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Currently I’m computer-less and unable to catch up on my drama watching but that doesn’t stop me from blogging. Instead I am painstakingly typing this up on my phone. =__=  Be warned of possible grammar mistakes ahead because I suck at typing on my phone and autocorrect is sure to mess things up as well.  >__>””

Anyways I often find it funny how drama bloggers and drama watchers have a whole list of drama-related terms and phrases. Even though nothing is set in stone and no one made up a manuel for drama blogging….. everyone just magically uses the same drama slang. Where did we even pick up these phrases and why do we use them? It’s a mystery to me. O__o Here’s a few that come to mind when I think about drama slang or words that generally pop up when I talk about dramas…


^What I think of when I think of Dramaland

Ah yes, literally EVERYONE refers to the world of dramas collectively as ‘dramaland’ as though it’s some kind of amusement park or a mystical separate dimension. Not an actual place but rather, an attempt to refer to dramas in all their entirety. I usually avoid this phrase because wherever I think of it I imagine a magical kingdom up in the clouds or of an amusement park. Ummm I think it’s just me….

‘OTP’ / ‘Ship’
I’m pretty surely that these phrases are not limited to dramas only, but I tend to use them a lot when I talk about them. Also once I used the term “I ship… ” with someone who didn’t watch dramas and they just gave me a really blank stare. O____O So maybe they are more relevant in the context of dramas?

Anyways once I have chosen my OTP I will not shut up about who I’m shipping together. I also refer to each ship as though it’s some sort of team. O_O Any fellow shipper of the same OTP will instantly become my comrade! 😉


^ My current second lead bias

‘Second lead syndrome’
Sadly enough, this phrase pretty much describes my entire drama watching experience. 😛 Although I usually don’t use this term specifically, I am always talking about how I tend to ship the second lead. =___= why do the second leads always have to be better than the main leads?!?!?

The ‘love triangle / love square’
On the topic of romance dramas, I talk about the love triangles/love squares ALL THE TIME.

This is a totally random drama phrase but wherever I read it I think it’s kinda funny. We often use the term ‘baddies’ to refer to the bad guys, the villain, the enemy.. whatever you wanna call them. IMO it’s a more watered down term. I use it a lot but this only works for dramas where good and bad are very clear cut. In dramas with more ambiguity about good vs. evil it is very hard to call a character a baddie when there is no completely good or bad character.


^Love Forward, a drama on crack that had a very frustrating love square. I was rabidly shipping these two back then.. =_=

‘Drama crack’
LOL. In an attempt to describe how addicting dramas are, this is what drama fans came up with. Another relevant phrase is a ‘drama on crack ‘ meaning that the drama’s plot is totally wacky. (and not in a good way) Probably the best example I have is the Tw-drama Love Forward. It was both drama crack AND a drama on crack. O___O

‘Drama addict’
Since drama is crack we are all drama addicts. It’s a level up from drama fan or drama watcher…somehow drama addict just sounds more extreme. O_O but oh so accurate.


^The costumes in the Legend of Zhen Huan are the very definition of eye candy.

‘Eye candy’
I find that this word tends to be used a lot by kdrama fans. O___O I like the word eye candy the best when it is used to describe the set, costumes, etc.

So does anyone use these phrases very often? Anyone have any more phrases I didn’t mention?


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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Anticipated jdramas: Fall 2013
  • Ottoke haji? We fans are just so ingenious and love our special terminologies. I compare it to “pig Latin” ’cause only we understand ourselves, hahaha 😉 .

  • for me, Eye candy > any other drama slang used. I thought it was universally understood to describe hot people because I’ve always used this even before watching dramas, but it’s good to learn that kdrama people tend to use it most 🙂 I’m always hesitant to put much drama slang (i’ll always try to add an explanation to it when i get a chance) in case a stumbler to my blog gets turned off by these unfamiliar terms 😛

  • I had the same experience! Sometimes I find myself wanting to say “I ship so-and-so,” but I have to stop and remind myself that everyone’s just going to give me awkward looks… Is there a non-slang word for it? ‘Cause “I support” sounds kinda lame in this context, LOL.

    Oh, the joys of being a drama addict.

  • Ah yes I use ‘ship’ and ‘OTP’ quite often although I didn’t pick it up from dramas, but from Western fandoms. It was funny one time I heard on the radio how this teenager was trying to explain to the hosts what ‘shipping’ actually mean, and how she ships fictional and real life people LOL.

    BTW, Dragon Gate ep 6!!! MUST WATCH!!! (Xiao Dao / Xiang Yu moments!!!) arggghhh~~~

    • Interesting that you picked it up from the fandoms. I think I picked it up from watching dramas hehe.

      My internet sucks at the moment so I wasn’t able to watch all of episode 6 of Dragon Gate. T____T but omg, XIAO DAO <3 <3

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