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Wow episodes 15-16 really stepped up the pace and finally I’m feeling like the drama is back to its old self again!!   I really enjoyed these two episodes, mainly because stuff actually happens!  In other words, progress is finally made and everyone is making their next move!  It’s about time.


Obviously the huge biggie in episode 15 is when Shi Hyun figures out that Soo Min is Kyung Mi’s sister and that she is also an undercover cop.  Actually I’m surprised it took us 15 whole episodes for someone to finally put the dots together because Soo Min and Hyung Min are not all that secretive.  T_T  They were bound to get found out considering how they just meet each other out in the open, they meet at Soo Min’s old house, and they PUT THEIR BRAINSTORMING CONCEPT MAP ON THEIR WALL.  When Shi Hyun discovers the concept wall I started laughing because I was all, “AHA! I KNEW THAT CONCEPT WALL WOULD COME BACK TO BITE THEM!”

Anyways I am glad Shi Hyun finally found out about Soo Min.  Rather than telling Jin Sook & Hyun Soo about the mole, he decides to persuade Min and Hyung Min into pulling Soo Min out of the field.  One could say that it’s because Shi Hyun cares about Soo Min so much but IMO it is much more complex than that.  First of all, Soo Min is a fellow police officer.  She is his comrade and is sorta on his side…even though Soo Min is still trying to nab Doctor’s Son.  Of course Shi Hyun can’t get rid of her by killing her off.  Also, Soo Min is interfering with Shi Hyun’s work and so it would only make sense to pull her from the field and take her off of Doctor’s Son’s case.  I would agree that Shi Hyun cares about Soo Min but the fact that he knows that she is Kyung Mi’s sister changes everything.  Now he sees her as someone he must protect out of his guilt and his duty towards Kyung Mi.  Furthermore, he knows that if it weren’t for Soo Min’s belief that Doctor’s Son is the murderer, she wouldn’t be an undercover cop in the first place. 


There are tons of WTF moments in these two episodes, most of which are good.  But the #1 bad WTF moment is when Soo Min’s cover is blown, but she still goes out into the field.  OMGGGGGG.  From the writer’s viewpoint, I understand why Soo Min doesn’t leave because after all she is one of the main characters and the whole plot is based on her being an undercover cop.  But from a logical standpoint, I see no logic whatsoever in this move.  Her top priority should be getting out ASAP, not running towards her death.  Oh and by the way, another WTF moment is that Soo Min is actually smart in these episodes.  It’s like all of a sudden she’s smart, tough, independent, and strong (in fights, I mean).  O_O  It is great seeing her being more resourceful and valuable to the operation but I kinda wish this had happened oh, I don’t know….5 episodes ago?!? 

Anyways there is this one scene when Soo Min tries to sound all analytical and rational when she concludes that Jin Sook doesn’t know about her being an undercover (which, to her credit, is correct) and that therefore it’s fine for her to remain there (Um no).  Maybe it wasn’t even Doctor’s Son who told Hyung Min her cover was blown.  And then she bravely says something along the lines of “let me go…no, I WILL go”.  Me: *Facepalm* I get it sounds cool and all but…SOO MIN.  YOUR COVER IS BLOWN.  THERE’S A SAYING CALLED “KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE, KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER”.  ARGHHHHH.


And just a disclaimer here, I’m not trying to be a Soo Min-hater.  I’m not making an effort to pick on her character in my reviews.  But I do find myself frustrated by her character just as I am frustrated by some other characters.  Yes, I dare say that I find Shi Hyun to be a bit frustrating in these episodes.  *gasp*  I think it is super awesome that he’s finally wisened up to the games that the higher-ups are playing (Min, Hyung Min’s dad) and he’s even playing along with them.  But I also felt a twinge of annoyance when he totally avoids Hyun Soo’s concerns about Soo Min.  Hyun Soo, bless his heart, is very sharp and he notices that something is just not right about Soo Min.  I felt bad for him when he tries to bring it up with Shi Hyun but Shi Hyun doesn’t let him get a word in edgewise.  T___T  I get that Shi Hyun has everything all worked out in his genius plan but sometimes he’s gotta listen to what his besties have to say too.  He can’t always be a one-man-show. 

Another WTF of episode 16 is that suddenly Hyun Soo and Jin Sook are……..a ship? O_______O  WHAT?  They used to be mortal enemies and reluctant comrades and now all of a sudden they’re besties/potential lovers?  I love that they are good friends now but I also don’t buy that they will be lovers.  Either this is an attempt by the writer to quell the romantic tension between Shi Hyun and Jin Sook or…I don’t even know what.


^I wonder why Eun Soo and Jin Sook hate each other so much?

I’m dreading episode 17 because I have a huge fear that Jin Sook might die.  I mean, the ending of episode 16 she passes on Shi Hyun’s name to Soo Min ‘just in case anything happens to her’.  OMG I HOPE THIS ISN’T FORESHADOWING.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  JIN SOOK!!!!!!!!!!!  DON’T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I think Jin Sook might sacrifice her life for the sake of Soo Min.  She has accepted Soo Min as ‘family’ and I’m sure she will do anything to protect her family.  On the other hand, I think it would be a waste of a great character if Jin Sook dies in the next episode.  I really want to see what Jin Sook’s reaction would be if she finds out that Soo Min is an undercover cop, especially when she has given Soo Min her utmost level of trust.  In other words, I want to see how Jin Sook would react to another betrayal.  She has been betrayed time and time again by Safari, she’s been betrayed by Hyun Soo, and of Min.  After those betrayals she hardened her heart towards Safari and Min, and knows not to expect any commitment from them.  But what happens when someone like Soo Min, her very sister, betrays her?


Last but not least, I LOVE SAFARI.  He is that one character whose EVERY interaction with EVERY character is awesome.  I dare say I like him even more than Jin Sook, (did I already mention this?) that is how awesome his character is.  I think it’s really funny whenever he talks with Hyung Min because he always makes a point of calling Hyung Min “Team leader Ji” as though he is rubbing it in.  Heheh.  My favorite Safari scene though, is when he eats out with Shi Hyun.  Omg.  I thought it was hilarious when Safari is all happy and smiley towards Shi Hyun, while Shi Hyun is trying his hardest to shoot death glares at Safari.  AHAHAHA.  Well unfortunately Shi Hyun and Safari will never be 100% on the same side.  :'(  I guess with Safari, he will only team up with Shi Hyun when it is absolutely necessary but after that he will go his separate way.

One thing I didn’t understand in these episodes is..what exactly is Hyung Min’s dad?  I get that he is in cahoots with Pusan because he wants to become a political candidate.  But…is Hyung Min’s dad also a very powerful guy who has a say in Pusan’s dealings?  I’m just really confused by his characters because at first I thought he was in a very precarious partnership with Pusan but then it seems like he can decide who will take Director Jo’s place.  *totally confused*


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • I’m glad you have enjoyed these episodes more than the previous one…but it’s not my case, unfortunately.

    The characters are frustrating me more and more, Soo Min because she keeps doing illogical things like keeping doing her mission when her cover is blown and blurting nonsense like asking Baksa not to get hurt (honey, you are the reason why he keeps risking his life, when will you realize it? -__-), Baksa because he thinks he’s the Ultimate Savior (or in a on-man-show like you said), Jin Sook because bringing Soo Min in the hideout of the big boss Baksa was one of the most stupid thing to do, even if she trusts Soo Min a lot (question is : why does she trust her when she knows NOTHING of her at all? Also, what’s this flirting vibe between Soo and her? Is it because the screenwriter can’t bear the idea that one of his character might be without love interest? Then write a romcom or a melo but not a noir, please.), Hyung Min because he accepts too easily the fact that Baksa might not be the one who killed Kyung Mi, and so on…

    Also, I don’t like fake-outs. At the end of the episode 14, Baksa was threatening Min to leave the police world. There, I thought it would bring a good conflict and (a late) identity crisis. But episode 15 arrives and it’s as if the cliffhanger of episode 14 never took place. No consequences. No real conflicts. No identity crisis. WTF.

    Anyway, it was a nice review Heisui! 🙂

    • Well my expectation levels for CC have been declining overall. I enjoyed these episodes more than the last two but I don’t feel anymore positive about the total outcome of CC.

      I never expect Soo Min to be logical anymore. But yeah she still annoys me. T___T I don’t remember which episode it was but when she FINALLY gets the message that Shi Hyun just wants her to STAY AWAY from him, I was like gee it took her long enough! And I wasn’t moved by her dramatically calling Shi Hyun by all his different names. =_=

      UGH I feel like the writer is trying to make us forget about Jin Sook and Shi Hyun’s awesome chemistry by putting her together with Soo. What the heck!?!? I feel like there are a lot of loose ends to tie up already but the writer is making it more confusing.

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