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YES, I MEAN YOU.  (featured image: Zhen Hua, lurking)

So I got this idea around 1 AM in the morning, because for some strange reason I get good ideas late at night.  Or I guess you could say, early in the morning.  Haha.  So here I am, writing this post in the wee hours of the morning.  If I sound a bit off in this post, that might be why.

A lurker is basically a silent reader who doesn’t comment on a blog (in terms of blogging sites, the definition of a lurker would be different for other types of sites I suppose).  In other words, a lurker is a ninja whose only trace is a +1 pageview on my blog stats.  How do I know you all exist?  Well like I said it is obvious through pageview stats.  If you can’t see a blog’s stats it may be less obvious, but to me it is clear that the number of pageviews on a post largely outweighs the number of comments.  Also I’ve been a lurker before myself so I have ~personal experience~. 


^Sakaki, lurking

What makes people into silent readers?  I think lurking all depends on what blog/site you are on.  For me, sometimes I’ll lurk on one blog but I will comment on another.  Sometimes I won’t have much to say for one post but I will comment on a different post.  Or maybe I will be too shy to comment on a brilliant post since I don’t have much to add to it.  This is just my personal experience, but back in the day I used to ALWAYS be a lurker.  Until one day I realized how much I valued getting favorites/comments (not on a blog, it was on a different site back in the day), so I figured I might as well make more of an effort to comment as well. 


^Irie-mama, Kotoko, & Naoki’s little bro, lurking

Well anyways I got this idea for this post after receiving a very kind comment from a lurker who very rarely comments on my blog.  I’m not gonna quote the comment or anything but I felt very touched and flattered by it.  Occasionally I get these kinds of comments from a lurker, and they always make me feel so touched.  :'(  Usually they will say something along the lines of “I always read your blog but I never comment”.  Also it seems like they tend to suddenly comment when it is about an episode/drama that they really have to talk about.  Anyways I don’t know why I always feel so touched and almost grateful for those lurker comments, but I guess it kinda connects to my previous ‘Heisui’s Thoughts’ post in which I said that I always wonder who is behind the pageviews.  I wonder who the lurkers are, so when I finally hear from them it is like I can connect the pageviews to an actual reader and not just a statistic.  Also it makes me feel like I suddenly have this unseen support come out of thin air…it’s hard to describe but I guess it feels like someone I never knew was there is actually here, supporting my blog.  The pageviews are there, for sure, but when I actually hear from a lurker it makes it more real. 


^San Niang, not exactly a ninja but she is worth including

Well anyways it’s late so I should wrap up this post.  Uhh I kinda made this sound more like a lurker-commenting post but…..I guess what I’m trying to say is, I am grateful to the lurkers for your silent support, whether you comment or whether you remain HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS FOREVER.  (<<LOL OVERLY DRAMATIC MUCH?)  I am touched when I just think about how there is some lurker out there, reading my blog.  So thank you.  *W* Uh…………yeah….


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • Aaw that’s adorable 🙂 I lurk sometimes too, I might like something but can never find anything good enough to say to put in the comments.

  • Yup I mostly lurk here, (although I did comment on your other post), but I think the reason why I don’t comment much is because I’m not sure if I have anything good enough to comment about, lol. I do find myself agreeing with the couples you like (for example, I liked TZ & AX in Love Forward and I like Rintaro & Sakura in Last Cinderella).

  • Usually if I don’t comment it’s because I have nothing to add to the discussion (I’m lagging behind on my Zhen Huan episodes since I’ve been working late every night lately X_X) but I try to comment if I have anything to say at all, haha.

  • I’m with Kat on this. I usually don’t comment because I have nothing to add to the discussion. I do comment when I have something today even if it’s inane. Good job, Heisui!

  • You have great talent for make people laugh, so here i am laughing so hard that i felt guilty if not left anything. Came here few times before, i believed because of Legend of Zhen Huan, then you sorta stop, so i also stop coming, until recently back again.

    Thank you for your recaps and sorry for not coming earlier to say that, i love your comment on the recaps, even the recap itself is a bit messed.

  • Lurk lurk lurk…guilty as charged 🙂 I agree with Aehyu though, most of the time liking is easier than commenting (what can I say, I’m part of the facebook generation).

  • I don’t lurk.. :p
    Mostly though I’m just intimidated because you watch so many dramas that I’ve never even heard of before. So when I see one that I do know, it’s like. Ohh ! oh! I know this! Cool! xD

  • I have to confess I am a lurker. This is my first time commenting on any of your posts. I am kinda shy and I don’t comment much mainly because I feel I don’t have to add anything more for your posts. I didn’t realize that comments could mean a lot to the bloggers. Well, I really enjoy reading your blog. Fighting!~ Heisui!

  • Yay for silent lurkers! I am guilty of this, too, but I think mine is more for just not feeling comfortable at commenting. I was a person that was very reluctant to join in class discussions and the like in school as well. 😛 But, I’m slowly getting better at it.

    I also feel joy when one of the silent masses decides to finally speak up and comment, but page views do speak as well and it does make a person happy knowing that even if people aren’t saying anything, others are at least looking and reading.

    • I’m like you too. 😉 I admit…….sometimes I lurk on your blog posts without dropping a comment. O_O Hmm I think I used to focus a lot on pageviews (especially when the blog was first created and I had……0 pageviews HAHA) but eventually that wore off and I don’t really pay attention to them much anymore.

      • I think I paid more attention to page views when I had 0 commentors but lots of page views. Sometimes…you feel just a tad bad when you’re pouring so much into writing something and then…no one says anything, lol. I silently lurk on your site on occasion, too.

  • I’ll admit to bring a silent follower. Do any of you guys feel sad after watching a drama? Like you don’t want it to end? Or if the ending was bittersweet? This is how I’m feeling after watching female prime minister aka legend of Lu zhen.

    • Yup I do feel sad after I finish watching a really good drama. Especially if I’ve been watching it every week in a row for a couple months! It tends to grow on me.

  • semi-lurker here… comments very little but appreciate your writing very much… just thought i’d let you know… everyone needs a little pat in the back sometimes. you do a good job… (now back to lurking….)

  • hello! i’m a lurker. :p
    i admit that i stalk your blog for jdrama recommendations, and it’s always enlightening and fun to come back and go through the comments on each episode after I’ve watched it(especially for Last Cinderella recently). ♥♥♥

    i admire the depth in which dramas send everyone into deep thinking and analysis because the plot and characters just sucks one into it, almost like bringing people to another world… ♥

  • Well, my first time reading your blog, so not sure if that makes me a lurker; probably not. But I’ve sampled bits and pieces of it, and I have to say it is interesting and very visually appealing. Very nice!

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