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Yup, I’m still watching Dragon Gate even though I think it is a lost cause.  As I explained in one of my recent posts, sometimes I just can’t stop watching a drama even though logically I should just drop it.  T__T  Yeah, I’m only watching for Tammy Chen/Xiang Yu and Melvin Sia/Xiao Dao now.

A lot of my frustration with Dragon Gate has to do with the writing–the conspiracy plot is a big part of the drama and yet that’s the part that makes the least amount of sense!!!  Arghh!!!  It is supposed to add to the intrigue and intensity of the plot but instead it feels totally half-baked.  Even the borderline cheesy action scenes are better than the conspiracy scenes!  So I just fastforward through those parts.  T___T  Trust me, it saves me a lot of facepalming.


The other problem with the writing is that some of the characters still lack depth and haven’t really had room for much character development.  I’m talking about Mo Yu and Huai An in particular.  There has been no change in their characters whatsoever since day 1.  Mo Yu looks lifeless 90% of the time while Huai An is just..Huai An.   Omg how many times have we heard every single character in this drama repeat “ZHOU.  HUAI.  AN.” over and over again??  I still don’t get why Huai An is such a big deal in Dragon Gate when not much is interesting about his character.

Anyways I think Mo Yu is the one who is suffering the most from the poor writing.  Granted, she is still the most consistent character in Dragon Gate but it also feels like she is very limited.  Most of her screentime is spent up showing how much she loves Huai An or how worried she is.  T___T  I really wanted to see Mo Yu kicking butt alongside Xiang Yu–even better, I wish they could’ve become rivals AND friends.  I mean…wouldn’t it be awesome if Mo Yu and Xiang Yu reluctantly teamed up together and became friends?  I can just picture it now!  Well Mo Yu hasn’t really been kicking much butt lately.  It feels like she’s always on the sidelines and the writer just can’t decide if he wants Mo Yu to have eternal love with Huai An or if Mo Yu should get together with Xiao Dao.  :'(


Of course my bias is for Xiang Yu but that doesn’t mean her character is without flaws and inconsistencies as well.  Xiang Yu is supposed to be a woman who’s really good at separating her emotions from her work but voila, she’s fallen for Huai An and is now impulsively running around risking her life for him in almost EVERY. EPISODE.  To make this worse, she does this while she gives her successor advice to not get her emotions involved with the people she uses.  Xiang Yu is also supposed to be a master manipulator and super smart but instead she’s self-destructing while not-so-smartly helping Huai An.  =___=

But, even with these inconsistencies Tammy is still totally stealing the show.  I love the way she portrays her character with all of her hair flips, side glances and the way she looks annoyed when she sees Huai An and Mo Yu being all lovey dovey.  I just wish they’d bring back more of her spunk from the beginning episodes when she would give her catchphrase “Scared I’ll eat you?”  Ah, those were the days.  Aside from how much fun Xiang Yu is to watch, Xiang Yu is also the one character that can actually make me feel something for her.  Ever since ep4 it’s become more apparent that the strong and independent Xiang Yu is actually a very vulnerable and pitiful person.  She can be disposed of at any minute, is constantly kept in check by her right-hand-man, and can’t even be free within her own territory.

If you’re a Xiao Dao fan then I’d suggest you watch ep6.  At this point I don’t even care about how his scenes with Xiang Yu are like obligatory fan service scenes (i.e. the cliched scene at the beach), I WILL TAKE ANYTHING I CAN GET.  AND YES, I TOTALLY SWOONED AT XIAO DAO IN THE CLICHED BEACH SCENE.  Xiao Dao asks Xiang Yu to take him seriously (in other words, to view him as a MAN) because he will never disappoint her and he will always be by her side.  I know, they are classic second lead lines because Xiao Dao is just too perfect to be one of the leads. :'(  And I love Xiang Yu’s answer–“but I’ll disappoint you.”  I think Xiang Yu won’t get together with Xiao Dao because she doesn’t want him to be unhappy when she is eventually destroyed.  :'(


I feel like I was pretty negative in this review.  I just had to vent.  T___T  I think I just have to stop taking things so seriously in Dragon Gate and just enjoy all the Xiang Yu & Xiao Dao scenes that I can get.  On a brighter note, the cast is still a hoot to watch together in the BTS clips and Dragon Gate has finished filming! The cast all released some fun pics to celebrate the end of filming.  I guess Alice wasn’t around when they took those pics but Sunny, Tammy, and Melvin all took some funny farewell pics together before Melvin returned to Malaysia!

Here’s a funny short clip, I cracked up while watching it.

Quote Translation Credit / Where to watch: Dragon Gate is English subbed on Viki.


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  • argh frustration frustration! All the issues Dragon Gate had in the beginning episodes just keep compounding. We’re half way through the drama already and still I feel nothing for Huai An, not very ‘intrigued’ about all the conspiracy and the action scenes are lacking. It’s beginning to feel like no one will get together in the end. Heck, I even enjoy the Xiao San / Ai Xin ship more than some of the other ships at the moment. >< This is bad right?

    • Ugh I just think of all the ways DG could’ve turned out…it could’ve been so much better. Huai An and Mo Yu can just be eternal lovers for all I care. I think Xiang Yu might end up alone…because I don’t think she would get together with Xiao Dao. =_____=

      I think Xiao San is kinda cute. 😀 I’m happy Ai Xin doesn’t have too big of a role because sometimes I get annoyed by her.

      • Yeah it really had a lot of potential but just is not working out. If this is TVB I would say Xiang Yu would die so Huai An and Mo Yu would get together. >< Apart from like two or three scenes there hasn't been any more developments between Xiang Yu/Xiao Dao, that scene in ep6 felt like the writers shut the door on it!!! *cries*

        He is, isn't he!!! I thought ep 8 got better now that they're throwing Xiao San into the conspiracy as well. He's no longer just a 'sidekick', he might hold some secrets of his own too! As for Ai Xin, she's getting less annoying though which is good. Her little crush on Xiao Dao was funny.

        • LOL I know, I would totally be like Ai Xin. I think it’s really funny when she just gazes at Xiao Dao, HAHA.

          Actually…I feel like that might be where this is going…where Xiang Yu sacrifices herself for Huai An and Xiao Dao sacrifices himself for Xiang Yu/Mo Yu. T____T”” And the preview for ep9 doesn’t look like things are going well…

  • So, I’m taking that Tammy Chen will not end up w/ Melvin?? TT_TT
    I’m rooting for them. So, do you know who will end with with who?

    This show has been a huge disappointment. I’ve been skipping alot of parts and stuck to it because of Tammy. Her character is inconsistent and I also miss her spunky character from the beginning because it showcases her kicka** power and fearless. But despite that, her character is still my favorite. And then Melvin.

    • I doubt it. I’m not sure if she will even end up with anyone. I agree, it’s too bad Dragon Gate went off the deep end. T_T” Could’ve been so much better. Yup, Tammy is still my favorite although she is losing her kick-butt ways..

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