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This episode was painful to watch, everything bad that could’ve happened happened.  Thankfully there is only one episode left because Last Cinderella has gone into la-la land.



I shake my fist at Last Cinderella because it is giving me the futile hope of Rintaro x Sakura.  And this is the episode before the finale!!!!!!!  WHY IS IT GIVING ME THIS HOPE NOW, OF ALL TIMES!?!??  In these last few episodes, I’ve warmed up to Hiroto & Sakura’s ship because they can be cute together, their chemistry has been growing, and Hiroto really does love Sakura.  But I guess in the end, I still end up shipping the underdog.  I have a thing for the silent-protector-childhood-best-friend character, and Rintaro certainly fits the bill.  The sad thing is that Rintaro is so perfect (he no longer has that biting tongue from the first few episodes, thank goodness) that he will probably remain the second lead. 


“Up until now, I’ve thought that your feelings are the most important…I will make you happy. I will protect you. So…let’s go together.”

There is some awkwardness in Sakura x Rintaro’s scenes, but Rintaro really made up for it.  Probably the most natural scene is when Sakura & Rintaro laugh together after they escape the thugs.  The part where Rintaro defends Sakura is just…long and cheesy…but afterwards, Sakura totally shows how much she cares for Rintaro.  And she even RESTS HER HEAD ON HIS SHOULDER.  AHHHHH!  Even though Sakura claims she feels no romantic feelings for Rintaro (which I believe), I think what Ken says strikes home.  There are different kinds of love and Rintaro’s way of loving Sakura is by being by her side. 


No, I’m not just a fickle shipper that easily gives up on Hiroto.  I do have a reason, that being that I lost all sympathy for him the moment he lied to Sakura about this whole thing being a sham.  Yeah yeah..Hiroto thinks that Rintaro has replaced him, that Sakura will be better off with Rintaro, and that Choko will be safe.  But REALLY!?!?!  We went through all this, and then he just ruins it all for Choko who is clearly manipulating him?  UGHH.  I felt like crying towards the end of the episode, not out of sorrow for Hiroto/Sakura/Rintaro, but because I was so frustrated that everything has boiled down to this.  All of Hiroto’s efforts, all for naught.  I think Hiroto will still win over Sakura in the ending, simply because there is not enough time for substantial development of Sakura & Rintaro’s transition from friendship to romance.  But I can’t ship Hiroto, all he did was shoot himself in the foot. 

As for Choko, we all knew she would pull this trick out of her butt sometime.  She is so possessive over Hiroto and Rintaro that I wouldn’t be surprised if she crashed Sakura’s wedding (if Sakura is getting married) or pulled some strings to keep Sakura from going to New York with Rintaro.  I’m pretty sure she will end up alone since she is only making things worse between her and Rintaro/Hiroto. 


Shima is still one of my favorite characters and I really wish her massive omiai had happened earlier on in the drama.  It was really hilarious and adorable when she went on a date with her chosen omiai partner!  There is not much life in this episode, but Shima really livens up the mood a lot. I also think she is getting at something when she says that it doesn’t matter how a relationship starts; if it is meant to be, it can still work out in the end!  It must be foreshadowing, eh?

On the other hand, Sakura is a weeping willow throughout this whole episode.  In her defense, she tries to follow her intuition and decides to trust that Hiroto wasn’t totally acting.  But then the ending scene kinda ruined it, I mean Hiroto was so bad at lying that even Sakura should’ve picked up on it!!  Even though she tries to trust Hiroto again, it seems that doubt is now clouding her view of him.  She doesn’t want her fears to be confirmed, but when Hiroto starts to do so, she easily believes it since she already had the suspicions about it. 

This was a disappointing episode for me because it felt like Last Cinderella started piling on as many cliches as it could.  Even though I was glad to see Rintaro finally getting some love, I couldn’t really feel too happy about it because I know that he has very slim chances of being chosen by Sakura.  If all this had happened earlier on, maybe I wouldn’t have had AS negative of a view of the episode because then there would still be enough time for Sakura to give Rintaro a chance! 

Considering that the whole plot of Last Cinderella is about Hiroto x Sakura, that there is not enough time left for Rintaro x Sakura to get into a relationship, and that the popularity of Last Cinderella is mainly fueled by the Miura fangirls, I think Hiroto will be the winner in the finale.  That’s ok, that just means that Rintaro will be free for me instead.  😛

For these polls, the questions look similar, but the difference is between who you think Sakura WILL choose, and who Sakura SHOULD choose. 


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  • i’ve dropped this drama but still read your review..i pain to watch as the stories has been drag so much!..maybe i will watch the last episode as i always do to the drama i dropped in half way…anyway i am waiting for your itakiss episode 11 review!!

    • Aiya you have spared yourself the suffering. T_T” I should’ve known it would turn out this way, after all I was doomed to ship Rintaro since the beginning. Aw thanks it will probably be posted on Tuesday! 😉

  • This drama lost me around episode five or six because I couldn’t understand any of the characters but I’ve still been watching it, just because I wanted to see which guy would get the guy in the end.

    I’ve seen a lot of people say Hiroto must be end game and this episode does seem to be pointing in that direction since all Sakura did was mope over Hiroto and she seemed disinterested in Rintaro.

    I was on Team Rintaro from the beginning, but now I’d be pissed if she suddenly ended up with him; it would just feel forced and weird and I’m just not feeling it. I know we’ve seen Rintaro be the person Sakura can depend on when she’s down, but there was never anything romantic between them. Like you said, we’ve spent so much time with Hiroto and Sakura that trying to give Rintaro an edge this late in the game seems pointless.

    The best ending for me would be if Sakura didn’t end up with anyone. If she picks Hiroto in the end, I’m fine with that too, but I don’t see them working out in the long term.

    • Yeah I do feel like everything is pointing in Hiroto’s direction but….then again….they might pull a WTF ending on us and have Rintaro and Sakura suddenly get together. T_T I too would be even more frustrated if they tried to do that because it would make no sense.

      I just hope that the finale isn’t too overly dramatic. =_=

  • LOL, I love your polls there heisui! Dang I was so excited seeing Rintaro confessing and protecting Sakura and all that, especially when Hiroto was watching the fighting scene thingy. You can suck it Hirotoooo! But then again, it’s almost the next episode, not enough time for RintaroxSakura, so HirotoxSakura is 99.999999% NOOOOOOOO 🙁 “That’s ok, that just means that Rintaro will be free for me instead” –> this is good, i like! LOL. Is the next episode the final episode? Or is it the last one before the final?

  • I agree that the last episode was very disappointing. I still ship SH, simply because their relationship has been in progress since the very beginnig, but now it´s more because we don´t have time for development of RS 🙁

  • What about this ending?

    Rintaro goes off to NY, Sakura heads up the salon and they keep in touch via email and phone calls. With Rintaro gone Sakura realizes how much she’s come to depend on and care about him. Gradually their emails and phone calls get more and more flirty and Rintaro realizes he might stand a chance so he suddenly shows up (a year later?) and now they’re both at the same place with their feelings. As for Hiroto he feels that the best thing he can do for Sakura is leave so he takes his friends offer to go to the US to become a professional bmx’er, that way Choko will leave Sakura alone. Choko crushed that she’s managed to push away both Rintaro and Hiroto to the States tries one last effort for attention and swallows all the pills in her bottle. Hiroto assumes she’s bluffing since she said they wouldn’t kill her but in the end they do. Hiroto moves on with his life and becomes a top BMX pro.

    Flash forward a few years, Hiroto has just finished up a promotional tour in Central Park in NYC when as he’s walking out he bumps into Rintaro and Sakura with two small Japanese children (obviously theirs). They exchange greetings, a brief synopsis of whose doing what, and “lets meet for a drink sometime”. Though sincerely meant as they are saying it, they all know it won’t happen. Rintaro and Sakura walk away, Sakura with a wistful expression on her face remembering a mostly pleasant but brief relationship from her past, but deeply in love with Rintaro and her family, as Rintaro pulls her close to his side, as if to confirm for himself that she really is his. Hiroto turns back, with an expression of deep sadness at what he threw away. That could of been him with the love of his life and two beautiful children, but all he’s left with is a fabulous career. As he turns back around and walks away he accidentally stumbles into a young 20 yr. old Japanese girl who could practically be Sakura’s double. She asks in broken English how to get to Times Square and he responds back in Japanese, “Come with me, I’ll show you”. She gratefully gushes in Japanese using country slang and sounding like an old man. Hiroto smiles knowningly and walks away with her happily. Cue end of scene!

  • I don’t know what to feel about the triangle relationship anymore. I find that Shima and Miki’s arc are more interesting and conclusive. I think that Rintaro and Sakura ship kinda felt sudden. They definitely have the bestie thing going on, but turning them to lovers still felt sudden. I think you forgot to add another option in the poll, heisui, which is, Sakura ends up with none of the both. haha. Could be a SLIM possibility. Btw, I love Addicted2kdrama’s version of the ending.

  • I liked that Rintaro immediately mentioned that she’d benefit by becoming manager if he left. I remember it was a bone of contention for some last week but it was openly expressed without problems in this episode. That’s why I think these two could really make a relationship work.

  • I’m thinking a ParaKiss ending if Sakura ends up with Tachibana. If you’ve read the manga, then you know what I mean.

    At this point, I think she’s better off alone than with Hiroto as he still has some maturing left to do. While…Tachibana still seems like that great guy friend and not a romantic interest.

  • This WAS a painful episode. Ugh. I lost my love of Hiroto when he just stood there watching the fight scene. Seriously? I don’t care how stunned you might be.. man up and help save the girl!

  • I think she will end up being pregnant (with Hiroto’s baby) and raise the child alone. Rintaro can always be a good friend; Hiroto can be a “maybe” if they do a sequel.

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