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It’s taken me a while to put my thoughts together about episode 10 because it was just that amazing. Episode 10 made me forget all of the other drama crap I was watching.  It jolts me out of my complacent watching of other mediocre dramas and makes me think “Why am I watching those dramas, when I could be watching this?”.  This episode is freaking perfection.  What are you waiting for, go watch it!


Lately the drama has been focusing a lot on the conflict between Sachi/Shiori/Koharu, but not so much on the kids.  I didn’t realize how much I missed Nozomi & Riku’s role in the story until this episode finally highlighted Nozomi’s story more.  Nozomi is a smart cookie and she suspects that Koharu is hiding something.  The best part about this is when Nozomi goes to the hospital all by herself and asks if her mom is there.  After Koharu’s doctor lies to Nozomi that Koharu isn’t there, Nozomi is about to leave with Yuki-chan.  Cue the narration of the Ugikuku story which Nozomi was reading.  The doctor looks at the page that Nozomi left open.

“Humans are sad.  Humans are the only creatures who know they will die someday.  The Ugikuku didn’t move and before long had been reduced to ashes.”

OMGGGGGGGGG.  THIS is the moment when I realized that Nozomi definitely knows that Koharu is sick.  In my mind, I was all “OMG SHE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I love how the Ugikuku children’s story shows how Nozomi is slowly understanding what death means.  I love the moment when Nozomi walks away in slo-mo as though the weight of the world is now on her shoulders. :'(

Anyways Nozomi dashes off again to try to find Koharu since she knows that the doctor was lying to her.   She peeks into a room and sees the shocking scene of a woman lying on the hospital bed with several nurses and doctors attending to her.  I don’t know if it’s just me…but at first I didn’t understand why Koharu was hiding this from Nozomi and why she didn’t want Nozomi to find her at the hospital. It’s this scene that made me understand that Koharu was trying to protect Nozomi from seeing her in such a weak state.  That she didn’t want Nozomi to come face to face with this stark reality.  Koharu says this later on, but I think it’s more apparent than ever in this scene that she doesn’t want to become the ‘sick mom’ to Nozomi.  She wants Nozomi to remember her as the healthy normal Koharu, the mom she’s always known.

Another nice little touch in this scene is when Nozomi tells Koharu that she’s going to play the “Game of Life” (you know..the boardgame LIFE?) with Yuki when she gets back home.  I just think it’s so ironic that Nozomi has just found out the meaning of death as a child, and now she’s going to play the game of Life.  Literally.  Playing the board game of life and growing up in the real world.


“I don’t think of myself as a single mother…we are a three member family.”

Interestingly enough, we never hear Koharu breaking the news for the first time to Nozomi and Riku.  The closest we get to hearing it i when Koharu says “I…” and Nozomi interrupts her.  It would’ve been really easy to make a tear-jerker scene when Koharu tells the kids about her illness, kids start wailing, Koharu cries along with them, etc. etc.  But I think that would be the easy way out.  Instead we see a scene AFTER Koharu breaks the news (which is not shown!).   Anyways a lot happens in this scene and I don’t even know what to say about it.  It is not a tearjerker scene..actually it’s more uplifting than anything..but I teared up anyways. O__O Also Riku is so cute here!!!!


All throughout this episode there is a focus on Shiori’s feet.  It shows her feet 3 times–all of which are are when she is trying to run away from her guilt over Shin’s death.  The first time is when she sees the man who pushed Shin into the path of the train.  Second is when she runs into an alleyway and stops by a puddle.  Third time is when she goes to the rooftop of a building while contemplating suicide.  All of these times she is running away both physically and figuratively and yet we also see that in actuality, she is still stuck.  She may be running but she isn’t moving on with her life at all.


A lot of what Kentaro and Sachi have been saying is along the lines of “YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN!!! YOU WILL BEAR THIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFEEE!!!”.  I very much prefer the alternate message–that Shiori is finally redeeming herself and coming to accept what she did and who she is.  That by volunteering to test her marrow, Shiori is finally moving on with her life.  I don’t need a super happy ending where everyone becomes one big happy family and sings kumbaya together but…I really want things to go beyond the “You will never be forgiven stage”.


Episode 11 is the final episode.  I only realized it this week (the week that the final episode aired) and I totally freaked out because I didn’t see it coming at all!!! I thought that there would be maybe 12 episodes.  So while I was watching ep10, I wasn’t thinking about how Woman would end soon.  But now I’m kinda putting off ep11 because I can’t bear to see Woman end!!!!!!!!

So instead I’m being all angsty and listening to the Woman OST which is spectacular.  Here is one instrumental track that I found:

“To You” (Anata e / あなたへ)


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  • Thank you. It’s due to your recommendation that I watched “Woman”and I just finished watching episode 11. I won’t ruin it for you just in case you haven’t watched it yet but suffice to say this series is close to overtaking “Nobuta wo Produce” as my top Drama. It made me miss my father dearly and made me realize just how lucky I am to have my family around me, supporting me. Again thank you.

    • Hey trendyone, I’m happy you tried Woman per my recommendation! I don’t think many people read my reviews for Woman. So I am happy when I know my reviews have encouraged someone to watch Woman. >_< Yeah, Woman is up there among some of my favorite dramas. I think I enjoyed it even more than Soredemo Ikite Yuku.

      I am sorry for your loss. 🙁 At the same time though, I am glad you have your family to support you! 🙂

      • I agree, “Soredemo Ikite Yuku” was wonderfully acted but it had a depressing tone for the most part. “Woman” had a surprisingly amazing end run in those last 4 or so episodes that it became one of those shows that really lifts your spirits. I really have come to respect the actress as well. She was also the lead in one of my all time favorite movies “love exposure.” She really does choose her projects wisely I’ve come to realize. I’ve been delving more into the kdrama world with flower boy next door, heartless city, and I can hear your voice being fairly solid offerings this past year but looks like I’ll have to catch up on my jdrama as well now 🙂

        • Yeah that might be part of why I enjoyed Woman more than Soredemo. I remember Soredemo as a really heavy drama whereas Woman was more positive. Somehow it makes me happier after I watch it. I heard that the writer Sakamoto Yuji also specifically chose Mitsushima Hikari for Soredemo/Woman. I bet he knew she would do justice to those roles. 😉

          Although I haven’t been watching many kdramas lately, I did watch all of Heartless City. >_<

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