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Episode 7 was good, but episode 8 is AMAZING.  *sheds tears of joy*  Every minute of it is worth watching because so much happens and very little of it has to do with the leukemia plot.


After Shiori’s shocking confession in the ending of episode 7, I thought that ep8 would slow things down a bit for a breather.  Turns out I was wrong; in fact the drama quickens the pace even more and ep8 is packed with great moments.  Out of all my favorite moments though, of course there is a scene that really stands out–the confrontation scene between Koharu and her mom.

Yes, the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally happens–Koharu confronts Sachi about the true cause of Shin’s death.  Ah, I love every moment of this scene.  Still in shock over the news, Koharu tiredly and bluntly asks Sachi if she knew all along. Sachi rambles on and on and blurts out any excuse she can think of because she is desperate to clear Shiori’s name.

I think my favorite moment in this scene is when Sachi tries to hand the cake to Koharu, and Koharu holds Sachi’s wrists so that the cake tips over.  The sad part is, that just before all this happened, Sachi had happily bought everyone in the family (Koharu & kids included) individual cakes at the bakery.  Yup, that little bit of hope for a harmonious family..crushed.  Just like that.  Now all Sachi can do is repeatedly ask Koharu over and over to hate her, and not Shiori.  I love Tanaka Yuko’s acting in this scene.  :'(


Of course we’ve seen Koharu at her lowest points in her life but I think this is the most drained I’ve seen her.  After this confrontation, she just looks totally out of it, so much so that she is having a hard time hiding her unhappiness from her kids.  How much more can Koharu’s heart break?  Well at this point, I’ve found myself wondering just when will Koharu ever get out of her cycle of hurt and sorrow.  I mean, I know she hasn’t even gotten very far into her treatment for leukemia and that there are many more challenges ahead but…surely there must be a brighter future ahead?  But somehow….it’s strange…although we often see Koharu’s darkest moments I also feel like Woman is full of many happy moments as well.   Even in Koharu’s struggles she can still make happy memories with her children.   Maybe to Koharu, her life isn’t some pitiful tragedy, but instead she views her life as a gift because she can spend it with her children by her side.

On a lighter note, I’m glad to say that Koharu has FINALLY told Yuki about her leukemia.  FINALLY!  Too bad it doesn’t show how Koharu broke the news to Yuki…I really wanted to see what Koharu would say.  o_o  Anyways I think it is sweet that when Koharu is about to ask Yuki to take care of the kids, it turns out she doesn’t even need to ask–it goes without saying, Yuki already knows that Koharu needs support to take care of the kids.  She assures her right then and there that she will take care of the kids however long it takes.  That is friendship right there.  *sniff*


Well after all the ups & downs Koharu has been through with her mom, I think Koharu finally decides to just screw the pretenses and tell Sachi about her illness.  Koharu lets her mom meet with her doctor so that the doc can break the news for her.  This scene feels really surreal since everything is in slo-mo and the music playing is a hopeful choir song.  It is quite similar to the scene when Koharu finds out about her disease–same room, same shot of Sachi’s back as she hears the news, etc.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I couldn’t really empathize with this scene as much.  I feel like by this point, I was already drained from the previous scenes and I was also comparing it to the scene when the doc breaks the news to Koharu.

Again this brings up the whole ‘choosing between daughters’ issue that Sachi has been wrestling with.  IMO I don’t think Sachi can ever really choose one daughter and choose against the other daughter.  Is her love for her daughters equal?  Well I don’t think anyone can really know that.  Is her love for her daughters the same?  Obviously not but she still loves both of her daughters.


Nope I didn’t forget Shiori.  Not much happens with her in this episode.  For unknown reasons, she secretly moves out of the house without telling Sachi.  A random tidbit about Shiori’s past is also revealed–she actually used to be the top girl in her class which is why all the bitter bullies started to get envious of her.  I’m not sure where the drama is going with this new revelation.  O_O

Why did I even doubt this drama in the first place?  Well I think we must have a few episodes left (I’m not sure how long this drama is, but I assume the maximum number of episodes would be around 11-12).  so I’m wondering how the drama will use the remaining time.  Some things I’d like to see happen are: 

  • Koharu telling the kids about her disease.  It has to happen sometime.
  • Kentaro finally finding out about Shiori’s involvement in Shin’s death, as well as her suicidal tendencies and her being bullied in the past.  Kentaro is such a happy go lucky character that I wonder how he will react.
  • Geez just finish that side story between the lady doctor and Ryosuke already!  Sure it has to do with their marriage and what it means to be a parent and all…but I feel like their side story is totally unneeded.  =_= 
  • Maybe reveal more about Koharu’s doctor’s past.  It seems like Koharu’s doctor is being a bit more than a doctor to her.  Er or maybe it is just his showing her his support, but I feel like he is her friend. 


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The Legend of Zhen Huan: Eps 73-75
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  • Great review as always! You really made me feel happy just reading your reaction on the many scenes of this episode. I was still suspending my review of the last 2 episodes and reading your thoughts on this last episode I believed that you confirmed many of my guesses.

    Yeah, you are right, this drama should not be missed. I was on the verge of dropping it but your review gave me reasons to continue watching it. As some viewers dropped it, I was asking myself, is it worth it? This review made me realize that it is! 🙂 I really love the actors – Hikari, Fumi and Yuko Tanaka. I think she’s given some amazing scenes to work here!

    • Awww thanks Jed!! I hope you enjoy this episode, there are some great scenes!! I think everything is coming together nicely. Even though I have had my doubts it seems like there will always be an even better scene to prove me wrong.

  • thanks for the summary. heh i go here and to hamsapsukebe’s blog for summaries of Woman, and its nice to see 2 different perspectives on this show.
    its seems that from the male perspective the show has been recently declining, while from the female perspective the show has been good. probly because of more female empathy? 😛
    one thing is for sure, everyone agrees that mitsushima hikari has been acting amazingly.

    keep up the caps. thanks!

    • Haha I never thought about how the female vs. male perspectives differ on this show. Interesting observation. But maybe I do sympathize more with Koharu? And after all…. the title of the show is WOMAN. 😛

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