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I remember back when Woman first started airing, I thought that maybe Koharu would move in with her mom’s family.  Turns out I was right, but when it happened in ep6 it really took me by surprise!  For some reason I didn’t think it would happen now, of all times.  Anyways I do like how Koharu finally realizes that she cannot go on taking care of her kids on her own when she has such bad health.  She could collapse anytime…and if that happens, what will the kids do?  How will this affect them?  I’m really glad Koharu’s doctor (forgot her name..but the assistant doctor..) brought this up…not as a doctor to a patient, but as a mother to a mother.  Because now that Koharu has finally accepted her illness, she can finally be more practical about what she needs to do to take care of herself and her children.

Anyways, Koharu begs her mom to let her move in and even lies straight to her face that she considers Sachi to be her mother.  Of course Sachi doesn’t believe her, so Koharu tries to make up some B.S. about how much she wants to live there.  Later on Koharu reveals to her doctor that she only moved in with her mom’s family to use them for free daycare.  Um, ok.  The drama tries to make this whole ordeal really powerful , like “wow look at what Koharu is doing for the sake of her kids, look Koharu is finally using someone for her own benefit”….but it just fell flat for me.  I guess it’s because I get that Koharu doesn’t want to live with her mom, whom she hates, but I also don’t think it’s THAT bad considering that it really is the best choice for her kids.  I also agree with Kentaro’s comment that even if Koharu is lying, it’s ok.  Maybe her intentions aren’t sincere in the beginning, but eventually they could lead to something more.  At least Koharu and Sachi are taking that first step towards making peace with each other, even though both of them are sort of forced into this situation.


^This episode particularly has some great shots.  I really love the one showing Koharu & her doctor sitting alone in the hospital waiting area. (top left pic)

Koharu is still all alone in her struggles and I can’t wait to see when she will FINALLY let go of her burden for just a little bit.  Considering how long she has been trying to keep her illness a secret, I think it is high time that she finally tells someone in ep7!!  Anyways I bet she will end up spilling the beans to someone really unlikely like Kentaro.  Of course she will have to break the news to her mom eventually…and I really want to see how Sachi will react, but Koharu and Sachi’s interactions alone cannot make up the whole drama.  I do wonder how Koharu will tell her mom though…like “by the way…I need your marrow…”.

Anyways, I wish the drama would develop Koharu and Yuki’s friendship more but I guess it can only do so much in one episode.  I think it says a lot when Koharu finally decides to move forward and investigate Shin’s death, all thanks to Yuki’s gentle advice that the kids should be able to have a dad to look up to when they find out what kind of person he used to be.  It must’ve been really tough for Yuki to bring up such a sensitive subject with Koharu, but she does it because she knows Koharu really needs closure.  It’s not enough for Koharu to just blame her mom for giving Shin pears anymore.  =_=


I’m really glad this episode shows a bit more of Sachi’s dilemma between her two daughters.  I think a lot of people find Sachi to be a really bad mom…but to me Sachi is really intriguing and I’m actually glad she is not some ‘role-model mom’.  Trust me Koharu is a wonderful person and all, but sometimes I feel like she is SO amazing that she feels really distant and almost perfect.  She sets the standard really high and I can’t help but admire her strong heart.  But come on, not everyone is a role-model mom.  I enjoy seeing Sachi’s stubbornness, her spoiling Shiori, her selfishness, her hesitation when it comes to reaccepting Koharu…all of these aspects of her character so interesting to watch.

I really like the scene when Sachi and Koharu talk about Shin.  One could say that Sachi is a bad mom and all but I don’t think anyone can deny that she has a look of pure love for her daughter on her face during this scene.  Yes, I believe she loves Koharu as her daughter, even though she also has split loyalties towards Shiori and tries to take the blame for Shin’s death.


Lastly…Shiori.  DUN DUN DUNNNN.  I have no idea what her motivations are.  O_____O  Why does she persuade her mom to let Koharu stay at the house?  Why does she still look all starry eyed whenever she gets to talk to Koharu?  Why does she watch over Koharu’s kids from a distance?  I have no idea.  Is it guilt?  Is it out of curiosity?  No idea.  Hopefully the drama will develop Shiori’s character more so that we can understand her mindset later on.


Woman is still miles better than your average j-drama but I feel like episode 6 does not have many memorable scenes that I will carry with me.  Although I had a few complaints about episodes 4-5, they had some scenes that I still remember quite vividly.  This episode, on the other hand, does not.  Perhaps it’s because I didn’t quite get that feeling of catharsis that I am so fond of in Woman.  Also this is more of a transition episode leading into Koharu’s finding out about Shin’s death.  I’m just hoping that episode 7 will not turn into a corny flashback-filled episode that is entirely about Shin.


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  • I still am trying to convince myself to watch this episode. I am not keen on seeing Koharu beg her Mom about their staying there, and more importantly have the evil half-sister display her pretenses. Fumi Nikaido is so good, I now hate her! LOL She was so different in Himizu and The Boy Inside two movies where she is cast in a more favorable light. This is the first time I am watching her as a very very bad person so I’m having issues with it! hahaha

    I think we are the only ones reviewing Woman, all others are so concentrated on Kdramas already, it seem there is no more spotlight for Japanese shows… but I was wrong, there are a lot of viewers. I just need to get over my dread over this episode and move on myself… 🙂

    • Just think about it…if you wait ’til episode 7 comes out then you can watch 2 episodes in a row! 😉 The scene when Koharu begs her mom to stay isn’t all that bad…but I was still kinda thinking ‘what the heck’ when Koharu is so blatantly lying straight to her mom’s face.

      I’m not sure how many people are watching Woman but there are a couple other blogs that have written about it too. But in general, the main focus is on k-dramas. >_<

      • Yeah! I will be watching two episodes! I love your review of Ep7 so finally I will be watching 2 episodes back-to-back. Fumi Nikaido is very very good right? She really dives into her character and you can actually feel the hate! lol

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