Heisui’s Thoughts: Watching frustrating dramas all for the sake of a favorite OTP, character, actor, or actress.

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In other words, watching frustrating dramas all for one character or actor is the story of my life.  In fact, I’m doing it right now.  😛


Just recently I started thinking more about this very strange drama addict phenomenon.  It’s the phenomenon where one continues watching a bad drama all because they want to see ONE OTP, actor/actress, or character.  Oftentimes this happens when some drama crack is super addicting in the beginning, but then it turns into a crazy drama on crack that is going totally downhill.  Well, we started watching it from the start and now we’re already invested in ONE person or OTP……MIGHT AS WELL FINISH IT.  T____T””

Case in point: All this month I’ve been going around on people’s reviews about Lan Ling Wang and saying “I’m only watching for Yu Wen Yong!!!!!  (Daniel Chan) He’s my favorite character!! *drool*” and “I decided to only skim through LLW for ALLLL of Daniel Chan’s scenes!!”.  *sigh*  Even after hearing about how much LLW has become a mess in its later episodes, I can’t help but want to skim through the drama all for my beloved Daniel Chan.  And guess what, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this…


^The OTP that I’m shamelessly rooting for.  It will never happen.

Another case in point:  Currently I’m watching the Taiwanese drama Dragon Gate, which started out sorta good but is becoming a confusing and inconsistent mess.  Why am I still watching it?  Because it has one of my favorite Taiwanese actresses–Tammy Chen–and I also loveee Tammy’s character in this drama!  I watch ALL her scenes and then skip the bad scenes.  O__O””  I guess it’s more efficient than watching the whole thing?

Fullscreen capture 512012 75059 PM.bmp

^Tian Ze x Ai Xing forever!!!

WANT MORE EXAMPLES?  Well, on the topic of Tammy Chen, I watched ALL of the tw-drama Love Forward.  (which also starred Tony Yang, Leroy Young, Amber Kuo) ALL. OF. IT.  I also wrote about EVERY SINGLE EPISODE even though the plot just got more and more frustrating.  ARGHH!!  My favorite OTP of Tian Ze and Ai Xing was just that addicting.   Also it doesn’t really help that I was shipping the ‘underdog’ OTP, the OTP that I thought probably wouldn’t end up together.  This only made me more determined to watch through the entire drama just to see PROOF of the awesome chemistry between Tian Ze and Ai Xing.  Looking back though, I don’t think I could ever rewatch that entire drama ever again.  You have to be in the moment to understand the mania following Love Forward, omg.

I’ve also done this for the jdrama Last Cinderella, all because I just HAD to see Shinohara Ryoko and Fujiki Naohito together.  (Spoiler) Of course, I was just second-lead shipping in vain and they never ended up together.  T__T” The drama went downhill after a while and by the end I was tiredly waiting to just find out who would end up with who.  I feel like I also had the same experience with Love Forward, though. Eventually it gets so frustrating that I just want the ending already!!!


Thankfully I am not ALWAYS doing this..there are dramas that I’ve dropped!

The most recent example would be…SUBSTITUTE PRINCESS. (KING FLOWER)  AHAHAHAHA.  This is the one where myriads of fans rabidly shipped Terry and Da Hua, and by the ending they were facepalming at all of the nonsensical twists and the wishy washiness of Da Hua.  Well, of course I started out totally Team Terry.  I was even ready to skim through all the episodes just to watch all the Terry scenes.  And whenever I read reviews about Substitute Princess, of course I would drop the obligatory “I LOVE TERRY” comment.  😉  But after maybe 5 episodes of Substitute Princess, somehow I found it in me to say no to the drama.  I dropped it while still keeping up with some episodic reviews just to find out the ending.  Looking back now, I’m happy I dropped the drama because apparently it became even more wacky than expected from tw-dramas. O___O  So I ended up sparing myself the pain of the frustrating Da Hua and the neverending love square.  Nope, not even for Terry would I suffer through it.

Some other sorta recent c-dramas I dropped and never looked back since:

SOP Queen.  Sorry Zhang Han and Chen Qiao En, not even for you will I suffer through dozens of episodes of family politics.  Sometimes eye candy isn’t everything.  😛

Drama Go Go Go.  Even with my love for dear Lin Geng Xin, and the VERRRY handsome Hu Bing…….I couldn’t keep on watching this drama.  T___T

Fullscreen capture 4112012 115041 PM.bmp

So, are there any dramas you are currently doing this for now?  Are there any previous dramas that stick out to you when you think of dramas you’ve watched all for the sake of one person/OTP? And more importantly…was it worth your time?

For me it all depends on the drama.  I don’t regret watching all of Love Forward because, even though it ended up having some really illogical plot twists and I was super annoyed with one of the characters…watching it was an adventure.  It was actually FUN watching along with other fans (who, like me, couldn’t stop watching it :P) and ranting about what I loved/didn’t like about the drama.  Other dramas though, I do wish I hadn’t wasted my time on.  In the end, I may not remember every single moment I watched in a drama..but I will definitely remember how that drama made me feel.  If all I remember from a drama is frustration, annoyance and agony then I’d say my time was wasted. But if I have some warm fuzzies from it, then that’s a whole different story!


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
DOCTORS Season 2: Ep 1
Dragon Gate: Eps 4-7
  • Ooooh Heisui! This is what I’ve been doing for my past drama-watching career, lol! Sometimes it ended up happily with the drama surprisingly being good, like Zettai Kareshi. On a lesser fortunate occasion, the drama ended up cheesy but I can’t stop, I need to see my favorite actor! I’m in too deep already, anyway. In this case, I’m talking about Last Cinderella. Naohito was so charming there I don’t really care about the whole plot anymore (okay, maybe I do just a little bit) as long as I can see him.
    Similar thing with one of his other dramas, Shiawase ni Narou Yo. I actually fast forwarded all the scenes without him until the end, it was soooo boring =.= But then again, I couldn’t stop for the sake of Naohito haha!

    • LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one! 😀 Seems like your devotion to Naohito is very strong! Yeah Zettai Kareshi was good so I guess I wouldn’t count it as a super frustrating drama. On the other hand Last Cinderella became very draggy towards the end. >_<

  • Hi Heisui,

    Somebody else beat me to post first comment LOL

    I totally get what you’re saying. The only difference between you and me is probably the pressure I get from work which is getting worse and worse everyday that I was able to drop some of the dramas where my feelings are the same as you. But I don’t have any idea what you do so maybe I am wrong also on that front. 🙂

    I had the same experience in Starman because Ryoko Hirosue is a big favorite and also her co-star Sota Fukushi is a promising young actor that I really anticipated the drama. After Ep4, things are so confused I dunno what happened.

    For Woman, I am thankful to you because we’re reviewing both and your more recent thoughts encouraged me to continue watching it and I am so grateful because it really turned out quite amazing. I remember my first drama review (xxxHolic) and while reviewing it, I discovered your blog and NeeNee’s blog Asian Addict Anonymous and there is something about discovering other bloggers doing the same thing (review). I felt that I am not alone and that there are other people I can talk about what I am watching.

    • Hiii Jed! I’m on summer break right now so yeah, I have more time to watch through frustrating dramas!! I hope work is not stressing you out too much. :'(

      I think Woman will be THE summer drama that I will remember for a really long time. Maybe right now I am addicted to some not so great dramas but I doubt I will remember them as fondly as I will Woman. By the way what episode are you on for Woman? I hope you will continue reviewing it, I like to read your thoughts about it! >_< Especially after episode 10, omg! And too bad Starman has gotten confusing. From what I heard it seemed like it would be one of the better jdramas of the summer season.

      Anyways I'm happy to have discovered your blog too. It is unique since there are very few blogs about Japanese films. Also I love your taste in jdramas and films. First xxxholic, then Woman..we have dramas in common! Also I think it is pretty awesome that xxxholic was your first drama review since xxxholic was so epic!

      • Hey! 🙂

        I’m done with Episodes 6-8 of Woman and just really absorbing it. I’m reading now your latest review and very excited with the way the drama progressed since I left a few weeks back. Very dramatic!

        Yes, xxxHolic is the gold standard hahaha I’m very lucky that I got into Shota Sometani at that time and really followed his career, so watching and reviewing xxxHolic is but a natural course of action LOL

        We do have same drama interest, indeed! 🙂

        • Yay! I’m happy you’re still continuing Woman! Eps 9-10 are a must-watch for sure! Fufufu I’m also happy I saw xxxholic because otherwise I wouldn’t have even heard about Sometani Shota. I have high hopes for his acting career now!

  • Ah, a subject near and dear to my heart. I did this a bit with the Korean Boys Before Flowers, which had wonderful Lee Min Ho… and not much else going for it. Kim Hyun-joong is perfect-looking, but he has no soul behind his eyes, especially with quietly expressive Oguri Shun in my head as Rui. With that drama, though, it still got too nuts and angsty in the third quarter for me to power through it with everyone else, although I did finish it eventually.

    Many times I end up doing the opposite, or I get sort of tired of them once the Angst hits in the last third. I haven’t even finished the last few episodes of Coffee Prince! Or Arang and the Magistrate! I totally plan on finishing them, but I haven’t yet. To the topic of my opposites, though: I started watching My Fair Lady for Yoon Eun-hye, and dropped it within 2 episodes. I think I made it to 8 of Lie to Me. Started Mary Stayed Out All Night for Jang Geun Seuk and Moon Geun Young, couldn’t get through it. I was going to fast forward through Lee Soon Shin is the Best for Jo Jung Seok, but I couldn’t do it.

    I AM A WEAK DRAMA FAN. Or… strong? I guess it depends on how you look at it…

    • Hey jubi, long time no see! :3 Haha I think you have much more willpower than I do when it comes to dropping a drama even if it has a favorite actor. T_T Trust me, you have saved yourself a lot of wasted time. I’d say…a STRONG DRAMA FAN!

  • Since 90% of the time I pick dramas based on actors, I’m just asking for it to happen. LOL. Dragon Gate was part of the other 10% but then it turned into ‘continue to watch because of Xiao Dao’ hahaha. Recently it’s Le Jun Kai for the OTP, Borrow ur Love + Ai ya ai ya for OTP / Dylan… argh I really hate to say Le Jun Kai was an annoying mess. The others are moderately entertaining.

    But there is a limit – as much as I like George Hu Love Around is dropped for its sheer crappiness. I’ve had enough of boring!

    • ” I’m just asking for it to happen.” AHAHA. YUP..maybe I should just expect this to happen to me since I initially get interested in dramas because of their cast! Too bad Le Jun Kai is turning out to be a mess. Although I’m not a fan of the synopsis I thought it would at least be higher quality as a micro-drama. O_O Haven’t followed Love Around but I think a lot of fans are dropping it. It is getting quite a big push from the ‘big’ drama sites though. =_=

  • This is a grat post topic and one I have thought about many times. I couldn’t make it past epsiode 1 of Substitute Princess. I Gave up on Last Cinderella with 4 more epsiodes to go when it was clear to me she would not end up with man I felt she was PERFECT with. I have a list of Korean dramas as long as my arm that I just couldn’t finish. But that is not to say that I have not sat through hundreds of hours of hell for a favorite OTP. I Did make it through Lee Soon Shin (crazy!) and Ojakgyo Brothers! I used to think that watching a show over 20 episodes was insane and now I have done that numerous times. Addiction is a funny thing. I have so many claims on my time (husband, 2 daughters, cats, etc.) but the fact that I still manage to dedicate so many hours to dramas is … well sad really.

    • Yeah I’ve ended up dropping so many dramas, I don’t even remember them all. But I’ve also endured many bad dramas. I guess it evens out? No, it’s not sad, you’re just a devoted drama addict! 😉

  • omg I was just about to comment that I did that for LAST CINDERELLA. glad I wasn’t alone and how pissed I was about the ending I campaigned for people planning to watch the series not to bother lol

  • Girl! I’m back! Sorry for being away for so damn long! School started and I hardly have time to eat a proper meal anymore (let along watching dramas! =P)
    When I read the title for this entry, I just have to come in and see if you will mention that ONE DRAMA!
    Haha! LF is the first drama that was so bad but I still chase it BECAUSE of that one actor/OTP! XD

    So I was reading ur other reviews.. Tammy’s new drama isn’t that consistent I read!? So you think it’s worth my time watching it during my break!? In that drama, I’m only interested in Tammy as well!
    Is Daniel’s new drama really good? I heard good things about it but I’m not a fan of Daniel and I don’t like Ariel. But if the story is good…!

    BTW, I was chasing this one drama in the summer where I was rooting and only watching it for this one couple! and fast forward to most characters because a. there were too many side plots and b. I HATE THE MAIN FEMALE ACTRESS/character! She could be #1 with Amber/her LF character in my …….. list! XD
    It’s TVB’s Triumph in the Skies 2! I loveee the first series 10 years ago. Everyone waited forever for a sequel and here it is. It’s a good drama because for characters/actors that did come back, you see a huge character growth/development compare to the 1st sequel.
    I was cheering for Ron Ng and Myolie Wu’s character! They are my top HK onscreen couple! I hope to see them collaborate soon!
    Here’s the drama intro with the 1st series theme song because it was so much better! XD

    Check it out when you are bored~ If you like to try a pilot drama, this one is a must see! I recommend watching the first one then the 2nd one because I actually like the first one more but the 2nd one has my favorite couple! XD

    I’m gonna go read ur new Tony’s posting now! Keke!

    • HIII Ah Man!!! Lol I don’t want school to start because then I won’t have as much time for mah dramas! HAHA I like how just from the title of the post you could figure out that Love Forward was going to be mentioned. That drama goes down in history as one of the most frustrating dramas I’ve watched through. All because of Tony and Tammy. T_T

      I wouldn’t really recommend watching all of Dragon Gate only for Tammy. I mean, her character is great but there are so many flaws with the drama that I’m not sure it is worth it. T_T And for Lan Ling Wang with Daniel and Ariel…I’m only watching it for Daniel HAHA. I think the story will have a tragic ending. O_O

      Oooo I’ve heard a lot about Triumph in the Skies! So do I have to watch season 1 to understand season 2?

      • Hey girl, wow… what is with the trend going on here? Watching dramas only for one actor? Haha. I guess we can’t have everything! I still can’t believe there’s no Eng sub for Ex-BF. I think this drama is the one from the past few years that has gotten everything! Script, acting, music, etc. =P

        It’s not necessary to watch season 1 to understand season 2. The characters from season 1 that’s also in season 2 make some small reference to the previous season. But 2 major things that would be missing without watching season 1 are:
        1. Season 2 begin with Issac as First Officer. If you watch season 1, u would have watch the whole process of him as a the cadet (pilot student) and working his way up…thus, you get to see how much he has grown from season 1 to season 2.
        2. Issac’s older brother Francis’ story. Without giving much away, Francis’ past love in season 1 and Issac’s love interest in season 2 look alike (because it was the same actress!).

        I thought season 1 was more entertaining/interesting because of Issac/Francis/family relationship (wherever there’s the family scene, it’s so funny) and we get to see the students learning how to fly a plane. Besides, I learn a lot of what the heck happen in the airport or in the plane too! XD

        Keke. Keep me posted about watching this or not! Haha!

        • Oh yes, it is a neverending cycle!!! It is a real miracle when a drama has everything going for it. Lately I’ve been watching too many mediocre dramas. T_T Yeah I still gotta watch ex-bf! I hope the subbing for it starts up someday. :'(

          Hmm 10 years between the 2 seasons, I bet there must be some changes in the way they show the airport/flying procedure? Sounds interesting, I like airplane dramas. 😀

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