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I totally forgot to post about DOCTORS Season 2 but I randomly stumbled across my screencaps for episode 1 so…why not?  😀  If you haven’t seen DOCTORS Season 1, then I definitely recommend that you watch it.  It is one of my favorite medical jdramas especially since it is not about a ‘rogue surgeon’ who goes around miraculously performing surgeries at top speeds.  DOCTORS is more about one doctor–Sagara (Sawamura Ikki…*SWOONS*)–who enters a failing hospital and saves it through some questionable methods.  I know it sounds cliched but it’s different from your typical medical jdrama.  Sagara doesn’t just waltz around being the ‘hero doctor of justice’..instead he manipulates the other doctors into doing what he wants.  There is always an ulterior motive hidden behind his pleasant exterior!


Anyways back to Season 2.  I had really high expectations for this since season 1 was amazing.  It’s great seeing Sawamura Ikki back as Dr. Sagara!!!!  That smile!!!!!  Not much has changed since season 1.  Sagara is still making people play into his plans while he is smiling adorably the entire time.  Omg.  Moriyama is also back as the childish and hilarious villain…except this time he’s about to become the director of the hospital.  Of course Sagara won’t let Moriyama get his way and he promptly crushes Moriyama’s dreams.  HAH.  I have to say, Moriyama is still a hoot to watch!   Nurse Miyabe is also around as Sagara’s supporter and ambiguous love interest.  I wonder if maybe they will FINALLY define their relationship in this season?

All in all, it’s great seeing all of the old characters back even though I’m still quite annoyed by Moriyama’s entourage of doctors.  I especially enjoyed the interactions between Dr. Minagawa and Sagara because they have a nice camaraderie going here.  There are no forced “could they be the otp?” moments as there are whenever Sagara is with Miyabe.  T_T


So yes, season 2 has basically continued where season 1 left off.  But that’s just it–not much has changed since season 1.  I don’t know why I felt let down by episode 1 because it’s not like the quality of the acting or directing has decreased at all from S1.  It’s just that…I expected something even MORE from DOCTORS.  To me the second season shouldn’t just continue the standard that the first season set…instead it should improve upon it and bring something fresh to the table.  Part of me wishes that the second season had focused on Sagara moving to a different hospital instead of staying at the same one.  Or maybe Sagara should get a new opponent that is much more challenging than Moriyama? Please, just anything to change up the old dynamics of season 1!!


At the moment I don’t feel motivated to watch the rest of season 2 but I think I will add it to my list of dramas that are on hold.  *sigh* Part of me feels like I’m being too picky and I’m expecting too much from the second season.  Why can’t I just be content with gazing at Sawamura Ikki’s awesome smile for the rest of the show!?!?

Well at this point DOCTORS S2 is still above average (really, the first episode is fun.  I feel like I’m downplaying the fun with my criticisms. T___T) but I feel like it’s not quite reaching its full potential.  Maybe it’s because it lacks the new, exciting feeling that I got from watching season 1?  Or maybe it’s because it’s playing it safe by not introducing any new characters?  Who knows.


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