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Omg, just looking at the featured image of Kotoko crying makes me tear up.  :'(  What is wrong with me!?!?  This eipsode just left me in an emotional mess.  I’m dreading Itazura na Kiss ending next week.  *tear*  This episode is so amazing that it made me forget my previous complaints about the last few episodes.  Episode 15 is where INK really intensifies the heartbreak and emotions that we saw in the previous episodes. 


^Kin and Kotoko, meeting by the LOVE statue.  They are so sweet together and yet…they are not fated to be.  WAAHHHH.

I posted twice about episode 15 this week; below are the links for part 1 & part 2~


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  • The scene where Naoki is on the stair and arguing with Kotoko. Naoki is so jealous and he shows his emotions. He’s such a cold robot most of the time but Kotoko makes him human in every way. Irie Mama was hilarious when she pointed out to them that they acted like a married couple arguing.

    • He is truly cruel in that scene.

      Obviously he’s suffering, but I thought that scene revealed that he’s got a long way to go when it comes to social and emotional maturity – where he’s a million miles behind Kotoko. Kotoko, meanwhile, shines in episode 15. Her every action shows what a truly nice person she is. There’s not even one second of bad-talking Naoki or manipulating Sahoko.

      While I hope (well, I know) that Naoki will come true to his feelings in episode 16, I don’t think he and Kotoko are ready to get married yet. They need to date, and he needs to mature.

      • I agree, Kotoko really does shine in episode 15. Somehow in her sorrow and heartbreak, Kotoko is even more beautiful. Well yeah there is no way Kotoko and Naoki are ready for marriage now. *cough* We need a second season. *cough*

    • I feel like his teasing Kotoko came out of the blue because lately he’s been so cold towards her. But the teasing didn’t go as it normally goes..instead it left Kotoko crying all by herself. 🙁

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