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Dear Safari,

I love you.


Ok I will probably sound butt-hurt AGAIN in this post but..oh well.  Anyways I’m not sure if I was the only one but for the first 10 minutes or so of ep11, I was laughing so much.  O_O  Even though I have my gripes about Safari being an undercover cop, this guy is awesome as always and it was really funny seeing him giving Hyung Min a wake-up call.  It is really funny seeing him push everyone’s buttons heheh.


^Hyung Min attempts to be all intimidating and scary looking, but it doesn’t work on Safari.  And to make it funnier, Hyung Min decides to take the direct approach and just ask him point-blank if Safari is an undercover agent.  OMG I laughed out loud at this part.  And Hyung Min even asks what organization Safari is a part of.  Yes Hyung Min, Safari is totally gonna tell you everything about his UNDERCOVER operation. 


To make all of this even better, Safari has the most epic lines in this episode.  I am forever a fan of Safari now.  I love it when he asks Hyung Min if he knows what he had to go through, what he had to do to survive all of these years.  And he answers his own question, “YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!”  Hyung Min: O____O  Me:  WOOOO YOU TELL HIM SAFARI!!!

So yeah, Safari is an ‘undercover cop gone rogue’.  In other words, he went undercover but ended defecting over to the “dark side”.  T___T  I admit, I am disappointed with this twist because come on, not everyone is gonna turn out to be an undercover agent.  But I see why they did this, it was not just an attempt at a shocking twist (which IMO failed), but it is also a plot device to hint at Min’s deceptiveness & corruption.  That being said, I don’t think they’ve wasted Safari’s character with this twist because Safari still kicks butt and he also holds the key to revealing Min’s dealings.  I think Min has some sort of connections to Pusan or something, perhaps he is searching for information to hold against Pusan in a double-dealing?


One thing I find frustrating is that a lot of fans have this idea that Shi Hyun has kept some of his humanity and moral code whereas Safari has not.  I’d say otherwise.  The whole point here is that Shi Hyun, Safari, and Scale..they’re ALL HUMAN.  Has Safari done questionable things?  Has he killed people?  Yes.  Has Shi Hyun done questionable things?  Has he killed people?  YES.  I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I don’t feel like we can be all “Shi Hyun has a heart, he has his morality, but Safari doesn’t!”.   Safari himself says it very well–we have to remember that undercover cops are human.  Yes, compassion, loyalty, and friendship are all part of being human.  But unfortunately cruelty, deception, and self-interest are also a part of being human.  I’m not gonna even get into the debate over what true morality is, I don’t want to go there, but can we really say that Shi Hyun is more moral than Safari?  Can we really say that Shi Hyun, for having survived 8 years (I think that was the amount of time he spent undercover..) in the underworld and still being compassionate, has in a way “won” more than Safari, who was undercover for 20 years and has “defected”?   What determines whether Shi Hyun/Safari’s killings are justifiable?


Of course, the whole issue with Safari being an undercover cop has completely thrown off Shi Hyun.  Part of me hopes that Shi Hyun will directly confront Safari to find out what really happened between him & Min.  Plus hopefully Shi Hyun will be much more wary and suspicious of Min now because clearly, Min is not to be trusted.  I think Min does really treat Shi Hyun as a son but he also takes advantage of this father-son relationship to fulfill his own purposes.  Actually this shouldn’t be surprising because we can’t always expect the handler and the agent to be all chummy like that.  A deep level of trust is required for such a partnership but it can also be a give-and-take relationship as well. 

Anyways even though this episode only shows a smidgen of Shi Hyun finally being accepted into Pusan, I’m very excited for the potential of this story arc.  LOL I already said that a few episodes ago so it’s about time that we get this story started, I mean we’re already past the halfway mark and we still haven’t gotten into Pusan yet.  T_T  Hopefully ep12 will show more of it!  Also although I don’t want to see Shi Hyun in any more danger, and as awesome as it is seeing him being a boss…I think the drama will be more interesting with this new power shift.  There’s always someone higher up, eh?


Even though Jin Sook has limited screen-time in this episode, I really love how she took on all of Director Jo’s minions by herself.  She could’ve run and let her bodyguard get killed by the minions, but instead she stands her ground.  I would’ve liked to see Shi Hyun come dashing to the rescue (LOL right after I said that Shi Hyun can’t rescue everyone…oops..) to protect his noona but I also think it’s good that Jin Sook has proven that she can save her own skin without Shi Hyun’s help.  Again it is kinda ironic that Jin Sook is going to Pusan to save Shi Hyun, while Shi Hyun also goes to Pusan in her stead to protect her.  O_O  These two…


Soo Min & Hyung Min also play limited roles in this episode.  Another part I thought was funny is when Hyung Min tries to epicly teach Soo Min about all of the important figures in Pusan…… writing their names on her wall. T__________T  Great move Hyung Min, it’s not noticeable AT ALL.  And you know, it’s totally easy to wash marker off the wall!  (I kid)  Anyways something that I don’t get about Soo Min is that she always talks about how she’s in “this line of work”–in other words, prostitution–but I don’t think she’s actually had to prostitute herself yet.  And even if she is actually working as a prostitute, the drama hasn’t even given us one clue that she is.  It always shows her sitting around in her empty room or meeting up with Hyung Min/Jin Sook/Shi Hyun.  So I think her only tasks so far has been seducing Hyung Min and being the courier for the drug deal. 

This episode was just meh.  I really loved all of Safari’s lines..but a lot of the other parts still felt off.  On the other hand I am really looking forward to finally seeing Shi Hyun going up against Pusan.  I’m also happy that Scale will be returning because he is quite the fascinating character.  Also from the previews, it seems like Safari will not be going down just yet, in fact he will somehow break out and save Eun Soo as well.  Also this is random but…is Pusan an organization or the name of the actual head of the group??  O__O  I thought Pusan was the organization but in some parts, it sounds like they are referring to a person. 


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Cruel City: Ep 10
Heisui’s Thoughts: To all the lurkers
  • Actually I haven’t even fully seen ep 10.
    I just saw like first 5-10 mins and was turned off.
    I’m really worried that the drama may now start going downhill.(I really wish it doesn’t though)
    And I read that Safari being an undercover cop or what not.I don’t know if it’s true or not but I’m soo not liking this concept.
    His character is awesome as it is.NO undercover needed for him.*sighs*

    And for the romance I don’t know if it is progressing or not.But I’d hate to see conflicts between Jin Sook and Shi Hyun about this relationship.I have a feeling that Jin Sook is not gonna feel happy about it.
    And finally what charm does Hyun min have Exactly?
    Is it Brooding?Torturing people for his own needs?Shooting his fellow officer?
    That girls keep crushing on him.Seriously Soo min how can you like this type of guy

    So I’m still on a temporary break from this one.
    I’ll resume watching if it gets exciting again or I’ll just watch it when it is completed.That what I’m thinking about,

    • Well it already has been going downhill for the past couple episodes. T___T Even though I don’t like Safari being an undercover cop, he does have some awesome moments in this episode so…I guess that is enough to tide me over for now.

      They are still trying to force in the romance with Shi Hyun/Soo Min. You should’ve seen the “cliffhanger” for this episode. *facepalm*

      LOL for Hyung Min I guess his charms would be: his tallness, and his strength. That’s all.

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