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Truth is, I’m irrationally obsessed with Dragon Gate even though episode 3 totally crushed my high expectations and it was the most confusing thing ever.  T___T  Yeah, I should’ve heeded my own advice in my eps1-2 post to not get TOO excited this early on in the drama.  Episode 2 is still the best and most consistent episode…whereas episode 3 is just all over the place.   But I’ll talk about that later.

Somehow even though I know I shouldn’t expect too much from Dragon Gate anymore..I’m still actively taking in as many press conferences, promo pics, stills and previews as I can from Dragon Gate.  O___O  f I could sum up my obsession with Dragon Gate in one word, it would be the “cast”.  The cast is what makes this show and for sure, it’s what motivates my obsession with it.

“I can give you everything I have. My body, my heart belongs to you..。“
”Aren’t they mine already?“

Is it mainly because I love Tammy Chen so much that I’m willing to watch the drama at all costs?  I’d say my love of Tammy does have to do with it…but that doesn’t completely explain my irrational obsession since I haven’t forced myself to finish all her dramas like Aiya Aiya I Do or Happy 300 Days.  Buuuut maybe it’s because my love of Tammy is also paired with my newfound love of MELVIN SIA!!! OMGGGGG.  In this short week between episode 2-3, I’ve now become a total Melvin fan!!! OH YES, IT IS GLORIOUS WATCHING MELVIN AND TAMMY IN THE SAME DRAMA TOGETHER.  I haven’t even known about Melvin until I heard about Dragon Gate but OMGG I’ve totally become a  Melvin fan.  Seriously every other update in my “What’s new” section lately has been something along the lines of “I LOVE MELVIN” or “LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF MELVIN”.  Yeah.  If you can watch Dragon Gate and not be converted into a Melvin fan…I just…I don’t..I don’t know what to say to you.


And on the subject of Xiao Dao..he is basically nonexistent in this episode!  Ok, well he’s around but there are no sizzling scenes with him and Xiang Yu!!  Darn it!!!  I really hope that the drama won’t ditch this possible OTP…even if Xiang Yu and Huai An are gonna end up together, Xiao Dao and Xiang Yu also have great chemistry that I want to see more of!


I still believe that Xiang Yu is the awesomest character in Dragon Gate so far and she really kicks butt.  I will never get tired of watching her walking around with all her minions following her.  But unfortunately episode 3 really misses the mark and only makes Xiang Yu’s character more inconsistent.

In episodes 1-2, we see that Xiang Yu is really good at getting what she wants.  She’s great at manipulation and sweet-talk, but is also easy to anger since she has short patience.  She’s loved by all of her minions and the people who live in the Dragon Gate, but she’s also isolated and alone since she’s not allowed to get emotionally invested in any of her relationships.  In ep3, we discover that she is even more isolated and restricted than I first thought–because she is not allowed to leave Dragon Gate and her right-hand minion is actually there to keep an eye on her and to enforce the rules.   Xiang Yu is actually unhappy being the lady boss but is also bound by her sworn loyalty to the Dragon Gate.

So……Xiang Yu has closed her heart to all relationships, right?  She’s good at not getting emotionally involved with the men that she seduces, right?  She can handle big scary bosses, surely she can handle Zhou Huai An, right?  WRONG!!!!  OMGGGGGG.  Episode 3 just had me facepalming the entire time because of how inconsistently it portrays Xiang Yu’s character!!!!!  Xiang Yu is supposed to be really good at keeping her feelings and her purposes separate but now all of a sudden, she’s super vulnerable and she’s falling head over heels for Huai An. Where did this come from!?!?!?


All Huai An has to do is save Xiang Yu a couple times and take her out for coffee and now she’s fallen head over heels for him. What the heck?  T____T””  This totally goes against EVERYTHING that Xiang Yu’s character is like in episodes 1-2.   I was really looking forward to watching Xiang Yu using Huai An’s feelings to get him to stay at the Dragon Gate, and then slowly falling for him in the process but…no.  It’s only episode 3 and she’s already fallen for him.  Gee I appreciate the effort that the drama is putting in to make things progress quickly (tw-dramas often drag ON AND ON AND ON) but this is TOO FAST.  There is NOTHING gradual at all about the development of the love square.  NOTHING.

For me this is the big flaw in Dragon Gate–it’s hard to get emotionally invested in the characters when even their character development is inconsistent.  A lot of the scenes would’ve had much more emotional impact if only there had been more time for actual feelings to develop between the characters.


Mo Yu is probably the most consistent character so far since she hasn’t had any contradictory scenes.  The only thing I’m kinda critical about is that she’s supposed to be super smart but she still doesn’t understand that she is being hunted by bounty hunters. T__T”  Honestly I don’t find the Mo Yu x Huai An couple to be very entertaining..when they are together I’m just all Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…but I do wish that they could stay together even though I’m pretty sure they will break up eventually.   Ep3 shows how some seeds of doubt are planted in Mo Yu’s mind but she is still very understanding and forgiving when it comes to Huai An’s ‘playing around’ with Xiang Yu.  I want to see her fight for her man!!!


Overall, I’d say that Dragon Gate has a good concept with all the right elements..it’s just that when it comes to the execution of it, it doesn’t do so well.  There are so many scenes that could’ve been so much better if only the writing and the timing had been more suitable.   I hope the drama slows down a bit more so that the characters have more time to develop.


^Credit to TVBS Weekly.

I have no idea who’s gonna end up with who in this love square.  It seems like they are going straight for the Xiang Yu x Huai An/Mo Yu x Xiao Dao OTP’s but………YOU NEVER KNOW.  The thing about tw-dramas is that it’s hard to tell who’s gonna end up with who!  For instance–there are photoshoots pairing Tammy & Sunny/Alice & Melvin…but then there are also promo pics that pair up Tammy & Melvin, and Alice & Sunny!!!  And Alice also has a separate photoshoot with Sunny as well!

Quote Translation Credit / Where to watch: Dragon Gate is English subbed on Viki.


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  • LOLOLOL I am giggling like crazy when reading your post. Oh Melvin what have you done? Unleashing your hotness on the unsuspecting twdrama world.

    ARGH. The way this is going, I wonder if this means we won’t see the awesome scenes with Xiang Yu / Xiao Dao from now on, since she’s all smitten with Huai An. =.= I hate that Xiao Dao always comes second behind Huai An, I hope they have a big boys punch up… with Xiao Dao winning HAHAHA. Yep, totally biased.

    • YES THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE’S DOING. *swoons* Just you wait, I will add more Xiao Dao pics now that I’ve gotten my hands on the HD version, BWAHAHAA.

      Omg, I know, I’m already mourning the lack of Xiang Yu/Xiao Dao scenes. They don’t even have to make them end up together, I just want to see them together at least!!!!! Yeah I totally agree about Xiao Dao always being #2. :'( He does have a short fight scene in ep3 though. *w*

      • I think the commenting grinch ate the comment I wrote before, unless you’re finding 3 on your dash right now because I pressed refresh more than once. >< Sorry.

        What I wrote before lol – hey I'm still waiting for these HD screencaps you promised! Holding you to that one! 😛

        Ep 4 – all sorts of Xiao Dao goodness so I'm happy, especially his little adventure with Mo Yu. Although the official FB page has a poll up asking 'if you are Xiang Yu, who would you choose?' <– guess who's winning! I hope the writers take notice of this. Are they still filming this..? hrm.

        • Ugh some other commenters have experienced the same problem, I’m not sure why it’s happening. It doesn’t show up in my spam either. =_=

          I updated my post with my screencaps today! Now I’m eagerly anticipating watching ep4 in HD. There are so many moments I want to sceencap in ep4! Ok, seriously now that I think about it, Mo Yu is super lucky. Huai An is devoted to her and Xiao Dao is helping her. SHE HAS HER PICK!!!

          AND OMGGGG…………I also hope the writers give in to the viewers demands!!!! LET XIANG YU BE WITH XIAO DAO~~~ 😛

          • Thanks for the screenies 😀 😀

            I think I’m just having issues with WordPress sites in general, cos sometimes I have to refresh a few times to get a page to load. Hrm.

            Xiao Dao was leading by a mile in that poll HAHA, and they must be listening since they’re posting more of his pics!!

            • FUFUFU at least I know we’re not the only ones who are Xiao Dao fans!! 😉

              Did you know there’s even a Dragon Gate phone app that has a camera feature…you can take pictures with the stills of the characters. O__O So for instance…you can take a picture with Xiao Dao next to you.

  • “Is it mainly because I love Tammy Chen so much that I’m willing to watch the drama at all costs? I’d say my love of Tammy does have to do with it” I totally chuckled at that line because I, too, have the same feel for Tammy Chen. My love for her made me watch “Love Forward” even though I hated that drama with all of my guts.

    • I just saw your “-Finally marathoned through Lan Ling Wang Episodes 1-6 in one day. Woot woot!” comment. How are you liking Lan Ling Wang? I’m in love with it. Beautiful romance and story. Love love Lan Ling Wang and Xue Wu together. 🙂

    • HAHA actually Love Forward was my first Tammy drama and since then I’ve become her fan forever! I was also irrationally obsessed with that drama, HAHA. I have to say though, I like her character in Dragon Gate better than in Love Forward. 😉

  • I haven’t watched a Taiwan drama since… well, OFFICE GIRLS (since I couldn’t finish MISS ROSE). the cast is interesting! though I have to admit that I had to look up who Tammy Chen is — she’s LAVENDER girl!

    will give this a try. the plot looks very interesting. I’m a sucker for spy/politics. Just mention “prime minister” and I’m sold lol

    and you got me curious on who this Melvin is XD

  • I can’t reply to your reply (LOL – too many levels down already?) anyways~ that is kinda weird taking photos with the cast. Did you download the app? I was tempted since they have an Android version…!!

    • LOL admittedly…. I DID. >____> It is kinda hard to take the pics though since you have to position your phone just right to get yourself next to the cutout.

      • HAHAHA I tried it out today, it’s a cute app! The check in one looks cool where you can join the comps and stuff, too bad it doesn’t really cater for overseas people though :S

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