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Before I leave for a couple weeks I decided that I just HAVE to squeeze in one last quick post.  That post being, of course, about Daniel Chan Lan Ling Wang.


In my previous post I mentioned that I had no emotional investment in the Xue Wu x LLW OTP…and very little emotional investment in the drama as a whole.  Unfortunately this still holds true even up through episode 14.  If anything I realized even more that I don’t really care much for the love story between Xue Wu and LLW.  They are cute together and all, but they also feel kinda blah on screen and I only end up feeling frustrated by them.  I don’t really have anything against them but I can’t root for them with all my heart either.

Overall these episodes are mainly about Xue Wu being all wishy washy and continually insisting on how she and LLW will never be together since they are not fated, blah blah blah.  Zzzzzzzzz.  I have no patience to watch Xue Wu and LLW going around and around in circles deciding whether or not they should be together, when I KNOW they are the OTP and that they will somehow be separated by….FATE.  URGHHHH I wish they didn’t have Xue Wu’s grandma’s prediction about their fates because now that very prediction is ALWAYS looming over the characters.  Every single episode, Xue Wu just HAS to say, “GRANDMA SAID…” or “IT’S NOT OUR FATE!!”.  *facepalm*  On a more serious note, I guess I can see why Xue Wu is hesitant to get involved with LLW when she knows that he will marry someone else.  But really, she is basically in denial of her feelings for LLW throughout all these episodes until she FINALLY goes, ‘ok……I’ll be with you…’.  Me: “…….IT’S ABOUT TIME!”


^Omg, Xue Wu finally has a really pretty costume!!!

Anyways LLW has received raving reviews right from the get-go, and when I first started watching it, I too thought it was an above-average drama.  I mean, the quality of the CG is VERY good for a c-drama, there are laughable moments, it has a very fast pacing in the beginning, and of course, it has a strong cast.   But it’s becoming more and more apparent to me that LLW is more of an average idol c-drama.  It’s kinda hard to describe, but I feel like everything is glossed over, the characters have very little depth, and everything is a bit half-baked.  LLW leaves much to be desired because I know it has great potential with this great cast and a possibly complex story.  Unfortunately LLW is focusing way too much on the romance and it’s also adding a melodramatic spin on things.  T___T


That being said, I may sound very bitter over how LLW is turning out but fear not, I’m still watching.  My main motivation in watching LLW is………….YU WEN YONG, played by Daniel Chan.  Yeah…I’m always doomed to liking the second lead more than the main lead.  I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I didn’t realize just how blah Feng Shao Feng’s portrayal of LLW is until I saw Daniel’s awesome acting as YWY.  The two just cannot compare.  Daniel has a really great stage presence and he is also very charismatic as the cunning Yu Wen Yong.   Um, according to one of my fellow bloggers, a good word to describe Yu Wen Yong is….”DELICIOUS”…AND I AGREE.   Every single scene he’s in, you bet it, I’m watching it!


This is the first time we see YWY as the emperor, and not Ah Guai.  Turns out he has even better chemistry with Xue Wu when he’s in emperor-mode.  O___O  There is a scene when he fakes getting bitten by a poisonous snake just so that Xue Wu can ‘heal’ him in front of his troops.  He does this to give his troops a boost in morale…but Xue Wu doesn’t realize that it’s all an act at first so she starts fussing over him………..and YWY just sits there and SMIRKS at her.  In his own words, ‘so you still care about me’.  Yep, YWY is really sneaky and manipulative and can read Xue Wu like a book.  😛

Surprisingly YWY admits to Xue Wu point-blank that yeah, he’s using her and manipulating her and he needs her because she’s the heavenly maiden.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Later on though, this begins to change as he starts to realize how important Xue Wu is to him.  But I will save that for a later post. 😉  Anyways if there is one YWY/Xue Wu scene that sticks out….it’s when Yu Wen Yong FORCE KISSES Xue Wu to try to feed her the antidote to the poison that she ingested.  O___________________O  I was totally GAWKING at that scene.  I wonder if we will ever get a real kiss (in other words, not a forced one) between Yu Wen Yong and Xue Wu.  I highly doubt it though considering that it takes Xue Wu and LLW FOREVER to kiss even though they are the OTP.  T___T”

Well it turns out that although YWY seems like a very powerful emperor since he has such a commanding presence…it turns out that he is actually a puppet emperor with very limited power.  YWY’s chief minister has more power than he does and everyone knows it.  Of course YWY wants to regain control over his kingdom and will go to great lengths to do so.  To him the ends justify the means.

OverallI admit it, I watched ahead a bit and starting from ep15, YWY reenters the picture.  BWAHAHAHAHA.  There are even MOAR YWY scenes to come!  But alas, I will have to save that for another post.  😉


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  • TQ for the recap & give us moar, pls 🙂 I watch this drama purely for YWY, there u go i’ll admit it.. His character is so much more interesting & really draws me in. I simply love Daniel Chan’s portrayal of YWY. My heart breaks for him in ep27, arrhhh.. is it too much for me to hope that YWY gets the girl? Am i setting myself up for a heartbreak here?

  • Yes, one of the things that really bugs me is that XW keeps on emphasizing that LLW is fated to be with another woman. Clearly she wasn’t supposed to be a part of his life and now she is, so that should probably tell her something. Oh well. Like you, I’m more interested in seeing YWY. Aside from a few scenes, his romance storyline with XW is nonexistent. T__T But what we do get to see is how he’s able to restore power over the throne and how he’s willing to let XW go because her happiness is with LLW.

    • heh I know. XW should not let this whole fate thing get in the way of her relationship with LLW. I wish the drama as a whole would just stop with the fate thing, I’ve had enough of it already. T___T

      It is interesting to see how YWY changes in the next few episodes. And seeing him playing with his kid is ESPECIALLY heartwarming.

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