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**Please note that the purpose of the post isn’t to discourage you from watching SOP Queen, nor is it to criticize the drama overly harshly.  I am trying to give closure to the dramas that I am no longer reviewing.**


^Sadly enough, I can’t even keep on watching for the sake of Zhang Han.

So, before when I first started watching SOP Queen, I was elated.  Looking back at my previous posts, particularly for episodes 1-3, I was REALLY into this drama.  I thought this drama was “THE ONE,” my next obsession.  It was fun, I liked the office feeling and the fairytale feeling as well.  But eventually, I just lost interest after watching about 12 episodes.  SOP Queen wasn’t horrible at the time I stopped watching.  It wasn’t going completely downhill and it wasn’t making me facepalm every other minute. (*cough* Last Cinderella *cough*)  But somehow, I just couldn’t get the motivation to keep on watching it. 


Part of the problem is…Bai Bing and Zi Qi.  OMGGG.  These two are not the only reason why I dropped the drama, but they certainly didn’t help me like it any better.  In general, I think SOP Queen is an enjoyable watch (at least, for how much I saw of it) but everytime these two came on the screen it made me want to fastforward.  They were obviously gonna end up together, they were meant for each other because they are so darn similar.  What annoys me the most about Zi Qi is that he leads on Xiao Jie and he doesn’t consider her feelings.  He is selfishly using Xiao Jie just to ‘get back’ at Bai Bing.  I was not a fan of this storyline and it made it hard to even root for Zi Qi as the second lead.  Because he is a jerk.


That being said, I really love the character of Xiao Jie and ~TANG JUN~.  I really wanted to keep on watching because their chemistry is great and Tang Jun is just so swoony.  Chen Qiao En really nailed it as the character of Xiao Jie and it was great seeing her sorta break out of her usual roles of the down-to-earth poor girl.  It is really refreshing seeing her playing a more mature character.  Zhang Han is also super handsome and charming as Tang Jun, and I just had to watch every scene with him.  But somehow, even the awesomeness of CQE and ZH didn’t make me HAVE to watch every episode.


I think the problem is that SOP Queen felt too polished, almost as though it was perfectly packaged into a cliched fairytale rom-com.  I said before that I thought SOP Queen defied the stereotypes, but eventually it only felt like it was trying to put in all the right ingredients for a normal rom-com.  I also had fears that, with SOP Queen’s long length, it would get too much into the office drama and Tang Jun’s family issues.  Which, according to some other people who finished the drama, it did.  Perhaps if SOP Queen had shortened its length as well as its scope (really, leave out the family issues.  Why does every male lead have to be rich?) I would’ve found it to be much more appealing. 

SOP Queen is not a horrible drama, it’s not a flop, but something is missing from it.  I just did not have enough emotional investment in the characters.  I loved Tang Jun, yes, but I still felt very distant and detached from what was going on in the story.  Overall, it’s slick, it’s modern, it’s not groundbreaking or anything but it is a step up for Chinese rom-coms.  I would recommend SOP Queen if you want a cute rom-com with a fairytale feeling, or if you want some eye-candy.  Its main draw is probably its great cast with ZHANG HAN and CHEN QIAO EN.  Godfrey Gao was an extra plus as well, but Zhang Han clearly outshone his character above and beyond. 


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  • Heisui, I couldn’t agree more… Even though I have finished watching it with a lot of fast forwarding the drama, I too found that something is missing from it…
    I also don’t like the ending very much.. Have you watched King Flower / Substitute Princess? I am only watching up to Ep 3 today and currently addicted by it..

    • Glad I’m not the only one feeling that way. I did watch a few episodes of King Flower, but after that I only dropped in on random episodes to watch the ~TERRY~ scenes. HAHA. I really love Terry’s character but now that the drama is over, I’m glad I didn’t watch it all the way through. Apparently it was a very frustrating drama and Da Hua was also a wishy washy heroine.

      • Really? I am watching it now and only got to the episode 10.. So far so good… Terry is so good.. I am on team Terry… Chris’ Wu acting is just the best.. Did you notice when he acted on a crying scene? OMG… It’s so believable… 🙂

      • TERRY SCENES!! Haha, I didn’t watch the whole thing either and people apparently did get frustrated with Da hua. But Terry was such a good character, they let him have the GIRL <3.I wish Da Hua was better written though….

    • I’m mostly fine with the majority of the recurring characters in SOP. I do agree that Bai JiQing’s role is a rather weak part of the series. The actress Coco Jiang is also not ready for dramatic roles. Whenever her role required her to throw tantrums, she really could do a lot better. Zhang Han’s role is certainly the highlight. His acting is also quite good. Rather impressive considering his rather young age. I’m not fond of Ming Dao’s role-and-acting combination in this series. Too effeminate. Godfrey Gao/Gao ZiQi’s half brother and assistant are also 2 characters that could use stronger actors, though thankfully their roles don’t come up too often. The sub-plots around corporate topics also seem weak. Some of the nice things about this series are: (1) the parents are not as horrible as those in other series. Like the kind who hit their kids, the super-overbearing ones, or the ones who are always whining about how their kids will ever repay their child-rearing efforts nearly enough, or the kind who milk the kids for money (2) no lame or super-cheesy comic relief/side kick characters (like Ji CunXi’s assistant in FTLY). (3) The second male lead/Godfrey Gao is not blatantly annoying and he is not a super-weak or low-achieving character. (4) The dialogues are not too bad (though some parts can be a bit on the juvenile side. Peter Rabbit, Cinderella, etc. A bit weird considering Chen QiaoEn is in her 30s.) Generally the dialogs in this series are much better than the sappy lines in “Flowers and Fog” (where dialogs and acting between Qi Fei and his girl were rather untolerable.) and other similar series.

      • I really liked Ming Dao’s character! I thought he was hilarious, heheh. Hmm I think Godfrey Gao was also not as strong in his acting, especially in comparison to Ming Dao & Zhang Han. But it also might be just because his character got on my nerves so much. T_T

    • After I watched ep 14 I decided to quit too x: Can’t stand seeing Tang Jun so heartbroken even know I want to know the ending ! And I’M really sick of the other couple … I think it should just end when the girl knew he’s Tom! And get together already I mean how can she not know after everything Tang Jun has done?!

  • I just finished watched the whole thing.. OMG.. Terry2… I only can dream that he could be mine.. LOL
    Has anybody watched What is Love by Chris Wu also? I want to hear anybody’s opinion…
    Has anyone watched Imperial Concubine by Ruby Lee? Can someone share the opinion with me? Thank youuuuu..

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