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Just recently today, I attempted writing about my final thoughts on the k-drama Cruel City…but failed.  I thought hey, I’ll sleep on it and then try writing again tomorrow.  But then I got to thinking more and more about other stuff.  And the thought randomly crossed my mind…

“Wait..why am I even drama-blogging again?”

I’ve thought about this before.  I’ve touched upon this topic in my very first “Heisui’s Thoughts” post.   But here it is, again.  Yay.  Now I’m in the deep and thoughtful mood.  I think if you are a drama-blogger or a drama fan, a question similar to this will inevitably pop up someday.  “Why am I watching all these dramas?  Why do I HAVE to write about all the dramas I’m watching?  Why do I HAVE to read about the dramas I’m watching?  Why, when real life is so pressing and stressful, do I end up coming back to these dramas..to this blog?”  Some of my fellow bloggers–namely Jandoe from Blogphilic and Isabellealyssa from Musings of a self-professed k-drama addict have also asked this question.  And they for sure have gone into this issue more in depth than I will.  O_O  I’ve gone through that “why am I blogging?” issue before but somehow…I don’t think I’ve contemplated about it enough.


 ^Just to lighten up the mood a bit.  😛  If you’ve seen Saikou no Rikon, you’ll remember when this happened.

So tonight that thought came into my head again.  I thought about it again.  I went through all of the reasons that I’ve listed before.  Stress relief.  Blogging is a method of stress relief, you better believe it. My blog is almost like a secret space where I can just let loose and not think about what’s going on in real life.  Just going onto my blog, reading other people’s blogs and talking with people through comments makes me feel more relaxed.  It makes me happy.  But even though it makes me happy, there are times when I will just stop and think, “What’s the point of this?” I guess this can also go for other parts of life too…it’s that feeling when you’re in the middle of doing something and you’re suddenly all to aware of the moment and you just pause…and the thought flashes through your mind  “What’s the point?”.


Well here’s another reason:  the drama blogging community.  I’ve talked to people from France, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, Australia..more places than I can remember.  It is really amazing now that I really think about it.  Even though we are all so far away, all so spread out across the globe…even though the internet can feel so impersonal and a spazzy blog can conveniently hide all the crap that I’m troubled about……..somehow, I feel closer to people through blogging.  Sometimes people will go off the chart for a while.  Maybe they return or maybe they leave a site for good.  But during the time I get to know them, I feel close to them.  I don’t know what they look like..I don’t know who exactly they are or what real-life situations they are going through at the moment…but something is unifying me and them.  (DRAMAS!  Ok this is getting really cheesy now..)

It makes me think of one of my favorite Japanese words, “Kizuna”.  The bond between humans…the emotional ties between people.  Can we, through our blogs experience “kizuna”?  I say yes.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I have felt the bond between people through drama blogging.  (or just blogging in general)  There have been so many times when I start talking with someone through the comments and I end up going “WOW you’re a lot like me!  We’re really similar!”  It’s such a great feeling to know that there are people out there who are like me.  Even if they are on the other side of the world, it’s really a great comfort.

Fullscreen capture 2242013 93521 PM.bmp

^no post is complete without an obligatory screencap from the Legend of Zhen Huan

I don’t think I can ever give a concrete answer to the question that I brought up at the beginning of this post…why am I drama blogging?  I think the reasons will always be continually changing through time.  It is easy to say in our blog description in the “About” page, “I’m here to rant and flail about mah dramas HEHEHE” but really…….it’s more than that.  It’s so much more than that.  It’s not just a place to spazz.  It’s not just that.  It’s so much more.


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
Dragon Gate: Eps 1-2
Cruel City: Eps 17-20 (Finale)
  • I think through all bloggers have to answer this question eventually. My motivations have definitely changed since I started out blogging, but it’s really the people I’ve met that keep me blogging. Even after I met my initial goal. It’s nice to have met that goal and now I feel more free with my blog to just do random silly stuff that may or may not have much to do with dramas. I probably shouldn’t be writing this comment that makes no sense since I’m so tired I can’t keep my eyes all the way open. Everything is so blurry.

    • Yeah the way I was back when I first started blogging, and the way I approach blogging now has changed a lot. It’s funny how at first I was set out to be a super-blogger but then eventually I realized that that’s not what I’m aiming for at all.

      Lol Dino, I still remember when we used to talk about the fail drama Material Queen. Those were the days. 😛

      • I set out to reach a million pageviews. I did that and now I have nothing else to do.

        I remember Material Queen. Back when I was a naive new recapper who wanted to write about everything. Now I want to write about nothing. I just want to keep up those acquaintances I’ve formed through my blog. And write the occasional odd post and some fiction about fans.

  • This was a lovely post. So true, so apt, so befitting. It’s funny how I feel closer to you awesome blogger folks than the most of my friends in RL. That great sense of unification, that exhilarating feeling when you actually meet and talk to people who gets you (despite being complete strangers who’ve never met in real life) and share the same passion, thoughts and hopes and aspirations. It’s as if we’ve been friends forever (odd, isn’t it?), and to a certain extent, we’ve all been each other’s listener other from bloggers. After all, some of us are painfully shy in real life (me!) so blogging does help us build our self-confidence in some way. Absolutely honoured to have known you as a friend (love reading your comments!). 😀

    • We’re not strangers anymore! Haha! Hmm well I think also a part of why we can feel closer to other bloggers is that oftentimes we can talk more honestly about what we are feeling/going through in our blogs. We can see the most personal side of someone even if we don’t know them in real life. And who’s to say that blogging friends aren’t a part of our real life just because we’re not physically hanging out together, eh? 😛

  • Aaw this was real sweet 🙂 None of my RL friends would get the drama feels, but once I read stuff through the blogosphere, it’s all there again. It’s all warm and fuzzy, and familiar. It’s exactly the way you described it with ‘kizuna’, that sense of familiarity, that someone understands that this not just a drama, but a form of art. P.s. The new bg and the Rainie DP look great 😀

  • Well if it isn’t another cheesy post by heisui… Just kidding! I like to joke around in rl and I was scrolling through the other sentimental, nice comments thinking, hmm I should say something different to break up the atmosphere xD
    But seriously, I’ve thought about the same things. The reason why I blog was initially because I watched so many dramas and follow so much Asian entertainment news already so I wanted to dump out all my thoughts about them before I forget them. Because the dramas I watch are from suchhh a narrow niche (chinese dramas mostly) and I want people to know about them. From time to time, I realize drama-watching takes so much time away from real life interactions – I mean like marathoning a show and then taking time to write out thoughts about the show. Whenever I realize that, that’s when I’m like, okay I need to stop doing this, watching-then-blogging-then-watching-more is becoming an vicious ongoing cycle. But when people read and interact on my blog, I forget about all of those complaints I had before 😛 I really appreciate your comments. If anything I’m glad I got into this drama community because I get to meet all of you guys – definitely better writers who I can learn from.

    • HAHA you better get used to my cheesy posts, bumbleberri! 😛 There will definitely be more down along the line!

      Yeah at times it does feel like a neverending cycle. There is always a new drama to watch and write about it. But it really is more fun when I get to interact with other drama fans!

  • Hi Heisui… I couldn’t agree more.. I asked myself the same question after reading your blog… And my answer is I am blogging because this is one of the escape pod when I could truly be myself.
    You know if you are working in a certain company, reaching certain position, sometimes you can’t just be yourself or talk to all the people about your “real” passion. For me, watching drama is what makes me happy 🙂
    Thank you for writing this post… Now, I know that I am not a freak at last..

  • The question that will never have a concrete answer…yeah, I feel you 🙂 Drama blogging is like an endless addiction, coupled with the drama watching addiction. I used to blog about myself but soon stopped because I feel that my life was (and still) boring ^^; but it’s different from drama blogging. It’s hard to stop because the dramas keep coming and the people in the dramaverse is already part of my life. I also think blogging is a form of stress reliever and it’s easy to be entertained by reading other people’s thoughts about the dramas. Plus, it’s good to run from real life commitments at times and spazzing together about our shared passion that is dramas! 😀

  • Okay you know I’m playing catch up right now (sorry, sorry for the influx of comments and likes!)… But this one is just so funny and witty and… Apt. So funny, but still so introspective 🙂 I think about this all the time haha and when I’m not I’m thinking about what I should write about… For awhile there as you must’ve known and realized, it started feeling obligatory which I hate but now I’m more on the “whatever” attitude because I can’t even force myself to write when I really, really want to. Back to this post – so awesome! This is totally my favorite category of your blog now hehe

    • Aww thanks Jan! It is really an honor to be complimented by you because I respect your great writing so much! *W* I write these kinds of posts when I’m all dramatic and moody, hehe. >__< Yup, somehow I feel like I've gotten so used to blogging that..it just feels right.

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