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Omg I’m so excited for this drama!!!


^I have the feeling that Chen Yi Rong’s character is a BAMF.

It’s really no secret that I’m a huge fan of Chen Yi Rong.  So of course I’m super excited for her upcoming tw-drama, Dragon Gate.  “Dragon Gate” is actually the third remake in the running of the original Taiwanese wuxia “Dragon Gate Inn”.  It was also made into a HK movie.  I’m not sure how accurate this adaptation of Dragon Gate Inn will be, but I suppose there will be a lot of changes since it is set in the modern day.  It is an action drama with some romance mixed in, which will be refreshing as long as it is not too cheesy. 


Chen Yi Rong is starring alongside Alice Ke, Sunny Wang, and Melvin Sia.  I don’t have the official character names/synopsis yet but here’s the gist of things:  Chen Yi Rong & Melvin Sia = TEAM because they are both a part of the local gangs.  Chen Yi Rong is a powerful hostess at a bar who is involved in some sketchy activities.  Melvin’s character is in love with Alice’s character, but of course his heart is broken when he finds out that Alice is involved with Sunny’s character.   Alice & Sunny = TEAM because they are both detectives who are working together on a case which just so happens to connect to Chen Yi Rong. 


Anywho, the trailer tries really hard to be all sexy and cool that it ends up being really funny.  I actually laughed out loud at the trailer, although I did enjoy it.  I’m obviously biased towards Chen Yi Rong but I think her character is the most mysterious and interesting in the trailer.  She does have a lot of funny moments with her hair flips, her throwing tea in someone’s face, and her slapping a guy that’s hitting on her.  But I think she has a lot to work with with this character.  I only wish that they would’ve shown her in more outfits besides just her sparkly jacket.  O_O


I’m not too excited about the casting of Sunny as the leading man because I’m not sure he has the acting chops for it.  Granted, I haven’t seen his most recent dramas aside from his role in In Time With You, but I still feel he is not quite suited for the role.  Something is just off with his action scenes in the trailer, I’m not sure what.  As for Alice, she looks awesome and I hope she will continue improving in her acting with this drama! 

Short trailer

Long trailer (6-min.)

BTS Clip with Chen Yi Rong

^I’m not sure how the chemistry between the leads will be, but this clip really made me go O___O.  It is of Chen Yi Rong rehearsing parts of the script with Sunny & Melvin.  In the beginning she is practicing a scene where she has to lean her elbow on Sunny’s shoulder…but he’s a bit too tall for her, so she has to go on her tippy toes!  Then she playfully hides behind Sunny while giving one of her lines.  And lastly Melvin has his arms around Chen Yi Rong while talking to her.  HMMM I think I’m much more excited over the love square now!! *wink wink*

If anyone hears of any news about this drama, let me know!!! I’m not sure when it’s airing yet but I can’t wait for it to air!!  Shoutout to Kat from DramaPot for fueling my newfound obsession with this drama. 

Where to watch: Dragon Gate is subbed on Viki.


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