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This post is totally random.  Truth is, I never planned on reviewing Xing Ming Shi Ye, ever.  But then today I stumbled upon this glorious clip of a kiss scene from XMSY (between WALLACE and the heroine!) and then I suddenly got the urge to write about it.  Just to clarify though–I didn’t watch each and every episode in all entirety so I probably missed some details here and there.  I only skimmed through all the episodes because I was determined to see what would happen in the end.  O_O


^Yup, Wallace is dressed like a pirate.  =_= Don’t worry, he’ll change his clothes eventually.

The basic synopsis

The synopsis of the drama is super confusing.  T__T  Pretty much all you need to remember is that there is a love triangle in which the two eligible bachelors are Wallace Huo & Nicky Wu.  😛  Nicky Wu plays Duan Ping, a Sherlock Holmes kind of guy who is a well-respected government detective.  He is aloof, sharp, and very observant.  Duan Ping is engaged to Feng Yi (He Zhuo Yan), who is a light-spirited and strong woman.  The two of them are about to get married when Tian Chu (Wallace Huo) crashes the wedding.  Surprise surprise, turns out Tian Chu is the long-lost guy who is Feng Yi’s REAL fiancee.  Unbeknownst to Feng Yi and Duan Ping, Feng Yi’s parents had put her into an arranged marriage with Tian Chu when she was just a newborn.  So…now that Tian Chu has shown up, the marriage between Duan Ping and Feng Yi is unacceptable because you know, they gotta honor the promise of the arranged marriage.  Oops. 


The casting

One of the greatest strengths of XMSY is, of course, the casting.  Who can deny the need to watch Wallace AND Nicky starring in a drama TOGETHER?!?!  I’m sure hoards of Nicky and Wallace fans watched this drama, all for their favorite actor(s).  And although I’m not a hardcore Wallace/Nicky fan, I admit that the reason I tried out this drama was for them.  Many of the super fans recommend watching the drama simply to gaze at our beloved Nicky and Wallace for 30 episodes straight.  So, is this drama worth it simply to watch Nicky and Wallace?  I think that’s hard to give an answer to because it all depends on how much you love these actors and how willing you are to watch a very frustrating drama with poor mysteries and very little direction.  It is great to gaze at Nicky and Wallace, yes, but aside from the eye candy there is nothing really eye-catching about the drama.  The characters of Duan Ping and Tian Chu can make you root for them, but they still remain very 2D and do not present a big acting-challenge for Wallace and Nicky.  I wish there could’ve been more layers to these characters but alas there are none.  I guess the thing is that, it is easy to watch and like the characters but hard to get emotionally invested in their stories.


I feel kinda bad for the female lead of the drama, He Zhuo Yan, because she is overshadowed by the presence of Nicky and Wallace.  Most people watch for her costars and not for her.  Also she was even criticized by fans for her appearance, which was apparently not pretty enough for them.  Geez.  Honestly I think the fans were just jealous that she got to be surrounded by Nicky and Wallace for 30 episodes.  AHAHA.  LUCKY LUCKY HER!!  Anyways this is the first time I’ve seen He Zhuo Yan’s acting but I think she is actually a very pleasant presence in XMSY.  Her acting isn’t amazing but she does have a special aura around her that somehow made her instantly likeable.  Although her character of Feng Yi is very wishy washy I couldn’t really hate her because she was just so fun and lively.  


The romance

For some reason I was incredibly fixated on the love triangle and it is the main reason why I stuck with it ’til the end.  The interesting thing about the love triangle is that it was really hard to predict who would end up with who.  It could go either way–Feng Yi loves Duan Ping with all her heart, and her dream is to get married to him…and yet Tian Chu also makes her question her feelings for Duan Ping.  I almost felt like the drama was totally trolling me because I was so uncertain about who Feng Yi would choose.  Every shippy scene just made me have to watch on to find out more.  Anyways I wasn’t totally on anyone’s ship because I just couldn’t choose between Nicky and Tian Chu.  And it was also really hard to tell who Feng Yi was leaning towards because she was always so uncertain about her feelings.  But if I had to choose, I’d say that Tian Chu and Feng Yi had great chemistry and they had a special spark that I wish would’ve turned into something more. 


Turns out that the word “trolling” is quite suitable for this love triangle.  Eventually Feng Yi became so wishy washy and everything was so draggy that I didn’t even care who ended up with who, I just wanted Feng Yi to hurry up and pick someone already.  Well here’s the thing–SHE DOESN’T CHOOSE.  SHE ENDS UP WITH BOTH OF THEM.  ARGHHH!!  This drama totally pulled a freaking Love Patzzi ending on me!!!!!!!!!!!  It ends with Feng Yi standing in between Duan Ping and Tian Chu, smiling happily at both of them.  WHAT THE HECK!?!?  I think the writer just didn’t want to step on any toes by having Feng Yi choose between Wallace and Nicky.  But seriously?  After 30 episodes of waiting to see what would happen, the least they could do is have Feng Yi choose who she loves.  T____T

XMSY is an average c-drama.  Personally I wish I hadn’t wasted all that time skimming through the drama because all I got was an inconclusive ending.  Also the drama is very slow-paced and over half of it is all about how Tian Chu and Duan Ping go around solving really poorly written mysteries.  The sucky mysteries and the lack of development only makes the drama more tedious to watch.  I think XMSY would’ve been better if it had shortened the number of episodes, focused on only a few GOOD mysteries, and created a more cohesive plot.

HOWEVER.  I highly recommend that you watch the awesome kiss scene between Tian Chu and Feng Yi if you like Wallace.  *wink wink*  This kiss scene was the inspiration for this post, HAHA.  The expression on my face while watching it was: O________O


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
Cruel City: Eps 15-16
Woman: Ep 3
  • Thanks so much for this post! I watched about three or four episodes a while back, since I adore Nicky and am pretty fond of Wallace, but gave up because it was sooo boring. >_> Such a shame, though… it seemed like an awesome premise.

  • Heisui.. I bought the whole DVD series because I saw the kissing scene on youtube.. You know that I am a big fan of Nicky Wu and thus, it’s also becoming a plus point for me to see the episode. As a drama lover, I don’t have a much high standard to finish up a drama series since I love watching them. But for this drama, I have to drop it even during the first episode. They have too many flaws in my opinion. Bad chemistry, bed directing, bad characters introduction, bad bad bad…
    Now that I know the girl doesn’t choose between Nicky and Wallace, I am thinking on selling my DVD on e-bay.. This is just so bad.. Why Nicky chose to star this poor written drama?

    • AHAHA Anne. That kiss scene was good enough for you to buy the DVD’s! Well I heard that that’s the only kissing scene and that there is no kiss scene with Nicky.

  • Correct… The only kissing scene and it’s super long… It’s not even with Nicky…
    You know I am not a big fan of Wallace Huo.. He’s alright when playing Lin Cheng in the Glamorous Imperial Concubine.. But other movies are just… oh.. I don’t want to be rude… Let’s say that I am not a fan… 🙂
    Thank you so much for your post Heisui.. I will give my DVD to anyone who wants it.. Do you want it? I’ll send them for you for free….

    • HEHEH I know right? 😛 Well actually her heart was torn between Duan Ping and Tian Chu. She wanted to be faithful to Duan Ping but she got caught up in the moment with Tian Chu.

  • thanks for the tips… was contemplating whether to follow up now i decided to drop it….guess nothing can beat The
    Empress in the palace drama ……..

  • Why cannot this series broadcasted in China ? I feel poor for Wallace and Nicky. They wasted their time and energy in this drama.

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