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THE MOMENT I SAW LLW IN THIS FEATHERY GET UP, I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING.  OMG, I have seen some bad outfits in this drama but THIS……this tops them all.  SO FAR.  Anyways, LLW and Xue Wu’s wedding is cute and all, but after seeing LLW in such a funny outfit I just couldn’t stop laughing all throughout the wedding scene.

Sadly enough though, by this time, instead of going “awww” at their cute wedding scene in which Xue Wu boldly defies tradition and says that she doesn’t need no fan in front of her face…I was thinking “Gee it’s about time already!”.  19 episodes for them to finally get married, even though they were practically married early on.  Well at least now Xue Wu can’t say  ‘IT’S NOT OUR FATE’ anymore.


Xue Wu is fun to watch whenever she is working her magic as the Heavenly Maiden.  Usually this consists of all the commoners praising her and kneeling, and her saying “Don’t kneel, get up!”.  😛  I tend to like the female characters in period dramas who are adored by the people because of how contagious their happiness is.  That’s it, Xue Wu’s smile is just contagious.

But I still can’t help but facepalm at how she and LLW are such a gullible lost cause together!!  They are perfect for each other because both of them just can’t see the very worst in people.  T___T”” Case in point: Zheng Er is incredibly bitter towards LLW/XW and is now invading their household and singlehandedly trying to destroy their marriage.   Why does every period c-drama just HAVE to have this Zheng Er type of character?  As I’ve said before, LLW and XW are cute together and all but I still have 0% emotional investment in their relationship.  That being said I don’t really care anymore about the rumored tragic ending because I don’t really care what happens in the end.  O__O  It might sound harsh but… know what character I’m REALLY watching for… 😛


YU WEN YONG!!!!!!!  YES, it is time for some obligatory YWY screencaps!  I mainly skimmed through most of these 6 episodes but…episodes 15-17 were a totally different story.  They all focused on YWY so of course I paid attention to every minute of those episodes, AHAHA.  I totally ate up the story arc where Xue Wu stays with YWY to help his daughter recuperate.  During this time I guess you can say that YWY has made a complete 360 transformation in which he is no longer just using Xue Wu; he sincerely loves his daughter and he’s growing to like Xue Wu’s kindheartedness as well.  It is amazing seeing YWY with his daughter because he ALWAYS SMILES when he’s with her.  *SWOONS*

This is partly where I like Xue Wu the most as well, because in this case her naivete and willingness to see the best in others actually works out pretty well.  She believes that YWY isn’t all that bad, that he is human just like everyone else.  She even makes it into a bit of a humorous subject when she chides him for not understanding love and not knowing how to express his emotions.  It is so sweet when YWY thinks to himself that Xue Wu is the only one who sees him for who he is, and not as a monster.  AWWW.


Well, although one could say that YWY has changed a lot in regards to how he treats Xue Wu…he still hasn’t changed in his extreme methods.  I really like how these episodes show his vulnerability in that he makes hard decisions and it is hard for him to cope with them.  Thankfully the drama doesn’t tip toe around that aspect of YWY’s character.  Really, it would be boring if he just suddenly became ‘the good guy’.  I do wonder, however, if Xue Wu can truly embrace him if she knows everything that he’s done.  She got the gist of what happened (YWY killed his right-hand man) but that’s just it–she only got the gist of it, not exactly what happened.  Again I sound kinda harsh but I’m curious to see what would happen if Xue Wu EVER realizes that not everyone is good like she thinks they are.


I think I’ve repeated this maybe 10 times but I decided a while back to just skim through LLW.  Just today though, I realized that I should just try to focus on the episodes that have a good amount of YWY scenes rather than endlessly skimming through the entire remainder of the drama.  So I asked my blogging friend Aehyu (who already finished the drama) for recommendations on which episodes have YWY scenes and these are the episodes she suggested:

  • 26, 27
  • 37-40
  • 41-42

If anyone else has any other episodes to add please let me know.


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  • The Yuwen Yong screen caps make me feel a lot better about having spent roughly some 30+ hours on a drama that I probably should have ditched for the sake of my brain cells. I want Daniel back 😀

  • I think the little princess is actually his niece? But I could be wrong because they do seem like father/daughter.

    Episode 27 was heartbreaking to watch. I was mad at Xue Wu for most of that episode, haha.

        • Another scene I enjoyed was in episode 20 of ywy when he was meeting up with shen ju for reports up in the bamboo forest. After hearing sheng jus report, he prepares to shoot a rabbit while asking if the rumor he heard was true. It’s true that a month ago, xue wu married lan ling wang. YWY misses and hit himself on his cheek. He walks it off cooly but ask sheng ju to follow him, only to ask how her life is. shen ju informs him that LLW and XW are keeping a low profile out of respect for the crown prince. YWY tells shen ju that LLW being with XW is as if LLW has grown wings. YWY dismisses shen ju then says to himself that “she must be happy, right?” oooo. so good.

  • Yup the little princess is actually his niece! Well, I do like LLW and XW’s relationship, until Zheng’er came into the picture and I face-palmed so hard because the story went to the pits. In any case, I do like that YWY seems to be the only complex character around in this show, maybe that’s why he’s so wonderful to watch. Of course it doesn’t help that Daniel is wonderful at portraying YWY in such a wonderful manner. I do wish they showcase more of his relationship with his Queen though, because it does seem that that’s another interesting aspect of his character that can be explored.

    • Yes I also wish they would show him with the empress more. I thought the empress would be one of those meddling characters (Like Zheng En) but so far she seems to be fine.

  • Daniel Chan… Yuwen Yong… ugh… so many feelings, so so, just, I dunno. Just, dunno what words to use to describe Daniel Chan’s dedication and portrayal as Yuwen Yong. I watched some brief interviews and he really put thought into how a warlord/strong ruler should behave, the tone of speech, facial expression and even the postures.

    One thing I wanna put out there is Daniel was consistent with his portrayal! What I mean is: In the beginning the series presented his personality as tough, strict, ruthless, calculating, rar rar, his appearance was death glares, stands upright and sits upright, sly grins etc rar rar, and throughout the series even until the end he stuck to it EVEN during/after the lovey-dovey romantic stuff. This is unlike many many many other characters in other series where the stone-cold/cruel characters start out strong then ends up folding into stereotypical “I’m in love, so now I must act soft like mush” – yick! They all end up losing their strong/violent/unrelenting/shit-me-off-and-I’ll-have-you-dead-in-a-millisecond factor. Even when Yuwen Yong showed his nice side, or his gentle side, it was very Yuwen Yong, if that makes sense? It’s as if, ok, so this is Yuwen Yong when he is serious and cruel etc, and this is simply how he is when he is nice, but he remains that strong/violent/unrelenting/shit-me-off-and-I’ll-have-you-dead-in-a-millisecond warrior. Although I don’t think Yuwen Yong is suppose to be as badass as that, I just took the longer version to say that he remained in character throughout lol… *deep breath* *dreamy sigh*

    I also only watched it for Yuwen Yong. Daniel Chan was perfect for this role! I know you like Bubu Jingxin, and up until now it was my favourite ancient romance drama, but dah-yam! Daniel’s Yuweng Yong, dah-YAM! AND YUMMY! Seriously, he had much less screen time than the main lovebirds (Ariel and Feng Shao Feng), but DAH YAM! His presence was well worth all the fast-forwarding! I would watch it again, but Ariel’s constant rejection just makes me too sad to see him so sad lol, even when he puts on a “I’m sad, but this is the best I can do looking sad because I was born strong” – and that look wasn’t over emphasised so it was natural, again, unlike other actors who put on the tough sad look.

    • actually, there were some scenes where Daniel seemed not so natural when he was sad, like wiping his tears and sniffing in one episode, but I dunno, it kinda just felt like Yuwen Yong isn’t accustomed to crying in front of people, like an amateur at this, so he does it like so… But, thankfully that scene wasn’t that important. The ones that matter, he’s so subtle in it that when you pick out those little facial changes and breathing that you really appreciate his Yuwen Yong. Or perhaps I just love Daniel Chan too much, and for too long *deep breath* *dreamy sigh*

    • Omg I think I’m gonna have to quote you in my next LLW post. You said it so perfectly!!!! I agree, the other characters feel half-baked but Daniel Chan really gives it his all for his role of YWY.

      • yes, I’ve seen all of it and I can’t wait for the recaps so I can talk more about Daniel! Episode 26 was… I think I almost collapsed watching it. Let’s just say if Yuwen Yong was exactly Daniel then lemme go build a time machine and be with him, and Xuewu can blindly be with her Lan Ling Wong. Or somebody please introduce me to real-life Daniel, come on!

        Though I must add, as much as the episodes just before ep 26 is unbearable to watch it only makes the build-up of Yuwen Yong’s re-entry to the series even more worth while to watch.

        • Hey! Take me with you, I wanna time travel and be with YWY!!! 😉 I still need to catch up on LLW, I paused after I wrote up this post. But there will definitely be more Daniel posts to come, BWAHAHAHAHA.

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