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A lot of LLW fans are raving over its soundtrack.  I also think that the soundtrack is good but it’s also what I’d expect from a Chinese period dramas, which tend to have some very pretty theme songs.  Anyways I’m actually much more taken by the instrumental versions of the LLW theme songs.  It’s probably just my own personal preference since I really like symphonic Asian music, hehe.  Anyways here are a couple instrumentals from the Chinese pianist V.K.


^obligatory Daniel pic. I loveeee his smile/smirk here.

“Heart of Palms” (Piano Ending Theme Song Version) by V.K.

I’ve shared this song before in one of my LLW review posts, but I just have to share it again.  It is the piano version of the ending tehme song “Heart of Palms” which I’m sure many of you have listened to over and over again at the end of each episode.  It is one of my favorite songs off of LLW.  Surprisingly I actually like the piano version even better than the original version.  O___O  Something about it makes me want to listen to it over and over again, it is just so wistful and sad.

“Xue Wu” – (Symphonic Theme Song Version) by V.K.

Yup, V.K. is not only a pianist, he is also a composer.  I’m not sure about the details but I believe he composed this symphonic version of a song off of LLW.  It is absolutely beautiful and to make it even better, the MV also shows V.K. and his ensemble performing it live.  It really makes you realize how many different musicians play a part in the instrumental theme songs.  Pure quality right there.


If anyone knows of any other instrumentals from the LLW soundtrack, let me know!  😉


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