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OMGGGG.  Even though it’s almost a week since I saw episode 10……my feelings for this episode are stronger than ever!  Words cannot describe how amazing this episode is! 

I’ve got to hand it to Naoki, he really showed how much he treasures his family and Kotoko.  Only after he moves out does he fully understand how much his parents and his little bro mean to him.  Plus it takes Yuki’s surgery to snap him out of his selfish disappearing act.  I mean gee Naoki, just give your family your home phone number at least!

Anyways there are too many sweet moments to count in this episode but…THIS BACK HUG IS GLORIOUS.  The look on Naoki’s face is so sweet and shows how grateful he is that he has Kotoko!


The second kiss is so dreamy and perfect, I am completely satisfied now!  EHEHEHE! 

Anyways I’m not gonna rant too much here since I already ranted in my episode 10 review, linked below:


And here’s a treat, a super swoony preview still for episode 11!  Omg, Naoki & Kotoko look like prince and princess.  *W*


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  • I loved the backhug, and the fact that Kotoko isn’t at all shy about crying into him or hugging him. And i give major points to Kin for snapping at Naoki and telling him exactly what Naoki needed to hear. Naoki is this perfect presence in Kotoko’s mind, and she would never have said anything to him, so he needed someone to yell at him and tell him to stop being so selfish.

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