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I don’t know if it’s just my mood when I was watching this episode or what, but I definitely did not spazz out as much as I did in episode 8.  Even though Kohei/Miki/Shima reconcile, Miki & evil-mother-in-law find common ground, Sakura gets engaged AND sleeps with Hiroto, this episode is less cutesy and not quite over-the-moon happy.  Somehow it feels like Last Cinderella has mellowed out a bit.  I still really enjoyed this episode but my experience watching it was different from usual. 

I really liked the scenes with Sakura & her girlfriends.  It always warms my heart when I see the three of them together, even the little moments when they are just having dinner or laughing together make me feel happy.  My favorite scene wasn’t one of the shippy scenes with Hiroto/Sakura/Rintaro, but rather the scene when the three besties are having dinner together.  I also loveee the scene when Kohei proposes to Miki, asking her to remarry him!  That is really the cutest thing ever, at first I thought Kohei was a bumbling idiot/jerk of a husband but now I have to admit, he has grown on me!  And how sweet is Miki, to accept her mother-in-law back into her home!?!?

Episodes 8-9 are really the peak of Hiroto & Sakura’s chemistry together.  It is great to see how much more comfortable they are together both physically and mentally.  I felt a little shy screencapping the bed scene, HAHA.  It was supposed to be more of a sweet bed scene instead of a smoldering hot one but…….OMG.  I’m pretty sure all of the Miura fangirls are having a field day with making GIF’s out of this scene, AHAHA.  (And YES I will look for those GIF’s 😛 )

Hiroto has also really grown on me especially in the last episode.  But when the proposal came around, I was less in the moment and more thinking about how he’s not ready for marriage yet.  I don’t doubt his love for Sakura, but I do doubt whether or not settling down is the right decision for him right now.  Maybe he is trying to consider Sakura’s age and her desire for children, but marriage is not something Sakura & Hiroto should just rush into. 

Was I the only one a bit disappointed by the proposal scene? O_O I think Shinohara Ryoko was trying to go for the whole shocked/touched reaction but instead it felt like she wasn’t very happy at all. =_=  She does pull off the beautifully-gracefully-touched reaction though, and I especially like the moment when she and Hiroto embrace.

^Did Rintaro miss when he tried to punch Hiroto?  O_O

Of course we always have the wild card, CHOKO.  OMGAWD.  RINTARO, WHY DID YOU LET HER INTO YOUR APARTMENT!?!?!?  I really doubt Choko would’ve given up Rintaro if he had fulfilled her wish of ‘making her a woman’ but part of me wonders…would it have been better if Rintaro didn’t reject her? O_O   And to make things worse, Choko finds out that 1) Rintaro really does like Sakura and now he’s AWARE OF IT.  2) Hiroto proposed to Sakura. Yeah.  All hell breaks loose now!!!!!!!  Choko tells Sakura EVERYTHING (and I bet she told her it in an even more hurtful way to make Hiroto sound worse).  NUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!  I wanted Sakura to find out, but now that she and Hiroto are so darn cute together, I don’t want this to happen!  AND THEY JUST GOT ENGAGED, AND NOW IT’S RUINED!?!?!?  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t think Choko’s meddling will totally ruin Hiroto & Sakura’s relationship, but it is really up to Hiroto to chase Sakura and make everything clear once and for all.  I understand Sakura is really hurt but she ought to realize that Hiroto has changed and everything he said while proposing was true. 

I think I sound less enthused than I normally am, I’m not sure why. T_T  We are now entering the final stretch with only a few episodes left, at this point I don’t really care who Sakura ends up with as long as they do not pull a crappy rushed ending on us.  I love Rintaro and all butat this point, things will be too rushed if they try to suddenly sway Sakura’s heart towards Rintaro. 

Then again, for any Rintaro fans who are still holding that small sliver of hope that he will make a comeback, I think this is his chance.  He will be by Sakura’s side the whole way, nursing her broken heart and showing his ~LOVE~ for her.  I thought it was really sweet of him when he said that he just wants her to be happy.  But then again, love is selfish and I wonder when he will give into his love for her.  Also I wish we could see Rintaro’s behavior change when he’s around Sakura…and I don’t mean I want him to act all awkward around her.  I want to see his gaze lingering on her for just a tad longer than usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to see him secretly grinning to himself at her funny antics!!!!  Just little things like that!


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  • I dunno what to feel but all the romance caught up really fast. Not sure whether its good or bad. So embarrassed to watch Hiroto and Sakura’s scenes in this epi!! And Rintaro better do something soon. haha!

  • Well…there’s what? 2 or 3 episodes left? We’ll see how hey do it now that they’ve wrapped up all the other side stories.

    Yeah..Sakura’s expression…didn’t seem quite right. When she put her hands over Hiroto’s, I SO thought she was going to reject him so her “yes” seemed kind of unbelievable.

    I also was completely delighted with the reuniting of our trio of friends with the air all cleared they are back to normal and here’s to 25 more years of friendship for them.

    I wanted to throttle Chiyoko. This girl. HOW could she not understand Tachibana? He was pretty clear. There is nothing wrong with her scar, but her heart. She’s obviously a scarred person (outside and in) and he doesn’t want to make things worse by sleeping with her without feelings as it is wrong with her issues. It’s true, but of course crazy stalker lady doesn’t get that and determines that the scar on her back is the only reason. Geh.

    As much as I am unhappy that Tachibana put in a transfer request, I was kind of liking it that he is doing it not just to run away, but to give Sakura the job she has worked so hard for.

    As for Hiroto…he is rushing things a bit. I think he may not be quite at that stage yet and hope that if they do end up together, he doesn’t regret that decision.

    I think the next episode will focus mainly on TachibanaxSakura, so he could catch up and we just might end up with Hiroto backing off when he sees just how much Tachibana sacrifices himself for Sakura.

    • Choko is just making things even more complicated than they already are. I think she feels like she’s being left out by Hiroto AND Rintaro, and that is just too much for her to handle. Rintaro is her dream guy that she’s been idolizing for years, Hiroto is the loyal companion that she blames even though she sorta cares about him. I thought Choko is aware that her physical scar symbolizes her mental scars. She can’t let go of either of them though.

      I wasn’t a fan at all of Rintaro’s applying for a transfer. Part of me thought that he just wanted to get away from Sakura since it is too painful for him to be around her, and he wants her to be happy with Hiroto. But I think leaving to give Sakura a career boost is going a bit too far. I think Sakura would feel disappointed if she found out her promotion wasn’t because of her hard work, but because of Rintaro doing stuff behind the scenes.

      • Agree about Choko. That girl…shakes head.
        Well…I’m not happy about Tachibana’s transfer request either, but…I take it slightly better when he tells the boss to give the shop to Sakura. But, with this new development, I wonder if Tachibana will really go or not. And can Hiroto man up and chase after the love he’s finally found or will he be like Tachibana and keep basically silent and try to let Sakura be happy?

        • It will just frustrate me if Hiroto ends up backing down. He has already been so determined to become a better guy for Sakura that it will be disappointing if he decides to give up on her!!

          Rintaro also needs to get the courage to tell Sakura how he really feels. The only problem is that I don’t want Sakura to get together with Rintaro just to nurse her broken heart. If she does get with Rintaro, I hope that she somehow realizes her deeper feelings for him too.

          • Me, too. I hate those ending relationships where you can’t 100% believe these two are together for the right reasons. They have hinted that Sakura may be developing feelings for Rintaro, but I think her feelings for Hiroto trump that tiny flame. If Hiroto can man up and fight for her, I think he’ll win in the end.

            Of course, there have been similar dramas where the younger man was perfect for the older woman, but she chose the older man who may not have been bad, but the younger one was the better choice. I think its actually rarer for the age gap relationships between a man and a woman to work in Asian dramas (where the female is the older one). That’s not always true, of course (Oh! My Lady and Dal Ja’s Spring, etc.) but I think it happens more than it doesn’t.

        • It depends on perspective. While Rintaro was leaving, he was also recommending Sakura for the job like a superior would. And there’s no way Sakura could ever become manager with him there. Don’t forget that it was mentioned early on that Rintaro had mentored the other guy at the Ginza office before leaving for Sakura’s branch. it’s nothing new for him. That’s why I don’t really see it as him pulling strings because I doubt he would recommend someone who wasn’t fit for the job.

    • I think both men will have a positive view of each other. I think Hiroto will finally see that Rintaro may be good for Sakura and Tachibana will see how hard Hiroto is fighting for a second chance. I think he might advice her to hear him out.

      • Yeah you may be on to something there. Rintaro may just be her good friend all the way to the end. It would be disappointing to see Hiroto give up on his love now after he has grown so much by being with her. I also like the perspective of old Rintaro meets new Rintaro (Hiroto); only differnce is Hiroto has been spearheading his feelings from the word go. Tachibana has yet to do anything to express his. It’s up to Sakura now to choose which way she’s gonna go. But I’d prefer her to be alone than to suddenly ship to Tachibana after her breakup. It be more reasonable.

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