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Ok first of all, if you missed my previous Pursuit of Happiness post, you might wanna check that one out as well since it has the short synopsis.  The Pursuit of Happiness will be airing this October 11th (WOOT WOOT! I HAVE HOPE FOR A GOOD TW-DRAMA!) and it stars Tony Yang and Sonia Sui as 2 friends who join together to get back their ex’s.  But they end up developing feelings for each other. You know the drill.

The thing is, is that in my first post about POF, I was enthusiastic for the cast but also very cautious about the synopsis. To me it sounded like just another rom-com so I was scared that it might turn out to be a cliched drama.  Also the first super short teasers didn’t really make me any more optimistic about it.  BUT!!! FEAR NOT!!! There are finally 2 really good previews out that make me much more excited about The Pursuit of Happiness!


New 1 minute Preview


Ahh I love the music in this preview!  Not only because it shows a lot of TONY (HEHEEHEH..), but also because it shows the brokenness of the two main characters–their lost dreams, their loneliness, their anger.  I love the beginning when it shows Sonia’s character walking through a crowd of people all in black business attire.  Then she comes to the crossroads and everyone goes their way, leaving her all behind.  :'(  Kinda obvious, but it shows that Sonia’s character has reached a standstill in her life.  Anyways, this gives me the feeling that the Pursuit of Happiness will not just be another rom-com…but might be a slice-of-life/rom-com drama.

New 30-second Preview

This 30-second preview doesn’t touch me as much as the 1-minute one does. Instead it shows a bit more of the background/plot.  Looks like Tony’s character will be unemployed while Sonia’s character will be faced with the issue of marriage and her break-up with her boyfriend.  It’s also interesting that at the end it shows the 2 second leads–Aggie Hsieh as Shen Hai Lun (the girl Tony’s character will be chasing after) and Zhuang Kai Xun as He Ting Wei (Sonia’s character’s ex).  I haven’t seen Aggie in anything but I think she is also a singer.  Not expecting very good acting from her.  Zhuang Kai Xun was in 300 Days with Tammy Chen.  I’m expecting average acting from him.

All in all, I can’t wait for The Pursuit of Happiness!!! I really hope it won’t be a flop like so many other tw-dramas have turned out to be! (Lol I’m SO not bitter. 😛 )


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