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I have to say…this episode is definitely my favorite for Hiroto x Sakura.  Yeah, I was biased towards Rintaro x Sakura (and still am, but less so now) but I also had a sorta logical (GASP!) reason.  Before, Sakura & Hiroto seemed way too much like a brother-sister pair, I couldn’t really see where exactly their feelings stemmed from, or just why Hiroto suddenly love Sakura with all his heart.  Also, Sakura’s prolonged honeymoon phase in this relationship was going on way too long.

But now?  Omg, they are like on a whole new level.  Their chemistry is so much better now that Sakura is much more comfortable with Hiroto.  Now they can walk hand-in-hand like a normal couple!  They can BOTH initiate kisses without bumping their faces!  They can cutely flirt without being too exaggerated!  It is so different seeing these two together now, it makes this ship much more enjoyable to watch.

^I guess the reason that they kept Hiroto’s hair long was for the hair-cut scene in this episode!

…And if you were wondering, no, Hiroto & Sakura didn’t sleep together this time around.  Looks like they will wait ’til the next episode!! (if the previews are not trolling us!)  Somehow Hiroto manages to get drunk on this one special night and instead spills out his life story to Sakura.  I guess it is fitting for this couple to not have things go as they planned.  They were gonna get it on, but instead they ended up having an even more intimate and personal moment that brought them much closer together.  (even though Hiroto wasn’t sober during that moment O_O )   Anyways, considering how indebted and guilty Hiroto feels towards Choko, I wonder if his loyalty to Sakura will soon come into conflict with his ‘responsibility’ towards Choko.  I think part of the reason Hiroto can’t let go of what happened with Choko is that Choko herself also blames him and holds him responsible for what happens.  How can he move on when Choko can’t?

I loved Hiroto’s little speech about why he likes Sakura so much.  I was disappointed with him in episode 7 for not fessing up to Sakura and pushing Rintaro towards Choko, but now I have no doubt he really loves her.  He says that he feels like he can be a better guy whenever he is with Sakura.  And that even though things may not work out between them, he will try hard so that they do.  OMG………..I’M SWAYING TOWARDS HIROTO…

I think this is also one of my favorite episodes for Sakura’s character!  Somehow she really balanced her character with the right amounts of humor, seriousness, cute moments, etc.  Episode 7 felt like an exaggeration of her oyaji side, her bickering with Rintaro, and her fangirling over Hiroto.  This time though, she got it just right.  I thought it was both hilarious and endearing when she was snooping on Rintaro and his ex, HAHA.  It was also funny when she was waltzing around her hair salon because Hiroto was there!   That being said, I don’t know what changed but she really showed that she can be more mature when she is with Hiroto, there are no more squirmish moments. 

^top left pic: Poor Rintaro, surrounded by Choko & Kasumi.  RUN!!!

Now that I think about it, after all I’ve written about this episode….maybe it was actually better than I initially thought it was.  But initially, I was really disappointed because I felt like I was just trolled again!  The character development for Rintaro is basically nil.  Rintaro’s ex-girlfriend, Kasumi, is not a rival at all, she is out of the game in one episode.  Kasumi just waltzes into Rintaro’s life, expecting him to still be pining after her just because she tells him she could never forget him and still loves him.  The funny part is that Rintaro always has a look of doom whenever he is with Kasumi. And you know things are getting bad when Kasumi is in Rintaro’s apartment, FOLDING HIS LAUNDRY like she lives there. 

BUT I do find it interesting that Kasumi witnesses Choko’s jealousy (and deduces her feelings for Rintaro) but then tells Rintaro to go be happy with SAKURA.  OHOHO!?!?!?   Kasumi says that the reason they broke up is that she knew Rintaro was drifting away from her since he wanted to be by Sakura’s side.  AND she says that he is always much happier when he is with Sakura.  OMGGGG.  Maybe Kasumi’s character wasn’t a total waste of time after all!?!??  What makes this even better is that Rintaro doesn’t even try to deny it.  O_O  He also stares at Sakura & Rintaro’s lovey dovey picture with a smoldering gaze of jealousy.  SOMETHING IS BREWING..

I also thought it was sweet that Kasumi recognizes Sakura’s inner beauty.  Even though Kasumi is the equivalent of a “suteki joshi” (pretty much an “ideal woman”) she says that Sakura is beautiful and that she is no match for her.  Kasumi admires how Sakura hardly wears any makeup or anything and yet she is radiant.  It reminds me of that time verrry early in the drama when Rintaro once called Sakura a beauty!!!!!  IS THERE A CONNECTION HERE…

Oh..I forgot to mention..Choko attempts to push Kasumi down a staircase but is stopped by Sakura.  OMG…so Choko will also resort to violent methods to get her way.  I am more scared for Sakura now.  I think Sakura also has an inkling about Choko’s darker side, but she hasn’t put the dots together about Choko’s jealousy of her relationship with Rintaro.  So hopefully she gets the hint really soon so that she can avoid Choko!

^Credit linked

Ok, so now that Hiroto & Sakura’s relationship is better than ever, and they are finally gonna sleep together in the next episode………..I have this strange foreboding feeling that maybe they will have a new major obstacle.  And maybe even break up!!!  O______O””  Wow I know I said I wanted the honeymoon phase to be over but now………….I’m not so sure!  This episode has proven Hiroto & Sakura’s chemistry to me and now I am kinda supporting them!?!?!?

^ I love this scene!  (credit linked)

I know I shouldn’t trust these previews anymore but…the preview for episode 9 shows some major developments..

1) Rintaro is aware he likes Sakura.

2) Sakura & Hiroto sleep together.

3) A proposal from Hiroto!

4) Choko might reveal the truth to Sakura.

5) Sakura walking away crying.  I suppose this is because maybe she has found out the truth from Choko!!!!!!!!!!! 


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  • I’m HirotoXSakura from the start. He need her more than Rintaro. And Rintaro should make his move years ago when her ex leave him, he had his chance.

    And poor Hiroto if Sakura leave him, he said it’s the first time he felt something towards someone. But it’s kind of sad when Sakura said that she only wants children but not marriage. Is that a self defence statement, because of the age difference? or her real feeling?

    • hehe I like your username, reveriepooh.

      I know, if what Kasumi said was really true, then why didn’t Rintaro make a move on Sakura? I feel it is rather late in the game for Rintaro & Sakura to get together.

      I think Sakura meant that she would like both marriage and kids…both of which may not be realistic for her. I mean, she is assuming Hiroto wouldn’t want to settle down meaning he wouldn’t want marriage or kids. But in the end, she knows she still really wants kids.

    • I thought that SakuraxHiroto would never be real but now i’m rooting for them. Rintaro is… Agree should have made his move years ago or even now when he finally came back to the hair saloon. What on earth is he waiting for?

      • I bet Rintaro is gonna make his move at the very last minute. T_T”” It better be in the next episode, after all there are not many episodes left…

  • So good! I was definitely squeeing at pretty much every scene (The Ex-Brigade excluded- get thee away, Momo and Kasugi! Although I did love Kasugi’s insights). Rintaro and Sakura’s scenes at the batting cages were THE. ABSOLUTE. BEST. I also love your reaction to Rintaro’s Obsessive Lady Sandwich at the bar.

    I honestly am not sure who I want her to end up with. I feel like Rintaro needs less fixing than Hiroto, which is a point in his favor. I loved Sakura and Hiroto’s chemistry this episode, but it seems like they are still at vastly different stages in their lives and in their development as people. I think with Hiroto’s job interview they’re trying to change that, but we’ll see. In some ways they’re good complements for each other, since they’re both experienced in ways the other person isn’t, but I worry that it is still not the best dynamic.

    As far as everyone’s comments about Rintaro being too late to the game, I don’t really hold with that kind of thinking. He doesn’t lose rights to her just because he didn’t ask her out 10 years ago, or whatever. I think people’s lives change a lot over their course, and maybe Rintaro wasn’t ready to accept as real a person as Sakura is. I think it makes his character more interesting, because on the surface he seems more “together” than Sakura, but as we’ve seen, maybe Sakura is more assured than he is. And thank goodness we have no 2-D second leads around- everyone except the tertiary exes have fleshed-out motivations and life stories.

    At any rate, I think they’ve set it up nicely, so that it won’t be a ~terrible injustice~ however things end up, as long as they give closure for the other person. If she chooses Hiroto, the future is probably more uncertain, but they’ll have gotten more confidence in themselves and learned to follow their hearts no matter what society thinks, and she and Rintaro are still friends. If she chooses Rintaro, Hiroto will have still gotten support through tough times, and the deep connection between she and Rintaro will come to fruition. Huzzah either way! At the moment, I am leaning ever-so-slightly towards Rintaro, but I may be in for disappointment, since his name is lower on the d-addicts cast list. I’ll be happy either way though.

    • Lol I like the part at the batting cage when they both think of the accidental kiss at the same time. They’re on the same wavelength, eh?

      Hmm well part of Hiroto’s good qualities is that he is putting in a lot of effort to show his love for Sakura. He is changing because of Sakura, whereas Rintaro seems to be staying the same. You are right, something must’ve been holding back Rintaro from making a move. Hopefully there will be a turning point that makes Rintaro confess to Sakura!!

      • In a lot of ways, I feel like Hiroto is Rintaro minus 15 years. They both dream big and are sort of punky-artistic and non-conventional. I do like Hiroto’s show-don’t-tell technique, although I’m not sure how much actual basis it has, other than “omg she actually treats me like a human being, not a sex toy!” and “She’s so pure and wonderful”. No matter how much he likes Sakura, only time will give him experience. I worry that he’s putting her on the same pedestal that Rintaro put Kasugi on- which is an interesting reversal. The power dynamic for them is now almost tipped in Sakura’s favor, given his almost childlike confidence in her this episode. The only potential negative is the upcoming unveiling of Hiroto’s deception, although if it causes the Obligatory Rift, I’m gonna be smashing stuff, since it would just be a silly misunderstanding at this point.

        I think Rintaro doesn’t need to change, as much as grow up and smell the love. I think he’s hiding behind this mythical ideal woman idea that doesn’t exist. Maybe that’s why he stayed with Kasugi, because he thought that’s who he was supposed to like. So his growth comes from the changing realizations of his ideals, rather than the changing ideals themselves. I just adore that literally every single person sees this except for him.

        This makes me sound really Rintaro-biased, but I do like both of them. Especially Hiroto’s “No! I won’t zip it! Let’s just do it now!” That cracked me up.

        • Wow I never thought of it that way!! Now that I think about it, Rintaro used to dream of being a pro-baseball player and Hiroto dreams of being a pro-BMX biker. So they do have something in common. O:

          Yeah Rintaro is already at a more mature and stable age, he has already gone through the stuff Hiroto is going through (finding a different occupation even if it’s not what he wanted to do initially, etc.). I just realized there’s pretty much no bromance in this drama. :'( I wish Rintaro would give Hiroto advice! (well, not love advice but maybe life advice!)

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