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If I had to choose a motto or a tagline for Woman I guess it would be that everything is not what it seems to be.  There is always something more to the story, a darker side to a person, or a secret that someone is hiding from everyone else.  In this episode we find out that Shin’s death is not what we thought it was and also that Koharu’s dad was not what she remembers him as.


I really love the scene when Koharu opens up to Yuki about the circumstances surrounding Shin’s death.  I thought Yuki was an insignificant side character, but this scene made me realize that she is actually very important to Koharu because she is perhaps Koharu’s only friend and confidant.  In the previous episodes, the two of them were mutual acquaintances but not close enough to talk about really personal issues.  Remember in ep2 that Koharu was careful not to drink and not to talk about her troubles.  But in ep3, she finally tells Yuki everything about Shin.  I got the feeling that maybe this is the first time she is candidly talking to someone about Shin’s death.  Anyways it turns out that Shin might’ve been a molester and that he might’ve been pushed onto the train tracks by a mysterious high school girl.  But aside from that, no one knows what really happened.  I love the word that Koharu uses to describe his death–“vague”.  I find this word so fitting for it because that is exactly what Shin’s death has been since episode 1–vague.  I also find it interesting that Koharu is satisfied with leaving Shin’s death as a vague mystery.  She doesn’t want to know the details, she doesn’t want to find who might’ve pushed him onto the tracks.  She has pushed it into the back of her mind because her sole priority is being a good mother to Nozomi and Riku.  Ironically though, I bet Koharu will end up discovering the truth about Shin’s death even if she doesn’t want to.

I also wonder how Yuki’s husband died and how she coped with his death.  And although she has remarried, has she ever gotten over her first husband’s death?


This episode really hit me in the gut.  It affected me so much that, just by looking at the screencaps and making the collages for this post, I started sniffling and tearing up.  Omg.  I’m not a super emotional person when it comes to dramas but I seriously felt a pain in my heart just by remembering this episode.

That being said, Woman is really gut-wrenching but there are plenty of happy moments too.  I laughed out loud many times in this episode because of Koharu’s step-dad, Kentaro.  He is such a hilarious and lively character, haha!  My first impression of Kentaro was that he was lazy (Koharu’s mom, Sachi, is the bread-winner of the family) and friendly, but also kinda oblivious.  But my first impression of him has changed because it’s thanks to him that Sachi and Koharu can finally get one step closer to reconciliation.  Although it could be said that Kentaro broke up Koharu’s family, he is actually the one who is trying to play the mediator so that mother and daughter can reunite.  I think most of Koharu’s resentment is directed towards her mother and not towards Kentaro, but even if she tried to hate him I don’t think she could.

I love the look of reservation mixed with acceptance on Koharu’s face whenever she’s with Kentaro.  She views him as the ‘other man’ who came in between her dad and Sachi, but she also knows that he means a lot to the kids.  Eventually her look of hurt and reservation changes to a full-on SMILE when she finally lets the kids have a play-date with Kentaro.  Bless Kentaro’s heart!


Uhhh I don’t even know how to describe this scene, but yeah, Koharu and her mom have another lengthy and charged confrontation.  Again we see that things aren’t what Koharu thought they were–she had always blamed her mom for leaving her dad, but it turns out that her parents were in an abusive relationship.   Omg, I love the cathartic ending when Koharu thanks her mom for the dinner, while her mom just silently sits at the table with her back turned to Koharu.  But we can see that something has changed in Sachi, some weight has been lifted off of her shoulders.

I also wonder though, why did Sachi hide this from Koharu?  Was she scared to shatter Koharu’s ideal image of her father?


Saori’s character is still very mysterious but there are hints that she is much darker than I initially thought.  She has this almost morbid fascination with Shin’s death and his molestation charges….which makes me wonder…is she the one who pushed Shin to his death?  I also get the feeling that Sachi knows of Saori’s darker side which is why she is so protective and adamant that Saori does not have any connection with the Aoyagi family.


All I can say is that this episode is a must-watch, for sure!  I can’t wait for ep4!


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • I always end up choked after watching a episode.
    I think there is something almost malevolent about Shiori, especially towards Koharu. I wonder if she saw the accident or was the molested girl. We now know that she was at home when Shin visited. Could it be that she accused him of being the molester or pushed him on the tracks.
    It was a shocker about Koharu’s father, I assumed Sachi left her family for Kentaro but now we know that her father was abusive. It seemed though that he was a good father to Koharu. I’m hoping Koharu’s condition isn’t serious but I think it might be leukemia.

    • I think she was probably the molested girl and she might’ve pushed Shin. I get the feeling that she definitely followed Shin to the train station.

  • Just finished watching this episode and damnnn, it’s getting even more better and better with each episode. From the flashbacks that we get of Shin he seems like a really nice guy (be it as a husband or a dad) but is he really the molester? :O For the first time in 3 episodes I cannot help but to wonder why and how exactly did he die. Saori freaks me out a little bit. I wish that we could’ve gotten more info on her phobia (did Shin molest her?) though but I’m sure that it’ll be revealed in due course. This drama invokes a lot of feelings inside of me, but I seem to lack words that are good enough to describe how awesome this drama is.

    • But if they really kill off Koharu with leukaemia I swear, I’ll be really pissed with the show for going there. Hasn’t she suffered enough already? I mean she’s already a single mom juggling between many jobs and priorities while struggling to bring up her kids, why subject her to worser stuff? If there’s one thing that I really hate, it’s when shows use leukaemia or any other fatal disease as a plot mechanism. It feels like they’re trying to force tears out of the audience and for a person who tends to stay away from melodramas (I don’t think that I’ll ever gain the courage to sit through 1 Litre of Tears) like a plague, I have a strong distaste for depressing scenes.

      • I also hope this won’t become a weep-fest with a leukemia twist. We already have enough on the table as it is. =_= Yeah tear-jerkers are like that, particularly 1 Liter of Tears. Taiyou no Uta might also fall into that category.

        I have faith that the drama won’t go downhill even if Koharu has a terminal illness. Some jdramas have pulled it off without being classified as a melodramatic tear-jerker. (i.e. Hatsukoi)

    • I’m so happy you’re enjoying it!

      Maybe Shin really was a molester…just how Koharu didn’t see the other side of her mom & dad, maybe she also didn’t see the hidden side of Shin. This would avoid making Shin into a perfect guy. As for Saori, I think she is super interesting and also very dark. Just look at her drawings O_O

  • My first thought for this ep was, “Eh, why so short?”, it seemed like time flew so fast when I watched it..but when I look at the time-length, it just the same.LOL.

    A lot of things were revealed in this ep, I kind of shocked to know about Shin might be a molester, I’ve feeling that this was some misunderstanding..and I hope it would be clarified later.*crossfinger*

    I like Kentaro~! Like you said, Koharu can’t be hated him cause of his good-natured character. Hm…I don’t know what to say about Shiori..she might be a victim..and she might be a witness..who knows..

    Overall, I can’t get enough~! Can’t wait for the next ep. Thank you for the review. <3

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