet. >_< I will try to use the internet as my resource too.

          I guess I would be considered 3rd-generation? My grandparents came from mainland China and they immigrated to the U.S. As you can, I can't speak Mandarin/Canto……=_____=

          • Well. Having interest is a start. Sometimes, its more than you can expect out of other people so I’m rooting for you. My best advice to you would be to be persistent and patient with what you do. Give it time and keep at it, especially if you intend to learn to speak Chinese. I mean, I’m starting to pick up on writing now but even with my fluency, there are lots times when I give the stuff I write to my mom and she’s like “…. uh…. you can’t write like that.” And I’m all like “But it’s fine in English.” And she’s like “No.” It’s really interesting but growing up in the States, we don’t think about it but our thought process is already accustom to a certain way of working, just as you may think differently if you grew up in a Chinese education system. BTW, I would highly encourage learning some Chinese. It gives you access to more information, especially about history and tv shows and news and stuff and really presents you with a different way of thinking about things.

            I can’t speak for Hong Kong or Mainland China since when I go overseas, it’s usually Taiwan but Taiwan is actually really open to Overseas Chinese peoples. This is partly due to Sun Yat-sen’s influence and his ideas of how Overseas Chinese peoples are very important for China’s future and should be respected and kind of considered our own. Mainland China is still developing and I can’t speak for Hong Kong but we hope they move more in this direction. I know Mainland China has been keen to establish ties in their history with Sun Yat-sen since he’s such a figure. In fact, if you go look at the Overseas Chinese communities in Asia, especially Southeast Asia and stuff, lots of people there, especially the older generation, have deep respect for Taiwan due to the whole fervor that Sun Yat-sen created and the way Taiwan has tried to cultivate relations with these communities in the past. My mom told me that, when things were bad for Overseas Chinese in Indonesia during that period of time, she had a classmate in elementary school from Indonesia who was Chinese and his parents shipped him over. Years later, they tried to locate him but were told to stop by the Chinese peoples in Indonesia since they said that if his family could send him to Taiwan, that usually meant they were very well off. But yeah, the whole situation between the Overseas Chinese dominating Southeast Asia’s economy and the racial tensions and how massacres and stuff have resulted when the opportunity opened since China became messy is a whole different story for another time. On one hand, you have to applaud the entrepreneurial skill and hard work of the Overseas Chinese since they migrated since conditions were so bad in China and often were not much better off than the natives but made a name for themselves. On the other hand, all that name and wealth attracts envy and bitterness.

            But yeah, I know they have language programs established aimed to help teach Chinese. I know a family friend who is mixed Taiwanese and white and grew up not knowing a word of Chinese and being a typical American. No kidding, his dad thought America was the best and his logic was “They keep migrating over here so it must be so.” But yeah, he recently went to Taiwan to learn Chinese since he had nothing to do and I met him when I last went overseas. (This was the kid who went to Chinese school for like… a while and dropped since he hated it and just couldn’t keep up since he knew just about nothing.) He does not want to come back!! He loves it there!! Complete 180 from what he was before. O_O

            I looked up the program he went to and feel tempted myself. It seems a bit better than some of the other programs I have seen. Haven’t looked into details but I heard that some of these programs have scholarships that are really easy to get since nobody applies and the programs are kinda aimed at helping Chinese people re-discover their heritage. It’s just their websites might not be that well made and stuff since… well… Chinese doesn’t yet command the respect like Japanese and other languages do and most Overseas Chinese are more interested in English and not learning Chinese. This program has varied speeds of learning but the “regular” speed can be completed in 2 years and you will be able to read classical Chinese literature afterwords… by the looks of it. You can also take the faster, advanced speed course if you would like. And they have elective courses in cooking, calligraphy, guzheng, history, tea ceremony, painting, music, etc. *claps hands*


            I went to talk to them and they said that apparently, usually, for the first day of class, they will assess your abilities and weed you into which course they feel suits you so yeah… in case you are ever interested. BTW, if you learn Chinese, try to learn traditional characters. I have family from both Mainland China and Taiwan. My mom, learning Traditional Chinese, can read traditional and guess at and read simplified. Apparently, it does not work the same way the other way around, based on one of my aunts… so yeah…

            Now that we’re getting to know each other, what part of China did your grandparents come from and around what time? Was it pre or post WWI and pre or post Communism? Might seem like a dumb question but with the variance in the ages you can have kids… Just wanted to be sure. That and you get a better idea of what their family history is like based on where they come from and during what time they immigrated, among us Overseas Chinese. Do your grandparents speak Mandarin, Cantonese, or another dialect?

          • Sorry, just a tip to be helpful. When learning Chinese history, I find that it’s easier to start with Wikipedia instead of diving into a book. Wikipedia has great summaries of the eras and stuff and I usually only dive in when I want to know more detail.

            Also, if you want to learn about Chinese history, the reason why we are so good at preserving our history is because at the end of each “era” or “dynasty” the next ruler took on the duty of writing an official record summarizing the last dynasty. It’s kinda a custom we started but … well…. we haven’t done the same for the Qing dynasty yet since China was messy…


            Some of these have been translated into English and they form the standard as far as our written history is concerned. Of course, you have to read it with a grain of salt since you know that the writers are probably also trying to legitimize their rule and downplay some of the previous rule.

          • btw… if you look at the prices for the program and think they look expensive, for comparison… 1 USD just about equals 30 Taiwan Dollars…. so yeah… not AS bad as it looks… that and food is cheap if you go to the night market 🙂

          • -_- ;; Went to the “Talk to Me” page but kinda got confused… kinda don’t have much more to say…. let me know if you have more questions though… -_-;;

  • I think Daniel Chan is super good-looking and his acting is solid, and I love YWY’s character the most in this drama… but for some reason, I seem to be one of the only people who isn’t crazy about Daniel as YWY… can’t quite put my finger on it…

    • YES, IT’S ONLY YOU!!! Just kidding. 😛 I don’t know, I guess I got caught up in the YWY mania…as did many other people. Usually I tend to get carried away when I jump on one character’s ship…

  • Hi heisui! I found your blog looking up Lan Ling Wang posts. I just started watching it, but have binged on 27 episodes in just a few days, and am feeling so emotionally invested in it, I needed to find others who understand! LOL
    I had been anticipating LLW, but read a few bad reviews so I kind of put it on the back burner, but then I watched my first George Hu drama, Love Around, and found out George had a supporting role in LLW. I already love love love Ariel so I thought just for those two I should at least give LLW a try and I’m so glad I did.

    I love Yu Wen Yong too! Especially because he is such a complex character – he seems like a pretty good guy as Ah Guai, but then becomes kind of an a**hole after his true identity is revealed. At first it seems like he doesn’t care about XW at all, he just wants the heavenly maiden. But then we get his back story and his relationship with his niece and all the heroic and selfless things he does for XW and others… I love it when a drama love triangle has you really torn about who you’re routing for because, while I find XW and LLW’s love very compelling, I find myself routing for YWY too.

    I know you weren’t in to the LLW/XW story line, and I get that, they are a little overly mushy, but I liked the way this drama portrayed the tension in their marriage. Even two very good people who love each other very much can get jealous and hot-tempered. There is a scene where Xue Wu gets mad at Lan Ling Wang because she had cooked a big meal for him, but he didn’t come back until very late and he had been at the palace with Zheng Er. LLW was offended that she didn’t trust him and she snapped at him about ruining her reputation and then he loses his temper and tells her that she doesn’t have a right to be upset, he’s a prince so he could take three wives and five concubines and she couldn’t do anything about it. Then XW says, “Correct. Thank you for teaching me,” and just walks away. LLW’s face goes white and you know he realizes how much he just hurt her and feels awful about it. It’s a heart-stopping scene.

    I agree that think Zheng Er definitely did not deserve to be raped. That was so terrible. She is really awful, but I also find her character incredibly heartbreaking. She really didn’t do anything that bad in the beginning, and then she gets totally burned. And I thought LLW was kind heartless just leaving her in the forest like that. However, I find her antics exasperating and am nervous about what she’ll do teamed up with the Crown Prince. I’m actually nervous about watching the rest of the episodes in general because I just know this is going to end very tragically for everyone. Sigh.

    Ok, thanks for allowing me to vent on your blog! And thank you for recapping and sharing your thoughts. I started watching C-dramas when I was living in China to improve my Chinese and I can’t believe how addicted and emotionally invested I get in them. I have American shows I watch, but I feel like they never get me quite so wrapped up in their stories like C-dramas do. It’s nice to read that others get wrapped up in these shows too 🙂

    • Hey Kit, thanks for stopping by! 😀 I’m glad you are enjoying LLW! Well as you can tell I was not as emotionally invested in LLW as you are but oh yes, I loveeee YWY. Ok I heard about that part of the story when LLW & XW fight and really..that is part of why I was rather unimpressed with LLW. I couldn’t really root for him because I thought he was being such a butt to XW. T_T

      Oh dear just wait ’til you get to the later episodes…there are ZE antics galore..and yes, you’ve predicted correctly that there will be a tragic ending. >__< So prepare yourself ahead of time for the ending!!

  • Hi heisui! Thanks for your reply! Well I watched a few more episodes and now I’m skipping though and strategically watching like you did. I was pretty in to the whole story, but the writers really lost me when they let the villains take center stage. And it got so violent? For a show that is so PG in it’s physical romance scenes it’s been pretty graphic in it’s violent scenes. I’ve watched Game of Thrones and Zheng Er’s and Crown Prince’s hunger games and other torture methods are making Game of Thrones seem not that bad! Yeesh!

    Have you watched Legend of the Condor Heroes with Ariel Lin as Huang Rong? In watching LLW, I keep wishing Xue Wu would be more like Huang Rong. Huang Rong could kick some serious butt with her martial arts skills and she outwitted even the worst of villains, she certainly wouldn’t have been manipulated by the likes of Zheng Er! I’m kind of just continuing to watch at this point because I know from the spoilery trailer that XW will end up in Zhou again and I want to see that.

    • No I haven’t seen LOCH *hides* although I’m sure Ariel’s character there must’ve been great. XW is really kind and all but after a while she got on my nerves. >__<

      Well this may kinda seem like almost a rom-com in period times (with XW/LLW's romance) but then again it is also set in a period of war. Then again, there was also Zheng Er who was just wayyyy over the top.

  • I highly recommend you watch LOCH! It’s on youtube with English subtitles Yuan Hong (13th Prince, my fav prince from BBJX) plays the bad boy with daddy issues you just keep hoping will reform himself and he and Liu Shi Shi are lovers! The four main leads – Hu Ge, Shi Shi, Yuan Hong, and Ariel – are amazing and Ariel’s character is truly a heroine among heroines. It’s a bit slow to get going, I think you can actually just start from Episode 3 because the first 2 episodes are kind of blah and you do have to excuse the laughable CGI effects and embrace the scifi-y-ness of the martial arts themes (it’s kind of like a martial arts version of Star Wars with masters and sects and a whole “force” versus dark side thing), but the relationships among the 4 main leads are so complex and well-acted.

  • I’m also interested in the strategic YYW watching! But what do you do about the episodes in between? I stopped watching in the middle of episode 29 because it was so unbearable… So do you read synopses somewhere? And if so, where do you read them?

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